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Komadori Zukin
Komadori Zukin
Name Komadori Zukin
Kanji 駒鳥頭巾
Rōmaji Komadori Zukin
Race Human
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 6'
Eyes Green
Hair Orange
Professional Status
Affiliation Monoceros HornMonoceros Horn
Occupation Mage
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Magic Bow Magic
Color Magic

Komadori Zukin (駒鳥頭巾, Komadori Zukin) is a member of Monoceros Horn.


Komadori has the appearance of a tall and lean young man with grey-green eyes and messy spiky orange hair that partially covers his right eye. His attire consists of lincoln green clothing and a dark green cloak, along with bandages on his left arm, and brown boots.


A range fighter, prefering to stay as far back as possible so he can use his Bow Magic, he specifically learned his second magic to defend himself when the opponent is in close range.

He is confident as long as there is distance between him and his opponent or some form of defense between him and the opponent. Komadori is thought of as a coward in close range or without a defense of some kind. He calls is self-preservation.



Magic and Abilities

Bow Magic: a Holder-type magic involving the use of a bow and arrow. The strength of this magic depends chiefly on the user's raw magical power and the bow being used. This is Komadori's main magic.

Color Magic: a Caster Magic that revolves around the use of colors. The color that Komadori uses is Slate Grey. The Natures of this color are Stone and Protective and take the Shape of Shields of one kind or another. This is Komadori's secondary magic, only used at close range and for protection. As this color is Protective in Nature, it isn't very useful for attacks, so any damage done to an opponent by spells of this color would be minimal at best and a distraction at worst.

Golem Shield

Golem Shield

  • Golem Shield (ゴーレムシールド, Gōremushīrudo): Komadori covers himself in his color which takes on the appearance of a Stone Golem. This allows Komadori to defend himself, move and fight back with melee attacks.
  • Cirlce (円, En): Komadori creates a circle of Slate Grey which then takes on the properties of stone and acts a very effective shield. It can also be set rolling to help him move while under fire or to send the shield to protect someone else.
  • Wall (壁, Kabe): Komadori creates a rectangle of Slate Grey. This becomes an immovable wall to block passage ways or defend those behind it.
  • Hidden (韜晦, Tōkai): Komadori hides himself, others and/or objects to blend into similarly colored areas. Basically making it look like they are part of the scenery or structure, this usually has a more rock-like appearance to help it seem more natural.


  • Appearance is that of Archer from the games Fate/Extra and Fate/Extra CCC
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