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Below is a list of templates that articles should have, whether they be infobox templates ranging to quote templates or "construction" templates. This is essentially the first place any new user should come to before they make an article, as well as read the Fairy Tail Fanon Rules.

Each type of template will be categorized by its respective type under a heading, and sub-heading if needed.


Character Infoboxes

Guild Infoboxes

Magic Infoboxes

Spell Infoboxes

Race Infoboxes


Location Infoboxes

Tool Infoboxes




"My Cake"

A template used for Magic that the user deems exclusive to a single practitioner or simply the user's own use. This form of magic cannot be used by anyone else unless the said user grants explicit permission.


This template essentially allows the article (preferably magic) to be used freely by anyone without the user's explicit permission.

Permission Required


These templates are utilized within the "image" section of the infobox, which allows one to transition between two images. The source coding should essentially look like:

{{switch 2|option1=Humanoid Form|[[File:DAsh2.jpg|300px]]|option2=Dragon Form|[[File:DAsh1.png|300px]]}}

Which would turn out like this in the infobox:


These templates are all used by the admins, and are added to articles that are deemed to be in need of a drastic cleanup. However, they can also be used for other purposes.