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Lightning-Make: Shield

雷光の造形魔法・雷盾 (ライトニング・メイク・シールド)


Raitoningu Meiku: Shīrudo

Parent Magic




Lightning-Make: Shield (雷光の造形魔法・雷盾 (ライトニング・メイク・シールド), Raitoningu Meiku: Shīrudo lit. Lightning Molding Magic: Lightning Shield) is a Lightning-Make spell that manifests, well, a shield of lightning to protect the user.


When performing Lightning-Make: Shield, the user condenses their magical energy into a solid, but rather unstable form, constantly exploding after a small amount of exertion—reducing the output of magical power from every particle, allowing the lightning to become stable and controlled through the guidance of the user. Using their expert manipulation of the elemental particles, the user distorts and forges the lightning into a shield composed of twin pillars connected by a wall of electricity; in the center of the wall, there is a golden seal that has the look of a thunderbolt with a scarlet sphere centered within it. In actuality, the shield is composed of multiple "layers", which serve to activate the spell's secret function. The moment that an offending attack impacts upon the first shield, it pierces through the other eight, before stopping at the last line of defense. There, the technique is forcibly modified into that of the lightning element and the attack's purpose is set in motion; the shields act like they were elastic and then rebound the foe's power back at them at twice the speed and force of the original attack, with an added kick of electricity. The barrier is strong enough to defend against even a Sword Magic spell. The shield can also be used for offensive purposes, launching forward to create powerful forces to strike the targets, or to deflect forces sent by enemies right back at them. However, the technique is difficult to use as it can only manipulate so many magical particles at a time and it required precise timing. Thus, this grants the user immunity to most attacks, and the user can defend other allies with Lightning-Make: Shield. Despite this, as a weakness, Lightning-Make: Shield dissipates fairly quickly when used.


  • Lightning-Make: Shield draws some inspiration from Rashield from Zatch Bell!, one of the author's favourite series.
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