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Legion Soul
Legion Soul



Region Sōru


Caster Magic
Take Over


Tyson Mystro, Gundahar Phrixus Xenophon

 Legion Soul(レギオン・ソウル Region Sōru) Is a style of Take Over that allows the user to transform into certain being's that can absorb or copy non-sentient beings and added them to their bodies as a construct of energy before summoning them to have their own personal army, thus earning the magic's name Legion.


Like most Take Over's, the user is able to touch and absorb or copy whatever entity that the user finds in the wilds, but the only beasts they could use are ones with special abilities. Each spell is a powerful beast that can draw on the power of the unintellegent and draw them into their bodies. Next, the user summons up a solid Eternano circle that reveals itself on it's back, showing a sort of spin dial of sorts that allows the user to select the images and summon up multiple Eternano constructs of the beasts that allows them to use all of their abilities and strengths under the control of the user. It is not yet clear how many forms one single spell could have, but it is varied depending on how many the user absorbs into their body, resulting in an entire army ready and waiting for the user to summon them.

However, like with many magic's, there are certain risks when one uses this style of Take Over in their fights at any moment. The first is that each absorbtion takes quite a lot of magic to achieve, the bigger the creature is, the more energy is needed to finish the transition. The second effect of this magic is when the creature is used, the original strength is cut down by half, meaning that the full force of the beast cannot be used at their fullest, and if it certain giant creatures, their physical bodies are cut down to size as well.  The final risk to this magic is that if the user summon's up multiple beasts, their feral instincts will start to merge slowly with the user, and with each one, they run the risk of having themselves being taken over by the beast and having themselves be destroyed forever. 


  • Legion Soul: Mandala(レギオン・ソウル・曼荼羅 Region Sōru Mandara): Is a very powerful and ancient spell thought to have been lost during the dragon civil war. This spell was especially powerful due to the fact that it could control all absorb and manipulate all form of reptile speciies, espeically those of small foot soldier dragon's more feral than intellegent, resulting in this form being used by many to try and kill the dragon's with their own allies.


  • The term legion is referenced to the term, "My name is Legion, for we are many" from the christian bible
  • Several reference's were used for this, mainly from the Ben 10 series
  • The Image used for this was the ending of DmC: Devil May Cry - Vergil Downfall
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