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"We stand at the precipice of utter dominion over the world. Ishgar will merely be the first step towards a much greater goal: the unification of the entire world! We will finish what Othrys started, and succeed where they have failed!"
— Jupiter addressing his Legion before they begin their war.

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Legion Under the Black Sun

Jupiter Saturnalia

Located In

Roaming Ishgar


To Unite the World Under One Banner

The Legion Under the Black Sun is an army of six thousand dolls created by Jupiter Saturnalia, and the sculptor Proserpina. They are considered the spiritual successors to the Bellona Alliance. Currently the Legion has fused itself with the Othrys military, with Jupiter becoming its new king.


The legion is set up similarly to a Roman Legion.  There are 6000 troops, dubbed legionnaires, split into groups of 600.  Each 600 man group is called a cohort, and is led by a commander, usually a being of incredible power.  There are ten cohorts total. All cohorts are ranked based on their overall strength.  The leader of the strongest cohort gets the title of Primus Pilus, and has the rank of general instead of commander.


The Legion is incredibly powerful.  All of them are creations brought to life using Personification Magic and the magical containers of other mages.  They're so strong that they can fight toe to toe with the continent of Ishgar's standing army. The commanders have the power of Mages the likes of the original Largo Doomkaiser, Surtr, and Saul Peregrine, and if destroyed, the bodies can still be recovered and brought back to life by Typhos' Personification Magic. The individual legionnaires are also rather powerful for foot soldiers. Standard attacks are ineffective, and require either more powerful physical or magical force to deal damage. Each legionnaire is also capable of advanced hand to hand combat, and has access to minimal magic usage. They are also very physically powerful.

Another advantage of the Legion is their immense bond of camaraderie, and their incredible teamwork. Despite the knowledge that they can be repaired by Jupiter, the commanders are very protective of one another. Jupiter himself is also very protective of his subordinates, and will relentlessly attack whoever hurts them. His power is said to be equal to that of his father. The commanders are known for their immense adaptability in combat. Each was able to match, and even exceed their progenitor's powers, and overcome their weaknesses. Most notably. Ragna learned to use low-level nuclear fusion in case he was deprived of oxygen for his fire. Their bodies, despite being made from earth, cannot be manipulated by outside sources, and are much denser than normal due to Proserpina Saturnalia's Enchantment.


Name Rank Cohort Status
Jupiter SaturnaliaCommander in ChiefWhole LegionActive
JacoGeneral1st CohortActive
AlexiusCommander2nd CohortActive
VelocityCommander3rd CohortActive
LargoCommander4th CohortActive
RagnaCommander5th CohortActive
ReaperCommander6th CohortActive
HavenCommander7th CohortActive
ManosCommander8th CohortActive
AdzeCommander9th CohortActive
LibrumCommander10th CohortActive
VegaBody GuardNoneActive
NoahBody GuardNoneActive
AltarBody GuardNoneActive


Out of the ten commanders, the top five each have a transformation ability (Jaco, Velocity, Largo, and Ragna can use Ascension, and Alexius has Dragon Force and Dragonification).

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