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Liam Declan
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Name Liam Declan
Race Human
Birthday September 18th
Age 23
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Eyes Blue
Hair White
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Occupation Mage
Base of Operations None
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Father(Deceased)


Marital Status Single
Magic Arms Master
Liam Declan is an independent mage and former member of the Fiore Military. He is known for his skill with various weapon types and his signature magic, Arms Master.


Liam is a tall, well built man with white hair and blue eyes. His clothing varies, however he is usually wearing a combination of black and red. One constant piece of attire, and something he is know for, is his large red coat.


Liam is know for being a calm, collected individual. He is generally a kind and caring person, and has difficulty denying people help when they need it; even if they can't afford his services. He often suffers from shortages of money because of this. He also has a tendency to be condescending to people he believes weaker than himself, which usually causes problems with prideful individuals he meets.

He has a love of battle, especially fellow weapon users, and tends to challenge anyone he believes can give him a good fight. However, he often challenges people that are above him in strength and ends up losing the majority of his battles. Even though he loses most of his fights, he still enjoys them and often says, "So what if I lost? As long as they give me a good fight, I could care less if I win or loose."




Nora: This is Liam's favorite weapon, and the one he primarily uses in combat. While there is seemingly nothing unique about the blade, it holds sentimental value with him as it was the final weapon his father made before his passing. His father claimed this was his finest work, despite its lack of special abilities. The blade's gets its name from Liam's late mother, Nora.

Magic and Abilities

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