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"There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable."
— Mark Twain
Les Atouts Maudits shadow
Les Atouts Maudits

厄隷封 (レス アトー モーヂ)


Resu Atō Mōdji

Professional Status

Faux Babylon SymbolFaux Babylon

Base of Operations

Withered Eden



Professional Status

Flynn Egozu


Sūmi Masēn, Wilma Vermillion, Hansel, Albert Spaggiari, Helena Lamford, Malik al Thahab

Les Atouts Maudits (厄隷封 (レス アトー モーヂ), Resu Atō Mōdji, Japanese for "Servants of Sealed Evil", French for "The Accursed Trump Cards") is the strongest team of the Dark Guild Faux Babylon, consisting of seven individuals who underwent the Ritual of Ecstasy to obtain Lost Magic.


When the respective members received their Magic after discovering Withered Eden, the seven were cursed to be confined to it and forced to serve the demoness Maricia. Thus, they have been in her service and done her bidding for seven years.


Les Atouts Maudits is the undisputed strongest team of Faux Babylon, with every Mage considered to be S-Class Level being a part of it. Many presume this is because of the Lost Magic they were granted seven years ago, but they are for the most part only contributing factors, since a considerable number of the members were dangerous even prior to receiving them.

Because they can only leave when Maricia wills them to, they have all slipped into various states of derangement. As a result, the majority of them are quite unstable and pose a significant danger to anyone in their way when their mistress releases them to do her bidding.


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