KI S Class
S-Class Mage Promotion Trial



S Kyū Madōshi Shōkaku Shiken


Promote a Mage to S-Class Rank

S-Class Mage Promotion Trial (S級魔導士昇格試験 S Kyū Madōshi Shōkaku Shiken), is a guild tradition held every four years in Koma Inu to promote selected mages to the title of S-Class Mage. Here mages can volunteer to participate in a test constructed by the guild master and current S-Class mages of Koma Inu. It is typically comprised of several trials designed to test the skills and competence of the candidates. In past years these trials have ranged in locations from the local combat arena, a trecherous maze, an underwater ruin, a forest of mysteries, and even a windy mountain home to fearsome beasts. Along with pushing their magical limits, mages of Koma Inu are especially tested on their moral values, loyalty to the guild, and their personal intelligence. For although power is important, Koma Inu prides itself on doing what is right. 



  • In order to participate in the trials you must be a member of the Koma Inu Guild.
  • There is no real set time on when we will hold these trials, typically I will do it based off guild size. I want to keep the percent of mages that are S Class under 15%. This also has to deal with the fact that coming up with ideas for a trial is very difficult, so if you have an idea, please share it with me so we could get another trial going sooner! 
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