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"Brother, we have always looked out for each other, even after father passed away. When you left, I felt like no one was there to guide me, I was lost to the world, until mom told me to move forward on my path, giving me this gear as her permission to go out into the world. I never thought we would meet like this, but I really am glad we did."
— Lucas tells his brother, Theo

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"Truth and Kindness are one's greatest weapon"
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Lucas Sonne



Zon'ne Rūkasu


Blitz Helios (ブリッツヘリオス, Burittsu Heriosu)




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Theo Schwarzem (Older Brother)


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Lucas Sonne (ルーカス・ゾンネ, Zon'ne Rūkasu) Is a Wandering Mage that travels around to the different regions of the Earthland and beyond in order to take on new tasks that he finds in any town he visits to help out anyway he can. Originally it was him living with his mother and older brother, Theo Schwarzem, after his father passed away from an illness that was given to him by the Dark Mages that he was hunting. During his time traveling around the world, Lucas began showing his true talents as a mage, similar to how his brother began building his reputation, but was more focused on helping those around him, and if need be defeating the enemies who have made the connection that both he and the Umbra Death(本影死, Honkageshi) but never killing them as he sees that it will not bring peace to anyone in the world. Over the time he spent training and building up his reputation, many began to fear him, recognizing that even if he wasn't his brother, Lucas was not a man to be reckoned with, which eventually helped many in labeling him as the Blitz Helios(ブリッツヘリオス, Burittsu Heriosu), the being who's devastating power and incredible strength was as fast as a bolt of lightning with the force that could rival that of the burning sun itself. He had encountered and reunited with his older brother after being captured by a warrior that caught him off-guard and took him to a special prison that had multiple other mages: both normal and dark as they were being kept prisoners. It was also there he was rescued by his older brother and helped break out a woman named Dina Weiss who was being held prisoners, and who left with his brother to follow him on his mission. After some time, Lucas eventually met up with two individuals: Don Alexander and Rosie Selina, whom he helped during a crisis, and asked to follow him as thanks for saving their lives.

Lucas Sonne is the new main character of Beastking and is one of the male protagonist in the upcoming new storyline Fairy Tail: Fallen


Lucas is a very youthful-looking man, similar to his older brother, Theo. He seems

Lucas' Younger Appearance

to be more masculine in appearance when compared to his brother, sometimes making people mistake him as the eldest of the two. He often has a smile on his face, making people easier to talk with him, especially when compared to his brother. Lucas has a very muscular body, shown as his clothing have been shown to display that quite well. He possess a noticeable six-pack, which shows the fruits of his training. He also has a light skin complexion, which he has gained from one of his parents, which one however is yet to be determined. Lucas is also very average in height as he is 179 centimeters. This over all makes him 5 feet and 11 inches, barely meeting the margin. His hair is a bright red color, not to be confused with pink, and is very messy, being spiked back. He used to have his hair in a more well kept style, more smooth and even had it in a ponytail. His eyes are small on size and oval shaped while are colored a brilliant dark green. He has also been shown to have a very deep scar riding down his back, how he got it though has not been told as Lucas keeps it to himself, not sharing it with even his own brother. 

When it comes to his clothing, Lucas seems wear more of a Chinese-influenced clothing. His clothes are generally consist of lighter colors with some darker colors in the mix. Lucas' previous attire consisted of a white skin-tight shirt that has the sleeves a green-blue color. There is also a black line that is across the shirt. Lucas also appears to where a pair of dark brown gloves and baggy red pants that are held up by a black gi-belt. He finishes this outfit with a pair of dark gray and black shoes. Lucas later updates his outfit, which is somewhat similar to his original outfit. The noticeable difference is the fact that is pants are now an ashen-black color and his shirt is now completely a green-blue color.  He seems to prefer this outfit as it allows him to move quicker without losing any mobility due to his clothing.


When he was a little boy, Lucas often showed himself to be the timid, especially to his father due to the fact he was slowly growing weaker over the years, due to the dreaded disease that was over coming him. It also showed whenever he would be approached by friends to the family, or even some friends of his own brother, which had him ducking away or behind his parents in an attempt to hide himself from them like a scared bird. He also showed to be a very quiet boy at times, even when he wanted something, he would be too nervous to ask for it, and often never express himself better for a kid his age. Lucas often attempted to talk with his father, but always felt too shy and sad to ever try and say anything to him. However, the only person who actually managed to often at times get him was his older brother, Theo Schwarzem, who he saw as not only his big brother, but his best friend as well. Even when Theo would be serious, Lucas felt that he would always drop his guard and be the prankster for him, often finding ways to bring someway of sunshine into his life. Even when he and Theo began their training together, Lucas felt more confident in his capabilities every time his brother would give him some form of encouragement, whether it was him taking weak hits and faking, or him even showing Lucas what he was doing wrong, and correcting him after their lesson was officially over. Though after the death of his father, Lucas began to become more kind towards those he met at times, often wanting to show more his true side to anyone, instead of trying to hide it in due to the guilt of never really getting to know his own father because of his tendency to be more timid. Despite his older brother now becoming more of a father figure in his life, Lucas often always went on to tease him and show Theo that he loved and cared for him greatly, no matter how he would decide to show himself.

However, an event that happened during his teenage years would be the changing factor that would put Lucas on the path to traveling around the regions in search of helping others, like his brother. After discovering their fathers hidden room filled with his past life, Theo decided to continue on his work, leaving behind both Lucas and their mother in order to begin his task of attempting to change the world, telling Lucas to be strong and to become the man that he was, the person who would stay to make sure their mother would be safe. This change in structure turned the once timid young child into that of a responsible person who worked hard to make sure his own mother would be safe and sound. From the change, he stopped becoming so afraid of his own shadow, taking more initiative and confidence in himself as he started doing more open tasks that often needed him to go more into the view of the public, something that originally terrified him greatly as he also was able to become more outspoken to the people that he used to be afraid of when he was younger. It was also seen that this new attitude also helped him to push his drive to become stronger, often being the secret to how he improves is keeping what his father and brother told him to heart, making it the inspiration for how he gained the determination to master what he learned and make it his own. Eventually this turned into his possible greatest asset as after finding out that the same sickness that infected his father also infected his mother, who gave him new clothes and told him to find his own path in life, and to try to find his brother to show him that true strength didn't need to come by defeating the strongest, but by building good relations with those one cares deeply about. That last saying became the true divider between both Theo and Lucas's personality division: one brother who saw that death was the only way to bring peace into the world, while the second brother who believes that peace can be achieved through understanding and truth.




  • Hyperion(ハイペリオン, Haiperion):is a unique weapon that Lucas has within his possession. This weapon takes the appearance of a pair of gauntlets, that are silver and go up all the way to his forearms. Th


    e gauntlets are made of superior metals, making it incredibly durable as well as allowing Lucas to focus his magic into them, amplifying the power behind his martial art techniques. Often at times, Lucas keeps these under his tight-skin shirt, as the metal has the ability to hide itself, creating an illusion that it is still part of the fabric itself, and can often confuse an opponent when they attempt to try and cut his arm off. Originally when Lucas began his travels through the different regions of the world, he originally found a special rock that showed to be able to withstand incredible force if ever attacked or stabbed, the material would act more like a cushion to soften the blow of any attack or spell that would shoot at it. After finding a skilled blacksmith and paying for the work, Lucas was given two gauntlets that he was able to hide under his shirt, which in term allowed him to be able to deal out much more powerful body shots and even shown to cushion any form of attack that might be aimed at him by using his arms as shields whenever he is in a fight.

Magic & Abilities

Natural Abilities

Way of Combat

Master Martial Artist: Unlike Theo, who often depends more on his sword to use more as his personal
fighting style than his own hands, Which Lucas was shown to have the better Affinity with fighting hand to hand, something that his mother had been shown to be better with as well when she was a Mage in her youth. Like his brother, Lucas was shown to harness and train in the same equal conditions as his older brother, but due to his more raw talent for the fighting arts, Lucas's forms and techniques were gradually better than his brother, which often showed the times he sparred with him at younger ages, only to win every single sparring match each of them had. Like Theo, Lucas showed himself to be able to use incredible strength combined with his fighting styles, allowing him to deal much more damage than originally thought possible, but instead it also causes powerful blunt force said to be able to shatter bones if one full power punch is ever thrown by him. After leaving his home with his mother's death on his mind, Lucas began studying the arts of many different fighting styles, trying to understand their true nature while at the same time developing his own self-style that focused on random changes whenever he fought, something that takes incredible focus and mastery over the techniques to achieve. In any situation that he finds himself into, Lucas goes through a very thorough check of every fighting style he ever learned and mastered, then looks at the opponent's strength and weaknesses to see what would be the perfect match up against them, and finally create a new style specifically to counter the opponent's style of combat regardless of how he or she reacts to it or uses anything different, cementing his position as one of the most powerful masters of the hand-to-hand combat at a very young age, which means many often call him the Fighting Genius. It has been determined that over the time he spent traveling, Lucas has picked up ten different fighting styles, mastering them, and making them his own while at the same time taking different aspects from each one that goes along with another, showing how much intellect and focus he has when it comes to fighting.
  • Erupting Elbow(爆肘, Bakuhiji): Is a unique fighting move that Lucas developed over time when he learned different varieties of fighting style over the course of his travels, taking them into consideration some of the more unexpected attacks, and using them as inspiration to create a move that some would never expect in battle. It begins by the user creating a solid second layer of Eternano armor around their

    Erupting Elbow

    entire arm, hardening it to make it much more durable than iron itself and twice as solid. However, the secret to this technique doesn't lie within the arm, but within the elbow, as the user concentrates the Eternano around the elbow, focusing it as it creates what show to be a mini-Eternano bomb, which is very powerful the more the user condenses energy into it. Due to this unique ability, when Lucas slams his fist into any form of object, both living and not, the impact from the blast is focused into one powerful point, dealing an incredible blast of energy said to be able to pierce through anything that it hits, and break it out from the inside out. However, despite the incredible piercing strength and powerful blast of energy that Lucas uses with this technique, there is some drawbacks to this move as when in use, the force used causes feedback to the user's arm, dealing damage to it and causing nerve pain towards the opponent.
  • Slamming Halo(非難円光, Hinan Enkō): is a defensive technique that Lucas developed by looking at the different forms of spinning, instinctively deciding which one would be more suited to his own body, and from there developed a move that acts as a counter shield to most magic-based energy spells. To begin, the user starts by channeling Eternano throughout their own body, concentrating it until it goes beyond the range of their own physical form. When that happens, the user starts to manipulate it with their mind, solidifying it as it creates what appears to be a spinning wall of energy surrounding the user, causing a defensive barrier to emerge as it spins fast around the user like it was a halo of an angel protecting them. However, it is shown that the user is also able to be used in an offensive manner as the user concentrates it into any single part of their body, which adds a centrifugal force to their arm so when they punch or kick, it adds a more powerful impact that can actually send the opponent flying into a wall, spinning while they do so. While the technique is shown to be very useful, the major weakness to it is that in order for it to be used, the focus and concentration to allow for a solid barrier of sorts with Eternano is very advance, often needing those who have complete control over their Eternano energy inside of them.
  • Degenerating Palm-Thrust(堕平突き, Dahiratsuki): Is one of the fighting moves both he and his brother learned from their father before his passing, and has improved on the technique since. To begin this technique, the user must first allow the Eternano to be able to flow freely, rising their energies up through concentration as they then focus the flow directly into their forearms, concentrating them in the middle of their palms before they expand it throughout their whole hand. Once the energy is equally balanced, the user then condenses as much as they can, focusing it as it is packed tightly within the middle of their palm, and when ready and the user does a fast palm-thrust, the end result is a powerful Eternano explosion that acts as a form of ripple throughout the opponent's body, making them feel the impact as if it were a multiple hitting attacks, weakling them from the inside out until the ripples settle down. A second and more improved version is where the user condenses both mini-explosions into their palms, which can not only double the ripples throughout the opponent's body, but can also be used to hit two people at the same time into two different opponents if they need to. While the original is a very multiple use technique, the risk to it deals with how much time it would take for the user to harness it, due to the condensing taking much longer than it would an average one, and leaving the opponent to allow for a counter attack or even the chance to run away. It has also been seen that the ripple lasting depends on how much Eternano is condensed, meaning that if one would want to make the state of paralysis last longer, they would need to concentrate more energy into the condensing.
  • Nova Smash (ノバ·スマッシュ, Noba Sumasshu): Is one of two hidden techniques taught to both Lucas and his older brother Theo when they were younger, training them hard for the day they would use it. Like it's other half, Nova Smash has the ability to be able to produce a powerful energy of both physical and magical, but unlike Star Smash, Nova Smash often produces an energy said to be as black as night. By concentrating his own energy along with his magic energy inside of him, Lucas is able to produce a black energy that has been shown to be an energy with characteristics with that of a bladed energy, allowing him to cut anyone as if he is wielding a blade himself, and can often slash multiple times even without actually touching the opponent as the darkness reacts to the opponents Eternano energy. The true ability of Nova Smash is found when the user begins to spiral the energy around themselves, adding more to Lucas's physical attributes as each punch that he sends out act as if he is swing multiple sword strikes as the opponent feels multiple blades attacking his body when the punch connects or one very powerful sword strike when he performs kicks. It has been shown that when the user surrounds themselves in a spiral-like aura that grants them the ability of flight, the user appears to take on the form of a shooting star, only with darkness as he user can fly around the area when the cloak and aura are in place. When the user charges towards an opponent, ramming them with the same technique as the other move, the attack explodes right on contact, sending out multiple slashing darkness blades towards the opponent, shredding them apart until the energy subsides. While the technique is considered to be quite powerful, the drawbacks can also be very risky as once used, the user would be unable to draw out any magic that they have inside of them, making them rely on their own natural abilities until the technique is cancelled or finished. When in it's shooting star state, it has been shown that if another object is moving at the same speeds and with the same force as this technique and collides with the Nova Smash, the impact from both opposing and equal forces will cause them both cancel out as the impact that would've hit the opponent backlashes and hits Lucas at full force. The last and possibly greatest weakness is that this move is like a double edge sword: although it grants the user multiple uses and incredible strength, once the impact is delivered, the user themselves take damage equal to the damage that they delivered to the opponent with equal force they themselves inflicted, and if used too many times, would most likely cause the user to pass out from the strain that is placed on their bodies.
    • Quasar Smash(クエーサースマッシュ, Kuēsā Sumasshu): Is the final technique passed down from the father of both Theo and Lucas, who said Only the true bonds of trust and respect will give birth to a new light and taught them both the initial keys to unlocking this powerful technique. One half of each technique is required to activates the hidden art, each of which is inside one of the brothers. To begin said technique, it is said that both users of the smashes must first enter their flight mode, allowing their energies to match in perfect synchronization as the energies slowly begin to merge with one another as the energy slowly begins to surround not only one user, but both of them at the same time, creating a new grey-like energy to appear as both users begin to show signs of symbols all over their body to show the complete union of both moves. Once fully charged and in sync with each other, the next step has them in their flight form, allowing them to move at double the speed they originally were able to go with, causing many to confuse them with going as fast as meteor showers themselves. During the fast movement. the brothers move as one, allowing them to be able to react to anything as one being, which in term allows for much greater abilities between the two when they use this move. The secret behind this power is the impact that it gives, like it's two separate techniques before it, when the user impacts another opponent, the impact would trigger a great explosion. However, with Quasar Smash, the combined power of both users allows it to become an incredible blast of energy that can mow down half an entire forest with it's force, resulting in multiple trees being shredded or obliterate in a second. However, such a powerful technique is said to be used in an emergency situation, else both users would feel the severe consequences from this technique. The first being that in order to even be attempted, both user must be sync both physically and mentally as both techniques require pure trust and focus or else it will explodes and take them both to their doom. The second risk to this technique is that while it is possible to deal incredible damage, like the two separate ones before it, result in a backlash to the opponent, causing the same amount of damage to both of the users as it would the opponent.

Physical Attributes

Incredible Strength: When Lucas began his training with both his father and brother, he showed to be a bit more hesitant to use his strength, which he developed over time by following the same exercises his brother did, only instead his instincts allowed him to train using a method that allowed more Eternano to be used in strengthening his muscles, while he reabsorbed them more through his mouth as it goes along with the air he intakes. This in term allows it to go towards the main muscles of the body, which in term, allows his muscles to have grown despite him taking a break all the while. In some cases with his training, his father had him begin to use a style of training which had him concentrating Eternano through the muscle points of his body, holding it in to allow his strength to increase through magic enhancement before he released the energy back into his body, allowing his strength to return to it's normal. However, the true trick behind this training was that while the energy was released back to his body, some traces of it remained and naturally melded with his muscles, boosting their strength and texture as it eventually allowed Lucas to grew more muscular than his brother, but not enough to where it is bigger than most muscle builders in the Earthlands. After finishing his training with the absence of both his brother and father, Lucas's own strength began to show more to act on instinct along with his body, an example of which is seen when he fights an opponent that is weaker than he is, Lucas subconsciously reduces his own natural strength to be equal or at least less, than his opponent to allow him to fight longer and to allow the opponent to be given the chance to defeat him as part of his instinct's drive to feel the full rush of the fight. In terms of pure physical strength between both Lucas and Theo, Lucas's control is much more stronger than his brothers in terms of keeping to his fighting style, something that allows most people to utilize their strengths into certain areas in order to make themselves stronger.

Adaptive Reflexes: while in training, Lucas slowly began to feel whenever his instincts were going to kick in, the times they did was after the first initial fight between him and Theo, often unconsciously changing his body's posture and stance to allow a better chance of taking the opponent down and breaking their foothold in the battle. It is said that Lucas's instinct is often triggered whenever the body feels that the opponent is doing too much damage to it, causing the trigger as the body readjusts itself to better handle the opponent through muscle reflexes that Lucas often has to feel by allowing the opponent to get some blows on him. Once it changes, it becomes easier for Lucas to break through most of the fighting styles, using their weak points more to his advantage, and exploiting then often. It's because of this that Lucas often won his sparring matches against his older brother, due to the fast blows and attacks he endured, Lucas figured out when Theo would slow down, and at that very moment attacked and brought him down, disabling his fighting style or making it where Theo had no other alternative than to end the fight himself. It has been seen though that the only thing he is able to adapt to is the physical conflict, due to his body needing to be able to read and anticipate where the opponent will strike next, making him a bit at a disadvantage to mages that use long range magic, but not weak against them as he can still adapt to how the opponent will use them, allowing him to dodge them more than take out the spells. The more he understands how the opponent's entire body moves during the battle, the more Lucas is capable of planning two moves ahead of what they will do before they do it.

Unmatched Speed: While Theo has been shown to have incredible speed, Lucas has shown at times that he can catch up to anyone that he encounters, even his own brother at times. While training, his incredible
bursts of magic energy often caused him to go beyond his normal standards at random moments, one of which included running sprints as when he ran, the increase of speed caused him to move too fast, resulting him being sent flying and slamming right into the wall at times when he didn't have control. Over the days he spent focusing on his control, Lucas instinctively figured out how to manipulate the Eternano evenly on his feet, allowing him to keep it from increasing too much, and allowing for a better running sprint training as well. Over time after leaving his home and continuing on his training, Lucas gained full control of his speed, allowing him to go fast distances without breaking a sweat, and also showing ingenuity with his speed at times too. Similar to his brother's movement, Lucas can run at high speeds, moving faster than the eye can follow as it shows to appear that there are multiple replications of him, only instead of appearing all around like Theo's speed, they follow Lucas, allowing him to fake out an opponent if they ever attempt to try and attack him with any form of projectiles that might get thrown at him. In terms of speed for both brothers, they are evenly matched as Lucas and Theo can often run for miles before either of them need to take a break, the difference is that Lucas shows to have more time to dodge the attacks before they arrive at him, making it seem like it's going through it when it isn't.

Monstrous Durability:Since he was young, Lucas constantly showed to often be releasing incredible amounts of Eternano energy, resulting in anything around him, even his own house, to often at times be warped from the force of the magic. However, this result had an unintended side effect, even when he was young, the massive amount of Eternano actually acted like a cushion for him, protecting him from small bumps and scrapes that he would've gotten whenever he would've been hurt in any way. When Lucas first began to do his official training, his father began teaching him how to better control his Eternano, resulting in Lucas slowly becoming more able to condense the cushion that he constantly let out with his incredible amount of magic he had, resulting in the cushion becoming more skin-form as it condenses to surround only his body more than become out of control. After his brother left and his father passed away, Lucas continued to train, learning to master his Eternano manipulation as he also began to train his body to become instinctively harden the Eternano around him, resulting in him being able to take on incredible attacks and powerful spells, at one point even hardening his body to the point of taking on a point blank Crash spell right on his chest, shrugging it off as if it was like a gentle breeze had hit him. Since his travel throughout the regions and the many different opponents that he has encountered, Lucas has been known to be one of the most hardened forces around, taking anything that can be thrown at him, and leaving off with nothing but a few scratches, something both he and Theo share in common despite how each of them got their form of durability in the first place.

Assorted Others

Savage Instincts: Unlike Theo, who was born with much more intellect, Lucas showed to always be the kind of person who would instinctively know how to react something, be it something small or big, something that helped him quite often when he was a young child, as it allowed him to avoid more potential threats. leaving him without much scratches and bruises as a kid. Over time, his instincts began to go beyond just that of normal small-time injuries, some of which began to develop more during the time he began his training, which allowed him to catch things much more easier than normal as his instincts would show him a more adaptive way of doing something that would be more used to his body. Over time as he continued his training, his instincts began to grow sharper and sharper with each battle or tough challenge he went through, eventually gaining incredible instincts, which often at times are shown to be about 85% of the time, often resulting in him being able to make sure that anything he did would be right most of the time. It has been revealed that there are times where Lucas's instincts can often get the best of him, especially when he fights an opponent that is not only powerful, but is also willing to go through lengths to defeat him through any means necessary. It has been shown that Lucas is able to actually instinctively tell whether or not a person he encounters would be exactly who they say they are or is an impostor. It is unknown how. but when he first encounters a person, the instinctive analysis that he has when he sees the person themselves results in him being able to truly tell what a person intents to do, and whether or not it is safe for him to be around said person

Superb Knowledge: Although Theo was born with a much high intellect than Lucas when they were both younger, Lucas showed to have been born with much more sharper instincts than his brother, allowing him to be able to pick up things in a much more different way. It started to show when he was a baby, often recognizing potential threats to his life, learning them simply by one glance, and recognizing what exactly would hurt him and what was something that was safe to touch or grab that he didn't recognize as a threat. When his training officially began, both he and Theo often spent most time outside the physical portion, studying and learning about what the was and what was in it, resulting in an expansion on his knowledge, instead of purely relying on instinct to identify what everything was. After his father died and his older brother left to travel, Lucas continued on his studies, trying to understand advance subjects that he believed would help him more in his training, and what he was meant to protect as he gained a bountiful amount of knowledge that made him more understanding with everything around him. However, his true form of knowledge came when he left to travel and learned different form of fighting styles that he discovered along the way, being able to break down everything right down to how each fighter even breathed when they did a pose. His intellect often focused more on what he could see, how it can either be deconstructed or reused by him, and turned into his advantage whenever he is in a fight. While Theo is considered the genius of knowledge, Lucas is shown to be a genius is considered to be the genius of perseverance, allowing him to see everything for how it is, breaking it down to it's basics, and manipulating it into something that works into his advantage. It is said that this said style has helped Lucas ten different forms of fighting styles, and creating around five new styles just with those ten in his memory.

Magical Abilities

Tremendous Magical Energy: When he was born, Lucas was coming down with a severe fever that almost killed the young boy, until he cried for the first time, releasing the pent up magic energy that was inside his tiny body, resulting in the entire hospital windows being broken into multiple pieces by his crying. It was revealed that Lucas was one of rare young babies born with incredible amounts of magic inside of them, all of it stored in his body as it released at incredible rates whenever something off centered Lucas's mood. However, due to his older brother's way of caring along with his parents love and care for him caused the excess magic to be kept under control. As he started to get older, Lucas began attempting to learn how to control the massive amount of energy inside of his body, going through the same training exercises his brother went through, which began to work on keeping his incredible magic energy under check until Lucas began to be able to control it himself, despite a few accidental releases. Over the years he spent by himself after his father's death and his brother leaving to continue the legacy of his father, Lucas began training more on learning how to harness and control the incredible amount of Eternano inside of his body, half of which was continuously being expelled as he often trained at times, causing him to use too much strength whenever he did simple tasks involving magic. After leaving home and traveling around the world, looking for what he himself wanted to protect with his life, the difficult fights and experiences that Lucas encounter finally allowed him to gain control over his magic, and allowed him to be able to use it much more effectively than he originally did when he was younger. In terms of magic energy, Lucas is shown to be the one with the most energy inside of him, though has trouble often keeping it under control, something his older brother Theo is able to do much more easily. It is said that when Lucas is finally able to fully unlock his second origin, the full strength of his magic will be released, making him on equal terms with those who are even on the Ten Wizard Saints, and even more so if he ever learns to truly control his own massive amount of magic that is inside of him.

Heaven Buster(天堂・破壊者, Tendō Hakaimono): is a very unique Caster Magic spell that was taught to Lucas by his father when he realized that both he and Theo would need to know much more abilities in order to fully develop individually as people. It is said that both this and the Hell Buster were both of their father's most powerful spells when he was a Dark Mage Hunter. When the spell is activated, the user begins to channel in an incredible amount of Eternano from any form around them, be it in the air or in living beings as small amounts begin to draw into the user. Once enough is absorbed, the user begins to manipulate said Eternano, changing it into a brand-new form of energy by augmenting the wavelengths and modulating them until they create what appear to be a special skin-like fabric that slowly moves up all around the user's body, enveloping them in what would appear to be a special suit of sorts. When changed into that appearance, Heaven Buster takes the form of a skin tight body suit that is read throughout except for the material covering the fingers, shoulders, and head, which is black. Its fingers are cawed, allowing for improved grip, and the feet are covered by small red boots that also increase climbing ability. Lastly, It possesses a pair of large red, eye like markings, which are able to sense magic to allow Lucas to see. However, the true power of Heaven Buster is seen when he fights, the energy from the suit he wears show to double his own abilities, allowing him to become even stronger than he originally was, and allow him to use much more incredible abilities while he wears the suit. It has also been seen that he is able to produce claws from the tips of his fingers while wearing the suit, said to be as strong as steel, and can cut through many things when one has them out. It has also been seen that the spell has a hidden effect not yet known to Lucas, which is that whenever negative forms of magic hit him by an opponent with evil intentions in their heart, the suit acts as a cushion, reducing the magics attack as the full force is cut down by half, allowing for the user to take on Dark Mages much more easily. However, despite the incredible suits feats, it does shown to have certain weaknesses, one of which is while the spell is in place, the user is unable to manipulate their own Eternano to allow any form of new magic to be used, and often leaving him to rely only on the abilities of the spell or his own physical strength and uses. Another weakness to this suit is that although it increases one's durability, the spell itself is not indestructible as it has been shown often at times to have been ripped off from the user's body, or even shredded by opponent's attacks or sharp blades laced with Eternano energy.

Personification of The Sun Titan(日巨現 Hikyogen): Is a very unique and rare Caster Magic that Lucas originally learned from his mother, and was told that the magic allows the user to generate an augmented Eternano energy that is said to be almost exactly the energy to that of the burning sun, and is able to be altered depending on which energy color of the sun is produced. With this magic, the user is granted absolute dominance over the aspect of heat from the sun; as they are capable of generating, absorbing, and manipulating heat for various effects, ranging from offensive, defensive to practical, and mundane uses. Heat is, in essence, the amount of energy that is stored and being released at any given point in time; as the user controls their magic, they exponentially increase the level of kinetic and chemical energy in their body, converting that energy into heat and light energy—thus, manifesting flames. Thanks to this method of initiating pyro-kinesis, the user's flames are far hotter than a Flame God Slayer's black flames; and the user can reduce objects' temperatures, raise them to several hundred degrees, or extinguish open flames. The heat energy that the user takes from the environment while using more powerful spells of the magic is absorbed into their own body. These flames generated by the heat from the sun do not require oxygen to burn, and burn so intensely that matter is consumed without by-products such as ash. It has been shown that the more focused a user is with these flames, the more incredible feats of manipulation they are able to produce, one way shown is when the flames produce themselves, the user is often able to generate them around their entire body, and often allow them to change into the various colors that most suns often transform into during their stages of life. So far, Lucas has been shown to have been able to command and produce the energy's of four different colors of the sun: Red, Blue, Orange, and Yellow, which allow for different uses depending on how he uses the magic itself.

  • Rising Sun Edge(旭日刃, Kyokujitsujin)
  • Cross Inferno Blitz(十猛火 電撃, Jūmōka Dengeki)
  • Photon Blazer(光子炎, Kōshi'en): Is a spell that Lucas developed while he was training to use this magic by his mentor, which shows to become a powerful concentrated blast of solar energy that can blister the land itself, leaving behind a powerful scorch mark that can stay on for weeks at a time. To use this spell, the user starts by focusing the energies of their glowing body, channeling it towards the center of their chest, melding both Eternano and solar energy together as it begins to spiral around, drawing in more and more heat from around the area. Once enough of the energy concentrates and the user condenses it into the shape of a sphere, the user then grasps the energy, causing the energy to burst out right through the user's chest, aiming forward towards the opponent or area that the user targets. The explosion causes a drastic increase in heat, nearly delivering a powerful and intense heat that makes it appear as if the target that it hits melted upon impact, making it one impressive and dangerous spell to use around normal people. However, despite it's amazing features and powerful force, there are certain weaknesses to it as well. When the explosion triggers the full release of the blast, the energy causes an immense draining of the user's own energy as well as the heat of the area around it, making it more difficult to draw in solar energy. It is also seen that once the attack is released, the energy cannot change direction, making it impossible for the user to bend it to their will, and also causing anyone in the way to take damage from the attack as well.
  • Sol Link(ソル·リンク, Soru Rinku): Is a defensive style of spell used in this magic, said to create a small
    Titan Sun Form

    Sol Link

     indication of the Sun Titan of the magic, often allowing for an incredible defense against any that would attempt to harm him through physical contact or through magic-energy based attacks. To begin, the user starts by focusing the solar energy around them, encasing them in a second layer of the solar Eternano energy, allowing the intense flames to arise and surround the user as they take on the appearance of a being made of pure flames. While in this form, the intense heat of the flames can have different forms of defensive styles depending on how the user manipulates it, one being that if the user is hit by a physical attack, be it from any weapon or attack, the flames would react to create a burning barrier around the impact of the attack, resulting in a burning blaze that engulfs the opponents hand and burns them until the user reabsorbs the flames back into their body. Another unique ability to this defensive form is that when a magic energy based attack hits the user, the effects from it results in a "melting" defense as the attack, when hit upon with the flames, destabilizes and is stopped dead in it's tracks as the blow is reduced to nearly half depending on how hot the flames actually are. While it is a formidable defensive spell against most opponents, there are some drawbacks to the magic as the more the heat is for the user, the more difficult it is to keep it under control without the user losing consciousness from heat exhaustion. Another weakness is that while in their Sun Titan Form, they are unable to manipulate their form, leaving them only able to increase or decrease their own heat and keeping it in check before it becomes unstable.

Shogun Force Arms(将軍力手, Shogunryokute): Is a rare Caster Magic that allows any use to concentrate a certain amount of Eternano, condensing it, and solidifying it into the shape of an arm, which can become an extension of one's self and is capable of being manipulated by the user. When utilizing the Shogun Force Arms, the user is capable of using and manipulating Eternano in the form of a powerful arm of magical energy which the user can manipulate as if it were a natural extension of their own body; and they are capable of forming multiples of the arms which they can freely manipulate to attack their foes, able to strike an opponent faster than even a clairvoyance user can react to. The hands of the Shogun Force Arms are clawed while the rest of the arm seems to lack any kind of joint, thus allowing them to have flexible movements that will generally be impossible for normal arms. The user can create any number of arms that they desire and they can also serve other purposes such as grappling hooks, to either grab onto objects or enemies from great distances, for offensive means, as merely touching one of these can cause fatal burns, and they can grow in size; or any part of the arms can divide into two or more fully operational appendages. As the user gains more experience, they can use the Shogun Force Arms to a greater extent, as they can use and release the arms from anywhere on their body on a small or large scale. These arms even have the power to crush steel without the user putting much thought into it; the user is able to manipulate various stones and geometric shapes without crushing them. The user is able to create several at once to launch attacks at several enemies, use them to pull enemies into the attack, and even create tiny ones around their finger. It has been shown that another ability to this magic is that a user is able to actually add the arms onto their own arms, hardening them to give more resistance and a protective layer against powerful attacks that might harm the user even more, if enough layers are added and solidified, it can give the user what appears as hardened armor around their arms, making them near-indestructible whenever they fight. However, despite the many advantages that the magic can give, there are certain weak points that can be exploited if given the chance. While the hands created are durable, their forms can be disrupted by something that can effect the stability, resulting in the arm disappearing. It has also been seen that the more arms the user makes, the more mental focus it is needed to keep them under the user's control and solid to allow for physical touch.

  • Protective Hand(保護手 Hogotei): Is a strong defensive spell that takes the same concept as the spell, only has it converted to where the arms combine together to form one large protective hand, allowing the impact of any form of spell or attack to be reduced the more arms the user adds to the spell. It begins by the user channeling Eternano through their fore-arms, channeling the constructs of the energy arms around them as the user begins to shape them into more larger palms as the size increases the more arms the user adds. Eventually after the user is unable to add anymore energy, the arms expand greatly, causing the construct to grow into the size of a large hand with the palm showing itself, which acts as a barrier as when the magic hits it, the barrier holds it off as the user can often at times redirect it, or push forward to cause a backlash with the magic. However, despite a powerful defensive spell, the weakness is that while the defense is up, there is nothing blocking the user's back, leaving them vulnerable to any attacks that might get to him from behind.
  • Armament: Goliath Arms(武装:ゴリアテ上肢 Busō: Goriate Jōshi): Is a more advance spell form of
    Goliath Arms

    Goliath Arms

    Shogun Force Arms, something that adds more incredible force to not only his own arms, but to the arm constructs that he creates when he is up against strong opponents. When the user is able to manifest and solidify multiple different arms, in some cases there is not enough Eternano to fully solidify the arm, with this spell, the user can actually merge two individual hands to create a much more solid construct, often at times showing the appearance of a much more solid arm that is much harder and looks armor-like when the user shows it. Depending on how many constructs a user is able to use, depends on how big the arms can often become, even going as far as showing to be a very heavy armor hand that is able to take on incredible attacks and easily break through steel like it was paper. It has also been seen that instead of making multiple arms on the back or sides of the user's body, it is possible to solidify the construct around the user's hand, allowing them to use their own force in the attack, resulting in an even more incredible attack and force. However, despite showing multiple uses, the spell shows to create multiple layers, meaning that how it is arranged depends on the user's manipulation of the magic. It has been shown that the arm could be considerably weaker in terms of the outer layer, but still stronger the deeper it goes down, showing that the user needs to have completely harmony and balance with the layers, else it would still be considerably weaker and unable to take the attacks of any kind.
  • Gigaith Dynasty(ジゲース王朝 Jigeisu Ōchō): Is the most powerful spell known to the Shogun Force
    Arms, it is said that those who initiate the spell, are said to enter a state of mind that can actually transcend rational ways of thinking, and often allowing them to use the arms in ways that no one would ever think of. To begin using this spell, one have clear cut focus, blocking out any distractions that might be inside their minds, even their own rational mind set and imagination, relying on pure instinct to guide them through the way. While relying on instinct, the user's body begins to produce massive amounts of energy that they release from their own bodies or draw on from the Eternano in the area, channeling it into creating massive solid arms that appear from a construct made by the user's body, and solidifying the arms on it's back. The more the user solidifies incredible amounts of Eternano into the construct, the more arms will be shown until finally the construct is complete with about 100 solid hands that appear on the back of it as the user is shown to be at the very bottom. Due to still being on instinct, the user would only be able to deliver attacks when the body senses that an enemy will be approaching, resulting in them being able to manipulate all 100 arms as if they were all extension of the human body, allowing them to use each one to attack an opponent while at the same time, defending against any close-incoming attacks that might be coming towards them. It has been seen that the arms move so fast, it's as if they can almost predict when the opponent will attack and where, making this one of the most tricky and very difficult spells to defeat. However strong the spell is, the weaknesses for it are incredibly dangerous as when the user initiates the spell, pure instinct must be keep in order to use it effectively, otherwise the multiple signals coming from each arm can cause a mental overload in the user's mind, resulting in their minds losing control and the arms destroying everything in their path, good or evil. It has also been seen that such a massive spell requires a tremendous amount of Eternano, meaning it takes quite a bit of time to fully collect and solidify the arms, and leaving them vulnerable against the opponent while initiating it. The last and possibly greatest weakness to this spell is that once the energy is drained from the construct, the user must return their state of mine back to rational thinking, else they risk staying only on pure instinct, and unable to control themselves or what they are capable of.

Shatterpoint(ポイント打ち砕く Pointo Uchikudaku): is a unique fighting style Caster Magic and is known for being the Subspecies Magic of Crash that allows the user to view the various fault lines of any physical object or person they see or touch, allowing them to in term manipulate them to their advantage when the user has physical contact with said object. To begin using this magic, the user concentrates a considerable amount of magic energy into either their eyes or their hands, which allows them to see or feel for the multiple fault lines in anything around them due to nothing ever being perfect, and having weak points inside of them no matter how small or big. When the user indicates and finds said lines within others or themselves, there are two variations that Shatterpoint allows the user to manipulate them: the first version is that when the user is fighting against an opponent, they can simply cause the full breaking of the object that the user holds, which allows them to be destroyed or broken into pieces, and often can give a very powerful blow when the opponent feels it. It works by the user giving pressure to the fault line, pushing it more and more until eventually the strain is unable to bare it, which causes a powerful implosion of the fault line, dealing the damage to the opponent or the object. The second use of this magic is that instead of breaking the fault line, the user is actually able to strengthen them, or in another way, heal the weak points on the area where there is most damage to anothers body. This in term can often have medical advantages as it often allows for anyone to help in the healing process when the fault lines are more strengthened, and can give relief to those who feel it. Despite being an incredible magic, there are certain risks to it, one of which is that although it can fine fault lines, it cannot detect them through something that was made to be reinforced, which means super hard objects like swords cannot be broken easily unless it has taken near-breaking damage. The second weakness is that in order for the full search or understanding of where fault lines are, the user must have physical contact with someone for more than 20 seconds to allow a full analyze of where the fault lines are hiding, making them an easy target to an enemy.


Telepathy(念話 Terepashī): is a common Caster Magic that allows one to mentally connect with another person, connecting with their mental wavelength, and communicating with them through thought as well as transfer images by visually linking with them. It begins by the user concentrating mentally, sending out Eternano through their brain patterns as it projects itself outside of the physical body, allowing the user's mind to reach out to nearby people, reconnecting with their brain waves, and connecting them to talk between mental patterns that translates into words for them to understand. It has also been seen that it is possible to connect visual links between the two, allowing the user to see what the person sees, and vise-verse, making it a very handy magic whenever one is going on a covert mission and needs information. However, despite it's usefulness, the main risk to this magic is the strain on the user's head as there could be a mental strain to the user if the person they're connecting to uses the connection between them against the user, and if pushed too far, can cause a mental shut down to the user that could be deadly.


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  • Despite also being my new main character, I am also making this character in memory of my loving aunt and uncle who have passed away, may they rest in peace 

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