"Alright now that the stadium has been cleared, lets begin round 2 of the Grand Magic Games. If you enjoyed the last match then your going to love this next match." Mato says to the crowd as their cheer roared threw the stadium.

Mato continued "For this round we have Frozen Wave duo Scorpius and Umi Aisu from Koma Inu! Their guild is currently in the lead and have got victory in the last round but this time their challenges are gonna be harder because their challenge is the mighty S Class Duo. Zora Halo and Atom Longside from the Warrior Angel Guild!" Mato introduces the challengers. "I wouldn't want to go up against such powerful wizards but lets see how the Frozen Wave will do." Mato finishes.

Atom and Zora enter the arena. Atom had a serous angry look on his face as he walked in, not even paying attention to the audience cheering. while Zora walked in with a calm and serene look on his face with his hands in his pockets and his eyes not even opened. "Tag team matches is the worst match the organizers could have come up with and are opponents are no better." Atom mumbled loud enough for Zora to hear. Zora glanced over at him "thats enough Atom." Zora said. "Hmph whatever." Atom said in a boorish tone.

Umi and Scorpius walk into the arena with a nervous smile as the crowd cheers for them with the guild being the loudest. "Lets do our best, Scorpius!" Umi exclaimed with her nervous smile. "Don't worry we'll do great," Scorpius explained to Umi to make her feel better but to also calm his own nerves. They continue their approach to the center of the arena where their challengers were waiting for them.

Upon reaching each other, Scorpius spoke first. "I hope we have some fun with this battle today." He reached out his hand to shake with his competition. Atom stood there with an angry expression on his face as he glared at Scorpius not even reaching for his hand. Umi reached out her hand and shook Zora's silently. All four competitors walk back to their respected sides waiting for the fight to begin.

The crowd could hardly wait and cheered in excitement. "Everyones dying to know how this fight turns out, let the second round of day 2 of the Grand Magic Games." Mato said as paused for drama. "BEGIN!" He said as swiped his hand down signaling the fight had began.

The next second Atom ran over to Scorpius and Umi with incredible speed ready to attack. "Matter Magic! Stone Body!" He shouted as he was running, his entire body was turned into stone.

"Ice-Make: Floor," Umi quickly chanted as she place her hands on the floor making a thick layer of ice on it to trip up Atom. As the ice covers the floor Scorpius makes a wave of water and sends it off towards them.

Atom smashed his hands into the icy floor and used his arm to jump into the wave and came out other side ready to punch Scorpius. As the wave approached Zora who has moved from the since the match began took a hand out of his pocket and swiped his hand out and cut the wave in half and put it back in his pocket.

Scorpius acted quickly and used the ice to his advantage, and slid to the side, avoiding the punch from Atom, and pointing his arm towards Atom's side. At the same time Umi had what looked like a rocket launcher on her shoulder. Both Scorpius and Umi, in unison, Shouted "Frozen Wave Cannon!" A Cannon shot of water and a cannon shot of ice were both heading towards Atom!

Atom stood there and took the attack head on. The attack caused an explosion with Atom in the center of it. As the smoked cleared he stood there with half of his body on Fire and the other half to what appears as Iron his hands were extended out as if he blocked them with his bare hands "Mix Matter: Iron-Fire Body." He said. He had a few scrapes around his body but nothing big. He then leap towards Umi at incredible speed that he appeared right in front of her and was about to punch with his Fire Body side.

As Atom got closer to Umi she was about to get ready to protect herself when suddenly Atom was pulled away. She then noticed it was Scorpius who was using water whips to pull him away. "Ice-Make: Icy Wind," she chanted making a few giant sheets of ice towards Atom sending him off for a collision course for Zora.

As Atom was fly towards Zora he placed his hands into the ground to control himself but wouldn't be able to stop in time. When Atom got closer to Zora jumped into the air and flipped over Atom and safely landed on his feet. Zora glanced over at Atom who managed to gain control and rushed back over to Scorpius and Umi dashing past Zora as he stood there watching. "Is this the best your pathetic magic can do? if thats the case then you might as well give up now cause theres no way you'll ever stand a chance against me." He said in angry tone as he ran to them. His body turning into steel.

Umi gives off a slight glare towards Atom as he said that about their magic. "Hey our magic isn't weak. We are just trying to be smart and not rushing off like you," Scorpius claimed. "Plus you think you've everything I can do, but really you've seen nothing," Umi claimed with a smirk towards Atom. "Ice-Make: Icy Blizzard," Umi chanted and blizzard appeared that's extremely dense and worse than her normal blizzards. Scorpius had used the water particles in the air to stand above the blizzard and playfully whined, "No fair I want to show off too." After saying that Umi makes wings and flies into the air next Scorpius as he starts to make a thunderstorm with the blizzard causing to make a cyclone in the arena.

"Oh great. I hated that stupid punk Aiden cause he relied on tricks for his fight but now I'm starting to hate you 2 even worse. You rely on the power of your magic instead of of head on battle. You have no pride in battles, your a disgrace to the world of magic!" He yelled as he released incredible magic energy.

Scorpius and Umi brace themselves from the force of the energy. "You think doing 'tricks' is relying on our magic more than our head? How else could we think of these moves OTHER THAN using our heads!" Scorpius yelled back in defiance. "What would be a disgrace is not using your own magic to it's full extent. Your magic is a part of you, and can manifest in many different ways. So what if we use our magic different than you?" Umi said.

Scorpius came down from above the storm to face atom, now with a storm behind his glare as fierce as the one above them. "There shouldn't be any reason to argue this point in this day of age, but I guess we have to teach you a lesson then?" Scorpius got ready to attack Atom, taunting him like a matador to a bull. At this time Umi was nowhere to be seen.

Atom stood there glaring at Scorpius with his magic energy released from his body like an aura. He glanced around looking for Umi. "Wizards are beings that clash against each other in a life or death where there more on the line then just winning or losing. There are others who are depending on you to fight threw the odds to protect them." His magic aura grew stronger. "And i will protect them, with my own hands. Ill defeat any foe who stands in my way with my own power and nothing more." His magic energy shook they were standing on, even Umi could feel the air shacking where she.

up in the balcony with the Warrior Angel guild members a little girl with brown hair walks up to the edge. "YOU CAN DO IT BIG BROTHER I BELIEVE IN YOU." Jessie calls out. The words from Atoms sister encouraged him as his glare towards scorpuis intensifies.

After Atom's speech Umi decided to come out of the shadows with icy fists going up to Atom ready to do hand-to-hand combat. With Atom not realizing that the Umi coming towards him was a clone used to distract him as the real Umi and Scorpius get extremely close to him and proclaim, "Frozen Wave Avalanche!" Scorpius makes a giant tidal wave sending it towards him and Umi adds her Icy Wind making it into an avalanche with chunks of ice in it.

Atom turned around and caught Umi's ice clone. "Do you honestly believe i can be deceived by a trick like that?" He said. He threw the clone at the tidal wave as hard as he could causing it to split in half. He ran towards Umi at incredible speed "Matter Magic: Fire Body!" He yelled and covered his face with his arms as the ice chunks came at him. The fire on his body melted the ice upon contact as he approached Umi. "Thats enough of your tricks lady." He said as he punches Umi with a fist of fire as she is smashed threw the ground leaving a crater with Umi in the center.

Zora watches from where he was standing before. "Damn it Atom." He mumbled to himself, not happy with how he was fighting the 2 wizards.

"Umi!!!!" Scorpius yelled, rushing to the crater. He looked down to where Umi is and saw that she was okay. "Here grab my hand," Scorpius told her, to help her back up. "Thanks Scorpius," Umi said as she climbed up. Once they were both up, Scorpius turned to Atom.

"You hurt my friend. Now it's personal. I would feel bad for hurting you for this, but I guess being second best makes you take cheap shots." Scorpius said now visibly angry. With his arms down and palms opened towards Atom, he called off a list of attacks. "Water Condensing! Wave Running! Water Manipulation! Torrent! Water cannon!" And with that, the storm came back to life above the stadium, the ground around Atom sprouted chains of water and wrapped them around Atom, the air around him was getting thicker, choking his flames as well as filling his lungs with water, and Scorpius was running around the water towards him and around him firing shot after shot of his water cannon, causing the flames from Atom to flicker even more, making atom use more and more energy to stay lit.

Atom tried to hold his breath with in the water. He looked around and even towards his body. "So you're trying to use my magic energy up huh? Not gonna happen." He thought in his head as the fire went out revealing his normal form. Scorpius watched in shock wondering what he was planning. As he watched he noticed Atom's body was slowly phasing away. Scorpius was shocked and confused on what happened. Until a pocket of water splashed out towards Scorpius of the container of water in the shape of a body about to punch him. "No matter what you do you don't stand a chance against me!" Atom voice shouted from the water in the shape of a body.

Scorpius switched his look from shock to mischievous, and with a glint in his eyes. perfect he thought as he released his hold on his previous spells. As Atom was flying towards Scorpius, Scorpius says to him, "You know I can manipulate water right?" With that said, Scorpius hurriedly grabs the water form of atom, and Umi froze the water form of Atom in the air. "Now should I throw him or be nice and put him in the hole he threw you" Scorpius said menacingly. "Let's put him on display until he melts after the game." Umi said.

Scorpius and Umi then noticed Atoms body within the ice change to fire. He watched as the ice began to melt. "Looks like I'm being underestimated. These fool think this can stop there in for a world of disappointment." He thought as the ice began to melt faster.

"Oh no you don't," Umi said as she got close to Atom and started to refreeze him. "Okay Atom you've got two choices. One, you stay as an ice figurine and leave the rest to Zora or you can go with option number two is where you decide to continue to melt the ice but go up about 600 hundred feet in the air and face a sky battle," Umi explained as she added many new thick layers of ice onto him. "Well its up to you and if you do decide to go with number two then I hope you're not afraid of heights or plummeting down into the ground at high speeds," Umi claimed as she backed up a little bit going back next to Scorpius as they are both ready to make a move.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" Umi and Scorpius heard him yelled even threw the think ice, his flames were growing intense and not giving up even after Umi's threatening warning. The ice began to melt fast just as fast as before which worried Scorpius and Umi.

"Time to get going," Umi claimed as she began to have icy wings. Scorpius then makes a geyser of water causing Atom, whom is still frozen a bit, into the air and Umi takes off. "Ice-Make: Hammer," Umi chanted and a giant icy hammer appears above Umi and smacks it onto Atom causing the rest of the ice to shatter and Atom plummet into the arena making a giant crater. "I warned you, -sigh- I could of started an ice figurine collection," Umi claimed as she stayed in the air.

Umi was then shocked to see Atoms shadowy figure in the dust cloud standing up. Atom wasted no time and ran towards Scorpius. His body was appeared as Iron as he rushed in. "Thats it I've had enough of your games!" He shouted with an furious look on his face.

"Atom's covered with Iron so he must have used it to reduce the damage he would have taken from the fall but still Atom's not moving as fast as he used to be. That fall must have done more damage then he's letting on." Zora thought as he watches the fight.

Scorpius just smiled as Atom approached. Just before Atom was about to connect with Scorpius, he melted into water. This caused Atom to run past and slip on the water for a second. As he was getting centered again, Scorpius reformed and fired his "Scattershot" hitting Atom with shots of water from every which direction. Umi joined in with her "Ice-Make: Spears" also pelting him from every direction.

Atom covered his face with his arms trying to withstand the attacks with his body made of iron. "I will not be beaten by you weaklings." He says as he's being pushed back by the repeated attacks.

"Geez he is relentless with the weakling comments." Scorpius said while continuing his attack. "He is relentless in his attacks as well. Let's finish this quick Scorpius!" Umi called out. "Right" Scorpius said. They both fired one more volley of attacks, and as the dust was settling Scorpius and Umi got into position next to each other for their next attack. "Unison Raid: Frozen Cannonballs!" They both shouted firing large cannonballs of ice and water at Atom, exploding on impact, sending him flying.

"Just to be sure" Scorpius said with a storm in his eyes. "Water spout!" he shouted creating a spiral of water that grabbed Atom in the air, took him farther upwards, and turned back down to the stadium, crashing Atom into the floor and flooding the whole arena! "My first learned trick still works wonders for me." Scorpius said with a laugh.

Atom struggled to stand up. He was covered with injuries from head to toe that everyone is amazed he's getting up after all that. "Amazing Atom is trying to stand up even after all those attacks but those attacks were not go to waste it seems h doesn't have the energy to stand up, could this be the end for him? Although their not nearly has beaten up as Atom is, the Frozen Wave duo are also a little worn out and the fight isn't even near over, do they have the strength to continue?" The announcer spoke to the audience in amazement.

Atom stood up, his face looking down towards the ground unable to be seen by anyone. "I will not lose. The mere thought of being beaten to wizard likes you, disgusts me." He looked towards them with eyes of hatred that they could feel the bloodlust coming from him. "I WILL NOT BE BEATEN BY PATHETIC WIZARDS LIKE YOU!" He shouted in anger and ran towards them with incredible speed.

Zora could see it in his eyes from where he was standing. "No." He mumbled to himself. "Atom! Control yourself!" He shouted just before Atom ran towards the duo.

Umi and Scorpius watched as Atom charged towards them. "All you've done throughout this whole battle was rant about how we can't battle and we are a disgrace," the duo said as that both prepared to dodge the attack. "But what we've learned that battling is not just about winning but it's also about learning to give up before you hurt yourself too much," they said as they just jumped above Atom and land on the other side of him ready to protect themselves if necessary.

Atom quickly turned around and his hands changed to iron before he smashed his hands to the ground destroying it and causing Umi and Scorpius to lose their balance as Atom leaped at them with an intent to kill.

"Alright this is growing old." Scorpius said as he was ready to attack Atom head on. Umi decided to jump out of the way and shouts "Here Scorpius! Ice Make: Shield!" and a a shield of ice appeared between Atom and Scorpius. Atom crashes through the shield which slowed him down a little. Just as this happens he hears "Atom!" from Jessie. "This is my chance." Scorpius thought as Atom turned to look. Scorpius ran up to Atom and gave him a round house kick to his temple, knocking him out cold! "Eh a bit old school, but effective." Scorpius said with a sigh.

Atom falls to the ground unconscious. "And Atom is down. After giving the Frozen Wave Duo a run for their money and persevering threw their attacks, he has finally be defeated. But its not over folks only one member left of the S Class team remains and it won't be easy. Although its 2 against 1, the Frozen Wave duo has used up a lot of their magic energy while S Class Zora Halo hasn't used any." Mato announces. "Lets also not forget Zora is a guild ace in the warrior angel guild, not someone you want to fight with half your strength." Another judge announces. "That's true judge but maybe the Frozen wave duo has an idea, we have no choice but to watch how this goes." Mato continues.

"Well that's a relief to be half way done, but this second half won't be a laughing matter." Scorpius said as he stretched and breathed to try and loosen up. "Don't worry we got this!" Umi said with excitement. "Of course we do! We are great team, with our magic and brains, we can do anything!" Scorpius said getting pumped. They started to look around and noticed that they couldn't find Zora anywhere in the arena. "Did he run out of the arena in fear? Ha!" Scorpius yelled jokingly, and with a sense of tension.

As Scorpius and Umi scanned the area in search of Zora, Scorpius felt a hand touch his shoulder. "Im amazed, not just anyone can take down "The Unstoppable Tank". That's quite and achievement." Zora said as he suddenly appeared behind Scorpius.

Scorpius tensed up at the feeling of who he assumed was Zora. Alright calm down. Nothing has happened yet. "Well it was quite a challenge, but we worked together to take him down." Scorpius said as he got out from Zora's grip and faced him. Umi was also aware of what going on and was in a battle ready stance. "I am just wondering why you didn't attack us while we fought with you team mate?" Umi asked. "I was wondering that as well." Scorpius said keeping an eye in on any slight change to Zora's position and look.

Zora took his hand that he placed on Scorpius's shoulder and put it on the back of his head " Atom has a huge pride, he wants to face his battles on his own. Theres also the fact he cant stand me. Just being in this stadium with him is an insult. But me, i'd rather not fight at all." Zora looks to the sky seeing visions of his past. "What about you? I'm sure you knew fighting Atom would waste your magic energy to fight me so why not just attack me while your at it?" He asks curiously.

"To be honest, when we watched and heard about your fight with Nova yesterday you told her that you did not have an interest in fighting her. So we decided before we, Umi and I, entered the arena that we wouldn't fight you unless absolutely necessary out of respect to a fellow mage." Scorpius said.

Zora kept his serene face expression and his eyes have moved an inch since they conversation started. "I see, interesting."

"Still, we would rather not start a fight. If you decide you want to fight than we will, but we will not throw the first blow." Scorpius told Zora. Umi meanwhile dropped her stance to show that they mean what they say to Zora. "If you don't want to fight we will respect it." Umi said to reaffirm their positions on the matter.

Zora stood their with a serene look on his face. "I have no intension in fighting but i will not back down. Also I have no interest in fighting you, you should give up now so I won't hurt you." Zora gazes at them.

Scorpius and Umi look at Zora feeling insulted after he had said that. "After defeating Atom you really think we're just going to give up? No way!" Scorpius claimed with Umi agreeing immensely.

Zora stood there gazing at the 2 as his jacket flaps around against the wind. He didn't say anything as he stared them down.

The duo just look at him not changing their position or how they feel. "You can stare at us as long as you want but we're not giving up, not now," Umi explained with a glare towards Zora as Scorpius agrees with her.

"Hmph," Zora then grinned and close his eyes, still not moving a muscle with his hands in his pockets. The crowd is getting impatient to the fighters just standing there and started to boo at them and calling out to them telling them to fight.

The duo began to dislike how the situation with crowd and began to think of something to get this fight to start. "I've got it," Scorpius thought as a light bulb clicked above his head. "Fine since none of us are willing to start a fight why don't we play a game," Scorpius explained leaving Umi and Zora to look at him with confusion. "Rock, paper, scissors. We will play 3 rounds and who ever loses will have to attack first," Scorpius explained. Umi looked at him for a few moments and claimed, "You know what, why not." Leaving the duo waiting for an answer from Zora.

Zora had a bit of a surprised look on his face, not expecting them to suggest something like that. completely speechless Zora has no idea what to do. He struggled to take his hand out of his pocket and held it out, Zora looked away with a pouty face and blushing cheeks as if he was embarrassed.

The duo smiled as they looked at each other. "Okay Umi do you want to go or should I?" Scorpius questioned her. "You do it. It was your idea," Umi said as Scorpius then put his hand in front of him close to Zora's hand. "Okay 3-2-1-now," Umi said and both of them put out rock. "Sigh it's a tie, okay 3-2-1-now," Umi said and it was another tie with rock. "Seriously!? Okay 3-2-1-now," Umi said hoping someone would win as Scorpius put out rock and Zora put out scissors. "Scorpius: 1 and Zora: 0," Umi quickly explained and counted down again. Scorpius put out paper as Zora put out rock. "Scorpius: 2 and Zora: 0, Scorpius is the winner!" Umi claimed with excitement. "Okay I guess you go first, Zora," Scorpius claimed as Zora was extremely flushed with embarrassment.

Zora stared at his hand for a moment. "Thank god Atom is unconscious, he'd never let this go." He put his hand in his pocket and looked at the other 2. "First attacks isn't my forte but i guess i have to." He said as his face goes back to his normal serene look. He let out intense magical energy and then suddenly disappearing again. It caught the duo by surprised as they searched for him around the arena. Scorpius felt a hand on his shoulder again as Zora appeared this time grabbing onto him. "Shockwave." He said calmly as an explosion of magic energy was released from his body blowing away Umi and Scorpius, but Zora was holding to Scorpius tight so he could more damage to the attack.

God damn it that hurt! Scorpius thought while clenching his teeth. His vision had become tunneled during the attack, and he had lost his breath from the blast. Scorpius fell forward onto his hands and knees as Zora let go of him. Umi who had been thrown away from the epicenter of the blast, came over to Scorpius. "Scorpius are you okay??" Umi said with concern seeing his shirt had been ripped apart from the blast. "I'm okay..." Scorpius said as he stood up. His shoulder was beat red and his arm, chest, and neck numb. "Okay well what should we do about Zora. That was one heck of a blast. And from what I know of him, that is holding back." Scorpius said as he rolled his shoulder to stretch it out. "Alright well lets try and end this quickly then." Umi said. Zora during this time was standing still watching intently on both of the mages, waiting for the next attack. Umi and Scorpius looked at each other and both nodded and put their hands on the ground. "Ice-Make: Geyser!" "Geyser!" was said simultaneously from the two mages. The corresponding attack had the two geysers, one made of ice and the other super-heated water, come out of the ground at an angle and hit Zora on opposite, offset sides making him spin in the swirling mass of ice and water, constantly changing his body temperature from one side to the other. This went on for a few seconds until Zora could react.

Zora had his arms crossing in front of his face like he's trying to withstand the attack. Even being attacked he didn't look away from his opponents for a second. "From what i can tell this spell will ware off soon." He thought in his head. As soon as the spell wore off Zora placed one foot on the ground leaped towards the 2 as he manages to get between them. He waved his arms to backhand both of them.

Umi and Scorpius see the attack coming, duck and turn to punch his back. To be specific, the kidneys.

Zora jumps back avoiding their attack and safely lands on his feet. He places his hands in his pockets and carefully watches the 2.

Scorpius and Umi reset their feet and launch at Zora again, throwing punch after punch, trying to land a blow.

Zora carefully evades each punch that is thrown at them all while his hands are still in his pockets as he takes back a step for every dodge. He he takes one hand out and grabs Umi's next punch and kneed Scorpius before his next punch could land. He threw Umi in the opposite direction and looked back at Scorpius. "A team assault is not a bad strategy, however with your moves it can easily be stopped." Zora said.

"You know team assaults can't be stopped that easily, I mean we both took down Atom together so.." Scorpius explains as he looks directly in Zora's eyes. "Sometimes team assaults don't work without a bit of... Distraction," Scorpius claims causing Zora to be confused as Umi shoots several bullets towards Zora's back.

Zora glanced back and didn't make a move as Umi noticed the suns reflection shining off him as the bullets collided on time and shattered upon impact. "Launching multiple attacks at my blind spot while you serve as the distraction is that how this plan was suppose to work?" Zora glanced back at Scorpius. "I assume once i become focused towards her your free to trap me in your water prison spell. So far threw out this round you've used nothing but tag team combos, not a bad strategy except your missing one problem." He walked towards Scorpius.

"I see one problem here, and that you keep going after me. Why is that? I mean I am good looking and all but I'm taken." Scorpius said with a mightier than you air, then he laughed and with Umi just standing back trying to hold in her laughter but failing. "No seriously, what are you trying to say?"

Zora shrugs off his comment. "Hmph." Zora began to release his magical aura. "Shockwave." He said calmly as an explosion of magic energy was released from his body while he was standing close to Scorpius.

As the shockwaves approaches the duo Umi evades it by moving back out of range but Scorpius stands there and turns his body into water making the attack go right through him leaving him unharmed. As soon as the attack passes through Scorpius he uses to water around him to choke him not only around his neck but also in his lungs. "This has lasted for way too long as long as you are unable to fight then this ends," Scorpius explains as the choke hold becomes harder.

"Damn looks like i got no choice." Zora thought in his head as he grabbed the water. Scorpius watched as his water was slowly being covered in diamond.

"Oh dear. Seems you are trying to evade this attack." Scorpius said a bit annoyed and with a storm in his eyes. "Sadly, you can't cover the moisture that I am controlling in your lungs. It is getting harder to breathe, no?" And with that, Scorpius forced more moisture into Zora's lungs, replacing any singular oxygen atoms he needs to breathe.

Zora showed no signs of struggling or having trouble breathing, he was just standing there with his hands in his pockets. Zora looked at the diamond he covered the outside water with and with a mere thought it shattered into pieces. The diamond pieces were floating into the air and were launched at Scorpius at tremendous speed.

Scorpius saw the attack coming and tried to change into his water body form, but wasn't quick enough for a few of the diamonds to rip through Scorpius' left bicep. "Damn that hurt!" Scorpius yelled. At this point his hold on the water in Zora's lungs was let go. "Okay Umi I am tired of playing games what about you?" Scorpius asked.

"I feel the same way. How should we finish this?" Umi asked.

"Snow ball fight?" Scorpius asked with a knowing smirk.

Umi laughed nervously. "You sure?"

"Yes. Let's go! Water Manipulation!" Scorpius yelled as he melted away and formed up with a ton of water from around the arena. The water then went and encircled Zora completely, swirling around and spinning him inside of it. "Now this is going to be fun for both of us Zora. Just sit back, relax, and try and not get hurt."

Umi during this time had placed multiple ice cannons around the field aimed towards Scorpius, in his water form, and Zora who was wrapped with the water. "Hey Zora!" she yelled, "Catch this!" as all of the cannons fired towards them in rapid succession like a snowball fight. As the cannon balls got closer, the water seperated just enough for the ice to get through and hit Zora.

Zora was swirling around trying to get control until he noticed a ball of ice coming at him. Zora managed to tilt his head enough for the ice ball to miss but was unaware of another incoming ice ball coming at him. "What the…" He said right before the attack struck him. Zora managed to quickly look threw a small gap of the rotating water and saw what was happening from the outside. "A barrage of attacks?" He tried to use his arms to cover from the attack but the rotating water made it hard to do that. "Time to finish this." He thought. As he was being rotated diamond grew from his entire body encasing him in a diamond chamber protecting him from the ice balls. The weight of the diamond chamber was enough to have him drop to the ground under all the water. Zora shattered chamber and placed his hands on the ground. "Diamond Seed" He called and the entire floor of the area revealed a magic circle which confused Umi. Before the rotating water can carry him away he called "Diamond Floor." From where his hand was the ground was being encase in diamond and spread to the entire floor of area encasing anything that is on the ground as well in clouding the rotating water. Zora now free from the rotation called out. "Diamond Spike Palace." from the ground of were the water prison was, dozens of spikes risen from the ground breaking threw the diamond water prison forming a small castle of spikes with Zora standing on one of the spikes at the top.

"SCORPIUS!" Umi shouted as diamonds broke through Scorpius. "Why are you only attacking Scorpius I'm here too you know, attacking just as much as he is, so why only him?" Umi questioned with a hint of rage in her voice. Before Zora could do or say anything, The diamonds below him started to rupture as pressure from inside of the Diamond Palace grew immensely. Scorpius had become enraged and through his curse was gaining power to break through the diamond. A moment later, out of one of the sides a blade of water cut through the diamond and out shot Scorpius, landing on the ground of the arena a few feet away.

"Scorpius are you okay?" Umi asked. Scorpius looked over to her with a wild look in his eyes.

"I think... I think whatever happened before is trying to happen again..." Scorpius said. It was now noticeable that Scorpius had a puncture wound that went through the front of his stomach and out the side. He then fell down to his knees with a yell. He got up slowly, turned and pointed at Zora. "I think... that you... need... to... forfeit... please..." Scorpius struggled to say while fighting what was inside of him.

Zora looked at him carefully. "This ability, its similar to Nova in a way but still different. Is this the side of that faced Esca yesterday? Either way if he changes it could be dangerous to everyone here. ill have to finish this right now" Zora slip the side of the diamond spike he was standing on and jump off it as if it were a spring flying towards the struggling Scorpius, he prepared himself to punch Scorpius in the face.

What the hell is wrong with me? Scorpius thought to himself. I need to focus! Okay where is Zora? Scorpius looked up to seeing Zora flying at him ready to strike. This isn't good. Guess I'll have to grin and bear it. Scorpius said as he formed a a wave of water from the ground, encased his fore arm and fist in water to give the attack more force. With a yell Scorpius ran towards Zora to meet his attack. With both mages in close range, the pressure of their attacks filled the whole arena!

As the two fists meet, a blast of energy and water blasted up and out from the two mages, similar to how a wave breaks against a cliff. Zora slid back, a little rough from wear while Scorpius was flung across the arena. He would have hit the wall hard if Umi didn't catch him mid-air. The two came to the ground, Scorpius passed out and laid on the ground, and Umi kneeling down at Scorpius looking over him. "Scorpius!?" Umi claimed loudly looking at her friend who had become unconscious with worry but then changes to a relaxed face. "You did great Scorpius, I'll handle the rest, I won't let you or Koma Inu down," Umi claimed in a whisper to where only her unconscious teammate could hear and then stands up and looks towards Zora.

Zora stands there breathing a little hard. He then stands up straight and puts his hands in his pocket and walks towards Umi.

Umi just stands in her place not moving and inch. "Would you now care to explain?" Umi asked with a hint of sass in her voice as she's now impatient and she crosses her arms across her chest.

Zora walks slowly over to Umi. "Tell me during your battle with Atom do you think all i did was was watch the battle until it was my turn?" He says calm as he still walks.

"No you were probably were watching us so you could learn our fighting style no doubt about it," Umi claimed with her arms still crossed, not budging.

"Correct. And with me." Zora paused as he carefully stares at Umi. "That battle showed me everything. From your plans and battle strategies, all the way down to the pattern of your breathing and movements. including your magic."

"You may have been able to watch my every move and think you know my battle strategies but really all I need is my imagination and I'm golden," Umi claimed with confidence in her magic and skill. "Now if you're done trying to 'intimidate' me with your knowledge of 'how you know my every move' you still haven't truly told me why you only attack Scorpius," Umi claimed watching Zora very closely.

Zora continued slowly walking. "As i said Ive carefully watched and studied your every move." Zora stop where he was. "Including your magic. Ive studied every bit of both your magics and thought of countless strategies to counter them. Although together your both accomplished wizards, I've noticed you've only use teamwork against the 2 of us not to mention Scorpius posed difficult not just with magic but in power to." Zora stated referring to the deadly power of his blood thirst side. "So targeted him to dispose of his water magic and to prevent his blood thirst side from coming lose." Zora explained.

Umi becomes silent for a moment. "You have a point about his other BUT I have trust in him that he will control it because I know my guild mates and they can do anything and teamwork can do a lot of damage if you use it right," Umi claimed as she saw that he looks sort of worn out. "So in honor of Scorpius and my guild I'm not going to lose," Umi claimed with full confidence in her voice. "So I hope that you're ready because its time to end this," Umi claimed as she gets into a fighting stance ready to fight.

"Hmph." Zora grinned as he as he stood there with his hands in his pockets waiting the next move.

"Ice-Make: Drill," Umi chanted and a giant icy drill appeared and in moments dug into the ground. "See ya! Don't wanna be ya!" Umi claimed as she jumped into the hole as her drill made a tunnel. "Ice-Make: Reinforced Dome," Umi chanted making a dome above the hole she made with extremely thick ice (x3 thicker than her normal dome), blocking herself inside. "And just for safety, Ice-Make: Double Reinforced Wall," Umi chanted making a wall blocking off the start of tunnel with x2 thickness as the dome. With that Umi ran off and as she was running she made another drill and started drill around underground.

Zora just stood there not making any moves. "Thats pointless." He said as he was standing there completely calm, out of no where dozens of diamond spikes shot out of the ground cutting off Umi as she was digging under ground.

"Whatever I guess I was done making my tunnel anyways," Umi thought looking around all the diamonds. "I guess it's time to start my plan," Umi thought as she started to run around the diamond as she plants something every now and then. "Okay, now my Umi army Ice-Make: Wings, Drill, and Cannon," Umi chanted extremely loudly so it would echo in her circular tunnel as she made wings and drills. The four Umis that were waiting made wings and drills. "Okay now!" the real Umi claimed as she flies up just a bit a drills through the ground a destroys it replacing it with a cannon having the other four doing the same thing. "Shoot then head for the sky," Umi barked out the order and then five big ice cannonballs from different directions head towards Zora and they flew up hiding behind the clouds.

Zora used his arms to cover from the ice cannons as diamond grew from his arm to help protect him as he took the attacks. He then placed his hand on the ground. "Diamond Piller!" He called as multiple large coulombs of diamonds rose from the ground and lifted in to air up to the clouds, one of them carried him up as if it were an elevator. He rose up until up to Umi height.

"Holly crap look at the size of those pillars, this guy is amazing." A few people in audience said.

Zora looked around carefully trying to find them in the clouds.

"I may not have Scorpius on my side for water but clouds have a ton," the real Umi thought. "Ice-Make: Meteor Shower," the real Umi chanted and five big jagged ice balls hurled towards him gaining mass from the water in the clouds and at the same time the other four Umis were do the same thing. "There is no way he can dodge this, he doesn't have the time or space to do anything," the real Umi thought as the meteors were just a foot away from Zora, who was surrounded around with 20 big meteors.

Zora braced himself from the incoming ice meteors. "Damn these meteors are to big to break no matter how strong i hit it. How about this." He thought in his head "Diamond Armor." he called as thick diamond grew from his body until his entire body was covered by thick diamond except for his face. He then punched the closest meteor as hard as he could, The force of the punch was strong enough to send it back knocking out the other meteors behind it and kept doing that the others. Once it was all clear he shattered his armor as the pieces fell to the ground. "Over there." He said and ran towards the real Umi jump onto diamond pillar to diamond pillar until he found her hiding in the clouds "Diamond Shard Blast." Zoras arms were covered with thick diamond and he smashed them together. A magic circle appeared in front of his hands as soon as they were smashed together, dozens of diamond sharps was fired from the magic circle like bullets towards Umi.

"Ice-Make: Reinforced Shield," the real Umi claimed and managed to block most of the attack before the shield shattered allowing a few to scrap her arms and legs. Umi slightly gasped at the cuts she got but then went further into hiding in the clouds. "Ice-Make: Hail Storm and Blizzard," the real Umi chanted making a hail storm and a blizzard in the clouds allowing her and the other Umis to camouflage even more and attack Zora with hail.

Zora tried to cover himself with his arms as shield as he tried to withstand the billiard and the hail. He looks around trying to find the real Umi.

"Ice-Make: Cold Excalibur," the Umis chanted as an exact replica of Excalibur appeared in their hands and all unanimously went to attack Zora who were surprisingly very close to him.

Zora glanced around noticing all of the Umi clones attacking at once. He ran towards the real Umi and caught the exacalibur with one hand, the collision caused Zora's hand to freeze all the way up to his elbow, and grabbed Umi with other. As the added weight caused Umi to lose her balance with her wings and fall. As they were falling Zora let go of the sword and shattered the ice on his arm "Diamond Blade" He called as his arm was covered with diamond and formed a blade. "Time to take this back to the ground." He said as he slashed her wings causing them to fall faster. As they were falling faster Zora reached out his arms. "Diamond Knuckle Crash" He called as diamond covered both his arms forming thick, giant arms and fists. The diamond knuckles caused him to call faster right behind Umi ready to smash into the ground on top of her.

"Oh this is not going to be pretty," Umi thought as she got closer to the ground and closed her eyes. Moments later Umi doesn't feel anything, no pain, nothing. "What the-," Umi claimed loudly very confused and opened her eyes noticing that she was going up, not down. She turned to see a clone was carrying her and made a conclusion that before she made impact her clone had mange to catch up to them and grab her from below Zora before smashing into the ground. The real Umi looked down and noticed that Zora had crashed into the Earth but due to dust the flew up from the crash she couldn't see if he was okay or not.

As Umi was looking down waiting for the dust to clear she noticed the Diamond Pillars were beginning to crack and shattered into pieces. Umi noticed that the pieces were floating instead of falling to the ground. She looked down and saw the dust had cleared and Zora was standing in a giant crater. "Diamond Shatter: Rain of Shards!" Zora called as all pieces of diamond were raining down on Umi and her clone.

"Ice-Make: Reinforced Dome," Umi chanted as a thick dome covered both her and her clone from the diamonds shards. "I've heard of raining cats and dogs but not diamonds..," Umi thought as her dome began to crack with the last of the diamond shards. Once the last of the shards hit the dome it shattered allowing a few shards to hit the both of them.

Zora watched as Umi was hit by his attack as more pieces of diamond from his Diamond Knuckle Crash began to levitate. Zora kept looking at Umi who hasn't recovered yet, the diamond pieces were flung at her.

"We need to go higher and we need to get into the cloud," the real Umi claimed to her clone causing them to head for the clouds dodging diamond shards. As they reached the clouds they put on some ice armor and the real Umi decided to destroyed the other Umis leaving the one carrying her.

Zora stood there looking up into the clouds. "She's just like everyone in the guild, always have their heads stuck in the clouds." He said to himself. "Ive had enough of this its time to end this." Zora stated as magic energy was released. He clap his hands together, channeling magic energy.

"Wow who knew that there was sass in his dude," Umi thought with a small chuckle. She looked down seeing him channeling magic energy.

As he was focusing diamond trees started rising from the ground forming a forest of diamond "Diamond Forest". Then the shards from his previous attack that Umi managed to dodge gathered together above her without her knowing. The shared pieces formed a giant cube. "Diamond Crash!" The cube dropped on top of her smashing the remaining clone and sending her plummeting to the ground. Zora waved his hand and the cube opened up and trapped Umi inside as it smashed into the ground. "Now" He mumbled as the some of the forest trees rises a few feet into the air and expanded and contacted to each other forming a dome. Zora put his hands back in his pocket and his magic aura stopped and the cube containing Umi shattered freeing her.

After being let go from the cube Umi quickly looked at her surroundings noticing she was trapped ina diamond dome preventing her from getting into the clouds. "The view was so nice too.." Umi sighed with disappointment, "but I don't need to sky or clouds to disappear you know, Ice-Make: Hail Mary, oooooh I like the sound of that," Umi chanted creating a hail storm and a blizzard at the same time. "Bye bye," Umi claimed with a smile before disappearing.

Zora stood there not making a move. "Your forgetting one thing. Your in my territory now." He stated calmly as diamond spikes quickly rose from the ground and just quickly shattered with even more spikes quickly appearing in different spots and shattered. He kept the process going a for awhile until he landed a hit.

Umi then quickly recovered from the hit. "Then why don't I just leave it then? Ice-Make: Drill," Umi chanted drilling into the ground then popped out on the other side of the dome.

Zora grinned and the entire dome shattered along with all the trees and all of the diamond pieces floated into the air. "You gotta be kidding me." One of the audience said as they all gazed upon all the diamond pieces floating into the air. "Now go." He said as all the falling pieces were falling towards the Umi.

"This again," Umi sighed and jumped into the hole she made and and covered both holes with extremely thick ice to shelled her from the diamond. "Well since he's distracted on trying to get to me in here...Ice-Make: Geyser," Umi chanted placing her hands on the ground.

Zora was hit and lifted up into the air by the ice geyser. As he was flying up he looked back. "Right there." He thought and and concentrated as diamond rose from the ground where the ice geyser appeared and struck Umi lifting her out of the ground.

Umi smirked and made wings, "Thanks for a lift." Umi then flew with immense speed right up into Zora's face and punch him in the face leaving a giant icy block on his face. Umi flew away from Zora as the icy block exploded on his face freezing all of Zora with thick ice. "Ice-Make: Reinforced Bomb," Umi claimed as she stayed in the air as Zora started to fall faster towards the ground.

Zora struggled to break free but was unable to do it in time before he crashed to the ground, the impact caused the ice to break. As Zora was recovering he looked up at Umi. "This fight has been going on for to long i have to put a stop it before i hurt someone. But she won't stop flying, she increases the distance between us and uses the clouds to block my vision." He thought in his head. He put his hands in the ground. "Diamond Pillar" He called as multiple diamond columns rose from the ground from all around him and tried to smash against each other with her in between them.

Umi maneuver around the pillars dodging each one flying closer to Zora as she dodges. "Ice-Make: Explosion," Umi chanted sending multiple bombs of different sizes all around Zora. "Now," Umi called out causing 10 bombs to explode all around Zora.

Zora placed his palm on the ground and multiple diamond trees rose from the ground from where the bombs were attacking and lifted the bombs up a little just before it exploded however he took some of the blasts. Zora stood up and clapped his hands making 2 diamond pillars collide in front of her making a wall between them.

At this point in the battle Scorpius woke up. What the hell happened? Ow that smarts, he thought as he tried to move which he found he couldn't. Okay well looks like I took a beating. I am completely wiped out of energy. Now how is Umi fairing? He laid still on the ground taking in the battle.

Umi stopped in her tracks and flew above the wall and chanted, "Ice-Make: Icy Wind," sending multiple sheets of ice towards Zora not realizing that Scorpius had awoken.

Zora raised his arm out "Diamond Shield" A shield shaped diamond grew from his arm and shielded himself from the sheets of ice. The shield shattered soon after and sent the shattered pieces towards Umi.

After floating in air for a few moments Umi noticed how shallow her breathing was and how low of energy she had. "I need to finish this," Umi thought as she saw the diamond shards flew towards her which caused her to fly up dodging all the shard up into the clouds.

Zora watched as she flew in the clouds as multiple diamond pillars were sent after her.

Umi barrel-rolled around the pillars and flew above the clouds. "Ice-Make: Meteors Extinction," Umi chanted putting most of whats left of her strength into two gigantic jagged balls of ice that gains even more layers as it goes through the clouds. "Crud this ate up more energy than I hoped for," Umi thought as she barely had any magic left to even keep the wings on her back as she watched the meteors crashed into the arena.

"Amazing look at the size of those thing." Kana Hime said from the balcony.

"Her magic power is unbelievable" Esca Merle said surprised, responding back to her.

Reed Yuriko stood their watching with a surpassed look on his face. "Umi Asiu, So this is the power of your Maker Magic." He thought in his head as he clinched his fist getting excited.

Umi stayed in the air long enough for the smock to clear as she noticed multiple diamond pillars were heading towards her in multiple directions and stopped before reaching blocking her path from all sides so she cant fly away. Umi looked around in confusion. "My intention on the diamond pillars was not to attack you, it was to give me a stepping stone get to me closer to you." He said out of no where as Zora ran and jumped off on of the pillars and punched Umi as they were falling towards the ground "Its about time i finish this." Zora said as diamond grew from his arm that is still in contact with Umi "Diamond Knuckle Crash." He called. The diamond pillars followed him swirling around them

"Ah crud this is not good... Okay I've got a few options; take the fall, cushion the fall, or manage to get out.. Option #3 is my best bet," Umi thought quickly as the ground got closer. Umi pulled her arms up and pushed herself off to the side of the fist managing to save herself from being punched into the ground but still hit the ground pretty hard.

Umi managed to watch as Zora is smashed into the ground, She didn't realize the diamond pillars came falling towards Umi. Umi was worried and closed her eyes and braced for the impact. When she realized it didn't she opened her eyes and noticed the pillars froze in their tracks. Zora walked close by. "This fight has reached its end, your out of magic power and i do not wish to harm you any further. Give up this fight while you have the chance." He offered looking a bit more bruised then before.

Scorpius, who was still watching off on the side, managed to yell to Umi, "Umi, do what you think is best. Don't hurt yourself either over a game." He coughed before passing out again.

Umi smiled as she got up, "Thanks Scorpius," she muttered under her breath. She looked up at Zora and began to think, "This was a lot of fun and we put up one awesome would but Scorpius is right I'm not going to push myself further for a game..." Umi smiled at Zora as said, "It was fun battle you guys and it was awesome to battle together with Scorpius and I manage to learn more moves to use in the future so I'm going to take up your offer."

Zora grinned happily, thankful that he won't continue the fight further as he held his right hand up revealing a glove to Umi with a Ten Wizard Saints Emblem on it. Zora took off the glove and once it was off every diamond shard that was ever created in this fight disintegrated and he put the glove in his pocket.

"ITS OVEEEEERRRRRRRRR! THE WINNER OF ROUND 2 GOES TO TEAM WARRIOR ANGEL!" The announcer screamed threw the mike as the crowd roared threw the stadium. "Zora has proven the title of Wizard Saint is not to underestimated, Umi and Scorpius did remarkable but were unable to stand a chance to his over whelming power. As their points climb higher they are just 10 points behind Koma Inu. Just one more round we will have our winner, don't go anywhere cause the next round is right around the corner."

"Man Zora was amazing out, did you see how he controlled his magic with ease?" One of the people from the audience said.

"Yea but that cute girl from Koma Inu did pretty good to i mean did you her final attack?" another person responded.

"Oh but i think what Scorpius did was heartwarming, How he was looking after his comrade." Someone else said.

a group of fan girls was seen in the crowd. "ATOM, ZORA WE LOVE YOU." They shouted holding signs up.

Zora turned around and began walking to his balcony with his usual face expression.

Umi walked over to Scorpius to help him go get healed. "Hey Scorpius how are you feeling," Umi asked hoping he was hurt too much. Scorpius woke up a bit and claimed in a joking voice, "I've felt better." Umi rolled her eyes and picked up one of Scorpius' arms and started carrying him towards the guild to get healed.

Back up in the Warrior Angel Guilds balcony. "What? Thats it? She just gives up when the fight wasn't over?" Hino wonders frustratedly. "I wanna see more action!" He he shouted in a tantrum.

"You dumbass, its better it ended this way. Zora didn't want to continue any further and Umi was out of magic energy, this way no one got hurt." Kana informed him.

"But i wanna see them fight some more. And who are you calling a dumbass you blond witch?" Hino responded

"What'd you say…" Kana said as they both started fighting each other with a dust cloud surrounding them as their trading insults.

Reed was ignoring them as he gazed out at a certain location in the arena. Out of no where he leaped off the balcony. "Wait Reed what the heck are you doing?" Esca wondered as Kana and Hino ceased their fighting to watch.

He landed next to Zora when he was walking back. "Umi Aisu!" He called.

Umi turned around and saw a guy close to Zora. "You're the guy that fought Zero, Reed right?" Umi said hoping she didn't get the name wrong.

Reed raised his fist up as fire appeared from it. He had a smirk with an excited look in his eyes "Hehehe. I challenge you to fight right now." He said as he braced himself.

Scorpius looked up at reed for a moment before speaking. "Dude, calm down. If she wants to fight you, you will have to wait. Right now she is helping my sorry butt back to get healed and herself as well. Give her a break."

Umi nervously chuckled and said, "Yeah I have to help him and myself before I can do anything. Umi pause for moment then smiled and claimed, "But I'm totally up for it after the Grand Magic Games."

Reed didn't listen as both his hands ignited. "All right, I'm a burning up now." He said as he began to charge at her.

Just before he did Zora reached over and grabbed Reed by the collar of his shirt and began to drag him back. "Thats enough. You heard what she said, another time. Let them get their rest." He said dragging Reed.

"Hey! Zora! let me go i have the fight her now. It'll be one heated battle." He shouted struggling to get free as he's being dragged away.

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