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Lina Graner Pre
Lina Graner



Rina Graner




X772, October 3th


Female Female


12 (Pre time-skip)
19 (Post time-skip)
29 (Post Cooldown)


156 cm (Pre time-skip)
160 cm (Post time-skip)
170 cm (Post Cooldown)


45kg (Pre time-skip)
46kg (Post time-skip)

Blood Type


Unusual Features

Attacking perverted boys

Professional Status

Giant WingsGiant Wings


Mage, S-Class Mage


Colossal Giants

Base of Operations

Giant Wings Guild

Personal Status

Wall Graner(Brother)



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Lina Graner リナGraner Rina Graner) also know as "Colossal Daughter" is a member of Giant Wings Guild and sister of the Guild Master Wall. She and her brother are former prisoners of the illusion prison and were released due to his brother have offered to be punished for her ves and then killing all the guards that permitio the release of all prisoners. She became one of the most powerful magicians because one day his brother not to worry about it. Lina was the second mage guild Guiant Wings to become an S-class mage after having passed the test for promotion.


Pre Timeskip

Lina is a young girl with short hair, silver-white, blue-eyed and shows use a type of school uniform. However, Lina with her Requip magic usually switch to a more daring outfit to be easier to fight.

Post Timeskip

After the timeskip Lina has a completely different before the timeskip very distinctive appearance. Her hair is long straight silver. She now uses a silver armor, and wears a purple dress underneath. Your requip keeps the same armor but improved in weapons.

Giant Wings symbol 3

Lina Graner guild mark


Lina is a sheltered and lonely girl who does not show his feelings to anyone that is referred by his brother as being due to have been held in illusion prison and have been forced to work and could not show feelings of pain or tired or they would be punished.

Post Timeskip

After the timeskip Lina is shown as having gained some confidence in his teammates and started to show some feelings such as joy, anger and shame when close to a guy who thinks turning.



Wall Graner: Lina brother who shows be able to do whatever it takes to protect illusion as seen in prison where he was protected by admitting him to complain about the job and in the end have killed all the guards and have released all the prisoners.


Powers and Abilites

S-Class Magic aura: Lina has an overwhelming aura due to spell a long Sedo be trained to proteguer itself. Your aura is described by many to be greater than his own brother when she is erritada. During the tournament which was to know who the members were part of the team for the big games of magic Lina was who had the most overwhelming and powerful aura.

Lina Swordsman abilities

Lina Swordsman abilities

Swordsman Abilities: As a user of requip Lina is a very experienced swordsman skills are great being able to face an opponent expecializado weapons with ease comseguindo easily track his speed. When Lina faced Faust as he used his magic of electricity in your leg speed was equivalent to its own light and Lina conseguio accompanies it not failing a single attack.


Lina was coached by his brother to use magic to her 12th birthday (over 4 years), after which she trained to develop their own spells one day reach the level of his brother. She expecificou in magic requipar due to having lost confidence with everyone and wanted to arrest an armor. Listen several occasions that showed Lina know how to use some basic spells such as magic of light and fire.


Main Magic Lina that she spent years perfecting and now being able to change armor in a flash. Lina was seen with various armor being the most used armor of Valkyrie.


Valkyrie armor

Requip: Valkyrie armor(ヴァルキリーアーマー Vu~arukirīāmā): Main and personal armor Lina this armor was taken by his brother as a gift to have learned to use the magic of this armor requipar Lina improved over time to be more practical in battle and be her personal armor.

Maid Armor

Maid Armor

Requip: Maid armor(メイドアーマー Meidoāmā): One of armor that Lina was seen wearing this armor is a complete fact employed just used it as a joke and fun.

White Knight Armor

White Knight Armor

Requip: White Knight Armor(ホワイトナイトアーマー Howaitonaitoāmā):

Cosmos Queen

Cosmos Quenn

Requip: Cosmos Queen(コスモスの女王 Kosumosu no joō): Cosmos Queen is the most trongest armor of Lina.


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