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Kaito LC
Lightning Clash



Kaminari no Shōtotsu

Parent Magic

Lightning Magic


Kaito Mizushima

Lightning Clash (雷の衝突, Kaminari no Shōtotsu) is a Lightning Magic spell used by Kaito Mizushima.


For this technique can be said that is a more advanced version of Little Lion. This spell requires precision and speed to be performed without any consequences, in the worst case Kaito may use one of his arms. Aside from precision and speed, Kaito has to be master of Lightning magic, as he is. The start of this spell revolves around Kaito's hands. He has to concentrate his lightning into his hands, so that he makes his hands coated in element of lightning. Then he makes a run toward his opponent, or he can just coat himself into lightning and fly at him. When almost reaching his opponent, Kaito pushes his hands to the opponent's chest. At the moment of the impact, his opponent gets hit by lightning and from opponent a huge pillar of lightning hits the sky. I it currently unknown how Kaito developed this technique. Aside from the great impact on an opponent's body that makes some of his parts unable to move, this spell also has a drawback. One of the drawbacks is that is if his hands touch even a little, the lightning shock will hit him instead of his opponent. Second drawback is that if Kaito puts too much lightning power into his hands, it will end with lightning explosion and his hands will go numb for 10 minutes.

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