Kessho Ikisatashi






Cyclons/Royal Guard


Babylon: Dowsing Pendulum

Kessho Ikisatashi

Kessho is a smart cyclon who is a member of the royal guard and one of the smartest beings alive.


He has long off white hair which is braided at the back, and tied with a golden band and pale green eyes. He wears an elegant gown which is many shades of green which is held by a silver belt. He also has pointed ears and carries a purple crystal pendulum which is wrapped around his left wrist for easy use.


He is a very quiet person who will always appear superior over opponenta which is one of his weaknesses is that he is a very proud individual who often underestimates his opponents whch is really him testing them to see if they are worthy to face him. He is also very cruel yet surprisingly calm often swiftly slaying the foe.

Magic and Abilities

Babylon: Dowsing Pendulum: He is able to utilize his crystal pendulum tow complete various tasks such as dowsing for people and objects or slashing through things, tying something up or piercing the target.

  • Homing Pendulum: his pendulum glows purple and it will point in the right direction
  • Maze Shot: he shoots his pendulum in a straight line and it pierces the foe.
  • Rapid Bind: he wraps his wire around the foe and the pendulum locks it preventing the foe from using magic.
  • Acid Wire: he slashes the foe with the wire and it slashes clean through it.
  • Heavenly Cremation: he releases his pendulum and it encircles the foe and goes everywhere and it creates a burst of green fire along the wire.
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