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Bull's Living Armor
Living Armor



Āmā no Seikatsu


Holder Magic



Living Magic Working

Armor absorbing magic for repairs

Living Armor (アーマーの生活, Āmā no Seikatsu) is a Holder Magic, used by Bull of The Dodekathlon, where the armor absorbs the Mage's magical energy to repair itself when damaged.

The armor has been seen to move on its own and even attack as if it had a mind of its own.

Geb said that the magic was supposed to have disappeared and all the armors had apparently destroyed. This means that this magic is probably a Lost Magic and most likely forbidden as well.

If this magic is a forbidden magic, it is most likely due to the armor absorbing the user's magic and being capable of moving and attacking on its own.


  • The pictures are of Taurus Aldelbaran and his Gold Cloth from Saint Seiya respectively
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