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Kite Blacnite
Name Kite Blacnite
Kanji カイツ ブラクナイツ
Rōmaji Kaitu Burakunaitu
Race Elf
Birthday 29 February
Age 17
Gender Male Male
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Satyr Flute guildmark Satyr Flute
Occupation Mage
Team Children Of The Night
Base of Operations Satyr Flute Building
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Alias Black Knight
Magic Darkness Magic

Kite Blacnite (カイツ ブラクナイツ Kaitu Burakunaitu) is an elf mage of the Satyr Flute Guild. Due to his name and his use of Darkness Magic, he has been given the alias Black Knight, which Kite doesn't really understand.





Magic & Abilities

Darkness Magic: Kite is well versed in using Darkness Magic. All of his offensive spells have an affect where the Darkness enters the opponents nerves when they are hit, stopping any signals from being sent to the brain. This makes it so that the opponent is incapable of feeling any damage they take from his Darkness spells.

Kirito Alfheim

Kite's Dark Wings

  • Dark Wings: An unnamed spell, Kite creates four black, transparent leaf shaped wings that allow him to fly. He is capable of flying at tremendous speeds.
  • Dark Shock: An unnamed spell, Kite holds his arm in with his hand closed, charging magic, then extends his arm out, opening his hand. A discharge of dark magic gets released from his hand. This dark magic is black with blue edges and is shaped as lightning bolts. Kite can control it's direction to some extent. The longer he holds his arm in, the stronger the discharge will be, and the more bolts will be released, creating a larger range for the attack. If he doesn't open his hand when he uses it, the attack will all be focused into one powerful bolt, narrowing the range, but increasing the power of the attack. This spell has high piercing power and is difficult to dodge due to the unpredictability of the direction the lightning bolts will travel.
  • Dark Blade: An unnamed spell, Kite creates blades of Darkness Magic that he controls with his hands movements, although he isn't actually holding them. This dark magic is black with red edges. These blades are excessively sharp, being capable of slicing through most materials without much trouble.


  • His appearance is based on Kirito from Sword Art Online while he was playing ALfheim Online.
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