Additional Information
Primary Ability

Stopped Aging Regeneration


Located In Earthland
 Lichs (リッチ, Ritchi ) are form of Undead that were originally created by Sidare Umbra during time when he was Guild Master of Dark Guild Daemon Blade.

Appereance & Description

There are serval different Lichs, all a way from Skeletal ones to ones that still look like humans. Their appearence depends on the shape of their body when they were turned to Lichs.

Lichs are created by replacing persons/beasts heart with Lachriyama where Soul is stored. After this, Lich's body stops aging and decaying, and they archive so called "eternal youth". If Lachriyama is damaged, it drains Lich's Magical Energy to repair itself, because its destruction would mean death of Lich.

Known Lichs

Sidare Umbra

2nd Guild Master and "The First Lich", Sidare created Lichs in order to archive immortality.

Crux Paragas

"Bone Dragon Slayer" of Ebon Wing, was turned to Lich 100 Years ago by Sidare so he can work as his bodyguard.


Orginally Bone Dragon Ossarex that taught Bone Dragon Slayer Magic to Crux, who got turned to Dracolich after his death in hands of his student.

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