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Light God Slayer Magic



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Light God Slayer Magic (光の滅神魔法 Hikari no Metsujin Mahō) is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic and more notably a God Slayer Magic that utilises the elements of Light Magic to give users of the magic the extreme capability and power to be able to slay gods, magical deities that are known to surpass even the mighty Dragons in terms of power and are labelled as the most powerful creatures on Earth Land. Users of Light God Slayer Magic are known to be much more advanced and powerful than the likes of Light Dragon Slayer Magic and Light Devil Slayer Magic users due to how powerful they would need to be to be able to slay a God, but this however doesn't mean that one would actually need a God Slayer Magic to do so, though having this magic in your arsenal gives you much more of a right and advantage to do so. Just like other Elemental Slayer Magics, users of Light God Slayer Magic are capable of generating, manipulating, and consuming their chosen element which in this case is Light, a natural agent that helps stimulate sight which allows people to see, but in this case using the element of Light to deliver devastating attacks that can cause serious harm.

Like all God Slayer Magics, Light God Slayer Magic's colour when casted comes as a mixture of both black and yellow, and users of Light God Slayer Magic are capable of manipulating Light in all ways possible to take down their foes. The properties of Light God Slayer is very similar to White God Slayer or any other White Slayer Magics in history due to both magics having the ability to consuming white/light, but the difference with Light God Slayer, is that anything with light is involved with the magic and also has the ability to cast healing magics similar to a Sky Dragon Slayer. Of all God Slayer Magics, Light God Slayer Magic is probably one of the more neutral magics in the whole Lost Magic branch, compared to Fire God Slayers who are more of the offensive side and some weaker God Slayer Magics with more defensive capabilities, making Light God Slayer perfect for anyone who can both be offensive and defensive thanks to the many abilities. With Light being the known opposite to the element of Darkness, just as how Darkness Magic is generated and powered by the negative emotions of the caster, Light God Slayers may become more powerful by generating their positive energy into their magic, likewise making them more powerful, which makes sense to why most Light God Slayers are pretty cheery and positive most of the time.


Being a God Slayer Magic, Light God Slayer Magic is indeed very powerful with many considering the magic to be more powerful than it's counterparts of Dragon and Demon Slayer Magics, giving a good reputation for one to start with and making it hard for users to retain their name, as they have been trained to battle and kill the most dangerous and powerful beings known on Earth Land. As said before, Light God Slayer is the mix between a sort of yellow and black combined in the magic casted, making spells in Light God Slayer Magic to sort of resemble those in Lightning God Slayer Magic, due to both elements sharing the same colour of yellow. But if one may look hard enough, they may realise that compared to Lightning God Slayer Magic, Light God Slayer Magic does not have any excess sparks of flaming hot electricity and lightning coming off from the blast, and the yellow used in Lightning God Slayer magic is more bold and darker than the yellow within Light God Slayer Magic, which has no excess energy to create a unique look which makes the attacks of Light God Slayer Magic look clean and smooth. Even though it is a mix of black and yellow, Light God Slayer can also become brighter and brighter to keep up with the user's skill and talent with the magic, with the more talented the user is the more brighter it becomes, which can prove to be an advantage as the brighter an attack is, the more chance that it will blind the enemy. This brightness doesn't interfere with the black of the magic at all and can still be seen, though would be just a little harder to as the light can temporarily blind enemies who look towards it. It also should be noted that the light can be changed depending on how much energy is put into the attacks, with master users of Light God Slayer reaching an an unbelievable level that it could also mimic the same brightness level as the sun itself, just showing how powerful Light God Slayer can really be if used by powerful magicians. Just like it's Dragon Slayer Magic counterpart, Light God Slayer Magic can be learned through two different ways, which again just like itms counterpart can have different effects that are unique to the two ways that Light God Slayer Magic can be taught through, making these kinds of generations powerful in their own way, and not making every single Light God Slayer the same. The first way is for the mage to learn the God Slaying magic from an actual God themselves, teaching them their knowledge so that they may be able to match or even surpass their kin with their own magic, with many gods of this Light Magic able to teach. These kinds of God Slayers are known as the First Generation God Slayers who can learn skills such as a Dual Elemental God Slayer Magics which are considered to be the most powerful kinds of God Slayer Magics in the known world. These kinds of God Slayers are more powerful in their own way, and if there was a side effect it is unknown if God Slayers can turn into Gods, which is highly unlikely but this thought may have come from the fact that users of Dragon Slayer Magic also slowly become Dragons themselves, and the fact that users Devil Slayer Magic slowly become insane, to the point where they become just as psychopathic and sadistic as the demons they were meant to slay. The next kind of God Slayer is the Second Generation God Slayers who receive their powers through the use of reading an ancient grimoire that has the magic art infused into their pages or through the use of a lacrima, which is the more dangerous one due to that if the lacrima was to be taken out of the mage's body, they would surely die making the use of the grimoire favoured more by God Slayers. It is unknown if there art Third Generation God Slayers that exist, but if they did, it would be sure that they would be God Slayers who had originally been taught by a God then having a lacrima implanted into them to boost their strength and power as a God Slayer.

Light God Slayer Magic users have the ability to consume things that are light or white such as attacks involving Light Magic, the light around them provided by the sun or other light sources, and energy that is supplied by their positive emotions, just like how Darkness Slayer Magic users gain their power from Darkness that is generated by their negative emotions. By consuming the light from the outside world, the Light God Slayer simply sucks in the light from around him, only collecting the energy from the light and not the actual light itself as this would just cause some sort of darkness in it's place, but when collecting energy from their positive emotions it really doesn't appear that the God Slayer may be doing anything at all from the outside, but in the inside they are internally transferring the energy from within and converting it into power. Like all Light Slayers, Light God Slayer magic users are invulnerable to the effects of other Light Magic attacks as well as other magics that involve white, making any Light based magic useless on him except for things such as healing spells. When getting hit by the mentioned magi, all this does is basically give the user more energy as well as rejuvenate the body to the point where it can also automatically heal wounds, but not pretty serious wounds but like things such as cuts, bruises, stab wounds and much more. To be able to fight a god, these God Slayers must be able to change their body into gods themselves, which may explain the extreme strength and power that many God Slayers are known for, even if they may not look the type for such an incredible ability. Light God Slayers are actually able to consume their own element such as eating their own light to gain back lost magic and stamina, replenishing their supply and becoming fit again for a fight just as they were when they released the element as a spell. For all users of Light God Slayer Magic, they inherit the ability of immunity from from bright lights which allows them to be invulnerable to the effects of such as flash bangs and extremely bright lights which is pretty useful against other Light Magic users who rely on bright lights to blind their opponents, but the more skilled that a user becomes with Light God Slayer Magic, the more they will be able to see with masters of the magic having the capability to even look up at the sun without a problem, and see what the giant star really is without getting blind. This ability can be switched on and off at anytime they want and will not really have any sort of outside appearance for others to know when the user is actually utilising the eye ability. Also as another ability, Light God Slayer Magic master users gain incredible speed where they can utilise their magic to increase their body movement to match the speed of light (299 792 458 m/s), which to many wizards is quite the amazing feat to accomplish due to how much advanced this ability is, and only few ever being able to get it. Masters of the ability are able to manipulate their body to survive the speed that it travels to and sort of become light themselves, as this ability also grants the user to allow physical and magical hits to pass through without a problem, however users cannot hold this ability up for more than five seconds due to the amount of pressure that their body is going through. Some spells of Light God Slayer Magic have made the particular God Slaying magic labelled as extremely dangerous due to it's threatening ability to manipulate light straight from the sun, where a forbidden Secret Art attack has caused great destruction to obliterating an entire town into a crisp, which has labelled the magic forbidden in the past, but now the magic is kept legal provided that the users of Light God Slayer Magic are trustworthy.


Basic Spells

  • Light God Bellow (ライト・ゴロ・ベロー Raito goro berō) The most basic and notable God Slayer Magic spell, the Light God Bellow involves the user concentrating their energy into their jaw where they will be able to violently release a powerful blast made up of Light magic energy from their Light God Slayer Magic, which grows more and more powerful the more the user becomes skilled at their magic art. Known for it's destructive capabilities, the Light God Bellow attack though one of the first spels that a Light God Slayer is able to learn, it also can be one of their most powerful and effective attacks in their whole arsenal, which can be thanks to the fact that Light God Bellow is the more stronger versions of it's other counterparts. To begin the spell, the caster mage must breathe in heavily through the mouth where they will suck in their specific element as well as concentrating energy from within themselves to add to the power, making their spell much more effective with energy coming from the outside as well as the inside, though this may leave many Light God Slayers at a risk of accidently consuming another element which can get them sick if they are weak as well as making their spell too over powered where the strength of the spell surpasses the skill of the wizard, causing a malfunction in the spell where it can backfire and cause serious harm to the God Slayer. To many God Slayers, their Bellow is one of their most powerful spells, and most importantly their most fearsome besides their Secret Art spells, for the Light God Bellow is one of the fastest known God Slayer Bellows in the whole God Slayer branch besides other Light based God Slayer magics, as the speed of the Light God Slayer Bellow can reach around 7,200 km/h (2000 m/s).
  • Light God Crushing Fist (ライト・ゴッド・クラッシュ・フィスト Raito goddo kurasshu fisuto) An attack involving the hand of the caster mage, the Light God Slayer Magic user concentrates much of their Light God Slaying energy into their chosen fist/s, with the more fists the more power is needed to fuel them, allowing Light God Slayers to deliver powerful punches from both fists. When they begin the attack, users exert energy into their fist and arm which causes the powered areas of the body to begin glowing brightly with amazing light that radiates off the arm, showing that the attack is prepared and that it is up to the caster to begin delivering the attacks. One should not judge the Light God Crushing Fist however when it starts glowing, as the punch can deliver at least 2400 lbs of force, even going higher the more powerful the Light God Slayer is. Not just that, but the Light energy from the powering up stage of the process can also deliver great damage to the target, who will be shocked by the extreme amount of Light magic that had been exerted into the arm, and causing a ferocious blast of power into the target, which if human can be capable of breaking alot of bones if they are not careful. A sort of toned down version of Light God Bellow, it surely takes less ethernano to pull off but can reach the same results and abilities if used correctly, having the ability to act as a skeleton key to knock down nearly any door with ease, which many mages of Light God Slayer Magic tends to do with the ability. Light God Crushing Fist can radiate light so intensley that it could so of act as fire when according itself to the user's emotions, where more negative and wrathful emotions such as hate and anger can cause the Light God Crushing Fist to radiate off light that looks like yellow smoke rising off the person's body. Because of this mixture of both emotions into the mix, the Light God Slayer magic does not know what to do and causes this excess drift of power that releases the negative energy to supply this effect.
  • Light God Steel Sole (ライトゴッドスチールソール Raitogoddosuch) This attack is sort of similair to Light God Crushing Fist in terms of how it is activated and powered, but there is also a different effects to Light God Steel Sole that makes this magic attack useful in it's own way. By concentrating magic into his feet, Light God Slayer Magic users are able to force the magic to burst from underneath their feet, giving them the capability to sort of fly and rocket around the place thanks to the magic stored within them, mimicing the kind of effect that Fire Dragon Slayers have been seen doing by using their Fire Dragon Claw move to fly into the sky as a trail of fire follows behind them. Also, the damage that the Light God Steel Sole is able to dish out can reach 5000 lb of force when kicking their opponents, nearly twice the minimum amount of force that Light God Crushing Fist is able to deliver, making Light God Steel Sole one of the more powerful and stronger attacks that many Light God Slayers will be able to learn. But what is most interesting is that Light God Steel Sole can be used to increase the walking and running speed of the caster due to making their legs into the element of light, which will definitely increase the speed of the user greatly. The power of Light God Steel Sole can be seen through the damage that it can deal on anything that it touches, such as having been able to allow users to uproot trees in a single kick, cause severe rib damage and spinal damage which was caused by a powerful kick to the abdomen and also has the ability to smash through solid rocks and boulders with ease, matching the reputation that many God Slayer Magics have to keep up with. Again just like Light God Crushing Fist, the light emitted from the glwoing area can seem to drift off in the form of smoke when the users are implementing a lot of energy.
  • Light God Dance (ライト・ダンス・ダンス Raito dansu da) By getting close to the target, the user will simply bring their arms in a cross formation before swiping outward, which will trigger a series of events that can severely damage the opponent near the caster mage of Light God Slayer magic. Having a target within their mind, the God Slayer will proceed to manipulate the light around the victim to come down under them and eliminate their shadow, making it that light is now underneath them for the spell to continue and this light will proceed to continue following the target no matter where they go in the period of five seconds, which is how long it takes for this spell to get charged and fired up until blast off. Having everything in place, witht the target having their shadow blocked out and the light underneath them wherever they go, Light God Dance will proceed to cause a massive blast of concentrated Light magic to erupt from underneath them and shoot upwards, which can lift the target from their position with great force as they are lifted into the air as well as being heavily damaged due to getting caught up in the intense amount of light that totally consumes them in it's blinding light. One of the more powerful spells that any Light God Slayer Magic user can learn in their whole career as a Light God Slayer, it is without a doubt that the user would need to hav reached their Second Origin Activation in order to be able to cast this magic and still not get tired after, as this is one of the many God Elemental Dances tht takes up a large amount of power and deals a large amount of damage in response. Light God Dance is recommended to be only used as a finisher for basic and amateur users of Light God Slayer before moving up the ladder to advanced, as they would need to be able to be capable of controlling the direction of the Light beam's blast perfectly for if not done right and literally spread and accidently destroy the area around them.
  • Light God Healing Spell (ライト・ジー・ヒーリング・スペル Raito jī hīringu) Probably one of the most used spells by Light God Slayers and one of the most annoying ones for them to use, just like Sky God Slayers the Light God Slayers will immediately heal and restore wounds in the blink of an eye without a trace, making it seem as if the God Slayer was not harmed at all, and the fact that the effect is instant makes fighting these kinds of mages very tricky to defeat in combat, unless the other mage can find a way to be able to knock down the God Slayer in one hit which will totally disable them from combat and using the spell. This makes fighting Light God Slayers a pain in the ass to handle as they can use the spell to carry on fighting without a problem. The difference between Sky God Healing Spell and Light God Healing Spell is that Sky God Healing Spell can be able to heal other mages as seen by Sherria Blendy being able to heal Wendy and other mages, and also has the limitation of healing extreme wounds as seen by her inability to heal Lucy Heartfilia after her fight with Minerva Orland. To make up for the fact that Light God Healing Spell can only heal the caster themselves, Light God Healing Spell can heal much more serious wounds at the cost of more magic power, which will immediately heal and fix the body back up again to working order. And just like Sky God Slayer's Sky God Healing Spell, Light God Healing Spell will not be able to restore the user's fatigue and only their body wounds, showing that the spell is only useful for healing wounds all over their body to make sure that they are fit to fight once again. This spell is shown by the user's body begin radiating and glowing a bright light, which is all over their body before quickly fading to reveal all the damage that has been repaired by the magic.

Advanced Spells

  • LightGSPiercingShotImage
    Light God Piercing Hit (光神ピアスヒット Kōjin piasuhitto) An enhanced version of Light God Crushing Fist, Light God Piercing Hit causes the fist to take a more unnatural form of a thousand spikes sticking outward that can be used to savagely impale it's target. Light God Piercing Hit is more of the offensive attack due to how sharp the spikes can be, with more spikes appearing the more skilled the Light God Slayer is with their magic. The spikes produced by Light God Piercing Hit are so sharp that they and stab through rock and metal as if it was a hot knife cutting through butter, just showing how lethal it would be if the spikes from this attack were to stab someone a thousand times. Since there are spikes to deal the damage, the extreme force that Light God Crushing Fist is removed from the actual attack because of the ethernano that has sprouted from the powered fist to create these fearsome spikes, sacrificing one notable ability for another one. One good way to use Light God Piercing Hit is to use it to counter incoming fist attacks such as the fist attacks from the Slayer Magics as one can start off with Light God Crushing Fist before exerting more energy into their fist to use Light God Piercing Hit. For some God Slayers, the amount of spikes that Light God Piercing Hit brings up can weigh them down, with many describing it as lifting a ten kilogram weight on their hand/s which can greatly affect the performance of the God Slayer. Stronger mages, both magically and physically can easily wield the great power and responsibility that Light God Piercing Hit can do, as they will have to try and find some casual and non lethal way to handle the extremely dangerous and sharp spikes of Light God Piercing Hit. Those who are not comfortable with using thier God Slayer magic should not wield Light God Piercing Hit so lightly and must be very confident in their ability to be able to summon and use the magic appropriately.
  • Light God Blinding Blast (ライト・ゴッド・ブラインド・ブラスト Raito goddo buraindo burasuto) A defensive and offnesive spell in the Light God Slayer's arsenal, Light God Blinding Blast has the user creating this huge flash of the light that will temporarily blind enemies looking at them for at least a minumum of five minutes, with the time rising the more skilled the God Slayer is with their magic. By pointing their hands in a sort of triagle shape, an orb of yellow and black will begin forming between their palms, expanding larger and larger in size the more energy that the God Slayer puts into their spell. There is a limit to how big the orb can get but even the smallest orb produced can give the biggest blast, as the mass amounts of energy are just packed into these small bals of energy. When the user is satisfied with the size of the orb created all the God Slayer would need to do is to slam their palms together, which will finally realease the magic within the orb with a strong force that the light will explode violently inside his palms, which creates a shockwave that can push their foes back as the light blinds them. The light is intense, but not intense enough to damage people like Light God Dance, but just enough to cause serious blindness to those who keep their eyes open during the attack. Like always, the talent of the mage can really change how the spell is effective to those around it, with higher skilled mages able to actually blind people for around half and hour to maybe a whole hour if they are powerful enough, for the power of the orb becomes bigger and bigger the more capable the mage is who is casting it. Some mages have shown their power through this spell, with some having been able to take down buildings from within with just the force of the shockwave produced from the orb.
  • Light God Chain (ライト・ゴッド・チェーン Raito goddo chē) Basically what this spell is, is the God Slayer creating a chain made out of the eenrgy particles from Light God Slayer Magic, which makes the chain black and yellow as well as the violent effect of severely burning whoever the chain is whipped onto. By intensifying the light in the chains, the user can reach tempreatures that are normally around 500 degress Celsius (932 degrees fahrenheit), which will leave terrifying and morbid burn marks on the victim if they were ever latched onto by the chain. They more energy that is exerted into the spell, the longer the chain will become giving it much more uses during combat, with one of these obvious uses is very long ranged attacks. Light God Chain can be used for a variety of purposes, such as latching onto things such as retreating cowards who decide to leave a fight or to go around swinging on things such as tree branches and flag poles, provided that the user of Light God Chain lowers the tempreature of the spell so that it doesn't accidently burn and set alight anything near it. When moving the chain around, skilled users of Light God Slayer Magic may find that all it takes is moving the juscles within their arm is all that is needed to control the way that the chain attacks, giving off a sort of false illusion that the chain may have a mind of it's own and will move anywhere that it sees fit, but instead in reality it is just the God Slayer secretly moving the chain around with their arm muscles to give off this kind of amazing effect. Since the God Slayers are immune to their own spells, beggining users of Light God Chain will find that it might also be easier for them to actually handle the chain itself, swinging the magic construction around like a whip to burn anything and everything in itms path, giving them more control but not really giving them a sense of mastering the art until they can do so with their muscles.
  • Light God Palm (光神パーム Kōjin pāmu) Another spell that is associated with Light God Crushing Fist, this attack involves exerting all the power from that attack right into the palm side of the hand, making their palm extremely powered up with so much force that it could smash through rock with ease. Since in Light God Crushing Fist, the power had been evenly distributed around the arm to give it that powerful punch, since all the power is within the user's palm now, just the slap can create 5200 lbs of force, higher than both Light God Crushing fist and Light God Steel Sole. However this much power is harder to control, as it is very hard to slap someone during combat without having to concentrate on everything around them, giving this attack it's major con. But many do not actually use Light God Palm to attack but more of a defensive kind of method to dealing with incoming hand attacks from enemy mages, shown by Anak Diyos who used Light God Palm to block the path of an incoming fist attack, which upon collision violently forced the attacker back hundreds of metres with great strength, showing just how much energy is actually being used in the spell. This spell can be used to force back anything with extreme power, such a placing the palm onto a door, sending the door backwards at an amazing speed as well as breaking it with it splitting where the palm was placed, or even can be used with rocks and boulders as the spell when touching the rock willbreak it and send it flying a certain direction, as many pieces of rubble now turned into sharp pieces of rock shrapnel come shooting towards the target. If you didn't guess it by now, Light God Palm is basically an overpowered bitch slap that could break your knee with even the slightest touch.
  • Light God Natural Rejuvenation (軽い神の自然な若返り Karui kami no shizen'na wakagaeri) Is one of the more powerful spells that a Light God Slayer could ever learn whilst being taught their advanced spell, as this spell connects the user's power to the enviornment around them, giving full control of the light within the area to do several attacks that canno be stopped unless the user switches out of the mode themselves or they are knocked out. By firmly stationing themselves and planting their feet into the ground, the user begins to exert energy into the ground where their light magic power wil begin forming and spreading within the ground, whilst at the same time the Light God Slayer will be continuously absorbing light magic energy from the air as he continues to release his magic spells into the field. One of these spells involve the light energy underneath the ground to concentrate on one area before violenly exploding like a land mine, but this is where the user can see and can explode on command. The most destructive spell of the arsenal, there is no limit to how many explosions the Light God Slayer mage could so, doing a variety of patterns with the explosions to take out their enemies but at a price, due to the amount of energy that is needed to pull this off the user will immediately pass out from fatigue of loss of Ethernano power, making this their only option if they needed. Mages who however have a near endless amount of magic energy and power such as spirits can be able to use this spell as many times as they want and don't feel the consequence of immeidate fatigue from loss of magic power. The most powerful aspect of this spell however is the fact that the God Slayer can literally make the whole ground underneath them explode violently, taking out both the God Slayer and all those around him in a five hundred metre radius.
  • God Pulse (神パルス Kami parusu)

Secret Art

  • Black Apollo: Flaring Missile (ブラックアポロ:フレアミサイル Burakkuaporo: Fuream)
  • Black Apollo: King of Light (ブラックアポロ:光の王 Burakkuaporo: Hikari no ō)
  • Black Apollo: Guiding Light (ブラックアポロ:ガイディングライト Burakkuaporo: Gaidingu)


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