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Letty is a fire-make and fire magic user and therefore has many spells she uses. She also uses her baton in some spells as well as in combat.



  • Fire Make: Phoenix Letty creates a phoenix made out of fire and the phoenix chases down the opponent. 
  • Fire Make: Horse Letty creates a horse made out of fire and it is sent into combat as a shield. She is also able to ride on it for transportation.
  • Fire Make: Music Note Letty creates a music note made out of fire. This is only just for admiration and entertainment.
  • Fire Make: Hammer Letty creates a big hammer made out of fire.
  • Fire Make: Shield A more useful shield than Fire Make: horse. It's more effective and lasts longer. It is capable of taking great damage.
  • Fire Make: Flower A huge gigantic flower is made from Letty's hands and can take up a lot of space. It sits there silently in the field. It can only disappear when Letty commands it to or water is splashed on it. (Like a huge amount)
  • Fire Breath: A basic standard Fire magic spell. Letty exhales out a long ranged or short ranged line of fire at a target.

Advanced Spells

  • Fire Make: Dragon A dragon is made from fire and destroys everything in it's path by breathing out fire.
  • Rainbow Fire Make: Musical Note Letty uses a different type of fire called Rainbow Fire to shape and create a music note out of different colors of rainbows. Again, she only uses this for entertainment and it takes a lot more magic out of her than a regular Fire Make spell.
  • Fire Make: Composed Music Thousands of fire music notes hit the target engulfing them in a column of music flames.


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