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"Within us we all face something dangerous, something inside us can turn us into beasts. A powerful urge to devastate everything in our path. I feel that urge every single day, wanting to come out and kill, but under the mantle of the Nemean Lion's, I stand with my allies and the urge is gone"
— Kunshin tells his fellow slayers

Kunshin Yutori ('君臣ゆとり,'Kunshin Yutori) is a mage and member of the Nemean Lion Guild and one of the four slayers of the guild, often known as the Slayer Busters, a small group often brought together in order to take on challenging mission that the guild master assigns them. Before his time in the guild, Kunshin was born to an abusive mother who often took out her drunken rage on him. After running away from home, the demon lord, Adadenium, found Kunshin and saw that he was a perfect host, he extended a contract to him, offering him the powers of other realms and offered to train him in his magic. After learning all he could from the demon, Kunshin began to travel to different regions, wanting to explore what kind of people he could meet along the way. He ended up arriving in Neo Arcadia, meeting with the guild master of the Nemean Lion Guild, who offered him a spot, which he accepted and became it's own Demon Slayer.




Powers & Abilities

Steel Demon Slayer Magic:

Lightning Magic:


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