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Lilia Grace Celestia
Name Lilia Grace Celestia
Race Human
Birthday October X816(real birthday)

October X984(fake birthday)

Age 16(fake age)

184(real age)

Gender Female
Eyes blue
Hair blonde
Professional Status
Affiliation Draco scale
Occupation Mage
Personal Status
Alias Silver celestial princess
Magic Celestial Spirit Magic


A Very strong and beautiful celestial spirit and archive mage.


A slim young looking girl with a blonde hair,blue eyes and ligth tan skin.

she mostly wears a school girl like outfit and a white bow on her hair.


She is a Clever,kind and a caring young woman though she is sometimes strict with her guild mates,she doesnt like to see children crying and she likes the color blue. with the help of her archive magic she can order and pick some clothes she migth like and also buy stuff she needs.

she cares alot for her Celestial Spirits keys and are kind to them also.


Her history is not yet known but she joined Draco scale when she was just 3 years old with Zach Terion and Jake Wildfire.

Power and Abilities

Celestial Spirit Magic: Lilia is an expert on Celestial Spirit Magic,which allows her to summon celestial spirits with the help of her celestial spirit keys.

  • Multiple Summons: Lilia seems to have mastered her magic to multiple summon celestial spirits, though she knows that it consumes a large amount of magical power she can handle it with ease.
    • Combination Attacks: it is know that she can combine the attcks of her celestial spirits.

Archive: Lilia is know to use archive magic as her secondary magic, she uses archive to store information and gain access to previously stored information and magic information. she is known to use archive to search for new dressess.

  • Information Transfer: She can use archive to transfer information to a specific person.
  • Archive: Blast : She cast a screen that Blast the opponent away.
  • Archive: Shield: Lilia Cast a Magical Shield made of Screens that are strong enough to protect her and her team mates


At this point Lilia's Main Equipment are Celestial Spirit Keys and she currently owns 8 silver celestial spirit keys.

Silver keys:

Hydra: Summons the Female Water serpent, Hydra

Telescopium: Summons the Telescope, Telescopium
  • aquila (the sister of Phoenix)
  • the Centaur, Centaurus
  • the Female Water Serpent Hydra in her usual form
  • Hydra in her Rampage Form
  • The Hunter, Orion
  • The Sacred Phoenix and the younger sister of Aquila
  • the Easel, Pictor
  • the shield, Scutum
  • Scut & Tum the shields of Scutum
  • the Telescope, Telescopium

Phoenix: Summons the Sacred Phoenix, Phoenix

Aquila: Summons the Mighty Eagle, Aquila

Pictor: Summons the Easel, Pictor

Scutum: Summons the Shield, Scutum

Orion: Summons the Hunter, Orion

Centaurus: Summons the Centaur, Centaurus

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