"Lady Inari, you have to come outside! The final touch was just finished!" Greed shouts as he runs past the door of Samarra Inari's new office. Samarra smiles and gets out of her chair and heads upstairs. It had been almost a full week of building, and the new guild hall was finally complete. Although it had taken a beating from when Shattered Dusk destroyed it, it is now fully revitalized and even has a few new features!

Samarra steps out the door and the sun blinds her briefly, but once her eyes have recovered, she sees a few of her guild members standing with smiling faces underneath a tori gate at the end of the path. She walks under it and then turns around to see that the gate now has crisp metal lettering that spell out "Koma Inu". Samarra's wide, bright smile reflects all of the surrounding members.

"This looks amazing everyone! I can't believe it is finally finished! And what better way to break it in than with a housewarming party! I have already sent out the invitations, so you all better go get on your best outfit because we are going to have some fun tonight!" Samarra says cheerfully. He announcement is followed by a series of cheers, and mages quickly head towards the adjacent dorm buildings to get ready for the evenings festivities.

--Later that evening--

Samarra marvels at the new guild event room as she waits for people to start arriving. Being who she is, she came up to the event 30 minutes early and decided to take in the hard work that her guild members put in. She could see that they decided to build a bigger bar that stretched over two-thirds of the left side of the room. It still had a deck above it that was arranged with various couches and tables; she even noticed that Aiden's favorite couch managed to be saved. The rest of the room itself seemed fairly familiar; couches, tables, and chairs occupied the right side, but the middle area had much more room than before, making it feel more open. There was also now a stage that took up the back end of the room, where the band for tonight was all set up and practicing some of the songs they were going to play.

"Yay, the bar is rebuilt." Zoey Kiyoko said running to it in tears. "I've missed you my precious yes I have," She said hugging the bar as if it was a baby.

Nova giggles at Zoey's elation as she leans against a nearby wall. She decided to dress in a light yellow dress with white trims and a matching bow in her long, curled hair. A woman with blue hair enters with a few younger mages behind her. As they disperse, the woman, who is Valencia Morningheart, stands alone. Gryphon walks around and admires the guild buildings beautiful interior. He only has a short time that he can be here as he is needed back with his family in Crocus. Meanwhile, Serenity shyly sits at a table. Kaden sneaks up behind Nova and spooks her. "Ahhh! Kaden! I swear I'm going to hit you one of these times!" Nova says, but both know she's not serious. "That'll happen when Mom lets me get a tattoo" Kaden responds with an eye roll. He quickly zips out to mingle. "That boy is more outgoing than Tiny..."

Aether walked up to the entrance to the guild hall. He straightened the necktie he had on and made a huge gulp. He had put on a nice suit that he had literally bought that day. Miriam walked up next to him, dressed in her usual attire, although that was a dress.

"Come on honey," she said, "what's the matter?"

"Nothing mother," responded Aether, sounding slightly flustered. Winters nudged him in the back, making a Wyvern call, telling him to go in.

"Alright, I get it," said Aether. He walked through the doorway.

Shaking her head at Zoey, Samarra lets out a little laugh. She then sees a very charming looking man walk through the door with a Wyvern speeding past his feet. "Aether, you made it!" Samarra shouts joyfully and walks over to give him a hug. "You know you didn't have to wear a suit, this isn't a formal event," She giggles and wiggles his tie. She then turns to the older women standing next to him. "My apologies, welcome to Koma Inu, my name is Samarra Inari. It's a pleasure to have you here. What might your name be?"

"I'm Miriam Cade," she answered, "Aether's mother." She held out her hand to shake. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Aether's told me a lot about you. You really are pretty." Aether tensed up, with a slight look of shock on his face.

"Oh, you are so nice! I am so happy to finally meet you! You are quite beautiful too, I love your dress." Samarra says and then shakes Miriam's outstretched hand.

"Why thank you," said Miriam. "I think I'll leave you two alone for a little bit." Miriam walked off to greet other party guests.

"Your guild hall looks magnificent," said Aether. "Then again, this is coming from the man whose guild hall is in a cave."

"Thank you so much. And don't talk your guild down, it's filled with wonderful people that bring life to it! Plus you have this fabled garden island that I have yet to see..." Samarra says and leans into Aether, bumping him slightly.

Zoey approached Miriam with 1 glass of alcohol in one and 2 in the other. "Hey there gorgeous, You come here often?" Zoey said to her striking a sexy pose. Her face looked a little red as an obvious sign that she's drunk already.

"I'm sorry," said Miriam, "but I'm already spoken for."

"Hey, Aether? Are you seriously not going to introduce us?" said a young adult male with red hair who was standing behind Aether. The man was dressed in a black blazer and corduroy which only complimented his white colored shirt underneath. "Man, I hope we aren't late or anything!" he exclaimed scratching his head. As he was about to shift his attention to the girl standing beside him, he noticed Nikolai. "What's he doing here?" he thought to himself. Choosing to ignore the man, Seraph reached out to Samarra as he outstretched his hand. "I am Seraph, Seraph Kinmichi! It's an honor to finally meet you!"

"Seraph! I have heard some great things! Nice to finally meet you too!" Samarra says and shakes his hand.

Nikolai Ichor came into the guild. He was impressed, in the reconstruction of the guild hall. "Impressive." Said Nikolai.

Stewart walks into the guild hall but is frightened by the growing number of people inside. He attempts to slip inside of the guild, away from the eyes of strangers whom he hasn't met.

Theia Zhulong comes bounding in behind everyone and jumps up and down as she looks around. "Oh my! This place is so pretty! There are so many people here! I can't wait to meet everyone!" She says smiling.

"Hey, Theia! Generally I am the one who's late. What took you so long?" Seraph asked as he let out a small smirk.

"I am sorry Seraph, I wanted to come with you, but I got distracted by some stray cats on the road. They were so cute!" Theia says and gives Seraph a hug.

"I--Umm---Uh..." blushes Seraph as he was hugged by Theia in the presence of several strangers. "We should stop now? People to meet, food to eat! Heh!" he added. "Oh, I almost forgot!" he exclaimed while handing Samarra a small envelope. "I got you a small house warming present!"

"Oh thank you Seraph, you really didn't have to," Samarra says, taken aback, but impressed, by the mages kindness. She takes the envelope and places it into the pocket of the jacket she is wearing over her blue dress. "Well, I hope you and your girlfriend enjoy the party!"

"Thank you for inviting us! G-girlfriend? Oh, we are not dating or anything". Seraph blushes again and turns his head away. Being unable to talk due to his shyness, he excused himself to the washroom. "Great first impression, chief!" he thought to himself as he expressed his disappointment in himself.

Scorpius and Mirrana are seen walking up to the rebuilt guild as they are now living together. "The guild looks more amazing than ever," Mirrana stated. "Yes, it does. Let's go see if everyone is having fun." Scorpius said. Then hand in hand they walk into the guild together.

Sykushi Strykri and Kyshira Rytika are to a degree seen walking into the party as well, Sykushi wearing a masquerade mask on his face seemed to fade away with the crowd as he entered. Kyshira is seen looking for him "Dang it, he knows how to elude people in a crowd like this...." She signed annoyed to a degree "Idiot Sky..."

"Hello, you all must be from Dragon Gunfire as well. Welcome to Koma Inu, I hope you have a good time!" Samarra says and waves to the new people.

On his way to the washroom, he noticed a man wearing a masquerade mask. If not for his sense of smell, he would have probably not identified him. Poking Sykushi, Seraph raised his eyebrow. "Here I thought, I was overdressed for this thing! You know the mask is a dead giveaway, right? You're the only one wearing a mask."

Repelling Seraph's pokes he responded, "It's a neat hobby I have, everyone has them. Mine just happens to make me stand out which was the opposite of what I initially chose to wear masks." Sykushi then put the mask away "Didn't even notice I wore one, not sure if that's a good sign or not..." Sykushi then went quiet.

After laughing at Sykushi's reply, Seraph let out a gasp. "Oh, right! You're the weird guy from our guild. You and your "surrogate" sister. What were you two called, again? Ah, nevermind! I have to go. You take care, mask-guy?" Seraph walked away as he searched for the washroom. "Please don't tell me that I am already lost!" As he continued walking, he noticed a fairly tall man with a mohawk standing in a corner. "Hey, do you know where the washroom is?" he asked as he approached the man.

Kyshira approached Sykushi having overheard a good amount of what occurred "He thought we were related? Not true. We may have shared a common teacher, but that's about it..." Sykushi chuckled a bit "My sister isn't even in Dragon's Gunfire she's in some guild called Purple Phoenix, I know some people in it. Oh, by the way, whats the catering like?" They went over to the catering table together to see what was available.

Meanwhile, Aiden had just arrived to the guild and was amazed by how many people had showed up for the party. Nova was the first one to come p to Aiden and grabbed his hand. "Come here I have a surprise for you, close your eyes" Aiden was a bit surprised and willingly closed his eyes. Aiden was led past people with his eyes closed being pulled toward what seemed like the middle of the room. "Okay, open your eyes." Aiden slowly opened his eyes and when he saw what was in front of him his heart fluttered him. A brand new, exact replica of Aiden's favorite couch was there in before him. Ever since the attack and the destruction of his couch Aiden had been filled with slight melancholy. "Oh my goodness, thank you thank you thank you!" Aiden then hugged Nova so hard he picked her up. Scorpius and Miranna then walked over to Aiden and Nova. "Wow Aiden, it's hard to tell what you like more. The couch or Nova?" Scorpius said with a snicker. Aiden retorted with a quick, "Well its hard to tell who wears the pants in your relationship. Haha just kidding. By the way, congratulations on the move-in together." Then the two couples conversed throughout the party.

Dakota steps through the guild hall entrance next, for once controlling her excitement as she walks calmly. However, her gaze whips around so fast it's easy to tell just how much she's been anticipating this night. The walking stops as soon as she realizes how many people are in the guild. I don't have time if I want to greet everyone! She thinks to herself, as she starts skipping over to Samarra. "Ah, Ms. Inari! The guild looks so amazing!" She says, her eyes sparkling with amazement. She gives Samarra little time to respond to this as someone else catches her eye, and she hops over to the next person, enthusiastically greeting anyone who gives her a chance to.

Chase's entrance is much more composed, and his eyes search for Lady Inari to greet her, and one he finds her, he walks unsurely over to where she stands. The red-headed girl makes it look so easy to be around so many people. He thinks as he reaches his hand out in greeting to the guild master. "Hello," He says sternly, and he attempts to relax a little as he introduces himself. "I'm Chase Grimsted, from Dragon Gunfire." The entire exchange is awkward and stiff, and the sympathetic look he gives Samarra shows that he understands so.

Turning away from her talk with Aether she smiles to hopefully bring some ease to the mages obvious discomfort. Shaking his hand she says, "It's nice to meet you, Chase, my name is Samarra Inari. Thank you so much for coming, I hope you have a good time. Also, if it gets too crowded, I encourage you to check out the lower levels. It's much more spacious down there." She says, hoping to give Chase a sense of security knowing he has somewhere to escape. She has heard from Aether that out of the new dragon slayers he got, Chase was the most distant of them, so she wanted to make sure he felt welcomed.

"Hello Chase!" said William Harrison abruptly entering, putting his arm around him. "And hello to you ma'am. You must be Lady Inari. I'm Aether's Earth Magic teacher: William Harrison."

"William, what are you doing here?" asked Aether. "I thought you were out on an assignment."

"I was, but I came right back when I heard about this!" Exclaimed William.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you, William, glad you decided to stop by!" spoke Samarra.

Stewart stared at Seraph with confusion. ""

"You know? The place where you pee? Urinate? Girls' pout and pictures of themselves? Any of that ring a bell, no?" replied Seraph as he struggled to explain what a washroom was. "Zipper. Down. Private parts out. Pee?" he added as he simultaneously gestured his hands.

"Oh!" Stewart proclaimed. He pointed his arms to his right, to a small set of corridors across from the room. "That way."

"Thank you!" replied Seraph as he waved at Stewart."See you around."

Suddenly a small flash of light appeared and vanished as both Asa and Nagisa appeared both in blue and green dresses. "Hehe see I told you we would get here before it ended," Asa said giggling at her sister's shock from the teleport. "You will get used to it eventually now excuse me as I go find Samarra, Numair needed me to tell her something," she says running over to Samarra. "Well she sure is lively," Kaze says picking up Nagisa princess style causing her to blush.

After talking with Nova, Aiden, and Mirrana for a while, Scorpius volunteered to grab them all some drinks. He walks over to the bar and asked Shifuku for a few drinks. Soon Seraph came back from the washroom and came to the bar next to Scorpius.

"Oh, Hello! My name is Scorpius. Welcome to Koma Inu!" Scorpius said with a smile and an outstretched hand.

"Hello, I am Seraph from your guild's bathroom. I mean Dragon Gunfire, heh. Nice to meet you!" he replied and shook Scorpius's hand.

"Seraph you are from idiot world?" Marekō said as he walked up to Seraph and Scorpius. He was wearing a magnificent tuxedo. "Hey my name's Marekō I'm from Dragon Gunfire," he said to Scorpius.

"Dude, really? Here I thought you were my wing-man. What a letdown!" he replied to Marekō. "This is getting crowded. Well, excuse me", he added as he began to walk away due to frustration.

Chase nods slightly to Samarra's offer, saying a small thanks before excusing himself to the bar. His mission to leave is abruptly halted as William eagerly throws his arm around Chase, and his lips pull into a deep frown. He looks ready to say something against this gesture, before he relaxes a fraction, and turns to William. "Hey, William," He says, his voice considerably less excited than his companion's though he seemed happy to see him. He quickly withdrew himself from William's grip after this, with the excuse that he needed a drink of water. In truth, he did, as even this small amount of talk had run his mouth dry, and he walked over to the bar. He asked for a glass of water, looking as Seraph and Marekō introduced themselves to the dark-haired mage. "I'm Chase, also a member of Dragon Gunfire," He says, outstretching his hand as a greeting, his lips pulling up in a small smile.

"Hey, Chase! What's with the frown, man?" Seraph questioned looking at Chase. "You don't have to say if you don't want to but is something bothering you? You've been on the sidelines ever since you joined us", he said in a low tone addressing Chase.

Chase shot Seraph a questioning stare, thinking back at his attempt at a smile. Did it really look like I was frowning? He thought to himself, and then he began to think over Seraph's following questions. "Nothing in particular, really. I'm just not used to having to interact with so many people is all. As for being on the sidelines, I find it easier to be away from everyone. Besides, you've all made your groups, and I'd feel rude if I were to assert myself into them." He explains, keeping his voice low and directed at Seraph only.

Observing Chase's facial expressions and tone, Seraph couldn't help but frown himself. "You don't have to fake a smile, Chase. Take my advice, stop pushing yourself. You can't we alone, none of us can. At least try to mix up with people and trust me, you are not Batman. Haha. The fact of the matter is— don't be lonely. Loneliness equals depression which equals desperation and we all know what that leads to. That being said, I am back to being a schmuck again. No more preaching, I promise. You want a drink?" He replied, offering the man a drink.

Chase nods slowly to the information, giving Seraph a slight smile. "Thank you, really. And I will take you up on that offer." He says, taking the drink in his hand. Taking a small sip, he turns to face the rest of the people at the bar, listening intently to their words. I'll chat some later. Right now, I think I'll wait 'til this stuff kicks in. He thinks, taking a much larger sip of the drink. Already, he seems a bit more relaxed, though there is still an obvious tension in his shoulders.


After Kaden had excitedly bounced around to introduce himself to every person possible, he worked his way over to his sister. He whispered something into her ear and she nodded her consent. The boy took off again but this time up the stairs and away from the bustling party. Nova turned her attention to the couple of Scorpius and Mirrana. They looked so happy together that Nova couldn't help but smile. She slipped away from Aiden for a moment and found Tiny outside and around the corner of the guild building. "Hey buddy," she said as she scratched behind his massive ears. "Don't worry, I'm not much of a party person either. I don't really know many of the people in there so I'm kind of scared." She continued taking to her furry friend as she sat on the ground next to him and kicked off her shoes to be her usual barefoot self.

After a few more moments, Chase steps away from the bar, traversing the guild hall a bit before his eyes stop on Nova as she exits. Despite being a little more than weird and borderline creepy, he follows her out, and his eyes stop on the gigantic dog she's sits next to. She's talking to it, he can see she is, but he's too distracted to hear what she's saying. He walks up to Nova's side, despite the small voice in his head telling him that approaching a girl with such a large dog is dangerous. He lightly clears his throat to announce his presence so he doesn't surprise her. "What're you doing out here? Shouldn't you be inside enjoying the party?" He asks, and while he realizes how hypocritical this is, he doesn't bother trying to fix his statement.

"Tiny no," Nova chides the dog as he goes to leap and welcome the new comer with a slobbery tongue. She grabs the huge dog around the waist and easily lifts him to her lap. "Sorry, he's excited easily. I was inside earlier but... well I'm not a very social person. I tried really hard and met so many new people but even with a, um, friend," Nova stuttered over that part as she was still unused to Aiden," by my side, it got a bit overbearing. I decided to come outside for some fresh air. Besides, I could ask you the same thing."

Chase instinctively steps back as the dog lunges forward, but before it can reach him, Nova stops the dog, dragging him onto her lap. Chase lets out a breath he didn't know he was holding, and then sits down on his knees beside Nova so she doesn't have to crane her neck to see him. The hesitation of 'friend' is not missed, but Chase doesn't make a comment, just listening as Nova explains herself. "I suppose I'm out here for similar reasons. There is quite a large number of people in there, in just my guild alone. And the air out here is really nice. Much cleaner and fresher than what my guild has to offer." He says, taking in a deep breath. The alcohol has his mind a little addled, which is why he'd said so much, but the air helps to sharpen his attention. Hope it didn't seem like I was babbling.

"I suppose I should be more sociable since I represent Koma Inu as an S-Class, but people get a bit scary. And the air is really nice tonight," Nova realizes and she takes a deep breath, a wide smile spreading across her scarred face. Tiny begins sniffing at Chase with interest, even licking his unsuspecting hand. Nova once again chides him. "Tiny! What did I say you undersized buffalo? Sorry, but it seems that he likes you... pardon me but I don't believe I know your name."

S-Class? Well, I guess she was able to lift that goliath dog, so she's gotta be pretty strong. But she's so small... he leaves these thoughts in favor of watching Tiny, who's taken a keen interest in sniffing him. Chase allows the dog to lick his hand, and while he grimaces slightly at the feeling, he doesn't do anything about it besides that. "It's fine. I guess I should be thanking Tiny here. Not a lot of animals take a liking to me." His lips are spread into a smile as he lets out a little laugh. Upon Nova's question of his identity, he blanches. I was so distracted by the dog that I didn't even tell her my name! "I'm Chase Grimsted, from Dragon Gunfire," he answers after a moment, "And you are?" He asks.

"Nova Akira from Koma Inu. I don't think I've met anyone from Dragon Gunfire. I mean I've seen your guild master and the members but this is the first time I've actually talked to any of you and- oh boy now I sound like Kaden. Sorry for rambling," Nova said sheepishly.

"I'd be surprised if you didn't see our master. He's always fawning over yours." Chase says, letting out an exasperated sigh. "And it's not a problem at all, don't mind," he says, and he's starting to absent-mindedly pet Tiny. In his defense, the dog's fur feels fluffier than a cloud and is softer than a breeze.

Tiny's tongue lolls out of his mouth and the dog seems to radiate pure bliss. Nova laughs a bit as his tail whomps her in the side and she says,"Wow, you must have an affinity for animals or something! And Lady Inari does seem to get along with Mr. Cade quite well. So what do you think of all this?" she makes a vague motion to the party behind her.

Chase nods his head. "Well, I suppose I've gotta be good at communicating with something, right? And people are a bit... uh, overwhelming, I guess?" he supplies, making vague hand motions. "And the party is lovely, though, if I may quote you, 'people are scary' and there are lots of them in there," He says, taking a look back inside at the guests. While he can't hear any distinct conversations, the atmosphere is upbeat, and even with that, he feels much more relaxed out here. His senses aren't overwhelmed with the intense cacophony of partying guests.

"You're communicating with me just fine, aren't you? I've enjoyed talking with you," she says with a smile and looks inside at the party. People are dancing with their significant others or drinking at the bar. She hopes Aiden doesn't thing she ditched him. Nova turns her focus to picking at her dress in frustration.

Chase gives her a slight nod, laughing a bit at his foolishness. "I appreciate your kind words, Nova," he says, turning back to her. She's got her gaze focused on the party inside, however, and he sees the slight longing in her eyes. "Hey, so uh, that 'friend' you mentioned earlier? I'm sure they, along with your other friends, of course, are missing you. How about we go ahead inside? I'm sure Tiny won't miss you too much." He says, rising to his feet and holding his hand out to help her up. "And besides, if it gets to be too much, I'm sure they won't mind if you slip outside again. I've even been told your guild has extra space downstairs," he gives her a big smile at this. "I promise no one will look down on you for wanting to take a break. If they do, they'll have to answer to me. And I don't take kindly to people on a regular day, so you can imagine what I'll do if they mess with one of my, uh, friends?" This last part sounds like a question. Could you become friends with someone you just met? Guess he'd have to find out.

Nova accepted his hand and stood up beaming. "Friends," she confirmed. Tiny rolled back out the ground and watched the two start heading back inside. "Thank you, Chase. You're really cool, you know that right? I better go find my, um, friend. I hope we can talk again soon?" she said, phrasing the last part like a question.

Chase shook his head. "Ah, well, I guess you can say that. Try not to tell too many people about it, though. Can't have them taking up all my time, ya know? I've got, you know, guild duties or whatever," he says. "And, yeah, we can probably talk again. I've never gotten to spar with someone with Koma Inu, let alone one of their S-Class, so maybe we could, uh, do that. I wanna become S-Class myself, but I've still got a long ways to go before I think I'll be prepared for that." He says, and then they are inside. He parts ways with the red-headed girl, waving as he walks over to one of the couches. That seemed like an adequate amount of chatter time, right? He'd made a new friend, which was more than he expected to get out of this night, so if someone wanted to talk to him, they could always seek him out. He sits down in one of the corners, leaning against the arm of the couch as he watched the guests with little interest, his gaze wandering from each person to the next who were dancing their hearts away, some of them more drunken than others.

Mirrana had at this point joined Scorpius at the bar with the other mages from Dragon Gunfire. "Hello, Marekō and Chase. I am Scorpius, and this is my beautiful girlfriend Mirrana Gold," Scorpius said in reply to all of their greetings, causing Mirrana blush at the comment. "H-Hello Everyone," Mirrana said in reply.

"Samarra, may I talk to you in private," said Aether. Samarra nodded her head and gave a small smile to William. William understood the message and left the area, going over to the bar with Miriam.

"Hello Miriam," he said, "and who's your attractive friend here?" He said, referring to Zoey.

"She's gay. Don't bother, Will" said Seraph as he handed William a glass of scotch. "A man's gotta drink. So, how are you?"

Dakota hops up to the bar next to them, giving Seraph, Will, and Miriam warm smiles. "Hello!" She greets, hopping up onto a barstool. "I'm Dakota, welcome to the guild.!" She turns away from the guests for a moment, directing her attention to her guildmate, Zoey. "Try not to take up too much of her time, okay? It'd be a shame if she wasn't able to speak with everyone here." She says, referring to Miriam. "I'm sure there are a bunch of other pretty girls around here that would love to talk with you too," She adds, and then turns back to the Dragon Gunfire members. "So, how do you like the new guild hall?" She asks, gesturing to the room around her.

"Hello there, I'm Seraph and I love what you guys have done to the place. On an unrelated note, I also love what you're wearing. Suits your eyes." replied Seraph with a small grin on his face as he attempted to flirt with Dakota.

"It's quite lovely," said Miriam.

"I'd have to agree," said William.

Out of nowhere Theia emerges and messes up Seraphs hair and says, "Don't pay attention to him, he is a flirt with no game. Although it's funny to see him try." She says giggling. "Hi there, I'm Theia. I'm from Dragon Gunfire too!" And she goes and gives Dakota a big hug.

Seraph turns his head and puffs his cheeks as he reacts to Theia's comments. "I am no flirt! That was mean! I was just trying to get your attention" he thinks to himself as he looks back at Theia. "I am a flirt, now? Is that right? I hope you don't mind me flirting with you then!"

Dakota giggles a bit at Seraph's comment, lightly shoving his shoulders. "That's awfully kind of you," She says, her eyes shining happily. When Theia comes over to belittle Seraph, Dakota lets out a real laugh. "Don't put him down too much. You know how fragile a man's ego is." She says, accepting the hug from the other girl. "And Seraph, try not to flirt too much. Most girls look down upon men who flirt with everyone. It makes you look like a dog in heat." Dakota chides, her tone just as light as before, but bringing with them a cold sting.

Seraph looked at Dakota as he realized that he came off as desperate man. His eyes lost their shine as he looked down on himself. "Hey Theia, I forgot to give you something!" he exclaims, leaving his seat. "It was here somewhere" he adds as he takes out a small box containing chocolate-coated biscuit sticks. He hands Theia the box saying, "There you go! Oh, don't open it right now! I have a fun game in mind. We can play it after the party, okay?" In his mind, he was certainly making progress in his relationship, albeit rather slowly. "That was a bit harsh, don't you think?" he questioned Dakota raising his left eyebrow.

Dakota laughs a little, waving her hand. "Don't take it to heart, I'm just messing with you," She says, giving him a genuine smile. "Now, if you two love birds will excuse me, I'll be heading over to the dance floor. Sitting here is starting to give me a cramp." Dakota says, and then skips over to the middle of the room, where an area has been cleared.


Aether and Samarra went to a more private area of the guild hall. "I have something for you." He opened his palm and a blue flower grew from it. "It's a blue lotus. They're very rare and only grow at high altitudes. I've been growing it for some time now, ever since I acquired the seeds."

Marveling at its beauty, Samarra takes the flower from his hand and brings it to her nose. It's smell was so deep and intoxicating that Samarra couldn't help but smile. She leans in and gives a peck on Aether's cheek. "It's so beautiful, I love it. Thank you so much, Aether. One of the best housewarming gifts yet." She says giggling, a slight blush on her face.

Aether blushed deeply. He practically froze in place. It took a while before he could finally manage to speak again. "You're... Welcome. Don't worry about it wilting, though. The lotus is so vital because it can absorb magical energy to remain strong. Like a mage's magical container." He still sounded flustered. His words were merely him trying to learn to speak again.

"Oh wow, that is truly amazing. Are these grown on that secret island of yours? I will keep it right on my desk in my new office, so then I can think of you whenever I see it. " Samarra says and gives Aether a bright smile.

"Yes," he answered. "I had to increase the altitude of my island so they'd grow properly. I could take you there if you'd like."

"That would be really nice. Now, what do you say we join the party? I kind of want to see if you are as good on your feet at dancing as you are at fighting." Samarra giggles.

Aether extended his hand out to her. He smiled. "Shall we?"

"We shall." Samarra says and takes his hand as he escorts her to the dance floor.

Niklas Thoth watches as Aether extends out his hand to his guild master. He smiles. Niklas is dressed up in a white button down and black vest along with black pants and shoes. "Maybe I should ask Mandi to dance", Niklas says to himself. Just then Niklas spots her in a long red sleeveless  dress that drags behind her on the floor. It seems to be blazing with actual fire. Niklas smiles and struts across the floor to his wife.

"Hello princess", Niklas says as he approaches his wife. Mandi turns and smiles at him. "Seems I've finally become one", she says. "You've always been one", Niklas says. "And as such, a princess must dance with her Prince". Niklas holds out his hand and smirks. Mandi looks at him while taking his hand. 

Seeing people start to dance, Theia's face lights up like she is witnessing the birth of a star. She pokes Seraph repeatedly, trying to get his attention, "Seraph, Seraph, Seraph. Let's go to the dance floor! Look at everyone else, they are having so much fun! Come on, let's go!" She says with excitement. 

Seraph's heart skips a beat as he was overtaken by his happiness. He paused for a brief moment, trying to control himself. "You only had to ask", he replies letting out a small grin as he held out his hand.

Grabbing hold of his hand, Theia smiles wide. "Sorry, I just got a little excited. I really like to dance..." She says with eyes cast to the side as she brushes a strand of hair behind her ear. Seraph escorted Theia slowly to the dance floor; savoring the moment in the process. He clasped his partner's right hand with his left, lift it slightly, and guided Theia all the way to the dance floor. Seraph locked his eyes onto Theia and slowly positioned his right hand on Theia's left hip and his left hand gently grasped Theia's right hand. "You look a bit different today. You, umm.. look really good!" he said as he blushed.

"Aww, thank you Seraph." Theia said, a slight tint of red overtaking her cheeks. " you look very handsome too. And I didn't know you can dance; you're a good partner." The two gracefully glided across the floor, seemingly lost in their own world for a moment.

Seraph stumbled over a proper reply for the next few moments as he continued blushing and moved in a gentle yet somewhat remarkable manner, with his feet exactly 40 centimeters away from Theia's and transferred or rather shifted his weight back and forth as he moved with her. However, it was not what they did but rather how they did it. The way the duo looked at each other and held hands made it quite clear that they were ready to move past the "friend" stage. "Very flattering! Well, I try". He said as he chuckled. "Those eyes are so pretty. They really suit you."

"Thanks, Seraph, you're very sweet tonight," Theia said sheepishly. "I'm glad we came here, I really like being this close to you; makes me feel safe..."

"That was very sweet of you, Theia. I feel really warm and my heart's kind of racing, I never thought I would feel this way", he replied as his pink tinges appeared on his cheek. Seraph slowly moves his hands around Theia, grabbing her slightly closer than before as he locked his eyes onto her. "You're quite the dancer. Do you want to continue or do you want something to eat?" he added. Seraph was having a hard time controlling his emotions and with him being this close to Theia wasn't certainly helping his situation. He could smell her seemingly natural, yet earth and floral odor. Fleshy yet delicate. Her angelic face coupled with her cheerful demeanor mesmerized him, for he knew, he couldn't stop himself anymore from admitting his feelings, but he wanted it to be perfect. "Maybe, I should just tell her but I don't want this to be premature...

"Oh, thank you. Dancing is one of my favorite things to do, so let's just stay on here a little longer, ok?" Theia says and rests her head on his chest. It was strong and warm, and she could hear his heartbeat, it was a bit rapid but sounded like the melody of a song she could dance to for a lifetime.

He continued moving with grace and in an effortless yet dreamy manner, his eyes still admiring her beauty. She was probably the only one who had made him feel this way. It was not only her physical beauty that attracted him, he was in love with her soul. Her bubbly and optimistic nature had changed him and perhaps had made him a better man. While still moving slowly, he led a genuine smile as he looked at her. "I have been wanting to tell you something for a while now", he uttered in a low tone, letting her know that he had something important to say.

Turing to look up at him, she was caught off guard by the look in Seraph's eye. She had never seen him look that way at her, and she was mesmerized and left with butterflies in her stomach. Seraph looks so serious, he is never serious... This must be about something important. "Yeah, what is it?" She said softly.

"You know over the past seven months, my life has changed a lot but, of course, you know that already---I have no idea why I just said that" he chuckles but continues anyway, "I want you to see that I'm looking. Look at me look at you. I'm cool with that. Sorry, that didn't sound right. Let me rephrase it, you how we have spent so much time together and we really enjoy each other's company? Some would even say that we're inseparable and that just might be true..heh! The fact of the matter is— I've been feeling like this for the last couple of months and I think we both feel the same way, I mean it's okay if you don't, but it's just you're a great girl and oh gosh, am I panicking..." he paused briefly and after a small gasp looked at her angelic face once again. "The truth? I like you. A lot! You make me happy, you make me laugh, you're smart, different, cute, really annoying at times, but I don't think I can live without that. Your smile alone makes my day and you remember how I stranded on an island for a year? I guess, I don't wanna be on an island anymore. I want this."

Taken aback by the declaration Seraph just made, Theia let a small smile creep across her face. "I want this too. I like spending time with you, it seems like life is just a little easier when I have you with me. I know we both have been through a lot, but when we are together, I seem to just forget about all that pain. You amplify my happiness and I don't know where I would be if I didn't meet you when I joined Dragon Gunfire. I really like you a lot..." Theia says as a hard blush creeps on her cheeks. She stares long into Seraphs eyes as they slowly swayed over the dance floor. She hoped that she could convey all the feelings she felt for him with her look, for words could not express all the emotion she was filled with when she looked at him.

Swayed over the dance floor, he move arms slightly backward and let his instincts guide him. He looked at his partner blushing and knew, it was their moment. The time around them had seemingly stopped, nothing else mattered. His lips parted as if they were welcoming hers. His gaze softened as he approached her. Seraph leaned in, titling his head slightly to accommodate Theia's positioning. He finally closed his eyes as he trusted his body to do the rest and placed his lips near Theia's lips.

Seeing Seraph slowly move closer gave Theia a whirlwind of butterflies as she slowly closed her eyes. They shared the same breath now, and their heartbeats were following the same rapid tune. Finally closing the gap between them, Theia leaned in and placed her lips on his. The moment they touched, she could feel electricity shoot through her body, followed by a path of flames. His lips against hers felt warm but worn by a lifetime of trouble. Theia knew that she could spend hours trying to kiss that trouble away and convey just how much he meant to her, and how he took her breath away.

Nikolai was at the bar. Just setting, not even drinking. He seems disinterested in the warm events around him. He didn't appear to hate them but seems to be serious in thought.

Dakota danced around the room, the skirt of her dress twisting as she twirled. She was careful to avoid running into the couples who seemed to be off in their own worlds. "Ah, young love." She purrs, giggling a bit to herself. She's quite caught up in avoiding the couples that she fails to notice an individual, and subsequently bumps into them. "Ah, sorry," she says, backing up slightly to look at the person she'd collided with. Noticing it wasn't someone she'd talked to yet, her eyes light up. "Why, hello there!" She chirps, excitedly bouncing from the balls of her feet to her heels as she looks Gryphon over. She sticks her hand out. "Would you like to dance?" She asks

Gryphon recovers from the shock of bumping into the redhead and grins at her enthusiasm. "I would love to dance," he says offering his hand and bowing slightly. He's seen her zipping around the guild hall all evening but hadn't talked to her yet. "I'm Gryphon Hayashi of Archer's Cross. May I ask your name?"

Dakota places her hand in his and curtsies as he bows. She smoothly steps into the rhythm of the song, following Gryphon's movements with relative ease. "I'm Dakota Fath, from Koma Inu. It's a pleasure to meet you, Gryphon," she says, keeping steady eye contact with him despite the fact she needed to crane her neck a bit. She didn't seem bothered by the fact, and her lips are pulled into a happy smile. "How have you liked this evening's events so far?" She asks, "Have you been enjoying yourself?" she further questions, her eyes bright with anticipation for his answer. Of course the evening had been great, she didn't doubt it. After all, one of the greatest tacticians of all time has planned it. But she'd like to know more than what she already could tell with her own eyes. She wanted to hear what stuck out for him. What intrigued Gryphon the most when he entered this room when this party began?

"This evening has been glorious, but I have to say, this has become the highlight. It's not every day you get to bump into one with such a radiant smile." Gryphon winked and offered a small smile. He had really enjoyed seeing Koma Inu up close for the first time and the building was beautiful, but Dakota had caught his attention with her excited energy earlier. "And how have you been fairing m'lady?"

A light blush colored Dakota's cheeks at his compliment, her smile widening if that seemed possible. "Thank you," She says earnestly, "But I think bumping into such a handsome stranger has to be an even luckier happening, wouldn't you agree?" She asks, sending him a wink of her own. "This party is everything I'd hoped it'd be and more. There are so many people I've gotten to talk to, and all my guildmates look so happy." Her voice goes slightly softer at the mentioning of her guildmates. She glances away from Gryphon to look at the party around her, seeking out her friends, who are all glowing with happiness. After a moment, she returns her gaze fully to her dance partner, her energy rising back up in a split second. "I also got to dance with you, which is something I didn't think would happen because I literally ran into you, but I'm glad I did." Her voice rings with a small laugh after she speaks. "To think that I probably wouldn't have spoken to if I hadn't been so careless."

"Hmm well, I'm very happy you were. This may sound a bit weird but might I get to know you a little better? You are my dance partner after all, and a wonderful one at that. If it's not too strange, would you tell me about yourself?" Gryphon asked. He was absolutely mesmerized by the woman in front of him. Dakota was energetic and seemed to radiate an infectious happiness. He really hoped he didn't end up sounding or looking foolish in front of her. Knowing he was a bit goofy didn't concern him but he didn't want to embarrass himself.

Dakota nods her head, her smile turning into a thoughtful pout as she began to think of something to tell him. Even as her thoughts became occupied, her steps never faltered, matching Gryphon's pace evenly. "Well, to start, I'm seventeen years old, and I use Ice-make magic. I've been told I have an amazing smile," at this she sends him a wink. "I am five feet tall exactly. I grew up in Onibus Town though I've only just recently joined Koma Inu. I'm on a team with three other members, one of which isn't human. Oh, and I also never forget a name or face! For example, two days ago while I was headed to the guild, I helped this little girl named Lola get her kite from a tree. She had these really pretty green eyes and her nose was small and round like a button, and her hair was put into high pigtails and she had sparkly butterfly barrettes to pin back her bangs. She was just really cute, ya know?" Dakota's smile got impossibly wider as she remembered the girl. "Is there anything else you'd like to know? If not, I'd like to know more about you as well." She says, eyes shining with curiosity.

"Well I can't say I have a talent as impressive as that but I'm an expert marksman. I'm twenty years old and I specialize in Requip magic. I used to model awhile back but then I became a mage. I grew up in Crocus and I have been told I'm a master of disguises. But not tonight," he assured," tonight I'm just me." His voice faded away a bit at the end. He was absolutely stunned. Gryphon twirled Dakota lightly across the floor. He had learned to dance when he was young and could fully admire the grace of his partner. Soft lights made her face glow and her presence takes up more room than her small body. The male just now realizes how short the girl is. The song comes to a close and Gryphon lifts Dakota's hand and presses his lips to it lightly as if she were a princess. "Alas, the song is over and I am needed back at my home... I do hope to see you again soon Miss Dakota."

"You know, I thought I recognized you from somewhere. I guess occasionally glancing at my mom's fashion magazines actually paid off." Dakota says, recalling a male with the same blue hair and eyes, though slightly younger than the one in front of her. "But, I'm glad I got to meet the real Gryphon Hayashi. I think I like the simpler look," Dakota says, her words filled with sincerity. As she's expertly danced around the floor, she somehow forgets that time exists, simply allowing herself to escape into the moment. However, the song comes to a close, and she slows to a stop along with it, allowing her hand to be pulled in for a gentle kiss. "Well, I'm sure we could arrange something in the near future. I've heard that Archer's Cross has found a permanent home on Akane Beach, which is one of the greatest beaches in all of Fiore. If you'd like, maybe we could meet there sometime." Dakota offers, looking every bit hopeful. She has definitely not started thinking about seeing an ex-model she just met in a bathing suit, she's only blushing because he kissed her hand.

Aether went with Samarra onto the dance floor. He put his hand on her waist and took her hand with his other. "I'm not a very experienced dancer, so I'm sorry if I step on your feet."

"it's okay Aether, it's really easy, especially to a slow song like this." Samarra said, enjoying the soft melody from the band and the warmth from having Aether so close. His body seemed to radiate reminded Samarra of the feeling she gets when she takes a sip of hot chocolate on a cold winters day. Just a wave of warmth and comfort that washes over her entire body.

Aether smiled. "You know, I could take you to my island some time. If you'd like."

"So you finally picked up on my hints?" Samarra giggled and placed her head against his chest as they continued to dance. "I would really like that some time."

At the bar William drank a shot of alcohol. It was his first and he was already drunk.

"William, everyone knows you can't hold your liquor," said Miriam.

"What are you talking about?" said William in a drunken stupor. "I can drink as much as I..." He passed out on the bar counter table.

Kyshira having commandeered the bar had engineered several cocktails she referred to as Liquid Rage. One thing was for sure Sykushi and Kyshira are practical lightweights when it comes to alcohol. Kyshira was on the ceiling seemingly defying the laws of gravity in a drunken stupor muttering stuff no one can really hear, as Sykushi was slumped over the bar having exhausted all his stamina surviving a Liquid Rage he was muttering something about his master Alden and a gambling debt so incredible it broke all previously known records.

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