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Kaito LL
Little Lion



Sukoshi Shishi

Parent Magic

Lightning Magic


Kaito Mizushima

Little Lion (少し獅子, Sukoshi Shishi) is a Lightning Magic spell used by Kaito Mizushima.


This is Kaito's basic spell and is used mostly. This spell shows Kaito's great control of lightning magic. By clapping hand to hand, he concentrates lightning flow to his hands, making sparks of lightnings around his connected hands. While separating his hands, Kaito points with his palms toward the sky. The lightning from his hands hits high into the sky, right after the impact black clouds appear. Thunders and lightnings start hitting the ground. Kaito with palm of his right hand summons the lightning that hits him, but he doesn't take any damage. After this the lightnings in the clouds make a form of a lion's head with lightning from Kaito that looks like a chain that hilds the lion. The lion on Kaito's command rushes toward his opponent and strikes him. With the first touch with the opponent lightning lion releases all of its power into his opponent making him experience the great lightning strike. The weakness of this spell is that if Kaito's opponent use Earth Magic, they can easily block this spell. Another one of weakness is that this spell has to touch an opponent, if for example touches his weapon, all the damage will be concentrated into his weapon. Kaito got the idea for this spell when he watched how a wild lion hunts, with how much speed and strength he strikes the prey he wants to eat.

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