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Kizuato Chi
Anime guy muzzle
Name Kizuato Chi
Race Human
Birthday July 19
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Shattered Dusk
Occupation Mage
Base of Operations Shattered Dusk]
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown Parents (Decreased)
Magic Blood Dragon Slayer


Kizuato has black hair with black, narrow eyes, and pale skin. He wears a black, long sleeve shirt with jeans and black shoes. He has to wear a muzzle due to the fact that he constantly bit members to drink their blood. Also has a tattoo on his back below his neck and his guild mark is on his left palm that is the color deep red.


Kizuato is quiet and doesn't show any care for the world or people. He just sits around all day sulking due to the muzzle he was forced to wear. The only time he would ever feel joy is when his guild takes off his muzzle and h can go get "food", which is blood. Careful not to piss him off cause he will snap and no doubt about it you will die.


Kizuato lived a normal life and was happy with his parents. Until one day when he was 16 he just snapped and killed both of his parents in cold blood. The reasoning for snapping was unknown but every other week from then on he would snap and needed to kill something or someone. He then traveled around killing at least one person in cold blood in each town. When he reached Onibus Town he was approached by a group of people in a guild named Shattered Dusk and was given an offer of joining after watching him snap the neck of a squirrel. He explained that he would rather not and that he also had no magic. The group then explain that they can make him into a second generation dragon slayer and Kizuato was intrigued by this a decided to become a dragon slayer. After many testings he finally became a second generation Blood Dragon Slayer. Then his snappings became more severe and had the craving for blood. Every five days he would go out into the forest to kill and drink the blood of an animal but one day just snapped earlier than normal and bit a member of the guild. From that they put a muzzle on him and only took it off when it was time for him to eat.


Magic and Abilities


He was given the nickname of "Vampire" from the amount of blood he drinks but no one says it in his face because he becomes extremely mad from it.

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