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Name Lilya
Kanji りりゃ
Romanji Riria
Race Human
Birthday Unknown
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 5'2"
Weight Unknown
Eyes Dark Red
Hair Dark Gray
Blood Type Unknown
Unusual Features Speaks in 3rd Person
Professional Status
Affiliation Exia
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Dark Mage
Previous Occupation None
Team Lilya/Ilya duo
Capital Invasion Team(once)
Partner Ilya
Base of Operations Undisclosed
Personal Status
Martial Status Single
Relatives Ilya(sworn sister)
Magic Scythe Magic
Alias None
"Lilya is amused."
— Lilya's catchphrase

Lilya is a Dark Mage of the Exia Guild. She is partners with Ilya, who is also her sworn sister.


Lilya is an exceptionally petite teenage girl, who comes off as younger then she really is. Which is something that gets on her nerves all the time. She is somewhat short in stature, and has dark grey hair, which she wears in two pigtails with the side portions of her hair being unrestrained. She also has dark red eyes, almost like the color of blood. Lilya sports a short fitted grey sleeveless dress with a pair of black and gray combat boots. Along with this is a pair of black gloves; she has a tatoo on the upper portion of her left arm. To top off her look is her giant scythe which she has at all times, its' red blade is oversized and ornately crafted.


Cocky and rude, Lilya isn't the type to bother about hurting the feelings of others at the exception of a few. She is a rather cocky person, whether it be in combat or just casual life situations. This is something that gets on the nerves of her sworn sister, Ilya. The latter is her big sister figure in her life, the two of them are always together while in combat and the same applies to most everyday situations. Lilya looks up to Ilya; sees her as the most imporant figure in her life, as she was the one who found Lilya long ago and saved her from a certain death. Their sisterly bond is strong and shows itself in combat.

What characterizes Lilya the most is her manner of speaking, that is, that she speaks in third person all the time. At the exception of Ilya, this gets on the nerves of anyone else with her. A common saying she has is "Lilya is amused", as she loves to fight and enjoy every second of it as long as she is winnnig. Due to her young appearance, she also has a six sense for whenever someone is mistaking her age, which is her greatest pet peeve-- those who refer to her in the wrong manner must face her fury, or so she says. Also for some reasons, anywhere and everywhere she goes, she has her scythe with her unless it's the most private and cramped of places.(e.g. the bathroom)


Magic and Abilties

Scythe Magic:

Master Scythe Wielder:

Enhanced Speed:

Enhanced Strength:

Enhanced Magical Power:



  • Lilya speaks in third person.
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