Lorelei Lee
Aciesa new appearance image
Name Lorelei Lee
Kanji リー・ローレライ
Rōmaji Rōrerai Rī
Alias Dreig
Race Human
Birthdate January 7th
Age Early 20s

Female Female

Height 172cm (5'8")
Eye Color Periwinkle Blue
Hair Color Dark Eminence Purple
Guild Mark Location Loin
Unusual Features Lightly-Colored Eyes
Professional Status
Affiliation Quatro Cerberus
Previous Affiliation Mermaid Heel
Personal Status
Status Alive
Marital Status Interested in Freed Justine
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"Love is very simply deciding to commit your heart to someone. That's why I can't do it. I have no idea what that's like."

Lorelei Lee (リー・ローレライ Rōrerai Rī) is a Mage, and the one of the only shown female members of Quatro Cerberus. She was also a previous member of Mermaid Heel. Her alias is Dreig.



Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.18.48 PM

Aciesa in her younger years

When younger, she had shorter and lighter purple hair, styled in a hime cut, excluding the fringe of her hair which left a single large bang. She always wore pink glasses, as her eyesight is 17/18.


D is a tall and rather intimidating-looking woman in her early 20's with very long dark purple hair that reaches to her thighs, and is worn in a loose ponytail. Shown in Chapter 74 of the manga, she wears contacts.

She's commonly seen wearing a sleeveless white dress shirt, accompanied by a crop-cut leather vest, tight waist-high pants held by a thick brown and gold belt. There is also a brown pack on her left arm. Her guild mark is located on her loin.


Inhabiting traits of her fellow guild members, she can easily be considered hardcore. She gets annoyed when she's referred to as "one of the guys" by anybody, as she feels her traditionally feminine traits are something to be proud of. First impressions are extremely important to her, because it determines how she will treat them, and it's very hard to change her mind once it's been implanted in her mind. She's quite literal, and tends to be a by-the-book person academically.

Lorelei exhibits many sadistic traits, including a small pleasurable tingle at the uncomfortable or enraged disposition of others around her which can be visible if the feeling is strong is enough. Her mood swings are renowned, as they're extremely rapid.




Her official statistics are:

  • Attack Power: 3/5
  • Defensive Power: 4/5
  • Speed: 4.5/5
  • Intelligence: 5/5
  • Moodiness: 6/5


Her theme songs and other music.

XVII - Anax

XVII - Anax

Her instrumental modern theme

Holy Knight

Holy Knight.ampg

Her current theme

Wolf Blood

Wolf Blood

Her previous battle theme

Crusade of Crannhyr (Shad Manning)

Crusade of Crannhyr (Shad Manning)

Her current battle theme


  • "Smile. I want to see to it that you're not really hurt."
  • "At this point, everything is detestable. Let's just go home and relax!"


  • Her favorite season is winter
  • She tans easily
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