"Alright, ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the final match of this years Grand Magic Games? I hope so, because it's all or nothing for our contestants, currently Koma inu is in the lead with 55 points, 10 points ahead of Warrior Angel who have 45 points. If Warrior Angel manages to win they will get 20 points, enough to get them in first place, but it Koma Inu manages to claim victory, then they will be 20 more points ahead. It's a winners take all challenge, who will win? The Lion-Dogs or the Angels!" The announcer informs the crowd.

"We got an ironic twist up in the matches folks." He continues. "Last round was Warrior Angel's S Class wizards vs 2 powerful wizards from Koma Inu, this time we're switching it, its the S Class wizards of Koma Inu Nova Akira and Arthur Moshiyoto. Vs the Blazing Chaos of Warrior Angel Esca Merle and Reed Yuriko!" He says as they all being walking into the arena. "I wonder who will win."

Arthur entered the arena confidently. Actually a bit too confidently as he tripped and fell, dropping his keys in front of him while doing so. Slightly embarrassed , he scratched his head as he picked them up, walking more carefully towards the center of the arena, hoping not to fall again.

Nova entered by his side, patiently waiting while he picked up his keys. Since this fight would decide it all she had decided to make herself as prepared as possible. Her corset was replaced by a loose top that peaked above her belly button and flared down the sides and back. The top dipped enough up top to proudly reveal her guild mark. The shorts had been replaced by a pair of capri leggings and her hair was pulled into a neat ponytail. Both arrived at the center, waiting to make contact with the Warrior Angel members and exchange words.

Reed and Esca entered the arena together. Reed was wearing his original clothing and his special toque. Esca was wearing her special wardrobe which is an orange over-shirt with a black sleeveless, backless undershirt underneath it, a sash around her waist and black stretch pants with a pair of lightweight brown shoes. Both walk to the center of the arena with a confident grin and determined look in their eyes. "I was hoping for a blazing fight with Umi. But if i have to fight you 2 then I'm going full inferno on you." Reed said as steam emerges from his body. "Ugh give it up with that already Reed, we need to focus. These guys are not to be underestimated." Esca said glaring at them with an excited grin. "This is going to be fun." She adds. "Oh yea, IM GETTING FIRED UP!" Reed yells as his entire body ignites on fire.

"Too much flame going on there.." Arthur said sarcasticly, referring to their respective choice of magic. He took out his whip handle and activated it, releasing a jet of blue water that slowly began weaving a glowing whip made out of water and Celestial Energy. "Let's cool you down, shall we?" said Arthur with a grin on his face as he took out a blue and chanted "Open, Gate of the Never Ending Water!", sending out fort a jet of water from the tip of the key's blade out of which a woman, who appeared to have a torrent of water rather than legs. He also spun Fleuve d'Étoiles around himself several times, creating a web-like construction while doing so.

Nova equipped into an armor with blazing flames wrapped together with water colored so deep blue it's near black. A rounded head piece rests on her head and leaves her silver eyes dancing with brilliant light. The girl's swords appeared in her hands, one sporting the blue and the other red. She stays oddly silent this round, surveying the opponents with an almost friendly calculating glance.

"ALRIGHT, LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!" Esca shouted in joy as she reached her arm out and black, red flame-like magic energy appeared from her hand and released it towards the ground causing a black, red flame-like explosion blocking their view of them. "Chaos Burst." Reed leaped threw the explosion with 2 swords of fire in his hands heading towards Nova and Arthur. "Fire-Make: Dual Sword." He called as was running to them to slash them.

"How... expected." said Arthur while swishing his whip, seemingly giving life to the make-shift web that was surrounding him. Voda simply put her hands out, one pointing towards Reed, other towards Esca. In matter of milliseconds, two jets of crystal blue water were released from her hands, first one heading towards the quasi-explosion, attempting to neutralize it, while the other one simply accumulated into a membrane several feet in front of Reed, slowly becoming a more eliptical shape, waxing and waning until it finally enclosed Reed within. Upon the newly gained turbulence of water, the construction gained a vortex-like appearance.

The jet of water that hit the explosion failed to extinguish the black, red fire as it evaporated into steam. Reed was surprised at how he was captured. "Whoa that was heated." He said as he looked around the water prison amazed at it. "But if you think you can extinguish me you got another thing coming." He said as he vanished his dual swords and cupped his hands together. "Fire-Make: Exploding Fireflies" He called sending dozens of glowing dots of fireflies flying to the water prison and each one exploding on contact with him still inside caught in it. Reed then jumps out and breaks threw it and charges at Arthur. Reed was a bit damaged from being caught in the explosion "If you want to attack me first then that's fine by me." He said as he cupped his hands together again as he ran. "Fire-Make: Drilling Boost" He called forming a drill from his hands in front of him and flames shooting from the back of the drill to accelerate him making him fly towards Arthur at tremendous speed.

As Nova watched everything go down she suddenly heard something from behind her. "ALRIGHT REED, YOU CAN TAKE HIM I KNOW YOU CAN!" Nova looked behind her in shock seeing Esca behind her shouting to Reed. She then looked Nova with a grin and got on 2 hands and waved her legs at her for a round kick.

Nova, having used that move plenty of times herself, pushes Esca's legs away with her forearm and shifts to stand a foot or so away from Arthur's back. "I don't care how pretty you are, you're not going to bring me down easy Princess," she comments with a neutral but sincere tone. She takes a deep breath, focusing on not just guarding her partner, but fighting with him as well.

Arthur took out another key and pointed it at Reed. "We both knew this was going to happen at some point.." Arthur said as he chanted. "Open, Gate of the Charm!". Numerous brilliant orbs erupted from the tip of the key's blade, forming a beautiful girl with long blond hair in front of him. The male part of the audience went wild instantly. Amazed with all the glory she had gotten, Puella simply smiled at Reed and said "You don't really want to hurt me, don't you?" in a seductive, yet cold voice. She blew a kiss at him, erecting a massive thick transparent membrane in front of herself and Arthur.

"I appreciate the compliment, and i know it wont be easy to beat you miss Nova. It wont be fun if you get knocked out this early in the match" She taunted her with a happy be serious grin almost like shes having fun, as she held her hand up and black, red flames ignited. She glances over at Reed who's become love traced by Puella's power. Esca grew irritated. "Damn it Reed, snap out of it."

Arthur simply smiled at Reed as he took out a golden key and chanted "Open, Gate of the Golden Bull!". In matter of miliseconds, a tall man with bull-hornes appeared in front of Arthur, formed out of the light orbs that erupted from the key. In his right hand, he was holding a dual-headed axe that he spun in the air two times, gathering water that Voda has conjured, alongside a Celestial Comet Arthur has fired towards the labrys. Without further ado, Taurus headed towards Reed and slashed his powered-up axe at him, releasing several cresent-shaped waves of glowing water at him simultaneously. 

Meanwhile Nova's sword both turned blue and became a single sword. As Esca berated her partner, Nova set up her attack. The flash that normally accompanied her requip was dull enough to not draw attention and Nova drew in her presence even more. There were red streaks racing down the entirety of her armor but the embellishments were now more fluid and languid but with a deadly undertone. Her dual swords switched to Dark Vision and she whistled sharply to get Esca's attention, slamming the blade a hair's breath from her cheek to force her backwards. 

Esca back flipped backwards and while she was, black, red flames appeared on her arm in the shape of a blade bigger then the size of her entire arm "Reaper Blade." She called. When her foot landed on the ground she leaped forward. The speed was so fast she vanished from Nova's eyes as she dashed past her, Arthur and his spirits slashing them in the process. In mere seconds, just before Tarus was about to slash at Reed, she appeared in between Reed and Tarus and blocked his ax with the blade while also punching Reed in the face with her other arm. 

Reed falls to the ground grabbing his face. "OWWWW, OW OW OW OWWWW!" He yells in pain. He gets up quickly with an angry look on his face. "What the blazing hell did you that for Esca?" Reed asked in anger. 

Esca looks at Reed with her face covered in shadow and glowing red eyes. "Just shut up and focus on the fight. If i have to come and rescue you one more time, you wont be able to live threw the consequences." She says in a threatening tone. 

"YES MA'AM!" Reed answers automatically, shaking in fear. Reed then gets serious and he then leaps up and punches Tarus in the face thus freeing Esca from the blade clashing and they both prepare for their next move. 

The make-shift shield around Arthur protected him from Esca's attack, while the membrane Puella created protected her and Voda. As Taurus got punched, he was pushed back several feet. Arthur put his hands forward as he chanted "Embodiment: Voda!", resulting in the spirit of water dissolving in numerous golden orbs that Arthur's body had absorbed. With a clap of his hands he started accumulating water around the two, creating a large vortex of water, trapping them within. With his arms still pointed towards them he clapped, causing the water molecules around them to start moving rapidly, increasing the pressure of water while doing so, making it harder for the two to move and more importantly, break free. 

"Thanks Arthur," Nova shouts, requipping her wings and shooting into the air. Esca had just lightly kicked her but it was small enough to brush it off. Her armor is now completely blue and small throwing knives fly from her hands to create a perfect circle around the trapped pair. With Arthur and his spirits out of the crossfire she safely throws a knife between both Esca's and Reed's feet. "Serpentine!" Water arches high into the air, a powerful stream coming from each of the knives Nova had placed, and crashes back down in the center... right on top of the other mages.  

Unable to move the 2 take the attack. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Esca and Reed yell as their being washed away by there attack. Esca tries to get control of herself. "First Scorpius and now you? Im tired of all these water attacks." She says as she extended her arm out. "Arms" a blast of black, red flames in the shape of an arm is released from her hand as it extends all the way past Nova and grabbed the ground behind her, she then reals herself, making her go flying towards Nova at incredible speed. She extends her other arm. "Reaper Blade" She says forming a giant blade bigger then her arm on it and ready's to attack Nova with it.  

After a moment Reed manages to get up, he's looking down with his face is covered in shadow by his toque. He looks up just a bit and glares towards Arthur as his hand ignites on fire, the light of the fire reveals a grin on his face. "If you think splashing me with water and having your spirits fight me is enough to extinguish my flames then your gonna have to get more creative then that." He said. He held his arms back and called. "Meteor Boost." A fire that appeared to be different than his ordinary fire ignited from his wrist and boosted his speed as he dashes towards Arthur.  

"Well, sorry, but thst's just how this works!" said Arthur upon weaving a golden key in front of himself. "I ask for your assistance, oh great stars that are in heavens, show me your appearance!" chanted Arthur, releasing twelve golden orbs of pure Celestial Energy that started orbiting around Arthur, forming a miniature constellation above him. As he spun the key around himself, the said orbs started to dissipate, forming a golden transparent sphere around Arthur. In addition, he pointed the same key in the sky, releasing a burst of celestial energy that began surging around Arthur, creating another layer of protection. Upon the merging of the said layers, a larger barrier, capable of withstanding both physical and magical assaults was formed around Arthur and Nova. "Protection of the Stars!" smirked Arthur as he admired the construction. As the attacks collided with the barrier, it slowly began to shatter to pieces like glass, but the S-Class mages were unharmed. Arthur looked at Nova as he whispered "Switcheroo!". Arthur did a cart-wheel to his right, getting a clear view of Esca while pointing a key towards her. The key began to glow golden, as if it were charging. "Tesentis!" chanted Arthur upon releasing a golden ray of celestial energy towards Esca.

Nova requips her dual swords and her Teammate armor, the fire and water merging over her body. She takes the offensive for now and twirls her blades in a deadly dance towards Reed. Their sharp edges flash in the bright sun. Another flash indicated her Quick Strike armor being added and lightning rippled up her blade as her speed increased into a run. She disappeared in a blur until reappearing at Reed's side, dropped low and lungeing up towards his side with her blades crossed over each other and each point side ready to bite flesh.

Esca extended her arm forward. "Torch" A blast of black, red flames is blasted from her arm and collides with the golden ray. As she holds the attack she calls out to Arthur "Im honored that you want to challenge me more then that hot head of a partner, i wonder could that be because you got some feelings for little old me?" Esca joked as she sticked her tongue out in a taunting way.

Reed noticed her appear and managed to jump out of the way with her swords just slightly cutting his stomach. He cups his hands together. "Fire-Make: Dual Swords" He called and separated his hands and blades of fire appeared in both hands. He quickly counters and swings one sword towards her followed by the other.

"Nah, not really.. I'm more into blondes, you're safe." said Arthur with a gentle smile. Taurus, who was incognito until now, decided to attack Esca. Transforming his labrys into a brown whip that he violently striked the ground with, causing it to rupture the earth in the area around Esca, distracting her from possible upcoming assaults. In the meantime, Arthur conjured seven Celestial Comets simultaneously from two Golden Gate keys, one in each hand, firing the first six normally, but using both keys in order to conjure up a much larger sphere, roughly double the size of the original Comet. The Comets started orbiting around Esca, all attacking it a second before the final comet came near her.

Nova grinned at Reed, so excited it was slightly disturbing. Finally she had found another dual wielder to combat against. Her swords dart up to meet his, the water they're infused with hissing as it makes contact and the lightning sparking. The prospect of getting to unleash her primary skill to full power - which was probably her imagination going overboard- was exhilarating. With new happiness rushing through her veins, Nova loses her neutral tone and takes on one of pure, unadulterated bliss. Her swords struck with violent joy at the inside of Reed's.

Esca quickly responds to Tarus's attack by leaping from one demolished ground to another and did a flip over Tarus quickly glancing at each of the Comets. She landed safely on the ground behind Tarus looking the other way, meanwhile at six of the Comets appeared an explosion of black, red flames the same size as the Comets and intercepts them causing them to be destroyed. Tarus looked behind him to see her and quickly swings his ax back to attack her. Esca ducks from his attack and quickly counters by punching him with a fist engulfed with black, red flames causing Tarus to go flying towards the 7th huge comet. "Chaos Fist."

Reed quickly withdrew his swords and taking a few steps back and moving back towards her and raised both his swords up in an attempt to slash down at her.

Taurus, affected by the hit, started to disolve slowly. Arthur noticed small golden orbs leaving his body, thus put Taurus' key in front of him and chanted "Open, Gate of the Golden Bull!" for the second time. Several golden orbs erupted from the key and rushed towards Taurus, rejuvenating him completely. In matter of seconds, Taurus absorbed the celestial comet heading towards him, thus empowering his labrys. He redirected it towards Reed by mistake, but rushed towards Esca, slashing his axe at her. 

Nova got her vambraced arm up in time to block, using the fire armor covering her arm to prevent burning. A blue sword drove up to meet Reed's second one. She noticed Arthur's attack was making their way and held the other in a lock just long enough for the comet to get near. At the last second she somersaults backwards, rolling to safety. She comes up on her heels posed low and waiting, muscles taunt like a cat. 

Esca raised her arm up as it was engulfed in black, red flames and the blade of a scythe was formed on her arm. "Reaper Blade" She blocks the ax with the blade and struggles to hold him back. While shes holding him back she closes her eyes to concentrate. Without him knowing a small fire the size of a candle flame of black, red color is lit under Arthur just behind his feet so he wouldn't notice. Meanwhile she tries to overpower Tarus "AHHHHHHHHHHH" She yells as a dark red magic circle appeared on the ground beneath them and then black, red flames appear from the circle and engulfed them both. Arthur could her Tarus screaming in pain. 

When Nova somersaulted backwards he looked over seeing the comet coming towards him. "Ahhhh!" He yells as he is hit by the attack. He skips across the ground and comes to a halt. He slowly gets up and fixes his toque for it has almost fallen off after that attack. "Damn, shes blazing good, there are very few people can fight as well as her." He says in exhaustion. He glances over at Nova and grins. "Hehehe this is just getting me more fired up!" He says loudly as he gets up with steam coming out of his body. He cups his hands together and a circle of fire appears around him. "Come at me!" He calls to her. 

Meanwhile back at the balcony where the Warrior Angel Guild is watching their battle, Tristan Scalibur watches and enjoys the fight when he noticed someone approaching. "Oh welcome Master Alana." He asks in curiosity. 

"Why hello Tristan, I hope im not interrupting anything." Alana says in response with a welcoming smile. 

"No problem at all, but what are you doing here at the games?" He asks in curiosity. 

Alana walks past him and takes a seat next to him. "I came here to cheer my daughter on of course. And to get a chance to watch her fight in action." She said in excitement and looks towards the arena. Tristan laughs and watches with her. 

Nova cracked her neck to one side as an evil grin spread across her face. "You better be worth a good fight, flame brain. I've got a lot of energy pent up and ready to spend," She says, water swirling around her small frame. Glancing at Arthur's predicament Nova decided to break out their new technique. Focusing on Taurus's magic signature she requipped armors... onto him. Her blue Maelstrom armor and Armor of Shining Light took form on the spirits body to protect him and allow him utilization of their magics. She turned back to Reed with her smile, pointed her sword at him, and released her Hydroblast attack. Great geysers of water explode around her and rush towards him, lightning crackling through the tendrils. She followed close behind her distraction, coming in quickly with swords sending rapid bursts of electricity riddled water as she slashed at reed. 

Arthur sent out a jet of water from his hands towards Esca and then quickly conjured a sphere of water around himself. Taurus's new armors created a soothing water and light magic shield over his body to help withstand Esca's assault. 

Despite everything that was used to help Tarus withstand Esca's attack Arthur could still hear him screaming in pain inside her attack. All the water inside the attack was being evaporated just mere moments after it was released. "Chaos Fist!" She called and punched Tarus as hard as she could and sent him flying threw the air. "Followed by Burst!" She called as an explosion of black, red flames appeared on Tarus while he was flying and made him crash to the ground. Esca slowly walks towards Arthur with a black, red fire all over he body like an aura. "Hahahaha you have a lot to learn about Chaos Magic." She said in a friendly yet threatening tone. "Your friend Scorpius learned that the hard way." She said as she lifted up one hand and engulfed it with black, red flames. 

Reed braced himself for the attack wondering what he should do, as the attack was approaching he glared at it with a grin of excitement on his face. He then got an idea as fire appeared around him in a circle. All of a sudden the circle quickly rose into a towering twister of fire. "Fire-Make Ring!" The water clashed with the fire twister extinguishing each other out and creating a steam cloud around the 2, lightning spread around uncontrollably within the steam cloud as Nova heard Reed echoed "Fire-Make...." and the voice vanished. She then noticed someone approaching her as Reed appeared threw a net of lightning with swords of fire with an attempt to slash her. 

Arthur swung Taurus' key, sending him back to the celestial world. Excellent job, pal! Thank you! he said to him telepathically as he took out another key. Enveloping the entire area around himself in water, creating a vortex-like construction around him. Additionally, he started to accumulate water around all arena in forms of numerous puddles, each one of them connected to the previous one, soaking almost all of his side of the arena. Putting the said silver key in front of him, he chanted "Open, Gate of the Minor Fox!", resulting in numerous flaring orbs erupting from the tip of his blade. Vulpex appeared to be standing in front of Arthur. He yipped happily as he started forming fire all over arena, over each one of the puddles, to be precise. "Open, Gate of the Minor Fox!" he chanted again, sending golden orbs of light towards the fire, causing it to burst even more, vapourizing the said puddles, causing massive amount of steam over the entire arena. with a clap of his hands, the water around him surged towards Esca, nearly enveloping her. He looked at Nova, giving her a thumbs-up,

After rolling under Reed's attack, she used her Hydroblast attack all around the arena. It was taking extreme levels of concentration to cover everywhere but she managed to use her Light Step to get right next to Arthur. Her Aeris armor appears as she gripped Arthur around his chest and pulled him skyward with her. The arena was flooded with water, geysers still blasting, and steam covered the air in a dense fog. Her sword pointed at the ion charged environment, an electric surge bursting down the blade and into the arena below, mass shocking the arena. Kona Inu's team was out of range in the sky and a magic barrier protected the audience... they had prepared this especially for the pair below. "Don't worry, it won't kill them. Paralyze or knock them unconscious at most," she clarifies.

"This isnt good." Reed said just before the electricity reached them. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" They both yelled as their both being electrocuted.

Esca tried to bare it as she glanced over at Nova and Arthur flying in the air. "I don't... think... so" She thought in her head and she closed her eyes to try to concentrate. From behind Arthur's leg a a black, red candle lit that was ignited on him before he flew in the air suddenly spread like a wildfire, engulfing him and spreaded to Nova just as quickly engulfing both of them in a blazing black, red fire ball. Both Esca and Reed fell to the ground from the electrified attack while the others are still caught in the fire ball.

As he felt tingling sensation on his extremities, Arthur spread out both of his hands, releasing a jet of crystal-blue water from them. The said water coated the two with a thick layer of water, somewhat protecting the duo, serving as a make-shift shield for about 5 seconds. They did get burnt, however, not as much as they could've. Pointing a golden key above himself, Arthur conjured a golden barrier that merged with the water around them, combining until finally forming a light blue glowing sphere around them. The sphere itself seemed to be levitating, floating through the air thanks to Arthur's temporary aquatic abilities. "Where to, miss Nova?" he asked with a laugh as the flames around the two perished. Pointing his hands towards the ground, the said sphere started descending, mimicking the action of Arthur's hands, until finally landed on solid ground. "Open, Gate of the Lion!" said the celestial spirit mage as he pointed the key towards Reed and Esca. Leo appeared in front of him, ready to attack. Arthur seemingly transfered the sphere from him and Nova onto Leo as he looked at Nova, his eyes clearly saying that he'll be playing the defense as he pointed a key towards nova, conjuring a golden transparent glowing shield around her.

Nova tucked in her singed wings and unequipped them to let them recover a bit more. Her eyes were neutral once more as she moved in front of Arthur with Leo. "If you need an armor, just ask," she tells the spirit just in case. The air still crackles with left over electricity that Nova can feel thrumming through her armor as she concentrates it on the tip of her blade and lets it burst forward in a wide, sparking blast aimed at both opposing mages. She tells the celestial spirit her plan using subtle movements and they follow her attack, Nova punching at Reed with a lightning charge water gauntlet and Leo doing the same to Esca with a light covered fist to get through her darker magic. To follow through after her punch, Nova sent a blast of water at Esca using her foot while keeping her attention on Reed. The water was aimed at such an angle that it didn't touch Leo as it passed him.

Esca counters Leos attacks with her Chaos Fist attacks, going blow after blow punching each other in an all out fist fight. As a blast of water coming at her from one angel and Leo attack from another a black, red aura appears on her. "I can under stand Reed but why are you aiming water attacks on me when clearly my magic much more complicated to be put out that easily?" She asks with with a serious yet laughing tone. "Shockwave." She releases a burst of black, red flames blowing away everything around including Leo, as well as canceling out the water blast. With Leo still in the air by the attack, Esca leaps up and punches Leo, smashing him into the ground with Chaos Fist.

With Nova still watching Reed, he lets out a grin which confuses Nova. "Are you sure its me who you should be watching?" Over by Arthur watching the fights happen he suddenly notices small glowing light raining down from the sky like snowflakes, he wondered in confusion what was going on until they suddenly exploded "Fire-Make Exploding Fireflies!" Arthur hears Reed calling from out of no where. He looks up and sees Reed coming down from the air with wings and a tail of fire on his back. "Hehe now i got you." he says as he cups his hands together and spread them apart forming cannon of fire. "Lets see you shield yourself from this inferno! Fire-Make!" He called aiming the cannon at Arthur. "FIRE CANNON!" He yelled firing the cannon. Nova looks back at the Reed next to her in confusion as that Reed grins and turns into fire and vanished in thin air.

Leo, seemingly unaffected by the hit, landed on his legs safely. "Silly girl, don't you know that cats always land on their feet?" he asked as he smirked and stood patiently, sensing what Arthur is about to do. He simply deflected the incoming attack, creating a shield of water in front of him strong enough to withstand that one attack. Putting Leo's key in his right pocket, he summoned two silver identical keys that began levitating in front of him. As the tip of the keys touched, the two started creating a string of golden energy that started growing rapidly, forming a large sigil with magnificent pattern float in front of Arthur. From it erupted five minor sigils with the same pattern as the original one, each one with a socket within. By weavnig his hands in a circular motion, he summoned five keys, one amethyst, one jade, one crystal, one silver and another crystal one. In matter of miliseconds, each one of the keys entered one of the sockets and turned, seemingly locking the said sigil. Five spirits appeared around Arthur, in the order of their keys being put, Terra, an elderly woman with long brown hair wearing a white kimono, Tuzi, a young girl with pink bunny ears, Ignis, a boy with silver hair surrounded by lightning, Scutum, a young girl carying a large shield and Driena, an elderly woman with green hair wearing a green dress. Arthur simply walked towards Leo as two spirits, Dreina and Tuzi followed him as the trio approached Leo. The rest waited for Nova's instructions as they started chating amongst each other. Arthur conjured a large golden shield around himself and the spirits with a smirk on his face, as if he were waiting for Esca to do her move. 

Nova, a very skilled tactician, immediately put a formation into order. She took point as vanguard with Scutum en rear, Terra en centre, and Ignis at right flank. She quickly got into the air as she threw a perfect circle of knives around Reed, each sparking with electricity. They blew up in her Serpentine attack once more but with the help of Terra locking Reed's feet to the ground and Ignis boosting the lightning, the attack took a dangerous shocking ability. The water spouts arched high and came crashing down with high volts ready to shock the target. Nova had dropped back to the ground while her attack moved into motion and created the tight formation again. Sputum was ready with shield in hand to defend and Nova placed a simple water barrier around each spirit while she waited to see the outcome of her attack. That boy could not be healthy after so many shocks and she hoped he wasn't by thunderstorms after this. 

Esca gazed a her opponents and tried to hold back her need to laugh but couldn't help it. "Hahahahahahahahahaha. Do you really think numbers make a difference, Arthur, your trying to hard. But if you think it'll help then maybe i should i actually try a little bit." Esca said as her tone went from giggling to serious. As she was talking she was stripping off her orange over-shirt, her arm warmers and her scarf, revealing a black, backless, sleeveless undershirt. She glared at her opponents with intense eyes. All of a sudden she disappeared from their eyes, dashing so fast she unable to be seen as she jabs each of her opponents, striking joints and pressure points to cause greater damage, however all they can see is the impacts of her jabs. She reappears on opposite side she disappeared from, behind the opponents standing in a pose and with her eyes closed. As she stood there, every spot she jabbed on everyone was suddenly bursted with black, red flames. 

Reed, unable to move looks up at the attack. "Ah damn it!" He shouted as he cups his hands together. "Fire-Make Flame Geyser!" He called placing his hands on the ground and creating a tower of fire and clashed with the water spout, the geyser managed to last a bit but was unable to last against her attack and was put out and the water came crashing down on him. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He shouted. When the attack wore off Reed was on the ground, his body covered with static electricity. He layed there for a moment and Nova thought she had won, until she heard Reed getting up. "Ugh. Is that... got? Hino's lightning... is way hotter." He mocked her as he slowly got up. After he got up he was breathing heavily and struggling just to stay up. "I'm not out just yet!" He called out with a grin on his face. 

"The only reason I can image you being up is there are no brain cells left to fry, " Nova deadpanned. She dropped her voice so only the spirits could hear her. "Scutum, please aid us with your defense. Ignis, I know you can track him with ease. Terra, please do not allow him an easy escape." Then louder she began ordering a pattern. A bow flew into her hands with another armor replacing Quick Strike and as she drew back she communicated her orders. "Terra, blockade. Ignis, aid. Scutum, prepare to shield if retaliation. Divine Judgement!" She called as the arrow was loosed and thudded in the ground before Reed. The formation was far enough away to not be touched by the nullification spell as it erupted. She had thirty seconds to work with now and she began by switching her bow for her throwing knives and erupting geyser after geyser near Reed. Ignis used short bursts of lightning to frazzle him, the attacks only taking about five seconds and they then stopped for just a moment to see how much the fire mage could take. 

Reed stood there, not making a move. He ignored the geysers around him but took the lightning attacks head on, but despite all that Reed refused to go down. He stumbled backwards but didnt go down and breathing heavily with blood running down his face. "Its no use...No matter how much attacks you throw at me... I wont go down." he says breathing heavily. He lift up his right sleeve revealing his red guild mark on his forearm. "You don't seem to understand what this symbol means that no matter what I WONT LOSE!" he shouted and ran towards Nova at full speed. "AHHHHHH!" 

Nova had had it with his constant noise making and as he approached, she grabbed his shirt and yanked him close enough to head butt full force. Her metal helm let out a dull ring and she threw him to the ground. She pulled her collar down to reveal the grulf mark resting above her breast on her her collarbone. She pointed to it as she growled,"You don't seem to understand. I've spent 15 years training, I won't be taken down so easily. You're the most headstrong person I've ever come in contact with. You have no patience, no strategy, and no control." She punctuated her last words by throwing knives centimeters from Reed's head then exploding them with a lightning charged blast of water as they passed.  

"GAHHHHHHHHHH!" Reed screamed as he's struck with lightning, but while hes getting hit Nova noticed him grin at her.  

"You know what I hate? That cocky ass grin of yours," Nova said as she roundhouse kicked at Reed's face and followed with a set of metal gauntlet covered fists. Terra had locked his feet to the ground again while he was distracted by the lightning. Ignis covered Nova's fist with his intense lightning as she aimed for the fire mage's temple.  

Reed laid on the ground for a moment, and everyone back away thinking it was over and they stared heading towards Arthur to assist him, when all of a sudden Nova sensed something behind him. Reed appeared right behind her throwing a punch at her face giving just enough time to make one move.  

Nova whipped around, catching his fist mid flight. She glared at him, waiting for any movement.  

Reed stood there breathing heavily and looked at her with a smile on his face and determination in his eyes. "Hahahaha. Impatient? Yea. Uncontrollable? Perhaps. Confident. Nah, but when it comes to strategies I'm good enough to get you caught in a fiery." He said calmly as his hand Nova had caught began to glow. Nova was surprised by what was going on with a bit of worry. "Fire-Make" He said as calmly as he could."Exploding Fireflies!" He opened his fists and glowing orbs of fireflies flew and exploded the next second causing tremendous explosions. Reed flew backwards due to the explosions and landed on the ground unconscious and his arm badly hurt. Even after he became unconscious he had a grin on his face because he enjoyed his heated fight with her.  

Nova's simple water barrier shattered around herself and her fire gauntlet steamed from the close range. She threw the water barrier back into place as she took stock of her body. Her arm was a bit sore so she'd definitely have to favor her other arm in swordplay for at least a week to make sure no muscles were severely damaged but she would last. She gathered her formation and quickly met with Arthur's. "Need a hand... or eight?" She asks, the spirits beside her all unharmed. She had checked to make sure Reed wasn't mortally wounded before she had come over here... the dumbass was still smiling.  

Tuzi simply looked at Esca as she negated every one of her spells, blocking the ethernano passages, disabling her from exploiting it out of her body, thus making her unable to use magic. Still, she wasn't strong enough to break through the barrier created by the celestial spirit mage. He started conjuring a water construction around Esca, creating a water vortex around her, Arthur and the spirits. On top of it, a giang bubble of water was formed, Leo enhanced the durability of the barrier by pouring his own regulus magic into the vortex. The water from above started dripping on Esca as she felt her limbs and entire body going heavy. Due to her inability to move, Arthur easily conjured a dome of water around her, while Dreina empowered it with mist, hardening it and making it unpenetrable. Arthur sent out two Celestial Comets at her, but rather than hitting her, he empowered the membrane aditionally, making it nearly impossible to move out,

Esca stood there frozen, not making a single move. The top part of her face is hidden by shadow of her hair. With a sudden intense of anger she looked up and her right eye was revealed, glaring in intense anger at Nova as a sudden surge of danger and fear went through her. Esca exploded with anger as black, red flames erupted from her body and breaking the barrier as if it was a bubble. The second she was free she vanished and reappeared in front of Nova with her arm covered in Chaos Blade and tried to striking her. "TAKE IT BACK!" She yelled at her at the top of her lungs.

"Wait a minute her magic was neutralized right?" Spirit asked.

"Her in anger. Shes became very angry for some reason and now her magic is to powerful she cant contain it." Alana answered him.

Taking Tuzi's key and pointing it towards her, Arthur chanted "Open, Gate of the Rabbit!" as he sent out green orbs that surged around' Tuzi, seemingly doing nothing. But what the majority didn't know what he had actually done. With the new boost, Tuzi was able to immobilize ethernano particles within a single person, allowing her to contain it for a short period of time, around ten minutes. She locked her gaze at Esca as the aura around her dissapeared, alongside the fire creation that was covering her arm. "You can't get out of this one.." said Arthur as he withstood the girl's apparent magic loss. He used his sensoring skills in order to detect her magical power, but it acted as if it weren't there, that is, it was immobilized and unabled her from usage of her magic.

"No," Nova said in response to Esca,"I will not sensor the words I feel to be true to sate your feelings." Nova hadn't shouted, hadn't even raised her voice beyond it's normal level, but it was just as powerful as Esca's rage. "I did not insult him, I only pointed out observations I had made. There's no reason for me to take my statement back." The small redhead was a brewing calm as she deflected the other mage's arm. She motioned for the spirits to hold unless help was drastically needed and a shield of light joined the water barrier. Sweat glistened over her skin and her breathing was heavier from her previous fight but Nova would not stand down. Reaper's staff flashed into her hands and she aimed blows at Esca's joints to prohibit movement.

Esca was able to dodge each of her attacks and eventually grabbed the staff by the handle. "You think that matters to me. He may be a hot head but that is no way to treat someone who fought you with all his might." Esca reached over to jab her.

"I respect that he fought hard and he is a powerful mage, I just pointed out skills he could improve upon. It angers me that one with so much potential would blindly throw himself at an opponent," Nova explained as she blocked the blow with her free hand.

Esca uses the impact on of her jab to yank her staff out of her hands. "Hehehe got it." She then jumped away from Nova and ran towards Arthur. As she was running she vanished from their eyes and reappeared behind Arthur and slashed his barrier open. "Here's a lesson for you Arthur. This is what happens when you mess with a wizard from the Warrior Angel Guild!" She shouted and punched Arthur as hard as she could before he had a chance to do anything. The force of the punch was so powerful he was sent flying away and collided with Tuzi knocking it out and forcing it back to the Spirit World. With Tuzi gone her black, red magic erupted. "Now its your turn Nova." She said with a serious and angry tone. She leaped towards her as fast as she could with her arm covered in Chaos Blade.

Nova requipped Reaper back into her own hands with a blade this time. The scythe glowed white and blue and as it arced for Esca, a massive wave combined with light magic trailed behind it. A light surrounded her, silver and brilliant as her aura peeked through. Nova had been using a lot of magic for the long battle so her endurance was being tested. "And this is why you don't mess with a mage from Koma Inu!" she replied. But just as their attacks were to connect, a bell rang through the arena and they stopped mere inches from one another.

"Ladies, ladies please calm yourselves. Time is up and the winner has been decided. Based off the battle points have been awarded to decide this match and ultimately, the games. Both participating guilds have demonstrated amazing skill and power but only one will win. Please wait one moment while the scores are tallied up," the announcer says. The crowd and combatants wait in painful anticipation until: "The winner of the final round and this year's Grand Magic Games is... Koma Inu!"

Nova raised Reaper in exhilarated joy as she let out a roar. It was soon drowned out by her guild mates in the stands, but the girl couldn't be happier. They had done it. She unequipped all her armors and weapon as she fell to her knees, drained from keeping up a constant stream of magic and letting out so many large bursts. Still, she leaned her head back and smiled into the sun shining from above.

Esca stood there trying to hold back her tears. "I failed." She dropped to her knees and began crying hard. "I'm so sorry master, i brought shame to the guild, i wasn't strong enough to beat them!" She shouted with tears flowing like a waterfall as Tristan was seen standing behind her not even facing her.

Tristan didn't say anything, he just grind. "There's no need to cry child." He said calmly. Esca stopped crying and looked at Tristan. "You fought hard. Despite the odds you pulled through and gave it your all, and you showed them the might of our guild. Don't let your personal goal stand in the way. If you feel weak, if you feel like you have fallen and failed the guild. Then get up, hold your head up high, and get stronger. For you are a proud member of the Warrior Angel family" He said.

Esca stood up and her eyes closed trying to hold back the tears. "Yes sir." She said with tears flowing down.

Samarra can then be seen jumping down into the arena alongside her guild members and the opposing guild master. First giving Nova and Arthur a quick hug, she walks to the middle of the arena and extends her hand. "Well Tristan, I must say it was a long and challenging tournament. Your guild members showed great skill and power, I can see why you are so proud of your guild. I hope to do this again some time! It was quite fun!" She says with a bright smile, awaiting the handshake of the Warrior Angel's master.

Tristan gives her a welcoming grin. "Your guild put up one challenging fight Samarra, until we meet on the battle field again." He said and grabbed her hand.

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