Lucien Rose

Lucien Rose is an S-Rank Mage belonging to Revolution Spire. Lucien speaks with a French accent and calls the women he meets 'chérie'.


Lucien Rose was originally a wealthy aristocrat. Lucien, also spent time dealing with criminals to either remove obstacles as he called them, or to simply get more money. Eventually, however he was found out by the Government and was arrested by the Rune Knights.

He spent a long time in his cell, until Evlite Dullahan broke him out and recruited him for his guild, Revolution Spire. He has been with the guild ever since.


Lucien is very flirtatious with attractive women, even if they are his opponents. Despite his flirtatious nature, in battle Lucien is ruthless, carrying out his missions with cold effiecency.

Magic and Abilities

Lucien has a number of magical abilities that have something to do with a rose:

  • Rosen Storm: Lucien creates a large and powerful hurricane that also scatters red rose petals.
  • Rose Vine: Lucien creates large vine covered in thorns that he uses to ensnare his opponent. These vines can sprout from the ground or Lucien can create them from his hand.
  • Thorny Blast: Lucien fires a barrage of thorns at his opponents.
  • Dark Rose: Lucien causes a large black rose, about the same size as him. Unlike other plants this magical flower draws fire towards it and absorbs it. Lucien is able to control three Dark Roses at the most.
    • Dark Rose Flamme Vulcain: Lucien commands the Dark Rose to release the fire that it has absorbed as a stream of bullets.
  • White Rose: Lucien causes a large white rose, about the same size as him. This rose then takes nutrients from the soil and then releases the energy and using it Lucien's wounds are healed.

Inferno Lacrima: Evlite gave Lucien a special lacrima that releases a large amount of flames. While, once released the flames cannnot be controlled Lucien is able to use them to power his Dark Roses.