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Name Caelum
Kanji 彫刻具座の王国
Rōmaji Chōkokuguza no ōkoku
Location Statistics
Located In Earth Land
Controlled By King of Caelum

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The Kingdom of Caelum (彫刻具座の王国 Chōkokuguza no ōkoku) is one of the countries located on Earth Land. It is a mysterious land filled with legends and superstition. It has a population of 24 Million people.


Administration and Government

Cities & Towns


Hundreds of years ago, Caelum was known as a mysterious land. It was said that dozens of mystic creatures such as Dragons and Phoenixes roamed the lands. Dragon Slayers of all types where common and abundant, and often pursued by Phoenix Slayers which caused another war that was lost in time. Phoenix Slayers and Phoenixes fought against Dragon Slayers and Dragons, respectfully. The Phoenixes, however, lost but the fighting continued. The Humans turned on the weakened Dragons and finished them off, leaving both legendary species thought to be extinct. Over time, the ancestors of said people who could use the Lost Magic would be the founders of the Kingdom of Caelum.


  • "Caelum" is Latin for Sky.
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