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Lightning-Make Unlimited: Thunder Smasher

雷光の造形魔法・限りない・桜華槍衝太公釣魚勢 (ライトニング・メイク・アンリミテド・サンダー・スマッシャー)


Raitoningu Meiku Anrimiteddo: Sandā Sumasshā

Parent Magic




Lightning-Make Unlimited: Thunder Smasher (雷光の造形魔法・限りない・桜華槍衝太公釣魚勢 (ライトニング・メイク・アンリミテド・サンダー・スマッシャー), Raitoningu Meiku Anrimiteddo: Sandā Sumasshā lit. Lightning Molding Magic Eternal: Piercing Lance of Cherry Blossom Majesty, Archduke Angler Dominator) is a Lightning-Make spell, and one of the Molding Magic Unlimited spells, meaning that it is one of the strongest of its kind. When performing Lightning-Make Unlimited: Thunder Smasher, the user launches an enormous beam of lightning that pierces through anything.


When performing Lightning-Make Unlimited: Thunder Smasher, the user condenses their magical energy into a solid, but rather unstable form, constantly exploding after a small amount of exertion—reducing the output of magical power from every particle, allowing the lightning to become stable and controlled through the guidance of the user. Using their expert manipulation of the elemental particles, the user distorts and forges the lightning into their fist, compressing it before releasing their magical seal outwards, which serves as a particle accelerator for the about-to-be-released spell. The user, with a single hand motion, releases the spell in the form of three beams that are shot simultaneously from the same firing-point, creating the visual effect of a trident's blades. This beam of lightning travels rapidly across the area, passing through the opponents with long range and considerable knockback. A side-effect of being hit by this attack is, if the target survives, the lightning paralyzes them, preventing them from escaping the user's next attack. The spell goes through walls, and when used, and the spell can hit a maximum of six targets but the damage and knockback weaken for each target hit; thus if used on many opponents, it may not defeat the ones in the back, even if they are already worn down from battle. Interesting to note is that Lightning-Make Unlimited: Thunder Smasher shreds shields like they were made of swiss cheese, and at extreme distances it does slightly less damage. Spacing is very important when using Lightning-Make Unlimited: Thunder Smasher. If the opponents are too close together, they may collide with each other and prevent defeats from happening. It seems that the longer the intervals in not casting the spell, the stronger that Lightning-Make Unlimited: Thunder Smasher becomes—for instance, while utilizing it in quick succession is good to rush the opponent with and it will always do amazing amounts of damage; waiting around five minutes before casting it causes Lightning-Make Unlimited: Thunder Smasher to become a spell worthy of an "overkill finishing move". The lightning produced by this ultimate technique has a charge of 1,500,000,000 KW and a voltage of 100,000,000 V. It remains one of the strongest abilities in the user's entire arsenal and can potentially destroy thousands if used correctly.


  • This spell was inspired by Titano-Ktonon: Boufuu No Ransensou from Mahō Sensei Negima, one of the author's favourite series.
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