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Additional Information
Primary Ability

Fire Magic

Located In The Desert of Kzaar

The Kzaar are a dangerous, magical humanoid species that hace superb strength and high versatility. They are extremely strong and are actually deemed near invincible due to their extremely quick regeneration skills and Fire Magic. They do not like sunlight and are only found in the underground level of The Desert of Kzaar


Kzaar are two and a half metre tall monsters which reside in the underground levels of the Desert of the Kzaar. They are white creatures with black arms that are made of what look like black wirey veins. They have a golden plated left hand and forearm and white helmet like skin on their heads.They also have a large white tail which they usually use to strike their opponents. The Kzaar are also a warrior race that enjoy gladiatorial combat in their undergroudn arena.


Their only known habitat is in the Desert of Kzaar where they live underground in their settlements.They are very used to hot or cold conditions and they detest sunlight, however, this doesn't mean that they are weakened by it. 


The Kzaar are extremely strong creatures, they are able to rip humans in half with their bare hands and can punch through solid stone. They can move extremely fast and can jump reasonably high; they are also very intelligent creatures (thought they cannot speak english) they are able to communicate with each other with various grunts and moans, they also have theit own underground security system which is made up with a set of gongs that ,when hit, attract nearby Kzaar. They are also adapt Caster Magic users that specialise in the use of Fire Magic.

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