Klein Junge is a prestigious mage who is well-known for being called the Blue Sniper Mage as he takes great pleasure in making his targets paralysis before him, hitting them with his cryofreeze spell. Such spell belongs in a special gun magic that makes the target frozen in time and nearly permanent. There are very few spells that can even defrost the spell. The last thing the target sees is a white man with a blue ball cap with a blue robe standing near them from somewhere up high. He is the leader of a Dark Guild known as Genie's Price.


A black haired man in his late 20s that is really skinny.  He has blue eyes with pale white skin.  His hair is unruly with a blue ball cap worn with some tears on the hat.  Wearing a blue robe with a blue scarf he stands at 6 feet tall.  The robe goes down to his mid-thigh that are a more ice blue than his bright blue roomy pants.

Magic and Abilities

Gun Magic: A master of the gun he prefers his sniper rifle but, he will use his revolver if he has to.

  • Cryofreeze- A gun magic that freezes a victim in a case of almost impossible to thaw ice.
  • Tracker- A gun magic that when it hits the victim leaves a mist of magical power on them that Klein can feel as he gets nearer to his target.
  • Bomb- A gun magic that when it impact explodes and causes a fire that doesn't die quickly, like a wall of flames to keep his victim where he wants them.

Sniper Disc: A floating disc that when hooked up to Klein's arm drains some magical energy to float and transport him where he needs to go. Kinda like a mobile sniper's sweet spot.

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