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Lightning Dance

天嵐の舞人 (ライトニング・ダンス)


Raitoningu Dansu

Parent Magic

Lightning Magic
Circle Spells (Optional)

Lightning Dance (天嵐の舞人 (ライトニング・ダンス), Raitoningu Dansu; Literally meaning "Dancer of Heaven's Storm") is a powerful Lightning Magic spell that can be combined with Circle Spells should the user not be proficient enough in the parent magic for it to be successful.


Lightning Dance is an extremely powerful spell that involves the user releasing bolts of lightning at various points in a single area consecutively. The user must do this in a way that it enables natural progression from one point to another, normally dictated by the position of a Magic Circle, hence the possibility of using Circle Spells with this magic. Following the completion of this phase, the spell has the capability to either entrap the enemy in vast quantities of electricity or simultaneously rain down on an opponent in a relentless barrage of lightning currents that could lead to extreme injury and paralysis. Notably, the control one requires over this spell is immense, thus leaving only highly skillful practitioners of the spell capable of doing so within battle without assistance.

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