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=== Introduction ===
Kurou D Dreadnought
Animeguy23 jthziiok
Name Kuroh D Dreadnaught
Alias Bringer of Chaos
Race Human
Age 32

Male Male

Height 6,3
Eye Color purple
Hair Color blak
Blood Type B-
Professional Status
Occupation Independent Mage
Base of Operations Island Ship
Personal Status
Status Alive
Magic Crash magic, Chaos Magic, Floating Magic
Weapons none
Kuroh D Dreadnaught is an independent traveling mage and an archaeologist. He gained the alias of "Bringer of Chaos" due to his use in Crash magic ,Floating Magic, and his own form of Demon Slayer Magic called Chaos magic. His base of operation is on a floating island called the island ship, witch he controls with his powers.


Kuroh D Dreadnaught is a slim muscular young man wearing a black trench coat with silver buttons, He has purple eyes and is always seen with a m smile on his face.

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