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"I'm known as a benevolent Empress by many; threaten my family, and I'll show you just how cruel an Empress I can be."
— Empress Krea
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Race Human
Age 19
Gender F
Height 5,6
Weight 110 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Professional Status
Affiliation Snake-tattoo-very-special-animal-styles-that-represents-106187Serith Empire
Occupation Empress
Base of Operations Serimus
Personal Status
Relatives Trinidad I (husband)
Marital Status Married
Alias White Empress
Empress Krea, was the Empress of the Serith Empire, and the wife of Emperor Trinidad I.  A childhood friend of Trinidad, she became his betrothed, when he became Emperor.



Krea dressed casually.

Krea is considered to be strikingly beautiful by many.  She has short, red hair, with a fair complexion, and large blue eyes.  When dressed imperially, she has her hair combed down, and wears a yellow dress. When dressed casually, Krea spikes her hair up, and wears a red and brown outfit.


Having come from a family of warriors, Krea is still wired as a warrior.  She is aggressively loyal to the Empire, to her husband, and to her family.  She takes her duties as Empress very seriously, and cares greatly for her people.  To this extent, she can be very ruthless, however to those whom she feels threatens those she cares about.  Krea won't hesitate to kill anyone whom she deems to be an enemy of either her family, or the Empire.

Surprisingly, she is also very close friends with her hand maidens, and considers them to be like sisters.  Ardently opposed to classism, Krea thinks its the duty of any soverign to put the needs of their people before the needs of anyone else in the Empire.

Krea, does not trust General Skret, seeing him as a self serving warmonger, who cares more about his own status, than he does about the Empire.  She believes that Trinidad would benefit more by trusting his own judgement, opposed to that of others.


Krea's father was a member of the Imperial Guard, and hence, Krea grew up in the palace barracks.  When she was six, she met Prince Trinidad, the only son, and heir of the Serith Empire.  The two became fast friends, and would spend much time together.  However, due to their radically different positions in society, their parents discouraged of the two being friends.

When Krea was nine, Fiore was invaded, and Emperor Adar, Trinidad's father, was killed.  Trinidad returned to Serith, as Krea's Emperor.  Figuring that their friendship would be over, Krea was surprised when Trinidad declared that she would instead be his betrothed.  The two spent even more time together, and as they grew, their friendship became love.  The two got married at the age of 15.

Magic and Abilities

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Trained by her father from a young age, Krea is a very ample hand to hand fighter, capable of fighting and defeating plenty of her opponents.


  • Krea's design is based on Kallen Stadtfeld, from Code Geass.
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