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Knall Dikar’n
After Experimentation | Before Experimentation

Atomic Bomb
Name Knall Dikar’n
Kanji 明るいジカルボン
Rōmaji Akarui Jikarubon
Alias Atomic Bomb (原子爆弾, Genshi bakudan)
Race Human
Age 21
Gender Male
Height 6'4"
Weight 205lbs
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Blood Type O
Unusual Features Black Sclera
Professional Status
Affiliation Rhino HornRhino Horn
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Dark Mage
Previous Occupation None
Team The Five Hunters
Partner Massaker
Rex Saurier
Brooklyn Sunnah
Tesselyn Ultra
Base of Operations Rhino Horn Guild Building
Personal Status
Relatives Simbasu Dikar’n (Father)
Magic Explosion Magic
Thought Projection
High Speed

Knall Dikar’n (明るいジカルボン, Akarui Jikarubon) is an S-rank Dark Mage from the guild Rhino Horn. He is the son of the guild master Simbasu Dikar’n and also the second in command of their top team; The Five Hunters. Knall specializes in the use of explosions and hand to hand combat.


He has spiky, light-brown hair and prominent jaw-lines. Due to the Experiments done on his body as a child, his green eyes have black sclera and white irides when they would get rid of his free will. He wears a brown flak jacket and single-sleeved shirt underneath, leaving the entirety of his right arm exposed except for the presence of his armband, wrapped around the upper portion of the arm. He also has a lapel hanging from the right side of his pants.


Knall is a level-headed individual, given his calm upon being released from the institution, even explaining the situation to a rune Knight.Knall is shown to have great pride in his abilities, being confident that he can destroy a small guild that lacked enough members to defeat him. Unlike when he was younger, he now shows a taste for fighting, being glad he was release, and had no intent of allowing himself to be taken back.



Magic and Abilities


  • Knall is based off of Gari of the Explosive Release from Naruto Shippuden.
  • Knall's favorite food is Grilled Chicken.
  • Knall wishes to surpass his Father and his Leader Massaker.
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