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name Kitsugami
Kanji 狐神
Rōmaji None
Titles 'Demon Sword Fox (魔剣の狐, Maken no Kitsune)
Fox of the Nine Bladed Tails (九刀尾の狐, Kyūtōbi no Kitsune)
Race Fox
Gender Female
Age 1000+
Height 5'9
Weight Varies
Hair Color Silver
Professional Status
Affiliation Kannagara Symbol Hakkōichiu
Guild Mark Location Back of Hand
Occupation Mage
Personal Status
Teams Kannagara
Status Active
Family None
Magic Fire Magic
Contract Magic
Nine Blades Magic
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Kitsugami (狐神,Kitsugami)



Despite her appearance Kitsugami is a very playful person, nicknaming anyone and everything that crosses her line of sight. She often ends her sentences with a questioning verbalization even when they are absolute statements, and has a habit of pouting even when she is highly displeased. Because of this it is often difficult to discern what she is truly thinking or feeling. She uses very confident body language, and is very seldom completely quiet. She is a master of blustering on about any old subject, but at the same time she carefully watches her audience, judging how her performance is being received. She usually has the good grace to step aside before she outstays her welcome, but sometimes she gets carried away because she's having too much fun. She isn't a good person to be alone with, unless one has the stamina and strength of a horse…

She likes to play games and go out in her spare time, and when she isn't off perving on some unfortunate person, she loves to watch others, or failing that, go shopping. Like a typical girly-girl, she can spend years dithering over whether this outfit or that looks better on her. As far as Kitsugami is concerned, anything is a fair entertainment so long as it involves other people.

Despite this often playful attitude, she is known to have a dark side.

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Fire Magic:

  • Fox Fire:

Contract Magic:

Illusion Magic:

Nine Blades Magic (,):

  • First Blade - (,):
  • Second Blade - (,):
  • Third Blade - (,):
  • Fourth Blade - (,):
  • Fifth Blade - (,):
  • Sixth Blade - (,):
  • Seventh Blade - (,):
  • Eight Blade - (,):
  • Ninth Blade - (,):


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