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Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic

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Kanami Caust
Kanami Caust Post-timeskip

Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic is Kanami's trademark magic that was taught to her by the Celestial Spirit: Deneb. It is a form of Spirit Slayer Magic that revolves around the element of electricity.


Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic is a form of Caster Magic, Lost Magic, Slayer Magic, and Spirit Slayer Magic that is used by the First Generation Spirit Slayer: Kanami Caust. Kanami obtained this magic when Deneb engulfed her body in his unique energies and allowed them to seep into her body. The energies seeped so deep that they reached her Magic Origin, allowing Deneb to turn her Magic Origin into a strange hybrid between a spirit's magic origin and an avian's magic origin. This alteration allowed Kanami's physiology to gain the abilities and attributes of a spirit.

Alongside these physiological mutations, Kanami's Magic Origin turned into a pendulum of sorts. Her actual Magic Origin being the weight and her thoughts becoming what moves it. This set up is often referred to as Pendulum of Souls. When her Magic Origin moves back and forth in her body it enhances the rate at which Kanami is able to draw in ethernano to such a degree that it far surpasses users of other forms of Slayer Magic. This subsequently means that Kanami has a lot more magic power at her disposal and she is able to release it in extremely large quantities. This difference between Spirit Slayer Magic and other Slayer Magics allows Kanami to use multiple high-level spells and power-ups at once. The only drawback being that this Pendulum of Souls isn't a subconscious ability, but a one that requires conscious effort and the act of empowering her magic power. This ability is known as Trance. Even so, an ability that allows her to manifest countless varying-levelled spells and power-ups all at once still proves to be a powerful force in a battle, especially the effect isn't limited to only Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic, and thus making very powerful spells like Abyss Break easier to use.

Thanks to her physiological mutations, Kanami has gained many unique traits. Her senses have been augmented to the point that she is able to smell blood on a shirt from miles away, ears and a sense of touch so acute that she can detect movements through something akin to clairvoyance or Electro-perception, eyes sharp enough to see clearly in the darkest of places and see small things clearly from miles away, and a highly acute sense of taste. While this is all standard for a Slayer Magic as a Spirit Slayer, Kanami's senses allow her to detect and interact with spirits and other beings who are undetectable to a lot of people. She is able to go so far as to establish a special connection between herself and the spiritual worlds, allowing her to summon and control spirits to do her bidding. Just like a spirit, Kanami has the ability to easily modify her transform her body. She is able to give herself spiritual lungs to enhance her vocal cords capable of spewing out her element, gain the composition of a spirit's body to turn her body into her element to make herself intangible or invisible, cloak her body in her element as a form of protection, fierce limbs that is shrouded in her element capable of inflicting an dealing incredible amounts of damage, and stomach of a lightning spirit to consume her element to rejuvenate and empower herself. Of course, as a Spirit Slayer her body has become absolutely immune to her element. Alongside these physical traits, she has others that are unique to the spirit who taught her. One of which is Kanami's ability to draw in ambient traces of her element to give herself the ability to use Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic continuously.

Her physiology combined with her Spirit Slayer element and advanced combative prowess as a Slayer, results in Kanami's physiology transforming her existence into a very dangerous living weapon that is unique to her alone. Even among the Spirit Slayer community she is considered to be very dangerous, proven by how easily she was able to defeat a fellow Spirit Slayer that uses Water Spirit Slayer Magic. This is probably because Spirit Slayer training isn't the only training she received. She received additional training from her adoptive father, a God Slayer, and adoptive mother, a dragon-hybrid. This gave her traits that a normal Spirit Slayer normally wouldn't have. For example, how she is cable to consume her own element like a God Slayer can and how much more potent her element is than the elements of other Spirit Slayers. She is a very dangerous opponent to fight from both close and long range. Of course, as a Slayer she is a lot more dangerous up close. Kanami has shown the ability to use all of this take down an army of foes by herself. She has even gained the respect of the Dark Cryomancer, who gave her the alias: The Electromancer.

Tumblr n9l93303Ui1qk5qxgo1 400
Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic is a deceiving name because lightning isn't its element, it is electricity as a whole and the many forms it can appear as. The only reason why it is called Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic in the first place is because lightning appears to be its specialty. As stated before Kanami's elements are a lot stronger than most Spirit Slayer's elements, especially lightning because of Kanami's additional training with a Water Dragon and a Flame God Slayer. The extra training allows it and her other elements to inflict great harm or even kill much more than spirits as long as the being has a spiritual nature to it. It is so strong that raijū lightning isn't limited to harming opponents on a physical level, but a spiritual level as well. Kanami was once able to overwhelm the light of her sister, light whose power is on par with Curses, which suggests that the power of raijū lightning is at least as strong as a powerful Curse if not a tad strong. This makes it nearly impossible to heal injuries inflicted by this lightning. Raijū lightning isn't limited to effecting the world around it only in the same way as normal lightning does. It can become explosive, hit foes with blunt force, absorb heat, absorb magic power, and much more. Her lightning and other electric elements are able to grow stronger when a storm is close by by feeding off its power. In addition, they can also grow stronger when Kanami's emotions become stronger just like Fire Dragon Slayer Magic's "Flames of Emotion." When the strength of her emotions reaches its peak it will transform into raijin lightning. Raijin lightning is the drastically stronger form of raijū lightning that is composed of positrons instead of electrons.

As a Spirit Slayer, Kanami has absolute dominance of raijū lightning and other electric-based substances she produces. She isn't limited to only her own electric elements, but those of others. Not only does she have absolute dominance, but controlling electricity is second nature to her. For example: she can turn on or off lights with her presence alone, use lightning to teleport by just wishing to be somewhere, give opponents a powerful electric shock just with her displeasure of them alone and without needing to use magic power, have a pillar of lightning erupt around her opponents without warning, or shape lightning into animate or inanimate constructs with a subconscious thought. The later feat has been given a special name: Spirit Forge. She is also able to release her respective element in any way she chooses. This is shown by her ability to shock opponents or release a powerful omnidirectional electromagnetic wave with a nonchalant swipe of her hand.

Subspecies Abilities

  • Electricity Manipulation:
    • Ambient Energy Manipulation: Ambient Energy Manipulation is a psychic ability that allows Kanami to convert sunlight, air flow, water flow, temperature change, etc. into electrical energy that can be controlled with her mind. The stronger or more severe the source the strong the electrical energy is. The electrical energy will also share some of the traits with its source. For example, if a Fire Devil Slayer changes the temperature the electrical energy will be filled with Magic Barrier Particles and might possibly be able to kill demons. Kanami can use the electrical energy in many ways, she can use the energy itself for combat in countless ways, even being able to mold it into animate and inanimate constructs. Kanami can also absorb the energy into her body to empower herself or absorb it into her body and convert the electrical energy into magic power to use for her spells to allow her to use the magic continuously.
  • Electrocommunication:
  • Exorcism: Exorcism is an ability akin to the spell Lightning Spirit's Absolution. Instead of focusing on the Magic Origin, Exorcism focuses on the connection between the body and soul. Kanami creates and electrical current in her body and when she touches the opponent she uses her mind's eye to look deep inside the opponent to find their soul. She focuses in on the soul and the connection it has with the body and lets the electrical current naturally flow out into the opponent and towards their soul. When it reaches the soul the electrical current temporarily separates the soul from the body through something similar to electrolysis to knock the opponent unconscious. How long they remain unconscious is determined by how much she was concentrating. Like its name suggests, the spell can be used for more than just knocking an opponent unconscious. It can expel any unwanted substances from toxins to other souls that are possessing the target. How instinctive the electrical current flows out allows Kanami to use this spell alongside any of her other spells. This means that any spell she uses could have the ability to eject souls from an opponent's body or separate their own soul from their body to knock them out if successful. Not knowing when a spell will have the ability is the most terrifying aspect of Exorcism.
  • Electrical Hijacking: Electrical Hijacking is an ability that allows Kanami to turn into bio-electricity that appears as a ghost-like apparition. This form allows her to enter and hijack the body and mind of anyone she chooses. Once she is in their body and has successfully hijacked their body she is free to control their mind and body in a similar manner as Possession Magic.
  • Raijū Mode: This basic ability allows Kanami to augment any physical ability she desires by charging her entire body or a single body part with electricity. Doing so also creates a strong magnetic field around her which she can use to defend herself. The magnetic field is very effective against most attacks, but it will crumble easy if it is hit with a single, focused, and powerful attack.
  • Spirit Force:
    Kanami's Spirit Force

    Kanami's Spirit Force


Basic Spells

  • Lightning Spirit's Bluster:
    Episode 6

    Lightning Spirit's Bluster

    Lightning Spirit's Bluster: Lightning Spirit's Bluster or Lightning Spirit's Harangue is Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic's signature breath attack. When the spell is being performed Kanami synchronizes the spiritual energies in her soul with her magic power to convert it into electric power that is used to energize and enhance her already powerful spiritual lungs. Now that they're enhance, she breathes in deeply to fill her spiritual lungs to the brim with air and ethernano. The moment the ethernano enters her lungs some of the electrical power is transferred to the ethernano to give it a powerful electric charge. The charge is used to magnetize the air in her lungs to the ethernano, allowing Kanami to compress both substances to their utmost limits. By doing so, she makes room to fill her lungs with other electrical phenomena like electromagnetic waves, electric energy, charged particles, bio-electricity, and many others like them. Among these electric phenomena that are in her lungs the most predominant one is raijū lightning. With a loud air the many electric substances and air is expelled from her mouth at high velocities and quantities. Due to the many things the blast is composed it possesses many traits. The air and the magnetic field of the charged ethernano in the blast give the electric substances the ability to slam into an opponent with an unbelievable amount of blunt force, electromagentic waves gives the blast the ability to overwhelm and blast through any attacks of defenses that use any form of electricity. This includes machinery and technology. The charged particles give anything it touches, assuming it is still intact, an electric charge, even the surrounding air. This means for the next minute anything that blast touches can give the opponent an electric shock. The electric shock may not be that powerful, but it can still hurt and do some level of damage. It is almost impossible to avoid the side-effect of this blast because of how the air itself will have an electric charge and as a result the damage can accumulate and become a big problem very quickly if some way to get rid of the electricity in area isn't discovered. Furthermore, her lungs will remain charged with electricity for a while longer, giving her the ability to electrify the air even more with every word that she speaks. This is known as the Voice of Raijū. The raijū lightning and the other electric elements become the prime source of the blasts power. The blast is able to inflict severe electrical burns onto anyone who touches, give the opponent an electric shock powerful enough paralysis and inflict permanent damage, and leave behind a wake of destruction. As if its landscape destroying-level of power wasn't enough the blast is able to draw in ambient traces of electricity, much like Kanami's body, to increase its power even further.
    • Raijū Voice: Death Call: Raijū Voice: Death Call is a spell derived from Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic's signature breath attack that uses Kanami's electrically charged lungs. When using the spell Kanami lets out a ghostly wail whose sound waves have been given an electric charge by her electrically charged lungs. When the sound waves enter the opponent's ears, Kanami can use the electric charge to overload the target's brain and thereby frying it. The side-effects of which can range anywhere from paralysis and a migraine to death if enough magic power is used. There are ways for an opponent to protect themselves from such a deadly spell. It won't work on opponents who cannot hear the sound or are immune to sound waves that can inflict harm nor does it work on mages who are immune to lightning, Magical Auras are often enough to prevent the sound from reaching the hears of the opponent, and it is easy for magics like Nullification Magic to nullify the sound waves. These weaknesses make the spell easy for most mages to defend against if they know what they are doing and more likely than not an opponent will figure out this spell's weakness after the first use. This makes the spell more suited for a surprise attacks and assassinations rather than a spell that can be used for a direct confrontation.
    • Raijū Voice: Thunder Cry: When using the spell Kanami takes a deep breath and converts the electric charge into raijū lightning. She uses her magic power to rapidly increase the temperature pressure of the raijū lightning while letting out a loud sound that sounds like thunder before converting the raijū lightning back to an electrical charge. The sound that is emitted can range from only loud enough to be a nuisance, to causing serious damage to the opponent's ears, to launching the opponent back with the sound waves alone, to being able to possibly shattering ice or glass from a Slayer Magic.
  • Lightning Spirit's Railgun: Lightning Spirit's Railgun is Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic's version of a Dragon Slayer's Iron Fist spell and a God Slayer's Righteous Fist. Its official name is Lightning Spirit's Celestial Fist, but due to its power being equivalent to a powerful railgun, Lightning Spirit's Railgun has become its preferred name.
  • Lightning Spirit's Electro Talon:
  • Lightning Spirit's Thunderous Beak:
    Lightning Spirit's Thunderous Beak

    Lightning Spirit's Thunderous Beak

    Lightning Spirit's Thunderous Beak is one of the few Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic spells that use the power of thunder and it just so happens to be Kanami's signature spell. To use the spell infuses both of her hands with magic power and synchronizes the magic power with spiritual energies in her soul to transform the magic power into raijū lightning. She then slams her palms against her opponent and suddenly increases the pressure and temperature of the lightning. This allows her to fire the sound waves present in storms known as thunder from her hands. The use of raijū lightning instead of normal lightning makes the sound waves a lot more powerful than usual additionally Kanami can control the sounds even though it isn't electricity because of its very close connection with lightning.
    Inferior Thunderous Beak

    An inferior version of Lightning Spirit's Thunderous Beak being used with one hand

    These two things allow Kanami to focus the powerful sounds to the small area her palms are touching. The power of the thunder and concentrating the sound wave to a small area allows the sound waves to blast through some of the highest grade armors to hit the opponent head on. The power of the sound waves upon impact with the opponent can range from strong enough to send the foe uncontrollably hurtling across large expanses of land to being able blast a hole into the body of the opponent even those with supernatural durability. A hole that looks like their body was just skewered by a giant bird. Even though the spell is typically used with two hands it can be used with one hand. However, it is slightly weaker than the traditional method of using Lightning Spirit's Thunderous Beak.
  • Lightning Spirit's Oblivion Wing:
  • Lightning Spirit's Feather Dance: Kanami manifests her avian dove wings, which extend out from her shoulder blades. Her feathers stand up on end when Kanami charges them with electricity. With a use of a mental command the electricity is turned into a special radio wave and released from her wings. The unique characteristics of the radio wave causes the ethernano in the area accumulate to the tips of each feather. They gather to form multiple bright spheres akin to a Magic Ball to line her the edges of her wings with luminous spheres of ethernano. From here, Kanami forms a magical connection with the spheres for a brief moment to allow the spiritual energies in her soul to affect the ethernano, turning all of them into balls of lightning. By beating her wings, Kanami is able to fire the Ball Lightnings. They don't go straight toward the opponent, but circle around the opponent as if they had a mind of their own. This goes on for only two seconds at which point all of the Ball Lightnings will diverge onto the opponent. The Ball Lightnings have the ability to phase through anything that may get in their way, which makes it impossible to defend against. When they do hit the opponent they explode violently sometimes the explosions are strong enough to have fatal consequences even for high caliber mages. The explosions can also be strong to destroy the area and leave behind only the odor of sulfur and gigantic crater.
  • Lightning Spirit's Starlight Clash:
  • Lightning Spirit's Electric Wraith: Lightning Spirit's Electric Wraith is a very simple yet lethal spell that Kanami can use to incapacitate or even kill her targets within seconds. To use the spell Kanami channels her magic power to one of her body parts before having said body part touch the target. Upon physical contact, the magic power is used to siphon the target's bio-electricity from their body and into Kanami's. To the opponent this will feel like their life-force is being absorbed, hence the name of the spell. This is for very good reason. Since bio-electricity powers all of the vital organs and body it being absorbed will cause the body and vital organs to slow down and work incorrectly. They will continue to slow down until eventually they stop working all together resulting in the target's death. This can usually take between 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Lightning Spirit's Absolution: Lightning Spirit's Absolution is a Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic spell that was created for the soul purpose of combating other mages with Dual-Elemental Modes and Take Over and Spirit Summoning mages. The spell allows her to synchronize her magic power with the spiritual energies in her soul to transform her magic power into an electrical current. When it is created Kanami must make physical contact with the opponent and use her mind's eye to look deep inside them and find their Magic Origin. Once found she passes the electrical current through their Magic Origin in a similar fashion as electrolysis. When it passes through the electrical current separates the two elements to temporarily limit the Dual-Elemental Mage to using their main element and not the dual-element and secondary element. It can also be used to dispel Take Over by separating the secondary soul from the Take Over Mage's soul to return them to their original state for a certain period of time. On a Celestial Mage or another mage who summons spirits the electrical current can be used to temporarily sever to prevent the mage from summoning a spirit for a certain period of time.

Intermediate Spells

  • Lightning Spirit's Altair:
    Kanami's magic power

    Lightning Spirit's Altair

    Lightning Spirit's Altair is one of Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic's two Constellation Spells (星座呪, Seizaju), spells that represent the constellation that Deneb represents.
  • Lightning Spirit's Vega:
    Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 6.52.17 PM

    Lightning Spirit's Vega

    Lightning Spirit's Vega: Kanami brings her hands close together in front of her and synchronizes a portion of her magic power with the spiritual energies that reside in her soul. This allows her to turn the magic power into ion air currents and microwaves. The latter she can use because it is a form of electromagnetic radiation. These two elements are released from the palm of her hands and compressed together to form a very compact sphere between her hands. Afterward, she jumps to the sky to get a better angle and throws the sphere at the ground. On impact the sphere explodes to release fast-moving ion air currents capable of easily knocking down large buildings and microwaves that can melt nearly anything in its path. While the explosion isn't nearly as bright as the brightness of Lightning Spirit's Altair it still is bright temporarily enough to blind some nearby opponents and help ward off low-level darkness spells.

Advanced Spells

  • Lightning Spirit's Summer Triangle:
  • Thunder Beast's False Decree: Great Heaven Decapitating Thunderstorm:
    Lightning's Decree Great Sky Decapitating Thunderstorm

    Thunder Beast's False Decree: Great Heaven Decapitating Thunderstorm

    Thunder Beast's False Decree: Great Heaven Decapitating Thunderstorm is another spell that Kanami created by mimicking her father's Flame God Slayer Magic spell and it is a pseudo-Secert Art. Kanami emits a concentrated aura of Raijū Lightning that completely cloaks her entire body. She then jumps high into the air making it seem as if the ground is striking the sky with a lightning bolt. Once Kanami is high in the air she dramatically increases the voltage of the Raijū Lightning so that it is slightly over two billion volts. Kanami then turns upside down while still in the air then uses her aura of Raijū Lightning as a "jet pack" to propel herself toward the ground with unimaginable speed. When she is close enough to the ground she quickly punches the ground, causing a large quantity of Raijū Lightning to flow through the ground and spread outward as the rest of Raijū Lightning aura is released. The release of the Raijū Lightning aura causes a very large and powerful discharge of Raijū Lightning to emit outward from Kanami's body.

Spirit Slayer Secret Arts

  • Thunder Beast's Decree: Great Storm of the Astral Plane:
    Tumblr o2q5e14TRL1qehrvso4 540

    The Thunder Beast's Decree: Great Storm of the Astral Plane spell forming around Kanami's opponents

    Thunder Beast's Decree: Great Storm of the Astral Plane is a genuine Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic in the sense that Kanami learned it from Deneb himself and didn't mimic one of her father's spells like the pseudo-Secert Art Thunder Beast's False Decree: Great Heaven Decapitating Thunderstorm. This spell is often compared to Genesis Zero because this Secret Art allows Kanami to summon thousands of souls in a similar way as summons thousands of black phantoms. The souls Kanami summons swirl around the foe to form a giant tornado of souls. The souls mercilessly electrocute the body and soul of the target until nothing remains, not even the soul. It is for this reason that many believe the spell is able to electrocute the foe out of existence. When using the spell Kanami begins by flaring her magic power outward to create a Magical Aura.

Oversoul Arts

Alternative Modes



Hydroelectric Spirit Slayer Mode

Her Spirit Slayer Magic became even more powerful when she consumed the water of a Spirit Slayer to unlock the Dual-Element Spirit Mode: Hydroelectric Spirit Slayer Mode. In the beginning, Kanami could only enter this mode when she was angry. When she did enter it, the toll on her body after using only three spells was enough to render her unconscious. After serious training, Kanami gained the ability to access this state with greater ease and it doesn't put a huge toll on her body, giving her the ability to use a lot more than three spells. When she enters this mode her eye turn a darker shade of blue and become cat-like. This version of Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic allows Kanami to produce as well as have absolute control over normal water as well as water with a powerful electric current. Furthermore, it gives Kanami the ability produce, control, and turn into cumulonimbus clouds. These clouds give Kanami the ability to use her lightning to destroy large areas in very quickly because of how fast it can spread. In addition, these clouds give her basic weather manipulation abilities. Without Raikiri, she is able to use these clouds to create thunderstorms and other weather effects that revolves around lightning and water.

  • Water Spirit’s Bluster: Water Spirit's Bluster or more commonly known as Water Spectral Dragon's Roar or Water Spirit's Harangue, is a Spirit Slayer breath attack that uses water.
  • Water Spirit’s Atlantean Fist:
  • Water Spirit’s Hydraulic Claw:
  • Water Spirit's River Child: This spell allows Kanami to summon a large sphere of water anywhere within 10 feet from her. If she manages to summon the sphere of water around the foe, she is able to trap them within the sphere of water, drowning them. The one weakness this spell has is that she is unable to move or use any other spell as long as the foe is trapped. In addition, the sphere of water cannot prevent users such as wind mages from creating a bubble of air in which to breathe in.
  • Hydroelectric Spirit’s Bluster: There are two known variants of Hydroelectric Spirit's Bluster. The first version uses water with a powerful electric current while the second uses cumulonimbus cloud. To use the first version, Kanami inhales deeply as she gathers both water and Raijū Lightning in her mouth. The gathered elements are the tightly merged together, giving the water a powerful electric current. This electric water is compressed and concentrated to the highest degree, causing its power to increase greatly. Once it has been compressed and concentrated, Kanami positions her hands before her mouth like a trumpeter before letting out a loud bluster that releases the dual element from her mouth in the form of a large blast that has enough destructive power to blasting a large hole through a mountain. Since water is a great conductor of electricity, any foes caught in the blast are electrocuted countless times. This causes the foe to be severely harmed as well as receive numerous electrical burns on top of the harm the blast's awe inspiring launching and destructive power will cause. To use the second variant, Kanami gathers both water and Raijū Lightning tightly merges them together to form cumulonimbus clouds. The clouds are compressed and then charged with her magic power before being released from her mouth. As the clouds exit her mouth they begin to spread at a fast rate. The clouds are able to spread for miles, making it very difficult to avoid. Unlike the first version, this version doesn't have any launching power. Instead, it harms the foe by electrocuting anyone that it touches with very high-voltage current of lightning.
  • Hydroelectric Spirit’s Stormy Fist:
  • Hydroelectric Spirit’s Cloudy Claw:
  • Hydroelectric Spirit's Spectral Dragon:
    Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 12.34.07 PM

    Hydroelectric Spirit's Spectral Dragon

    Kanami extends both of her hands out in front of her with her wrists touching. Once her arms are extended, she produces water with a powerful electric current from her hands. The electric water takes on the shape of a gigantic dragon's head which flies toward the opponent with great speed. When it makes contact with the opponent, the dragon head bites down onto the target. The pressure of the water is capable of crushing the foes bones while the electricity continuously electrocutes the foe causing a lot of damage before making the dragon's head explode. The explosion is strong enough to launch the target back and cause blunt trauma.
  • Hydroelectric Spirit’s Haunting:
  • Hydroelectric Spirit’s Flying Nimbus:
  • Hydroelectric Spirit’s Fog:

Iron Sand Spirit Slayer Mode

Iron Sand Spirit Slayer Mode

Iron Sand Spirit Slayer Mode

Iron Sand Spirit Slayer Mode is a Spirit Slayer Mode derived from Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic that utilizes iron sand with the use of electromagnetism. This magic is used by using electromagnetism to draw in scrap iron or rip metal off of a preexisting structure to bring it to her. She releases a concentrated magical aura and uses its power to crush the iron or mental into a fine powder. Her magical aura ejects the iron powder into her soul to magnetize it and give it a strong spiritual pressure to turn it into iron sand. From here, Kanami releases the iron sand from her body and uses electromagnetism to control it. Kanami can use iron sand for many purposes. She can summon a tornado of iron sand around her opponent, send a wave of iron sand at an opponent, protect herself with a wall of iron sand, and much more.

Constructs being made out of iron sand

Electromaster's Forge

One of Iron Sand Spirit Slayer Mode's more useful applications is one called Electromaster's Forge. This allows Kanami to mold iron sand into a wide array of structures Just like with Kanami's ability to create electric substances into structures, Electromaster's Forge can greatly bolster her long and short-range combative abilities. Just like other abilities and magic like it there are two sides to Electromaster's Forge. Static Electromaster's Forge and Dynamic Electromaster's Forge. Static Electromaster's Forge revolves around creating inanimate structures out of iron sand and Dynamic Electromaster's Forge revolves around creating animate structures out of iron sand. Despite its many similarities with Kanami's ability to create electric substances into structures there is one difference that makes Electromaster's Forge to said ability. When a construct is made Kanami instinctively flows an electric current through the iron sand to allow her to vibrate the iron sand particles and high-speeds to greatly augment the constructs power. On top of the increase of power, the iron sand particles vibrate so quickly that it can rip apart the magical molecules in a spell to allow it to negate or dispel nearly any spell it comes into contact with. These two things make Electromaster's Forge a lot more effective in combat than normal forms of Molding Magic.

Particle Accelerator Mode

Particle Accelerator Mode is a very powerful alternative mode of Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic that involves charged particles and electromagnetic fields. When Kanami enters Particle Accelerator Mode her body will use its powerful electric charge to constantly attract the ambient particles around Kanami. The particles are quickly absorbed into her body to give it an electrical charge. Her subconscious then creates an electromagnetic field in her body to have the charged particle continuously circulate around her body at speeds close to the speed of light so the charged particles are contained in a well-defined stream. From here, all Kanami has to do is use mental commands alone to release the stream from her body and control it in any way she desires. Kanami can use the stream for a wide array of purposes and these purposes have been separated into different categories. The first is the High-Energy Arts. This category involves increasing the energy of stream of particles to unimaginable levels. Kanami can use the energy of the stream of charged particles to control stuff the properties of matter, space, and time. This is done by using flowing the stream of charged particles into a particle or other substance. The high-energy value of the particle beam influences how the particles like leptons, quarks, photons, and gluons interact with each other and other particles at a very basic level. The second category is the Nuclear Arts. The Nuclear Arts is a supplementary category that allows Kanami to create very high temperatures and densities by using particle beams to have any heavy nuclei around her collide together at high-velocities. This category alone doesn't have many offensive uses, but it can be used to drastically augment the power of another spell. The Synchrotron Arts allows Kanami to flow particle beams into her raijū lightning. The synchrotron radiation of the particle beam coaxes the electrons in the lightning to emit an extremely bright and coherent rays of high energy photons so the raijū lightning will begin to look and act more like light energy than lightning. The last category, the Particle Therapy Arts, was born thanks to Otohime's tutelage. In this category Kanami produces particle beams with a few thousand less volts than usual. At these levels Kanami is able to use the accelerated nuclei for medicinal practices. Normally they are limited to healing only cancers, but with a little bit of magic power and a great deal of control Kanami is able to use to heal a wide array of conditions.

  • Particle Spirit's Bluster: Particle Spirit's Bluster also called Particle Spirit's Harangue is the breath attack of Particle Accelerator Mode. To perform the spell Kanami inhales deeply and rapidly gathers charged particles in her mouth that bounce around in her mouth at near light speed. She sends a strong current of electricity through the mass of fast moving charged particles to compress it to itself utmost limit to increase its potential energy. This isn't just a small increase, but a massive one. The electrical current must have more energy than the production capability of any standard battlefield power plant. The mere fact that Kanami is able to produce this much energy is a huge testament to her power and skill as a Lightning Spirit Slayer. By letting out a loud yell, Kanami is able to convert all the potential energy into kinetic energy and fire the charged particles at her opponent at speeds nearing the speed of light so the charged particles are kept in a well-defined stream or beam. The combination of its high kinetic value and high speeds allow it to blast through and negate almost any realistic means the target has of themselves defending or almost any opposing attack which means the beam is a high priority attack. Upon contact, the particle beam will impart all of the kinetic energy to the target to nearly instantaneously superheat the target's body to a catastrophic degree. The power of the impact is enough to inflict a multiple very severe blunt force to injuries in some cases if the foe is weak enough the injuries could be lethal. This is all before they are launched back across so far and with enough force that they soon become a speck in the distance.
    • Particle Spirit's Flashing Bluster:
  • Particle Spirit's Acceleration Fist:
  • Particle Spirit's Spacial Shell: Kanami exerts hundreds of high-energy charged particles from her body that are moving at near-light speed. Through a mental command, it disappears as Kanami directs and absorbs the stream of charged particles into to the components of space itself. This allows her control the particles on a very basic level to allow her to control space. Kanami using this control to fold space over itself around her body to create a shell of sorts. This shell is an absolute defense, capable of blocking any oncoming attack. However, it can only be maintained for a few seconds. Once space unfolds an omnidirectional shockwave is released outwards that is capable of hitting foes with quite a lot of blunt force.
  • Particle Spirit's Celestial Attraction: Kanami release a stream of high-energy charged particles moving at near-light speed to the area between herself and the opponent. She focuses the stream to the components of space to have components absorb the stream to give Kanami the ability to control the space between herself and the opponent. With this control, Kanami initiates a mental command to reduce the spatial area between herself and the target. This allows her to pull the target to her at high-speeds. Kanami has proven once or twice that she isn't only limited to minimizing the space between herself and a target, but a target and something else. This is shown when she reduced the space around a barrier to crush it into a singularity. It should be noted, however, that this feat seems to only be possible on inanimate objects. The only drawback is that after using it there is a long period of time where she cannot use it or its counterpart. The length of time depends on how tired she is. When she is at full strength the time is three minutes.
    • Particle Spirit's Celestial Repulsion:
      Heavenly Wave

      Kanami using Particle Spirit's Celestial Repulsion

  • Particle Spirit's Spatial Lock: As per usual when performing a Particle Accelerator Mode spell focused on space, Kanami releases a small stream of high-energy charged particles that are moving at near-light speed. She focuses the stream to the components and particles associated with space to allow the small particle beam to be absorbed into said components and particles. The high-energy of the charged particles gives her the ability to control the components and particles at a very basic level, allowing her to control space. By keeping the particles and components in a state of equilibrium and away from disturbance, Kanami is able to negate almost any space-based magic, spells, abilities, etc. in the area. What makes this spell even more useful is that its effect is long lasting. It can remain active until something negates the spell or a considerably more powerful spatial spell reverses the effects.
  • Particle Spirit's Black Hole: Kanami cups her hand and generates to streams of charged particles that move in the space in her hand at near light speed. As the charged particles zip around in the space in her hand they warp time and space to focus the energy created by their fast movement. When the energy has reached the desired level Kanami has the two particle beams collide. When they collide each small particle beam focuses the energy of the other inward to cause the two particles to collapse. This causes the charged particles to implode to feed even more mass and energy to the epicenter. Afterwards, the charged particles are launched from the epicenter to allow the entire epicenter to implode to create a small spherical black hole that fits comfortably in Kanami's hand. Once the black hole is created Kanami throws it and when it hits something the sphere will expand and draw any opponent near it to hit. If the opponent is successfully drawn in the black hole gravity will begin to act with a lot more force on different parts of the body to tear about the cells of the body. Meanwhile the body will gravity will stretch the body passed its limit.


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