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Law of Sovereignty
Law of Sovereignty

Caster Magic



Law of Sovereignty also known as the Magic of Conviction is a Caster-Type magic that revolves around the manifestation of one's "conviction."


This magic allows the user to impose their will on those around them by releasing a translucent shockwave that affects those caught in its wake.

Unlike most forms of magic, this strength of this magic's spells are not dependent on the amount of magical power one possesses. In actuality, this magic's strength is relative to the strength of one's "conviction." As a result, this magic can be weakened or strengthened by one's life experiences. For example, the loss of a loved one could weaken the user's conviction, ultimately weakening this magic's power. Alternatively, such an event could also serve to strengthen said user's conviction, in turn making this magic stronger.


One of the more immediate means of countering this magic is by essentially "fighting conviction with conviction." This magic's spells have no effect on targets whose resolve is greater than that of the caster. Also, commands issued via this magic can be resisted if said commands go against the nature/ideals of a given target. Further, the strength of the this magic also decreases in relation to the distance between the caster and the intended targets.


  • This magic is based on Haoshoku Haki from One Piece.
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