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Leaf Star




Parent Magic

Wind Magic



Leaf Star (葉星, Yōsei) is a unique Wind Magic spell known to various mages across Earth Land.


Leaf Star works on the basis of using wind to displace the individual across a certain distance. Rather than act as teleportation, it works much more effectively as a feint. By using a hand seal or simple movements, the user may call upon a thin but tall tornado around themselves. The tornado surrounds them into a column of air, which propels them from the bottom and causes them to stay in the air for a temporary period of time after the spell dissipates, which is soon after the tornado lifts the user upwards. Due to this, many fail to notice that the individual has gone upwards and believe they have teleported elsewhere. This is a good distraction in leading up to more powerful attacks, and it can also be used as a means of escape given that the user has other magic to assist this endeavor.

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