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"Even if you beg for mercy, I won't listen!"

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"It isn't often that I get a chance to use this technique. It's like an old suit that I never have the occasion to wear. But whenever I put it on...someone dies."
— Jason
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Limit Break
Limit Break

Holder Magic


Jason LaHote

Limit Break (リミト ブリク Rimito Buriku) is a powerful Holder-type magic used by Jason LaHote.

Limit Break consists of Jason releasing the spell on the straps that cover his body, leading to a flash of light shards that act like they are "breaking". This causes a vast increase in his power, as his body is now being filled with all the magic of Lacrima produces, not containing the amount. The effect, shockingly, effects his clothing and weapon in a manner similar to Requip, changing his cleaver into an all black daito connected to his arm, and his kosode is replaced by a black longcoat with ragged edges. He loses his right sleeve, revealing more of the straps that make up his limiters.

While using the Limit Break, the magic his Lacrima produces, allowing him to achieve his full power. However, using his magic in this state only lasts a short while, and it completely burns out his magic supply, something thought to be impossible, making it impossible to use magic for a few days while his Lacrima begins to produce more. If he goes too far, he can cause physical damage to his body, due to being unable to handle the vast amounts of magic this state produces.


  • Despite using a Bankai picture, I consider Limit Break to be similar to the Eight Gates Release from Naruto.
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