Tohma Vs Tomari

Kuro in the right and Itachi in the right

Itachi was really bored because he already finshed his mission so he asked Kuro can I fight you and he said yes and then Itachi and Kuro got ready and then both of them charged and made such a huge blast with they swords then Itachi came behind him with very fast speed it was called Sonido and then Kuro fingered out when Itachi attacked and then Kuro attacked him but then Itachi didn't get damage and then Itachi used his energy blast and it was so powerful and then it breaked walls and then Kuro came behind him and pushed him away and then punched him and went behind him and kick and then Itachi said devil cry

Itachi devil cry

and then Kuro went behind and slashed his bone and then cracked his arm and then he used his move and put his bones back together and then Kuro used Shoku mūn and made a huge blast and then Itachi went in front and used his energy blast but got blacker and was powerfuler and attacked Kuro but Kuro cut his energy blast and then Kuro went behind him and punched him everywhere his body and Itachi was lying down the grond.
180px-Kusaka's Shoku mun Bankai

Shoku mum