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Lightning-Make: Ophidian



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Lightning-Make: Ophidian (蛇, Hebi) is an Lightning-Make spell.


An extremely powerful Lightning Magic spell; when discharging multiple surges of lightning, the user takes control of the lightning, forcing it to converge together and manifest an enormous snake of lighting instantly; the snake towers over many structures; and due to its size, it is near impossible to avoid the Lightning Serpent when it attacks; making it incredibly dangerous. Because the lightning delivers a powerful blow whenever it comes into contact with the opponent, to prevent constant and unnecessary catastrophe, the serpent hardens its exterior and cools the magical particles at its surface, tempering the exterior of the large lightning construct. By doing this, the serpent can move freely and come into contact with an object without exploding into a massive lightning discharge. The immense size of the Lightning Serpent enables it to easily get in a position in which the opponent cannot escape the resulting dispersion of lighting such as by constricting the attacker.


Behind the Scenes

  • Perchan gave the author permission to use the magic, as well as provided the owner with the spell.
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