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Ludius Grande Di Tetsuya



Rudiusu Gurande Di Totsuya


The Emperor of Thunder (伏魔殿の抑制器(ザ天皇のライトサンダー), Kaminari no Tenō)
Tetsuya, The Storm Bringer (ストームブリン, Arashi no Tetsuya)
Retainer of Spirits (スピリッツの保持者, Supirittsu no Hojisha)
Asmodeus (アスモデウス Asumodeusu)


Human (Corrupted)


Male.png Male


19 (X790)
24 (X795)




186 lbs


18px-Astrological Sign Scorpio.svg.png November 11th, X771

Hair Color

Soft Brown

Eye Color

Light Amber

Blood Type


Professional Status

Dawn Horizon Guild Mark.png Dawn Horizon
Trident Alliance.png Trident Alliance

Previous Affiliation


Guild Mark Location

Bottom Right of Lower Back


Guild Master of Dawn Horizon
Trident Alliance Leader
Independent Mage
Freelance Mercenary

Previous Occupation

Wandering Mage



Previous Partner(s)


Base of Operations

FioreDawn Horizon HQ

Personal Status


Martial Status



Drayden (Foster Father)
Sabrina Mercury (Godmother/Mentor)
Ludius Bartholomew Di. Alwyn (Half-Brother)
Pele (Mother in Law)
Mizuki Tachibana (Wife)
Ludius Grande Di Suiko (Daughter)
Taiga Tachibana (Son)


Lightning Magic
Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic
Molding Magic (Lightning-Make)
Demon Mask
Familiar Spirit Magic
Sinful Spirit Magic (Mammon)
Darkness Magic (Demon Mask)
Wind Magic (fused Familiar Spirit)


Ikazuchi (電光石火鳥刺し(イカズチソード), Ikazuchi; English for "The Thunder Bird" lit. "Lightning Bird of Heaven"

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"A prison becomes a home when you have a key."
The Original Red

Ludius Grande Di Tetsuya (ルディウスグランデディ・トツヤ Rudiusu Gurande Di Totsuya), who also goes by the name of Tetsuya Nightfall (哲也ナイト フォール Totsuya Naitofouru) as his alias during his mercenary days, and also affectionately referred to a just Tetsuya or Tetsu, is the Guild Master of the famous Independent Guild, Dawn Horizon and a powerful wizard known throughout Earthland as the Emperor of Thunder (ザ天皇のライトサンダー Kaminari no Tenō) for his signature and deadly usage of Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic. As both the guild master of Dawn Horizon and one of the three supreme leaders of the Trident Alliance — sharing this illustrious title with Shintaro Tiberius and Francine Azure, Tetsuya's reputation among wizards in Ishgar has become unparalleled and he is widely recognized as both an extremely dangerous magician and a highly respectable renegade figure in the world of magic.

Being a corrupted human that has no recollection of his parents — Tetsuya's origin of his birth and memories of his childhood remain a complete mystery to him and he has made it one of his life long missions to unlock the secrets of his past. As it turns out however, one of the key secrets to learning about his past comes from the fact Tetsuya is a Third Generation Dragon Slayer, having found out that he had learned Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic from a dragon before having a dragon slayer lacrima implanted inside of his body. 

Having been an orphan as long as he could remember without any parental guidance — Tetsuya's past life as a Mercenary during his younger days was a path he was pretty much forced to take to feed himself and allowed him to gather a wide array of connections across Ishgar that ultimately helped the creation of his own guild. However — this also yielded an unfavorable outcome as the Magic Council took an immediate interest in the dangerous young mage who had gotten involved with Dark Mages and they labelled Tetsuya as a pariah that needed to be erased, even dispatching the legendary secret military organization, the Avalon Brigade after him. Even to this day — the Avalon Brigade is still tasked with the mission of trying to bring down Tetsuya and Sophia Augustine, leader of the Avalon Brigade and also nicknamed the Frozen Ruler of the Ice Palace (アイスパレスの凍った支配者, Aisuparesu no Kōtta Shihai-Sha) has marked Tetsuya as her own and follows him everywhere.

As a former wandering mage — Tetsuya has traveled across the numerous countries of Ishgar in the hopes of discovering more about the world and also finding suitable and reliable comrades to join his rising guild. On this journey — he has came across several individuals who have caught his eye and through his own methods of persuading others, Tetsuya was able to win them over to his side and founded his guild with these members. Thanks to Tetsuya's leadership, the Dawn Horizon guild has prospered and became recognized as one of Fiore's strongest guilds that has the same influence and gathers the same respect as even the legendary Fairy Tail Guild. Speaking of Fairy Tail, Tetsuya has always dreamt of surpassing the reputation that the infamous guild has but at the same time, holds a great amount of respect for their members, especially Laxus Dreyar who is a fellow Dragon Slayer of the same element

Tetsuya has various goals he has set his sights on trying to accomplish in his lifetime, but the most prominent one he is actively trying to achieve is his dream of making Dawn Horizon the most powerful guild not just in Fiore, but the entire Ishgar continent. The reason being, Tetsuya only feels that by being the strongest guild around, the family that he has created with his companions will never be torn apart and he can continue his days of questing and adventuring without worry. Individuals that Tetsuya has been able to persuade over to his side include a four hundred year old dragon, a girl who is the host of a living god, and a previously sealed away vampire who once tried to terrorize the world. 

At the moment, Tetsuya is currently travelling between countries in the hopes of discovering more skilled mages to draw to his side and join him on his conquest. During these voyages, Tetsuya also completes side quests and missions that he has spare time to do and will usually have one or more of his guild mates accompany him for both usage and entertainment.


"You should have seen him, he was a total dream boat. Tall, beautiful black hair, creamy tanned skin, and deep piercing eyes that made me almost faint from their intoxicating gaze. I'm so insanely jealous of those girls in his guild, I'd do anything to have a hottie like that as my guild master."
— A female mage describing the transcendent appearance of Tetsuya whom has become a heart throb to the young aspiring female mages of Fiore.

A fullshot image of Tetsuya's general appearance in X790 as he wears his usual garbs, consisting of a white shirt, black jacket, and protective armor.

Befitting a mage of his caliber and status — Tetsuya has the appearance of a human being who stands above normal people when considering his demeanor, presence, and facial details. Unlike some individuals however who would no doubt gloat and take pride in his god given looks, Tetsuya finds no enjoyment in doing such things and is in indifferent to the barrage of compliments he has recieved over his looks. It's not a surprise however — considering Tetsuya's background as he had more pressing concerns to occupy his mind with than how he looks to the opposite sex. That said, even Tetsuya is not immune to caring about his own personal appearance and has learned how to dress himself in a fashionable style from several of his contacts that work in the tailor business.

On the subject of Tetsuya's choice of outfits — Tetsuya's usual style of clothing that he wears on most occasions consist of a plain white shirt underneath an open black jacket with red sleeves along with matching black jeans and shoes. He also ties a purple sash onto his waist that keeps the golden leg armor he wears around his hips from falling off. Tetsuya has been known to remove his jacket from time to time during times of relaxation — showcasing the several tattoos all over his body that Tetsuya had engraved onto him since his days as a mercenary. Tetsuya has been described by many as both a young handsome stud and a gorgeous dream boat, essentially personifying the stereotypical bishōnen — a boy who has soft and feminine features that makes them prettier than even the most beautiful of woman. Whenever Tetsuya reveals himself in public, there will usually be a crowd of swarming young maidens who instantly become infatuated with the attractive guild master. In line with his personality, Tetsuya has the ability to handle these situations with finesse and swagger, sporting charming smiles at the flustered girls in his attempt to probe whatever information he can out of them.

"What a pain in the ass, these clothes I mean. Their too restricting. Though, I suppose it doesn't hurt to dress up like this once in awhile."
— Tetsuya's thoughts regarding wearing his formal clothing

Tetsuya wearing his formal business attire that he sparingly wears outside of his job as a mage. His several meetings with other guild masters will usually bring about him dressing in a formal manner.

Though Tetsuya does indeed enjoy wearing casual and loose clothing for the most part whenever he is either in battle or travelling, there have been several instances where he has donned a more formal and business like attire to suit the situation. During such situations — both Tetsuya's wardrobe and his usual attitude both taken drastic turns as Tetsuya, for a short period of time, turns into a serious and articulate adult that speaks in a more dignified manner than his usual carefree tone. The outfit itself is simple enough when you really get a look at it — a white stripped dress shirt worn underneath a black suit along with black jeans and brown dress shoes. Of course, no suit could ever be complete without both the infamous belt and neck tie, the former he wears around his waist and the latter he wears around his collar.

Adding a bit more professionalism into the mix, Tetsuya also wears a pair of black gloves on his hands that give him a mafia boss type of look and naturally, the ladies who were lucky enough to catch Tetsuya wearing the outfit go crazy over the amplified attraction that he brings. On a more serious note — the times where Tetsuya wears such formal clothing are far in between and the only instances that require such a dress code are when he has either has an important request that he's undertaking or when he has business to discuss with allied guilds, such as Cross Sector, who are highly critical of a mage's dress code in the presence of their leader, Francine Azure. Hilariously enough — after Francine had seen Tetsuya wearing his suit for the first time when he planned a meeting with her, she rather adamantly expressed that he must wear them each time he came to see her with a face flushed red, eyes blood shot, and face contorted into a perverted grin.

On a more detailed note about his appearance — Tetsuya possesses a tanned complexion along with black wavy hair that has a strand near the bottom dyed in red. These features are also complimented by both Tetsuya's impressive height as he stands above six foot, and his piercing amber eyes that are known to intimidate even the steadfast of individuals. The dragon stigma markings that cover Tetsuya's back and shoulder represent the contract he has has made with Qzelta — the familiar he has contracted and fused with by using familiar spirit magic. With a sharp jaw line followed by a toned slim build, Tetsuya's attractiveness rates on the highest scale according to female mages who have had the pleasure of either meeting him in person or having caught a glimpse of him in Sorcerer Magazine. More on that point, Tetsuya's reputation has grown so large that there is a special section in each week's edition that feature exclusive photo's of Tetsuya who has gathered an astoundingly large fan club among many guilds within Fiore.

An accessory that Tetsuya chooses to wear around his neck is a thin black necklace with a pendant attached to the bottom that Tetsuya is rarely if ever seen without for whatever reason, hinting that the necklace could have significant meaning to the mysterious man. Despite not being a man who is overly conscious about what he wears out in public — Tetsuya takes great pride in this outfit as he handpicked it himself years ago and fully believes that what he's wearing is "trending" and looks presentable to the public eye, which for the most part is.

Tetsuya's travel clothes that he dons whenever he leaves Fiore and goes on a journey across the several countries of Ishgar.

In pursuit of his goal to make Dawn Horizon the strongest guild across the entire continent, Tetsuya has needed to travel to unexplored countries on more than one occasion. To accommodate his need to dress appropriately for whatever type of weather he may encounter — Tetsuya had one of his contacts make him a travel outfit that Tetsuya will usually don whenever he has a job or mission outside of Fiore. Aside from his usual outfit, these travel clothes are Tetsuya's most worn threads that he personally approved of after giving the tailor multiple design ideas that would suit his "unique" tastes. Several weeks later — the outfit was finished and Tetsuya was more than pleased with the result as he donned the outfit immediately and has since always felt more comfortable whenever he travels. When describing the outfit itself, Tetsuya wears a black vest over top of a white collared shirt that he will usually not tuck into his belt for whatever reason.

What sets the outfit apart from his usual clothing however is the signature black cloak that he wears around his shoulders that reach all the way down to his ankles. The cape was an addition that Tetsuya's tailor had suggested to him in order to give the complete outfit a more urban look — something which Tetsuya was very happy and pleased with. The cape also comes with a back hood that Tetsuya can wear on his face to hide his identity whenever the Magic Council are seen within the area or if he is trying to blend into a crowd and escape. Tetsuya's prized katana, Ikazuchi (雷バード Thunder Bird) can usually be seen being worn by Tetsuya around his waist if one looks close enough but the cape also does a good job of concealing the weapon in its volume, giving Tetsuya the edge in a surprise confrontation as his enemies could be taken off guard by his hidden weapon.

As a mercenary that began his training during his early childhood, Tetsuya's body has undergone extensive training and the result of such intense and extreme workouts has given Tetsuya the figure akin to that of a toned bodybuilder — with toned muscles all around his biceps, pecs, abdominal muscles, and lats. Tetsuya's attractiveness doesn't just stern from his facial features, his ability to keep his body in fantastic shape is another method on how he is able to continuously attract the ladies, no matter what age they may or may not be. That said — Tetsuya cannot deny that helpful advantage of his demon blood that allowed him to mold his body to a more perfect degree. Tetsuya's muscles aren't as visible when he wears his signature outfit but become more noticeable when he wears either his business attire or his travel attire. Tetsuya's body was also a product of good nutrition as he doesn't splurge on snacks or sweets and sticks to a high calorie low carb diet plan, with the occasional cheat day where he orders whatever he wants and splurges like a starving pig.

A close up look at Tetsuya's well built and toned physique that he has developed over the years as a result of intense training.

Tetsuya even suggested his diet plan to several of the woman of his guild who he believed needed to lay off the sweets, earning their ire as they are the ones who are supposed to be focused on watching their figures and not the other way around. On the topic of his training — Tetsuya installed a gym facility inside the guild base after having seen Jazz's own gym and Mei's dojo, spurring Tetsuya's desire to have his own work out facility inside of his home. That said, he still frequently visits Jazz's Gym (as he has a membership) and Mei's Dojo to spar with the lovely ladies who he has grown to respect and admire for their dedication to physical fitness. Unlike most modern mages that don't seem to train very often and rely more on their magical capabilities than their physical attributes, Tetsuya will never go a day without training and always makes sure to find time to complete an intense work out in the morning before beginning his day as a guild master. That work out includes hundreds of push ups, sit ups, running several kilometers, lifting an unfathomable amount of weight — and of course sparring against against those within his guild and with allies affiliated with Dawn Horizon in some way, as mentioned above.

This kind of dedication towards one's physique was not something he randomly decided to do, it's been drilled into him ever since he was a kid and Tetsuya has remained vigilant in making sure to stay in tip top shape. While his appearance is normal for the most part — Tetsuya cannot completely hide the fact that he is indeed a corrupted human and will undergo a change whenever his demon blood begins to boil. In several instances where Tetsuya has fought challenging opponents, his desire and thirst for a good fight will forcibly awaken his demon blood and cause his usual round amber eyes to morph into thin yellow eyes with slit pupils. His teeth will begin to change as well and are replaced with sharp fangs — similar to that of a canine that also match Tetsuya's primal personality shift during such occasions. The state doesn't last forever and Tetsuya can find himself returning back to normal whenever his blood lust begins to sedate or when he gets knocked unconscious.Many people are somewhat scared of Tetsuya's change whenever he awakens like this but those who are close to him all know and care for Tetsuya far too much to let this bother them and will always make sure that he changes back and remains the guild master that they cherish.


"Tell me, is the sky really the limit for us humans? Is there really no way for us to soar past our mortal chains and reach above the skys? If there is such a thing as reaching the top of world, then I will be the one to grasp it with my own hands and I don't care who or what obstacles stand in my way, I will succeed."
— Tetsuya's ambitious speech towards his companions as he continues on his path of overcoming the council and creating a family for those who join Dawn Horizon.

Tetsuya gazing at the moon, eyes filled with determination in his pursuit of making his guild the strongest guild to ever come into existence.

The overall impression that many people seem to draw upon Tetsuya after getting to know a bit of his personality is that he is clearly a being who believes in himself with a level confidence, optimism, and idealism that defies common sense. The way Tetsuya carries himself wherever he goes, the way he speaks to others who pique his interest, the way he handles all business affiliated with expanding his guild — there's no one better at what Tetsuya does as he has committed his entire existence towards accomplishing his, rather selfish but admirable, goals. What inspires those around Tetsuya is his refusal to accept anything but the perfect result and his habit of imposing his will on others who at first dismiss him is staggering. Dawn Horizon — the guild that Tetsuya had created himself wouldn't be able to function the way it does if Tetsuya wasn't who he was and it comes as no surprise that those who have been taken in by Tetsuya and recruited by him all hold a high level of respect for him.

On the surface — Tetusya's usual demeanor is that of a polite, well mannered gentleman who has a knack for saying the right thing at the right time to establish a good impression of himself to others. Despite not growing up with the best education what with being a mercenary during most of his childhood — Tetsuya still found the time to study various books on different languages and social etiquette that has paid off in spades in regards to his dealings with strangers for the first time. More often than not, you will find Tetsuya speaking in a formal but comfortable tone with others that doesn't put people off and has the effect of drawing them closer towards him by using subtle compliments. He's very charming and charismatic, easily able to win people over to his side with both his humor and ambition that others can't help but be drawn towards. This way of speaking allows others to think of Tetsuya as a very likable person — disregarding all of the false rumors spreading around about him thanks to the Magic Council that are not fond of Tetsuya's public image to most mages. Aspiring mages all look up to Tetsuya and his independent guild and those who have been fortunate to meet Tetsuya in person have favorable impressions of his laid back but also mature demeanor, befitting someone of his status and infamy.

One of Tetsuya's bad habits of initiating close proximity with other people, usually causing young girls to feel flustered.

Tetsuya's reputation across the continent of Ishgar regarding his relationships with woman have been so exaggerated that it has crossed into legendary territory. While it is already wide spread knowledge that he is quite a flirt — the rumors surrounding Tetsuya and the woman he has been with are almost always folk stories that jealous and envious men come up with as a way of projecting themselves onto Tetsuya's rather enviable lifestyle. Too many times have people heard that Tetsuya is so engrossed in his lust that he will go after even young girls who aren't of age yet — or that he has become so low that he will steal a kiss from any girl he likes the moment he sees them.

Obviously — none of these blatantly false rumors are true for the most part but there is a bad habit that Tetsuya possesses that has lead to several misunderstandings. To elaborate, Tetsuya's lack of personal space when speaking with some woman has been a negative trait of his that has created more needless rumors about him to the public eye. What that means is that often times, Tetsuya will bring his body closer to a woman he is speaking with to initiate some form of physical contact for no apparent reason other than for pure enjoyment and to see their reaction. Many maidens have found themselves flustered when Tetsuya approaches them so closely and casually touches their arm or head. When people catch Tetsuya doing this, it begins to make alot of sense why others believe him to be some sort of casanova, confusing the poor man who doesn't understand why he is being looked at with such looks by those around him.

If there's one thing about Tetsuya that has made him such an awe inspiring figure in both his guild and Fiore — it is his acceptance of others who are different than normal people. As a corrupted human, Tetsuya knows the feeling of being seen as a monster all too well and has had eyes of scorn and distaste thrown at him for what seemed to be an eternity to him when he was a child. There's no one who knows the pain and suffering of those who are judged differently because of some feature about them that's not normal more than him and so in response to that — Tetsuya has a very sympathetic heart towards individuals who are like him. In fact, quite a few members of his own guild have been individuals who have all suffered at some point in their lives from being persecuted by others and aside from their powerful abilities — this fact alone makes Tetsuya want to reach out to them and aid them in their plight. Slayers in particular are especially drawn towards Tetsuya who is a Slayer himself and has not just an emotional connection with them but also a spiritual one as well. That said, Tetsuya will only cater to those who are strong enough to leave a solid impression on the battle drive guild master and it comes as no surprise that Tetsuya has no interest in recruiting individuals who are weak and cowardly. Tetsuya has no tolerance for people who are weak because they refuse to change themselves and does not hold any sympathy for those that are spineless and cowardly in nature.

A demon awakened Tetsuya licking the blood off his lips as his body begins to crave destruction during the middle of a fight.

While it may be true that Tetsuya's overall persona is that of a well spoken gentleman who is able to get along with anyone — there is a hidden side to him that many people are aware of. This "side" of him only appears when Tetsuya in engaged in battle with an enemy that is able to bring out the "beast" within him and push him to his edge, resulting in Tetsuya's personality shifting and appearance changing to match the blood lust over taking him. A rather terrifying and creepy smile will usually follow as a sign that Tetsuya has "crossed over" into his more beast like personality. Thanks to his demon blood — Tetsuya's desire to fight powerful enemies is heightened to an almost uncontrollable state whenever he begins fighting an adversary that catches his attention.

Once the change has begun, Tetsuya will drop his "gentleman" act and transform into a crazed battle junkie that has no objective other than to crush the enemy that is standing in his way. This side of him has shown up particularity when Tetsuya tracks down wandering mages and fights them to see if they are worthy enough to join his guild as most of the mages he has gone after have all turned out to be powerful individuals who are capable of fighting Tetsuya on even ground, such as Heliconia Aster, Sabrina Mercury, and Mizuki Tachibana. In this state —Tetsuya even develops somewhat of a "sadistic" personality as he enjoys seeing the blood of his enemies spray around his blade and takes delight in their suffering. In order to leave this crazed transformation, Tetsuya will either have to forcibly will himself to get a grip on himself or have to be knocked out cold, with the former happening on most occasions while the latter has only occurred a couple of instances.

Tetsuya's usual look of disgust and shock when he comes back home and sees a pile of garbage littered in his base.

In what many can describe as very surprising or just downright shocking — Tetsuya is very dutiful when it comes to keeping the guild base clean and is always chewing those who make a mess and don't clean up after themselves, Dyson and Lindsey being the prime culprits. Tetsuya didn't have many nice things growing up, so he always made sure to keep anything he had on him clean and even the blades he would pick up on the ground, he'd dust off and polish as he couldn't stand carrying a dirt weapon — a little ironic considering that as a child, he was wore filthy clothes due to his absence of money. Now that he's acquired the money he's long coveted, Tetsuya doesn't take for granted keeping the place he's built presentable and tidy, sharing this particular trait with one of his Sinful Spirits; Isabella.

It should also be noted that Tetsuya is the one who usually refurnishes the food, drinks, and anything related to cooking whenever he goes shopping as his guild mates are utterly clueless at buying the right ingredients. This works in his favor at the least as whenever he shows his face at the local market, he'll no doubt have tons of swooning older woman who will give him great deals and discounts — which Tetsuya exploits as he's fully aware of the effect his face has on certain woman. You could even say that Tetsuya acts like the "mother" of the family as he's the one usually in the kitchen, cooking meals for his guild mates that are obsessed with his cooking and can't even seem to function without having Tetsuya prepare them their meals.

When it comes to recruiting other individuals into his guild that pique his interest, Tetsuya has shown a persistence that borders on obsession from time to time. Because Tetsuya's dream is to create the strongest guild imaginable, having only the best of the best beside him is crucial for his plans and as such — he's not willing to allow powerful mages to escape from his grasp when he evaluates them. His fight against Mizuki Tachibana proved this point — Tetsuya's infatuation of getting Mizuki to join his guild was so apparent that he was willing to go as far as potentially killing himself in the process. That all said, Tetsuya does indeed know his limits and if someone declines his invitation after defeating him or just flat out refuses even if he wins, then Tetsuya is willing to drop the matter but will still insist on them at least becoming his ally as Tetsuya finds more enjoyment in spreading his connections world wide as opposed to just remaining unaffiliated.

Tetsuya subconsciously blushing in the presence of woman whom he either thinks of as incredibly beautiful or that has an aura of maturity about them.

Hilariously enough, despite the fact that Tetsuya is usually the one causing others (or rather, woman) to blush in his presence — it has been shown that he is also prone to innocent blushing during situations where he is looked at by woman he is attracted too. He may find himself subconsciously turning away from their direct eyes as his face will light up a bit, an indication that he is indeed flustered. Tetsuya may have his own experiences with woman as an adult, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not also suspect to being embarrassed himself as he isn’t accustomed to being the passive one when speaking to the opposite sex. This was highly evidenced in his talks with Sabrina and Jazz where Tetsuya had found himself subconsciously blushing in the presence of these two who are two of the most mature woman he has come across and aren’t shy at all when talking to him, unlike the other various woman he has met. Some have speculated that because Tetsuya never had or knew his mother when growing up, he has an instinctive shyness around mother like figures or rather, woman that exhibit an aura of maturity around them. This also explains why he’s never shy around immature or childish woman, such as Lindsey or Evangeline who have their varying degrees of immaturity in them. In recent times, he's even been shown to blush around Mizuki as while she was quite immature back when she first met him, her newfound maturity and developed body have left him unable to hide the flushed emotions that he goes through whenever she's with him.


"I can't remember anything of my past except the days I spent wondering where I would get my next meal."
— Tetsuya speaking of his past days working as a mercenary

A young Tetsuya sitting on the floor by himself, a common sight for the orphaned child as he had no parents or friends to hang around with when growing up.

Very little is known about Tetsuya's past — as he even he himself does not recall anything prior to his days enlisting as a mercenary for various underground guilds. The topic of his past is not a sensitive spot for Tetsuya as he no qualms with speaking about it to those who make a good impression to him and he will not hide anything from those truly wish to know about him as he feels that if he doesn't speak on all of his experiences during his childhood, he will eventually lose those memories as well. As a result of having no memories of his mysterious past, Tetsuya firmly believes that he is an orphan and that his parents were both killed shortly after he was born — not believing (or really caring for that matter) that their still alive somewhere today.

He doesn't even know where he was born or what his country of origin is — his birthday being the only thing he can remember. The most logical conclusion that many have come up with regarding Tetsuya's lack of memories is that he experienced some form of memory loss as a child, perhaps as a result of a traumatic experience — that may or may not be connected with the fact that he possesses demon blood. The earliest memories of Tetsuya's past that he can recall are all related to his previous life as a mercenary working to feed himself as he was a mere boy with exceptional potential to become a powerful mage in the future. Tetsuya's only purpose back then was to do as much work as he could to fill his empty stomach but that wasn't always an easy path as there were numerous missions that Tetsuya failed to complete and went hungry as he had no money to buy food. He resorted to stealing several times during these days and became a pariah to the poor district of whatever city/street he was in — bouncing from town to town whenever his reputation became a problem.

At such a young age, Tetsuya couldn't process why he had to endure such a harsh lifestyle and twisted his personality into that of a cold-hearted and ruthless killer that spared no one and trusted no one. It was the only way he learned how to survive the days, followed by weeks, followed by months, and followed by years of picking scraps off the ground and taking missions that were almost impossible for undisciplined mages. Tetsuya was very resourceful in his training and learned how to wield a sword on his own, picking up rusty and broken down swords on several battlefields and using them each on separate occasions until they were no longer of use. It was during this time of solitude and self preservation that Tetsuya's trust in others was almost non existent. Because no one tried to reach out to Tetsuya to help him, the boy grew to develop a withdrawn sense of isolation that made him believe that no one loved or cared for him. Mercenaries that Tetsuya occasionally worked with were either extremely jealous of his undeniable potential and purposely sabotaged his missions or were terrified of his power — especially in regards to whenever Tetsuya's eyes and teeth would become demon like.

In fact, one particular mission that Tetsuya was involved with had him and his comrades from the mercenary guild attempt to capture a powerful magic beast that had claws and horns that were rare and priceless items on the market. On that mission, Tetsuya and his team were nearly slaughtered as the magic beast posed to be too much for them to handle, along with Tetsuya making a fatal rookie mistake that made the situation even worse. Believing that his comrades would bail him out, Tetsuya's trust in those same others was shattered when he was betrayed by those "comrades" who attempted to use him as bait him while they made their escape — a common tactic by cowardly mercenaries that wanted to live. Used as a sacrificial piece by his supposed allies, Tetsuya's anger and resentment caused him to tap into his demon blood even more and manifest his first demon mask. With this newfound power, Tetsuya made short work of the helpless magic beast but didn't stop there as he proceeded to track down and butcher the mercenaries that abandoned him. For Tetsuya, this event was somewhat of an awakening as he realized that it didn't matter if he placed his trust in others or not— as long as he was strong enough to kill those who betrayed him.

It was inevitable that once the rumors stared going around, people would begin to see Tetsuya differently after hearing about a young boy wearing a demonic mask slaying those that stood in his way. Tetsuya became somewhat of a pariah to the mercenary guild as he would silence the crowds of terrified adults that hung around the building whenever he showed up to either take another request or come to collect his earnings. People looked at him differently — eyes full of contempt and fear as those who saw Tetsuya branded him as some sort of child from hell and cursed him. These slanderous things being said about him didn't bother Tetsuya, who ignored all of the whispering behind his back and continued the lifestyle of a mercenary until he overheard a plan to ambush him from a large group of gathered adults who believed Tetsuya would bring a curse onto their city. Knowing that he couldn't stay any longer, Tetsuya packed up whatever belongings he had and left — following his own path as he searched for more available work, no matter where it led him. 

"Strength is what I need. I won't stop getting stronger, I'll keep getting stronger, no matter what it takes"
— Tetsuya's ambition to become stronger and surpass his limits

A teenage Tetsuya gazing into the sky, reflecting on his life as he pursues his ambition of becoming stonger.

Years later, after Tetsuya had become a young teenager, he had moved across the several countries of Ishgar — completing any sort of requests he was offered and making a name for himself as a frighteningly powerful mage who showed no mercy to anyone on his hit list. His journey eventually led him to settling on living within the Kingdom of Fiore, as the numerous guilds and opportunities to learn more useful magic was a chance too good to pass up for the eager young mage. Tetsuya searched the countryside looking for an individual who was said to be in possession of a dragon slayer lacrima that he had his eyes on as he had learnt of the destructive power of Dragon Slayer magic and wanted one for himself.  

Once he had found the individual — who refused to give the lacrima to him as he planned on selling it to a specific buyer, Tetsuya murdered the man with ease and implanted it into himself as he became a wielder of Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic and very quickly learned how to control the far more versatile and powerful slayer magic as opposed to ordinary Lightning Magic. As it turns out however, Tetsuya had already known how to perform Thunder Dragon Slayer techniques but had somehow forgotten them until he had the lacrima implanted inside of his body, another puzzle to add to his mysterious past. With Tetsuya's potential as a stellar mage and already a foundation of being taught slayer magic, he quickly grasped the inner workings of his newfound magic and gained the infamous nickname, the Emperor of Thunder for his mastery over lightning. Tetsuya's greed towards learning more magic continued to grow as he kept gathering more suitable magic that blended in seamlessly with his arsenal, eventually even finding one of the Sinful Spirit Gate Pendants. Tetsuya was unfamiliar with the item but did some digging and found that he could learn how to summon Sinful Spirits and decided to make a contract with Mammon, the original Sinful Spirit of Greed — who was more than pleased with the endless greed within Tetsuya's heart.

Having learnt over six different forms of unique and useful magic, Tetsuya began to work on molding his fighting style into an unpredictable and relentless assault that would throw off any adversary in his way. Training was also a priority for Tetsuya who increased the intensity of his work out plans by several times over so he would be both magically and physically prepared for the no doubt challenging requests that awaited him in the mercenary guilds of Fiore. Tetsuya's rise in fame within the borders of Fiore was expected to say the least as he quickly became a widespread topic among the mages circle and even the Magic Council took an interest in him as the news of his cooperation with numerous dark guilds had gotten out. Sometime during his late teenage years, Tetsuya met Francine Azure and Shintaro Tiberius as the duo were both also young and upcoming mages who had established themselves as the most influential powers of the mercenary/independent guilds — with Cross Sector and Fallen Dusk maintaining the balance of power between independent guilds within the borders of Fiore. They both had the pleasure of working with Tetsuya and quickly became associated with him after hearing the rumors of his exceptional skill and usage of lost magic.

Needless to say — both Francine and Shin were stunned by the young man's showing of combat and tactical capability and had plans to recruit Tetsuya into their respective guilds. This approach obviously didn't go over well as Tetsuya had no intentions of working under someone and didn't trust anyone as the experiences of his past were still fresh in his mind. Having said that — a lingering feeling of loneliness began to wash over Tetsuya as he couldn't explain why he began to feel envious of Francine and Shin and the camaraderie of their guilds. Tetsuya believed that he didn't need or want anyone as a friend and could enjoy life just by getting stronger and killing those who betrayed him but that didn't seem to satisfy his heart that secretly yearned for companionship. As time went on, a bond began to form between the three mages and slowly, Tetsuya's disposition on having allies and companions began to change. Shin and Francine were more than capable of handling themselves in a fight and weren't inferior to Tetsuya in any way, except in raw power.

"Y-You idiots... just abandon me already... stop making me feel happy that you're still here..."
— Tetsuya's heartfelt words as he lets his emotions get the better of him

Tears falling from Tetsuya's face after being shown that he can trust other people and that he no longer has to do everything alone anymore.

Tetsuya soon found himself slowly enjoying the duo's company, even if it wasn’t intentional, but that growing bond between them was truly tested during the middle of a mission where Tetsuya, Shin, and Francine were partnered together to eliminate the guild masters of several smaller dark guilds that were planning on forming an alliance. The guild masters proved to be a powerful challenge that the trio weren’t able to handle at the time and Tetsuya received a grave injury after making a rookie mistake and letting his guard down. In that state, Tetsuya saw the hopeless situation like it was when he was a child — believing that his mistakes would lead to Shin and Francine sacrificing him to save their own skins.

Shockingly however, Shin and Francine stepped in front of Tetsuya to shield him and proclaimed that they wouldn’t let the enemy lay a single finger on him. Tetsuya was stunned into disbelief, unable to comprehend why they were shielding him when he had gotten himself and them into the desperate situation they were in. Hearing Shin and Francine state that he was an idiot if he thought they'd abandon him just because he made a mistake, Tetsuya broke out into tears as the repressed loneliness and sadness of never knowing what it was like to have someone call themselves his friend and being told it was okay to make a mistake, all came pouring out at once. Finding his new resolve, Tetsuya stood once again and with Francine and Shin by his side, they somehow pulled it off and completed the mission — with Tetsuya blushing in embarrassment as he awkwardly thanked the duo, something he had never done before. From that moment on, the bond between the trio became tightly knit and the previously withdrawn and distrusting Tetsuya soon disappeared, replaced by a friendly and more open Tetsuya — paving way to the carefree Tetsuya that exists today.

With all that said, Tetsuya still did not join Francine or Shin's guilds as he had made up his mind of what he wanted to do now — create his own guild and gather the strongest mages across Ishgar as a way of helping those that could be just like him; a lonely drifter that needed someone to reach out to them. This goal of Tetsuya's was a tough one but nevertheless, he was beyond motivated and began his quest by applying for a guild at the Magic Council, establishing the Dawn Horizon guild — that would unfortunately be forced to become an independent guild as they were stripped of their right to be called a Legal Guild after the council discovered the criminal history of several members, including Tetsuya. This did not derail Tetsuya in the slightest as he had already heard from Shin and Francine that he should have expected something like that.

Carrying on with his dream, Tetsuya (along with Shin and Francine) soon became a target of the secret military organization under the council; the Avalon Brigade — as at this point, the council had learned of Tetsuya's ludicrous ideals and wanted to put and end to all three troublesome guild masters before they would become a threat in the future. Sophia Augustine, a fearsome user of Ice Dragon Slayer Magic and her squad were assigned the role of capturing and detaining Tetsuya, with orders to even kill him if need be — a task that Sophia was more than willing to accept. She and her squad tracked down and cornered Tetsuya several times but were unable to ever get the better of the resilient young guild master who always stayed one step ahead of them — both in tactics and combat capability.

These clashes between Tetsuya and Sophia became more frequent as time went on and Tetsuya even began to think of Sophia as an obsessed stalker who couldn't leave him alone, but also found her strangely charming and attractive as he casually flirted with the woman on numerous occasions. In a funny twist of fate, it was thanks to Tetsuya's newly changed personality that he was able to charm both Sophia and Violet Miyamoto, with the latter even falling in love with him and defected from the Avalon Brigade to join Tetsuya and his guild, becoming one of the founding members of Dawn Horizon who is fully devoted and loyal towards Tetsuya. Once Tetsuya had gathered more members of his guild and established their guild base within the deep forest of Daybreak City that was located in Fiore, they formed the Trident Alliance between Fallen Dusk and Cross Sector as Tetsuya, Francine, and Shintaro all became closely allied with one another to combat the Avalon Brigade who was aiming to eradicate all of them.




Tetsuya wielding his personal weapon — the Ikazuchi, that he had crafted after gathering a list of rare and hard to come by materials

Ikazuchi (電光石火鳥刺(しイカズチソード), Ikazuchi; English for "The Thunder Bird"): The Ikazuchi is the personal weapon of Tetsuya — which was crafted by a well known blacksmith sometime during Tetsuya's journey throughout the countries of Ishgar. At this time, Tetsuya still hadn't found a reliable weapon (or more specifically, a sword) he could use without breaking often and just picked up whatever blades he could either on forgotten battlefields or in old abandoned workshops that he came across. Once his funds began to increase as the level of difficulty rose in his jobs, Tetsuya invested almost all of his savings into hiring a skilled blacksmith in Fiore who was infamous for the several powerful katana's he had forged and distributed throughout the world. After putting in his request of forging a perfect sword, Tetsuya searched for the rare materials that the blacksmith instructed him to retrieve in order to create the type of sword Tetsuya wanted. After he had delivered them, the blacksmith got to work on the sword and several days later, it was completed — a shining and memorizing blade now being held within Tetsuya's hands as he was more than satisfied with the creation. The original name of the sword, Ikazuchi was born after Tetsuya combined his lightning magic with the sword's swing and was able to mold his lightning through the sword in order to create quite literally — a Thunder Bird. Thus, the Ikazuchi was born from an attack that Tetsuya had just made up on the spot.

The blade takes the form of a traditional japanese katana that Tetsuya carries around his waist along with a black sheath for the katana whenever he's not using it. On a more detailed note, the Ikazuchi's blade engrosses a beautiful silver color and has the standard size and length of an ordinary katana but possesses a much more refined edge as the blade is extremely sharp — a perfect tool for cutting even the thickest and densest of armor. The hilt of the blade is the same color as its sheath, black but should be noted for having a golden handle near the middle of the blade. The katana weighs roughly the same as an average blade but has a denser structure than most weapons and so while it may not be heavy to carry around, its still more than capable of producing immense amounts of damage and destruction. As it was created through the use of several hard to come by and rare materials, the Ikazuchi's durability and potential growth are astounding to say the least. The blade was a masterpiece according to the blacksmith — who named it as one of his best creations that he is very proud to have forged as it's strength compared to the other katana in his workshop is otherworldly.

Tetsuya channeling his lightning magic throughout his Ikazuchi in order to maximize its overall power.

Tetsuya is very fond of the weapon that he had been gifted as it is one of the few things in life he ever recieved from someone else with love and care and as a result — he values the katana as a priceless treasure. There have been many individuals that he has come across that have found the weapon intriguing and wish to possess it for themselves but Tetsuya's bond with the Ikazuchi prevents him from ever considering the thought of losing it. When using the Ikazuchi in battle, Tetsuya often wields it with his free hand — never taking any traditional or formal stances when attacking or defending. Knowing that there is a chance that his blade could be destroyed if he isn't careful — Tetsuya prefers to use his weapon from a distance and would rather dodge attacks completely than parry them with his blade if its possible. Tetsuya's often style of using the Ikazuchi with his magic is too have it combine with either his lightning magic or dragon slayer magic — even sometimes with his darkness magic when using the Demon Mask to mold and create animal based attacks. Tetsuya's greatest advantage when using his sword in conjunction with his magic is that his Ikazuchi's overall destructive power becomes multiplied several times over when combined with elemental magic and Tetsuya's versatility also increases. He can fight opponents in close combat with his sword that is coated is either lightning or darkness magic, or he can keep his distance and fire off volley's of ranged elemental attacks.

Magic and Abilities

He was like a raging storm — never giving his enemies a moment's rest as he bombarded them with an array of magic I've never seen before. I had the pleasure of seeing him in action and I'll tell you this, it was breathtaking. I guess that's only expected for a mage whose gathered the attention of the Magic Council and those big name guilds in Fiore.
— Someone who witnessed Tetsuya fighting speaking on his incredible and unpredictable fighting style.

The alignment of Tetsuya's abilities laid out in a hexagon graph.

As both the guild master of the infamous independent guild, Dawn Horizon and his status as one of the three supreme leaders of the Trident Alliance, alongside Shintaro Tiberius and Francine Azure — it comes as no surprise that Tetsuya's overall power is among the best of the best in the world of magic. Fearing no one, Tetsuya's confidence has allowed him to soar past the normal limits of an ordinary mage and transcend into an existence that only a handful of individuals across the vast realm of Earth Land can defeat when he's at maximum strength. His extraordinary potential is one of the main causes of concern for those in the Magic Council, who have made their feelings regarding Tetsuya very apparent as they wish to exterminate him for fear of him becoming a danger to the balance of power that they have sought to stabilize in Ishgar. Tetsuya's strength strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies and the Magic Council was so afraid of him possibly becoming their enemy that they dispatched the Avalon Brigade — a secret military organization of the council to quietly eliminate him (along with Shin and Francine). His strength can also be verified by the company that he keeps — several S-Class mages that are members of Dawn Horizon that each have the capability of destroying small cities when at full strength. More specifically, Sabrina Mercury (a four hundred year old dragon) and Mizuki Tachibana (who has a living god residing inside of her) are two ridiculously powerful mages that have both been swayed by both Tetsuya's determination and strength to join his guild.

With his dragon slayer magic and his inborn biology of being a corrupted human, Tetsuya's abnormal strength, speed, endurance, and overall magic capacity are taken to heights that no ordinary mage could even dream of coming to possess. You add that with all of the intense training that he has gone through and experience that he's accumulated as a mercenary and Tetsuya's ridiculous power starts to make sense. There's a reason why he's become such a widespread enigma for the mages in Fiore, as he's a mage who has no doubt power equal to that of a Wizard Saint and yet, isn't actually apart of the group for justified reasons. There has even been speculation that if Tetsuya's history wasn't filled with criminal activity involving dark mages, the council would have offered him a position as a Wizard Saint. What makes him even more terrifying is that the majority of the magic arsenal he possesses was all self taught — as in he never had an official mentor to train him or discipline him in the ways of magic. The only individuals that Tetsuya has officially learned from after reaching young adulthood are Sabrina, Jazz, and Mei; with all three teaching him only a small handful of his complete move set.

Ways of Combat

Tetsuya displaying his exceptional hand to hand close combat skills as he dispatches several enemies.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Physically speaking — Tetsuya is in top condition, allowing for him to perform in close combat quarters almost flawlessly. Most people would assume that Tetsuya specializes in swordsmanship as they rarely if ever see him fight without it but that couldn't be further from the truth as Tetsuya is a far more capable hand to hand specialist than people give him credit for. Having fought against enemies since childhood, Tetsuya has built a solid foundation of versatile techniques and uses his intuitive mind alongside his natural talent to surprise his enemies with unpredictable moves. With no formal instructor, everything that Tetsuya has learned has been self taught and as a result, you could say that he has created his own original style of fighting — without the fancy sounding name.

Unlike Xiao Mei — a close ally and loose teacher for Tetsuya who attacks with an aggressive kicking style and shows no signs of ahead planning, Tetsuya plays a more cunning game and analyzes his opponent before adjusting his own speed and technique to match them. By doing it this way, Tetsuya creates the illusion that his enemies actually have the advantage by keeping up with him but in reality, their not even close and it will make reversing the situation even more satisfying for Tetsuya as he leads them into a false sense of security. Striking with his enemies with the most precise movements, Tetsuya has trained his body to react on instinct and can match even those who specialize in physical combat as opposed to magical warfare, such as Jazz Adams — another one of his loose teachers that, while he did lose too, he impressed in battle after landing a clean hit on her face. The principle behind how Tetsuya approaches his enemies in unarmed combat is to use less excessive movement and plan his next move in advance while at the same time, studying his enemy to search for any openings. This method has proven itself to be quite effective as Tetsuya has been shown as having the capability to disarm and even knock out individuals with relative ease, even though they usually outnumber him. Even while bare-handed, Tetsuya is a dangerous adversary to confront for anyone who is foolish enough to assume that he cannot perform well in hand to hand combat.

Tetsuya's swordsmanship compliments his speed as he matches his swift opponent, blow for blow.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: As you may have already guessed it — Tetsuya is a master swordsman that has been wielding a sword as far back into his past as he can remember. Brought up with no formal instruction or style to focus on, Tetsuya has been forced to create and employ what people have called an "instinctual" style of swordsmanship that relies purely on Tetsuya's physically enhanced attributes to work. Through enough rigorous training, Tetsuya has mastered the sword to a level that can match with even the most disciplined and skilled of swordsman across Earth Land. Tetsuya employs a speed type of swordsmanship, using his highly trained speed and reaction time to combat his foes with a style of swordsmanship perfect for him. If you were to define the type of swordsman that Tetsuya is — using the word "Elegant" to describe Violet's swordsmanship and "relentless" to describe Dyson's swordsmanship; the perfect word for Tetsuya would be "adaptable".

Following that point, Tetsuya wasn't given established techniques and secret moves that he could rely on in the midst of battle and had to experiment by himself to see what worked. By doing this, Tetsuya discovered that he became most effective when he fought against enemies after studying what style they used and then "adapted" whatever style he could use to match them. His fight with Dyson is a prime example, as Tetsuya noted that Dyson was a very aggressive type of person who came at him with barely a moment's rest as he swung his sword relentlessly. To match that, Tetsuya parried all of his strikes and turned Dyson's supposed advantage of speed to his own to his disadvantage as he became fatigued and could no longer carry on with his assault, giving Tetsuya the perfect opportunity to counter strike. Tetsuya's katana, the Ikazuchi has become in essence a part of him as he wields the blade as an extension of his arm and had admitted he can no longer feel its weight when he wields it, making him an even more deadly opponent to go against. When using his Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic in conjunction with his already mastered swordsmanship, Tetsuya becomes an even more force to be reckoned with as his enemies not only have to watch out for his agile and swift movements of his swordsmanship, but also the paralyzing lightning being attached with every swing that he takes.

Physical Attributes

Monstrous Strength: While it isn't his most noteworthy trait — Tetsuya does indeed possess strength equal to that of a monster. As a child, Tetsuya was rather weak and scrawny before gaining the muscle mass he needed to improve his overall strength through intense training. One can only imagine the types of training that Tetsuya had to endure in order to reach the level of strength he possesses now — another testament to his willpower and drive as any normal person would have quit long before finishing his work out plan. What really pushed him into monster territory was the awakening of his demon blood that enhanced all of Tetsuya's physical parameters into a level incomparable to that of a normal human being. As he grew older, his physical strength continued to soar to even greater heights and at this moment, Tetsuya's current physical strength is at its absolute peak where he can destroy solid rock and carry heavy objects with relative ease.

Even though Tetsuya's main specialization revolves around his speed, one could never say that he's not a physical juggernaut as well as Tetsuya has used his strength alone to defeat enemies and nearly kill them if he doesn't hold back. Tetsuya's monstrous strength has even gotten to a level where he can create after shocks when he punches without restraint and can level an entire area by striking the ground with his hardened fist. Many have underestimated Tetsuya's physical strength as he doesn't look all that strong — considering his slender and lean build. However, underneath his clothing is the physique of a man who seems to have been chiseled out of marble, having in possession abs, pecs, and biceps that are as hard and sturdy as bedrock. Buildings will crumble rather easily if they have the unfortunate pleasure of ever coming into contact with Tetsuya's fist. One of Tetsuya's greatest feats of strength was when he caught a humongous block of ice that Sophia Augustine had summoned in one of her battles against him that had to at least weight several tons. Tetsuya not only caught the block of ice, he directed it back at her by using his raw tremendous strength and kicking it back towards the stunned ice magic user. Some of Tetsuya's guild mates find it very hard to spar with him as they always have to watch out for Tetsuya accidentally using his physical strength to crush them when they let their guards down.

Several after images appear around his foes as Tetsuya moves at an insane level of speed.

Tremendous Speed: Knowing that speed was one of the most important aspects of battle that gave the one with the superior speed the advantage — Tetsuya developed and trained his speed to a level that only a few individuals across the world can attain. Tetsuya's speed is immense, that is an undeniable fact as many have claimed that they can easily find themselves losing sight of the agile guild master who can move vast distances with only a few steps. The training involved in raising his speed to such a refined degree included strapping heavy weights onto his feet as a form of resistance training, alongside constantly running in order to build up his own natural speed. The training worked for the most part while Tetsuya was growing up but what really pushed his speed over the edge were two factors — the awakening of his demon blood and his usage of Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic. For the former, the enhanced physical attributes that the demon blood grants helped Tetsuya improve his natural speed as he was capable of increasing his already heavy training schedule to become even more agile and stronger. As for the latter, Tetsuya uses his magic cleverly and combines the properties of his lightning magic to "jolt" his body into moving faster distances, which he calls "flicker" as he disappears and reappears from one place to the other.

That's right, Tetsuya doesn't just use slayer magic offensively but also as a method of increasing his agility as he can send jolts of electricity through his body and allow him to surpass the speed limit of a normal human being. Of course, his speed when using his trump card and when he's in his normal state can't be compared but that makes little difference as both levels of speed are almost untraceable to novice or amateurs. What also helps Tetsuya's speed is his lean build as he doesn't weight alot — keeping his body fit and muscular but not too much as his speed would be hampered if he put on too much weight. His enemies can find themselves in deep peril as they have no answer for Tetsuya's lightning fast speed that transcends what they are capable of handling. Xiao Mei, a veteran martial artist and a speed type of warrior herself has even commented on Tetsuya's astonishing speed that is even capable of leaving after images when he moves his fastest. The most dangerous combination that Tetsuya can deploy thanks to his speed is his usage of his swordsmanship with his speed that allows him to slash over dozens of times in a single instance that can cut enemies to ribbons before they even know it.

A prime example of Tetsuya's superior reflexes that allow him to dodge strikes from even the fastest of adversaries.

Superhuman Reflexes: In addition to his noteworthy agility, Tetsuya also has in possession near flawless control of his body that allows him to instinctively counter his enemies during the heat of combat. In other words — his reflexes are pretty damn good. Even at point-blank range, Tetsuya's reflexes do not fail him and he can dodge strikes that no ordinary person could ever dream of following in the first place, let alone countering. Using the minimal amount of effort needed, Tetsuya can dodge strikes of considerable speed as he is accustom to fighting enemies of greater swiftness than himself — a challenge that Tetsuya spurred on himself to take his abilities even further. If we're talking about Tetsuya's natural reflexes prior to awakening his demon blood, he was definitely a cut above a normal human's average reflexes simply due to his talent and aptitude for motion related activities.

Once he began fully training his reflexes by constantly dodging strikes from all kinds of attacks and after the awakening of his demon blood — the limits of Tetsuya's natural reflexes were heightened and he became in essence, a human with superhuman reflexes. Enemies that Tetsuya would struggle to dodge before began to move in slow motion to Tetsuya and dodging and countering their moves became simple child's play for him. To take it even further, Tetsuya is able to enhance his reflexes to an even greater magnitude thanks to his Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic. By sending jolts of electricity throughout his nervous system, Tetsuya is able to apply a "shock" of sorts that makes his body react even faster than even his normal super human reflexes. Of course, there are downsides to using such an extreme method of boosting his power and Tetsuya has made it a point that he would only use that technique as a last resort against an enemy that he can't defeat with his normal methods.

Incredible Durability and Endurance: Many aren't aware of it since they never see Tetsuya fight very long battles due to him ending them very shortly but Tetsuya does indeed in fact possess astonishing stamina and endurance. Those who do witness his incredible durability are usually left in stunned silence as they aren’t able to believe such a slender and fragile looking young man could withstand huge amount of physical damage — to the point where if they themselves were to be struck with power of that magnitude, they surely would be left laid out on the ground. Attacks that can level a large part of a vast forest can somewhat easily be shrugged off by Tetsuya, whose performance in battle will not be affected much even if he is fatigued. Training his endurance was an aspect of Tetsuya's training that he did not prioritize but nonetheless — was still able to reach superhuman levels as he trained in a manner that many would describe as "insane".

Knowing that he couldn't increase his physical resistance to damage without first taking damage, Tetsuya made himself a scapegoat for attacks during his mercenary attacks and would purposely hold back in fights just to let his enemies pummel him so he could withstand the damage. With such a reckless and downright suicidal training method, many questioned Tetsuya's sanity but also couldn't help admire his resilience and determination as he was dedicated towards becoming stronger. The results of this training method certainly seemed to pay off as Tetsuya's endurance is nothing short of spectacular — being able to withstand even the most fearsome of attacks and come out relatively unscathed. There were also other fundamentals that went into Tetsuya's stamina advantage, such as learning how to focus his breathing and tighten his muscles at the moment of impact so that the damage taken from whatever attack was launched at him will be significantly reduced. Breathing is key during martial arts and Tetsuya is no amateur towards how the human body works — a testament to his intelligence as well at having studied the components of the human body.

Magical Abilities

Tetsuya's lightning like magical power being released from his body.

Immense Magical Power: Easily one of Tetsuya's more noticeable assets that he was bless with at birth — Tetsuya has in possession an insurmountable amount of magic power in his body. There hasn't been a mage that is still alive who has met Tetsuya and can claim that his magical power is anything less of monstrous whenever he engages seriously in a battle. Even among those within his own guild — Tetsuya's magical power is feared and respected by his peers, with the only mages boasting similar or even greater magical power are Sabrina, Muzuki, and Evangeline; otherwise known as the Titan Trio. One of the more interesting aspects regarding Tetsuya's unique magical power is that it seems to have a life of its own as whenever Tetsuya releases his inner magical power, the aura surrounding his body begins to violently twist — as if it were a living breathing organism trying to escape. Many have speculated that it is due to Tetsuya's corruption that gave birth to such a strange occurrence, added onto the fact that Tetsuya is an anomaly by himself that goes outside normal common sense.

The color of his magical power will usually be a radiant blue color and have similar quality to that of lightning, where sparks of electricity will escape from his body. Unlike Tetsuya's physical attributes that were trained and honed with proper exercise, his magical power has been tremendous since birth but was much more wild and uncontrolled when he was a boy. With all of that surging power within him, Tetsuya had no way of channeling his power and would unintentionally leak his magic outwards even when he wasn't in battle. Once Tetsuya had discovered the proper way of training his magical power and after maturing as he grew older, his control over his magical power had significantly increased — so much so that Tetsuya can directly focus and intimidate his enemies simply by transferring the raw magnitude of his magical power to them. Shintaro and Francine, two mages who are near equal to Tetsuya in strength and experience, have both even expressed slight fear whenever they witness Tetsuya's immense magical power for themselves and subconsciously thank the heaven's that they are his allies, rather than his enemies.

Lightning Magic

Lightning Magic (雷系各種魔法 Kaminari Kei Kakushu Mahō): Tetsuya is easily a master user of Lightning Magic — an Elemental Magic and Caster Magic that enables the user to generate and manipulate the element of lightning in a variety of different ways. Before Tetsuya had come to learn his signature Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic, he sought to find the element that best matched with his fighting style and nature, quickly discovering that he had the most affinity towards lightning. As such, Tetsuya began his training towards utilizing lightning magic through books, observation, and combat practice where his innovative mind and desire to become stronger allowed him to rapidly master the element and learn most if not all of the basic techniques. On a more simplified note, lightning magic allows Tetsuya to produce and manipulate lightning and electricity at his will, having complete control over it. His way of casting this magic varies, depending on the nature of the spell he is trying to cast but generally speaking — he will more often than not use either one of his hands or both to direct the flow of lightning. Tetsuya’s lightning magic is noticeably different in quality and strength than his famous slayer magic, primarily because his slayer magic is composed of “heavier” ethernano particles, which makes it harder to control than ordinary lightning magic but much more destructive. Tetsuya’s mastery over lightning is so great that he can even temporarily transmute his body into that of pure lightning, drastically increasing both his speed but also his reflexes to superhuman levels. Though his lightning magic isn’t as powerful as his slayer version, Tetsuya has still found ways to involve this elemental magic into his arsenal of spells that further make him a fearsome enemy to meet on the battlefield.

The wild sparks of electricity covering Tetsuya's body as he releases the Lightning Coat.

  • Lightning Coat (雷系各種肢体 Kaminari no Shijou) By using his mastery over Lightning Magic, Tetsuya is temporarily capable of coating specific (or entirely) parts of his body with lightning, enhancing that body part with the essence of lightning. Unlike the Spark Drive, which is an entirely different mode in itself where Tetsuya becoming living lightning incarnate, Lightning Coat is a spell that only acts as a way for Tetsuya to quickly boost both his offence and defense by sending electrical surges to one of his limbs and jolting it to either act faster than normal or boost the physical properties of his body. There are no hand movements involving the activation of this spell and Tetsuya can freely use it whenever he pleases. An indication that this spell is invoked is whenever Tetsuya is standing idle and sparks of electricity will appear around the designated area or just around his body in general. Situations where Tetsuya is in need of a swift boost in speed are when Lightning Coat becomes much more often used in battle, a good example being when he sends a stream of lightning to his feet and as a result — his movement speed raises significantly to dodge or launch a surprise attack. Another example is when Tetsuya sent a jolt of lightning to his right arm, allowing him to throw a right hook at least twice as fast than his normal punching speed that did a spectacular job of throwing his enemy off that was unable to predict the tempo of his attack pattern. Defense is also key in Tetsuya’s usage of Lightning Coat as he is also able to protect his body from physical harm by covering the targeted area with lightning pulses. According to Tetsuya, figuring out how to use Lightning Coat required an insane amount of both physical training and mental concentration as casting such a intricate spell demanded his total focus, otherwise it would always end in failure.
  • Lightning Double (雷系各種替え玉 Kaminari no Bushin) A unique support type of lightning spell that allows Tetsuya to create a body double purely composed of lightning and use it as a substitution in order to avoid receiving an attack. The technique works by using the lightning particles inside of Tetsuya’s body to replicate Tetsuya’s entire physical structure on a molecular level. The process only requires a few seconds and once it is finished, it would be nearly impossible for a person to differentiate between Tetsuya and his lightning clone as they are exact copies. After the copy has been created, Tetsuya can separate himself from it at the moment of impact when receiving an attack — thereby avoiding taking any damage at all while also giving him a potential opportunity for a counter attack at the enemy who may or may not be taken off guard. Because the lightning clone is composed entirely of electricity, anyone unfortunate enough to come into direct contact with it’s body can run the risk of experiencing a paralyzing effect. The Lightning Double spell does have its weaknesses though, such as the clone being unable to exist for extensive periods of time and only has a fraction of Tetsuya’s magic power to work with. Not only that but since it isn’t actually a sentient being, it can only be used as a meat shield to protect Tetsuya from harm. Nevertheless, it is still a very useful technique for Tetsuya who has gotten out of several tricky situations by having a lightning clone ready.


Lightning-Make (雷系各メーク Kaminari Meiku) is a Caster Magic and Molding Magic that enables the caster to manipulate the element of lightning into physical constructs. In Tetsuya’s case, he is able to conjure objects made entirely of electricity to increase his offensive output along with his move pool. Tetsuya is mostly a Dynamic Lightning-Make user — preferring to manipulate his lightning into the forms of animal familiars, similar to that of Lyon Vastia who is a master Ice-Make user. However, Tetsuya does also possess the ability to produce Static Lightning-Make constructs that are instead physical objects such as spears, hammers, and swords. When invoking Lightning-Make, Tetsuya’s process of summoning forth his construct will usually incorporate his treasured katana, the Ikazuchi as Tetsuya is able to channel his lightning magic through the steel blade with his hands and amplify its power by combining the two. After his lightning magic has fused with the blade, Tetsuya will swipe his finger over the blade, the several symbols across the blade beginning to radiate a yellow glow before he activates the upcoming spell. When asked on why he does this, Tetsuya explained that by running lightning through his fingers and then swiping it over the blade, it makes it much easier to fuse the two separate entities as opposed to just holding the blade and forcing his magic inside of it. Thanks to Tetsuya’s apparent mastery over lightning related magic, he doesn’t need to expand much of his magic power at all to create the lightning familiars. Speaking of those familiars, the animals that Tetsuya creates from this magic will often vary — taking the shape of a fearsome dragons one minute to a terrifying tiger the next as Tetsuya’s imagination and love of mythology likes to take over his mind.

  • The Voltage Dragon being summoned in front of Tetsuya.

    Voltage Dragon (電圧ドラゴン Boruteeji Doragon): One of Tetsuya’s signature lightning spells that he can cast by using his katana, the Ikazuchi as an extension of his body. This spell allows Tetsuya to channel his magic through his weapon and mold a lightning construct that takes the shape of a large western dragon that is made up entirely of electricity. The activation of this spell usually begins with Tetsuya running his lightning charged finger across the steel blade of his katana, imbuing it with the properties of a lightning rod. Once that’s done, he then raises his katana into the air as he begins to concentrate on shaping the electricity that is running through the blade. Bringing it downward, a lightning dragon will explode outwards from the tip of the katana and launch itself straight towards his designated target. The Voltage Dragon is a powerful construct that’s only known form of attack is crashing head first with whatever its master wants to obliterate. That said, it does have a few surprises up its sleeve, as since it is composed entirely of lightning, enemies who come into contact with the dragon’s electro body are viable to become paralyzed and unable to move their limbs. Tetsuya’s mastery over this technique is so great that he can alter the dragon’s trajectory and change its path with his katana to make it more difficult for his enemies to predict the dragon's movements.
  • The majestic shape of the Soaring Falcon.

    Soaring Falcon (雷鳴ファルコン Soaraingu Farukon): A dynamic Lightning-Make offensive spell that allows Tetsuya to manipulate his lightning to create an electric construct in the form a falcon. As a technique that is similar to that of most of Tetsuya’s other lightning-make spells, the process of casting the Soaring Falcon is nearly identical to those same spells. To illiterate, Tetsuya draws his lightning through his fingers and runs it across the blade of his katana. The blade will radiant white glow as the lightning courses through the object and Tetsuya will follow up by usually drawing his blade inward into his armpit — a noticeably different method than when he casts the Voltage Dragon. Instead of swiping vertically, Tetsuya will swipe his blade horizontally and the lightning falcon will emerge from the tip of the blade and fly across the field towards its designated adversary. The amount of power held within the Soaring Falcon is about the same as all of Tetsuya’s other lightning make spells but it should be clarified that the Soaring Falcon has a unique trait about it that makes it special. Unlike the Voltage Dragon that requires Tetsuya’s katana to directs its path, the Soaring Falcon appears to have a mind of its own as it can freely move without Tetsuya guiding it, as if it were a sentient being. The Falcon uses its instincts to track the movements of whatever enemy that it's supposed to be fighting and has impressive speed — maneuvering in an unpredictable sort of manner that makes it difficult for enemies to keep track of it. Like the Voltage Dragon, the Soaring Falcon also possesses the ability to cause paralysis to those unfortunate enough to make contact with its body and so avoiding the attack is the only sensible option for those trying to avoid being damaged.
  • A Lightning Hound standing on the ground

    Lightning Hounds (走狗サンダー Sandā Haundo): An offensive oriented lightning-make spell that allows Tetsuya to create several small lightning hounds that he can use at his disposal. Unlike Tetsuya’s other dynamic lightning constructs that usually consist of one large animal familiar, the Thunder Hounds are a smaller group of beasts that while may have as much destructive power as the other constructs — possess other traits and abilities that make them dangerous. The activation of this spell will consist of Tetsuya channeling his lightning magic through his hands and then aiming it downwards at the ground, a process that is completely different than his other more reputable techniques that require the use of Tetsuya’s katana. Tetsuya has claimed that this spell doesn’t require his Ikazuchi to use as a conduit as he can simply use his arms to create the familiars that will take the form of a small group of lightning hounds, numbering close to seven or eight. These lightning hounds can be controlled and directed by Tetsuya using his free hand that will have a surge of electricity emitting from it as an indication that there is a physical link between the beasts and Tetsuya’s own body. As for the lightning hounds abilities, they are extremely fast and agile creatures that are aggressive in nature, just like real life warhounds. Their coordination is practically flawless as since they are controlled manually by Tetsuya, he can synchronize their movements to match timing and tempo of each lightning beast. Their methods of attack usually involve biting and scratching their enemies but their greatest weapon is that once the beasts are able to grab a hold of you, they are capable of “detonating” electric surges that can produce a high voltage of electricity — easily capable of paralyzing and restricting the movements of even the most fortified of mages. The use if magic power for this technique is quite small and since Tetsuya has such an abundant supply of magic power, he can create several waves of lightning hounds to bombarde his enemies with.
  • Tetsuya wielding the Odin's Spear, a weapon constructed purely of electricity.

    Odin’s Spear (オーディーン Oudeiin Supea): An advanced Lightning-Make offensive spell that is considered one of Tetsuya’s more powerful techniques as it requires much more magic power to cast than his other lightning constructs. Odin’s Spear is a Static Lightning-Make spell that enables Tetsuya to manipulate his lightning into the shape of a long lightning spear with amazing piercing power. The activation of this spell consists of Tetsuya raising his free arm into the air, channeling his electricity through his hands as the magic gathers at the center of his palm. A few moments later after the magic has been collected, Tetsuya will begin shaping the spear as the lightning magic will twist and swirl around Tetsuya’s palm as the shape of a long lightning spear will finally take form. The object itself has no weight as it is entirely composed of lightning — making it ridiculously easy throw across vast distances with frightening speed thanks to the boosted properties of the lightning composition. The noticeable difference between this spell and Tetsuya’s Byakuraishō is that the Odin’s Spear does not have a rotational spin added on towards it and is just a stationary spear being held within Tetsuya’s hands, waiting to be thrown. The destructive power that Odin’s Spear possesses is undeniable as Tetsuya was once able to completely obliterate an entire city block with the power of the spear after the spear had made direct contact with the ground, setting off an explosion of great magnitude. A flaw of the Odin’s Spear spell that many become immediately aware of after seeing it once is that Tetsuya is unable to change the directory of the spell after he has thrown it, making it a linear type of move that can only go in one direction. That said, it is still very difficult for even a trained mage to dodge the Odin’s Spear as its speed and velocity is tremendously high.

Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic

As a Thunder Dragon Slayer, Tetsuya has the power to command lightning in any shape or form he wants.

Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic (インフェルノの滅竜魔法, Kaminari no Metsuryū Mahō) is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic, Slayer Magic, and lastly as well as most obviously, a Dragon Slayer Magic that allows the caster to utilize and manipulate the element of thunder — essentially giving Tetsuya the characteristics and powers of a Thunder Dragon. As with all Dragon Slayers, Tetsuya can consume his own respective element, with the exception of the lightning that he produce himself, to replenish his own energy reserves. The properties of Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic as opposed to Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic aren't very notable as they are practically the same thing, the only major difference being that Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic produces "heavier" forms of lightning that are slightly more powerful and dynamic than ordinary lightning. Also, it should be noted that the lightning that he can produce is directly synchronized with Tetsuya's emotions and the more excited Tetsuya becomes when facing an enemy in battle, the more powerful his lightning becomes. Tetsuya uses this form of magic in conjunction with his swordsmanship and hand to hand combat skills to significantly boost the output of his overall attack, whether they be direct attacks or ranged ones. For example, Tetsuya can produce sparks of lightning to coat his Ikazuchi — his treasured katana and then slice at his enemies with a sharp weapon that has a paralyzing effect thanks to the properties of his dragon slayer magic. Another way of having the lightning directly flow through his body and use the jolts to send voltages to his bodies nervous system to enhance his reaction time and acceleration, which he uses whenever he engages in close combat quarters to give himself a notable advantage against faster adversaries. His fighting style is rather different than another well known user of lightning related dragon slayer magic — Laxus Dreyar who uses his lightning magic without using any sort of weapon or enhancing his normal physical attributes and it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Tetsuya is a more skilled user of this magic between the two. Tetsuya's change in physical structure after having become a Dragon Slayer has allowed him to become immune to the element he uses, the case being any and all forms of lightning. Tetsuya's mastery over this type of Dragon Slayer magic is so prominent that he can also seamlessly blend it with his usage of Lightning-Make and mold his lightning into weapons of destruction — even further increasing his means of causing widespread destruction.

Tetsuya unleashing a full power Thunder Dragon's Roar on his enemies.

  • Thunder Dragon's Roar (雷竜の咆哮 Rairyū no Hōkō): Tetsuya's version of the trademark Dragon Slayer' attack, he concentrates a large volume of lightning in his mouth and releases it in a focused, destructive blast that is capable of annihilating everything in a wide area in front of him. Even in the case of the attack not knocking out the targeted individual, the special and unique properties of this slayer magic causes a strong form of paralysis to encase the foe's body — restricting their movement. By moving his head around as he casts it, he can also employ this spell in an arched trajectory, in order to hit enemies which aren't directly in front of him. Unlike most other known Dragon Slayers, Tetsuya can apparently perform his Dragon's Roar without the need for particular preparations, something which makes it notably faster to use.
  • Thunder Dragon's Breakdown Fist (雷竜の内訳拳, Rairyū no Hoken): Thunder Dragon's Breakdown Fist is an offensive Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic spell that allows Tetsuya to produce a lightning fist construct that is capable of blasting away his enemies with tremendous force. For the spell to activate, Tetsuya has to concentrate a great deal of his lightning magic into one of his arms and condense the stream of lightning around his forearm. Because the pressure of the lightning imbued fist is so incredible, a radiant spark can constantly be seen coming from Tetsuya’s arm while the spell is active. Once he has finished gathering the lightning in his arm, Tetsuya will draw his arm back and by thrusting his arm outward — he can use the momentum of the spell to fire off a lightning fist projectile towards his enemies. Once this attack hits its target, an explosion of all of the compressed lightning will appear in the form of an outburst of electricity. The range and power of this spell can be altered depending on how much lightning Tetsuya decided to place within his arm. This technique is capable of destroying even the most solidified of defenses and can also change direction mid air thanks to Tetsuya twisting his outstretched arm, giving the technique even more flexibility.

A bolt of lightning being called down from the sky, indicating Tetsuya's control over even natural lightning.

  • Thunder Dragon's Judgment (雷竜の 裁決ボルト, Rairyū no Hōkai): A rather simplistic offensive spell in theory but still a frightening move nonetheless. Thunder Dragon's Judgment is one of Tetsuya's more standard techniques that is considered one of his "staples" or "go-to" moves in the middle of battle which involves summoning a powerful thunderbolt from the sky to smite his foes with. The activation of this spell consists of Tetsuya raising his free arm into the sky, channeling his lightning magic through his body. Once his magic has finished gathering, Tetsuya is able to use his arm as a sort of "transceiver" to attract a bolt of thunder from nearby thunder clouds that are in the area. The clouds will usually separate themselves in order for the spell continue and once that's done, the spell becomes complete and the lightning bolt is summoned forth onto the ground. This spell is quite powerful, though not as potent or destructive as the Heavenly Bolt which requires much more lightning from Tetsuya to cast. The other difference is that Tetsuya uses less of his magic power to activate this spell due to the fact that the lightning being summoned from Tetsuya is in fact lightning that comes from mother nature itself, and so Tetsuya doesn't have to expand his energy to artificially create lightning — nature itself can do that for him. The after math of this spell is enough to cause mini explosion wherever the lightning bolt lands and can destroy even the most fortified of defenses.
  • Thunder Dragon's Hellstorm (雷竜の地獄暴風, Rairyū no Jigorashi): An offensive Thunder Dragon slayer technique that takes the basic Thunder Dragon's Judgment spell and takes it up a level by creating quite literally a storm of thunder bolts. Unsatisfied with just a single lightning bolt raining down on his enemies, Tetsuya took it a step further by utilizing his lightning magic to connect with drifting clouds in the sky and by manipulating the current with his lightning, he could call upon a hellish storm of lightning bolts to wreak havoc among those nearby as the spell has no set direction and is an unpredictable flurry of attacks. The magic required to perform this spell is noticeably higher than the basic inferior version but the results are much more rewarding as Tetsuya's bout with Junko Jamahakai showed as he was easily able to dispatch the numerous crucifix's the girl had summoned with this spell in mere moments.

The electric claw construct that Tetsuya conjured to slice his crush his enemies.

  • Thunder Dragon's Crushing Claw (雷竜の内の鉤爪, Rairyū no Kagizume): By gathering lightning magic into his hands and using his innate talent for molding magic, Tetsuya can produce a lightning claw construct as an offensive weapon. As per all of Tetsuya's spells, the process of activating it begins with him channeling his lightning magic within his palms. The task of doing so is quite different from when he uses the Piercing Strike spell as Tetsuya not only has to condense his magic so that it doesn't destabilize, he also has to focus his mind on forming his magic into that of a physical shape but not so much that it becomes a living weapon — the foundation of Lightning-Make. In this sense, the Crushing Claw is a somewhat difficult move to pull off for Tetsuya who is usually used to just expanding his lightning magic outwards to destroy his foes in one big attack. That said, Tetsuya's willingness and creativity to overcome his limits have allowed him to create a mastered version of the Crushing Claw that he can activate at any given moment. The claw of lightning that is born from Tetsuya's magic is extremely sharp and can rip through human skin and flesh rather easily, as if it were really the claw of a Thunder Dragon. Tetsuya can also use his flexibility to both launch the lightning claw forward as a projectile attack or change its direction mid launch to surprise and shake his enemies senses.
  • Thunder Dragon's Piercing Strike (雷竜の内訳炯炯殴打, Rairyū no Keikei Ouda): A close combat oriented spell that takes advantage of Tetsuya’s enhanced physical capabilities to perform at a dangerously lethal level. When activating this spell, Tetsuya uses the same process as when he activates the Thunder Dragon’s Spear Bullet spell — concentrating his lightning magic into his fingertips. However, what’s different is that the amount of lightning stored in his finger tips is of a much higher grade and the nature of the lightning becomes more focused and linear, as if he was sharpening an imaginary spear. Once this step has been completed, Tetsuya prepared to get into position by using his speed to close the distance between himself and his opponent and once their guard is dropped, he thrusts his lightning coated fingers into their bodies. The lethal aspect of this spell becomes apparent when contact is made between Tetsuya and his enemy as he can turn his fingers into a deadly weapon that is capable of piercing through human tissue like wet paper. Only mages who have speed equal to or greater than Tetsuya have any hope of being able to dodge or counter this move when used by Tetsuya.

A barrage of lightning spears being fired from Tetsuya's stationary body.

  • Thunder Dragon's Spear Bullets (雷竜の内訳拳槍弾丸, Rairyū no Yuudan): An offensive Thunder Dragon Slayer spell that lets Tetsuya conjure forth a rapid barrage of lightning bullets. To activate the spell, Tetsuya must first run his lightning magic through the tips of his fingers, storing a concentrated amount of lightning within them. Once he has done so, the tips of his fingers will begin to glow with a blue luminous that will emit a spark of electricity sparingly. Following that, Tetsuya can now fire that stored electricity by swiping his arm, shooting forth a barrage of lightning particles that take the form of sharp needles. The amount of needles that can be casted are usually numbered in the hundreds and are spread out when fired to provide Tetsuya more spacing in his range. Though this spell may be among Tetsuya’s weaker pool of techniques, the usability of this spell is undeniable as it has many uses — primarily dispatching a gathered mob of individuals or countering an attack similar to its own. A great example of this technique being used as a counter was when Tetsuya had fought against Lindsey Fullback and had countered her Guns Magic bullets by using the Spear Bullets to match them.
  • Thunder Dragon's Voltage Sphere (雷竜の内訳電圧区域, Rairyū no Kyuteeji): Voltage Sphere is an offensive Thunder Dragon Slayer spell that allows Tetsuya to create two large spheres of electricity that he can launch at his enemies. To activate this spell, Tetsuya throws both of his arms to the side, letting magic particles gather in his opened palms. Once the lightning magic has begun to be gathered, it will change shape and take the form of two giant balls of lightning that float in his hands. Once those sphere’s have been created, Tetsuya has several options he can do besides just chucking them at his foes. He can manipulate the shape of the sphere’s into constructs of lightning, similar to that of Lightning-Make or he can combine the separate spheres into one larger sphere that has double the speed and power of the individual ones. Regardless of what method he uses — the spell will usually end with Tetsuya firing the balls of lightning that, after making contact with something, will cause a large explosion to occur that also has the unique of effect of paralyzing enemies that were caught up in the blast.

The stream of lightning forming a shield around Tetsuya after invoking his spell

  • Thunder Dragon's Discharge (雷竜の内訳拳解雇, Rairyū no Kaiko): A defensive oriented spell that can also act as an offensive spell given the right conditions. The spell involves Tetsuya utilizing his magic in a more unconventional way as he discharges a stream of lightning from his body that makes a full circle around his figure for a near impenetrable defense. To activate this spell, Tetusya will bring both his forearms into his armpits as he channels his lightning through his own body. The circulating lightning will cover him from top to bottom, leaving no weak spots as he then throws both his arms outwards, invoking the spell as a shockwave of lightning will emit from the center of his body. The properties of this lightning are different as they are more defensive in nature and will form a circle around Tetsuya — acting as his shield. This spell is quite a useful defensive maneuver for Tetsuya who has even defended against powerful attacks from renowned mages such Sophia Augustine and Sabrina Mercury.

Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (滅竜奥義 Metsuryū Ōgi):

  • The impressive destructive power of Heavenly Bolt that Tetsuya sparely uses

    Heavenly Bolt (雷竜の来ボルト, Tenrai Boruto): One of Tetsuya’s more powerful offensive spells that requires significantly more magical energy to cast. The Heavenly Bolt is an all out form of attack that when cast — gives Tetsuya the power to rain down a powerful bolt of lightning from the sky. To activate the spell, Tetsuya goes through the same process of channeling his lightning magic as before as he condenses and gathers his ethernano into a section of his body, usually one of his arms. The gathered lightning continues to grow inside Tetsuya’s body, becoming more potent and destructive as Tetsuya follows through by jumping into the air. After the magic has been created and ready to launch, Tetsuya will draw his arm back and proceed to let forth his now glowing and radiating lightning arm onto his enemies as a gigantic bolt of lightning is expelled from his fist. The destructive power of this attack far surpasses Tetsuya’s normal lightning attacks and is among his more powerful spells to cast. In the after math of releasing this attack, there is usually a widespread sea of destruction nearby as the energy released from the blast was too much to contain. Tetsuya usually only prefers to use this spell if he’s looking to finish off an adversary that may or may not be injured, as it would be fairly difficult for any mage to continue fighting in a poor state after taking a Heavenly Bolt directly — a testament to the spell’s overwhelming power.
  • Tetsuya summoning Bararaq, the Divine Dragon of Thunder that reaps absolute havoc on those caught in its wake.

    Bararaq (雷系各のドラゴン, Bararāku lit. "The Divine Dragon of Thunder" ): Bararaq, the name of both the spell and the dragon that is conjured forth by Tetsuya’s lightning, is unquestionably the most powerful pure lightning spell that Tetsuya has in his arsenal. However, unlike all of Tetsuya’s previous spells that can be activated at any time as long as Tetsuya has sufficient magic power to cast them, this spell can only be used under specific conditions. The conditions are that there must be thunder clouds floating in the sky above for this spell to take shape as Tetsuya does not possess anywhere near enough magic power to supplement the amount of lightning particles required to maintain the monstrous form of this spell. If the condition is met and there are thunder clouds in the sky, Tetsuya can invoke this spell by raising one of his arms into the air and by channeling his magic, Tetsuya will mold the lightning that is gathering up above into the shape of a western lightning dragon known as Bararaq. Because the amount of lightning that composes of the dragon’s shape is so astronomical, Tetsuya has great difficulty controlling Bararaq and it requires all of his focus just to make sure the dragon’s shape doesn’t shatter under the sheer pressure of lightning that has gone into the beast. Once the beasts shape has been completed however, Tetsuya can use his magic to direct Bararaq downwards and slam his enemies with the full force of the thunder dragon that is entirely composed of natural thunder. Needless to say, the destruction caused by this technique is jaw breaking and it is considered a one hit kill move that has enough power to level an entire forest — such as when Tetsuya used it against Mizuki Tachibana during their battle. Because Tetsuya has now biologically become akin to that of a Thunder Dragon, the extremely dangerous thunder from Bararaq is unable to harm him even if he gets hit by the attack but at the same time, he is unable to “absorb” the thunder as there is far too much lightning that would allow Tetsuya to safely consume his element without drawbacks. This technique is almost impossible to avoid since lightning reaches the ground in 1/1000th of a second — leaving almost no time for a human being to even think of reacting in time to dodge it. The amount of magic power that is required to summon Bararaq isn’t as large as some may believe as all Tetsuya has to do is use his own lightning to direct the flow of the natural lightning that was already made, but nonetheless, it still does drain a fair amount of his magic reserves and Tetsuya only uses this spell as a final trump card if his adversary has proven to be more than a match for him.
  • Byakuraishō being wielded by Tetsuya, ready to be fired against his enemies.

    Byakuraishō (千磐破雷巨神ころし, Biyakuraishō lit. "Tempest Lightning Slayer"): An overwhelmingly powerful offensive Thunder Dragon Slayer technique that acts as one of Tetsuya’s one hit kill spells. By channeling a tremendous amount of his magic power, Tetsuya is able to use his mastery of Lightning-Make and his inherit Wind Magic thanks to his contract with Qzelta to combine the two separate magics into one - giving birth to an enormous spinning lightning javelin. As per all of Tetsuya’s Lightning-Make spells, Tetsuya must first envision the structure of what he wants to create as he raises his free arm into the air. Once he’s gotten the image in his head, he will begin directing his magic to the center of his palm and start the process of gathering the necessary amount of magic to compose the javelin. As this is a spell that requires such a large amount of magic power, it takes longer to finish preparing the spell than most of Tetsuya’s other techniques but the finished product is well worth the wait. After the magic has been gathered, Tetsuya will first use his lightning magic to make the shape of the Javelin and once the object has been created, he will add in his wind magic to make the javlin rotate clockwise at a tremendous speed. The added momentum of the spin drastically boosts the javelin’s piercing power while the lightning composition gives it the speed and destructive output needed to make it a one hit kill spell. This spell is eerily similar to that of the Odin’s Spear spell but the obvious difference in these techniques are the amount of magic needed to cast them and also the fact that the Byakuraishō is a fused spell with wind magic added inside of it. Tetsuya’s most preferred method of using this spell is to first activate his Spark Drive in order to maximize his speed and movement capabilities, followed by jumping forward to build up his momentum as he throws the javelin at a nearly untraceable speed. Like the Bararaq spell, the destruction caused after the javelin hits its intended target is astronomical and this spell has enough destructive power to obliterate anything its in way and leave nothing but a field of charred rubble.
Spark Drive

Tetsuya's body glows and radiates with the element of lightning itself — an indication that he has entered the Spark Drive.

Spark Drive (スパークドライブ, Supaaku Doraibu) is an exclusive dragon slayer mode utilized by Third Generation Thunder Dragon Slayers due to the lacrima implanted within their bodies. Simply put — the Spark Drive is an advanced Thunder Dragon Slayer spell that enables Tetsuya to transmute his physical body into that of a living thunderbolt and become a mass of electrically charged particles, drastically enhancing his agility in a variety of different aspects — such as movement, reaction, and attack speed. Having found that he had access to this form as a result of being a third generation dragon slayer, Tetsuya decided to experiment with the mode and test the true limits of what a Thunder Dragon Slayer is capable of when utilizing the enhanced abilities of the Drive.

The results were more than he could have hoped for as the Spark Drive remains one of Tetsuya’s greatest trump cards that he will only use against an enemy that has proven they are at least equal or stronger than him. There are two methods of how Tetsuya will activate this form — the first being the Natural method in that just by simply tapping into the ethernano held inside of the lacrima in his body, Tetsuya can forcibly awaken the Drive and switch into it at will. The second method is known as the Artificial method in which it requires a group of thunder clouds to work as Tetsuya will direct a stream of his lightning into those clouds to draw out a large thunderbolt that will rain down on his body. As Tetsuya is practically immune to being electrocuted, he can absorb the thunder into his physical structure and combine it with his magical power in order to transmute his body into that of pure lightning. However, it should be noted that using this method is much more dangerous than the first simply because the amount of lightning that Tetsuya can draw into his body is not infinite and if the thunderclouds produce too much, it can potentially cause negative drawbacks such as nausea and blurred vision for Tetsuya when his physical body has become lightning itself.

The Artificial method is much more powerful than the Natural one and the increase in physical attributes when you compare the two are astounding — showcasing why Tetsuya would go to such lengths to increase his power. While in this form, sparks of lightning will constantly be seen floating around his body and Tetsuya's skin and clothes will glow with a radiant shine, with even his hair being affected as it will spike upwards and changed to a pure white color. As previously mentioned before, all of Tetsuya’s physical related stats are pushed past the normal limits of a human being and Tetsuya can now move and fight at the speed of lightning itself, having the capability of crossing vast distances in a only a few short seconds and landing tens of blows in the blink of an eye. You can think of this mode as an advanced version of the Lightning Coat as Tetsuya sends bolts of lightning throughout his body that "jolt" his muscles and force them to move faster than normally possible, allowing Tetsuya to react to attacks even aimed at him point blank. Since Tetsuya’s body is composed entirely of lightning during this duration, enemies that come into contact with him have the unfortunate demise of being subjected to a paralysis effect that can deter their movement and make them easier to hit for Tetsuya.

While in this form, Tetsuya is still capable of casting all of his usual spells but can do so at a much faster rate as since his movement speed has improved tremendously, he can direct his magic much quicker and activate both Lightning Magic and Lightning-Make spells at least twice as fast than before. With the added momentum from his increased speed, Tetsuya’s powerful spells reach a new plateau of danger when being invoked whilst he is in the Spark Drive mode and even a basic technique like the Voltage Dragon can turn into a frightening weapon of destruction that has the power to rival even the most powerful of Tetsuya’s Thunder Dragon Slayer spells. The amount of magic required to sustain the Spark Drive is not small and there is a time limit for Tetsuya who still has not yet completely mastered the form — estimating that he has less than three minutes to use the mode. For Tetsuya however, three minutes is usually more than enough time to wipe out whatever adversary stands in his way.

  • Shiden (紫電 Shiden, lit. "Flash Step"):

    With the Shiden technique, Tetsuya can flicker from one spot to the other in the blink of an eye.

    A basic technique that allows Tetsuya to move faster than what the normal human eye can perceive and essentially “flicker” from one location to another. Thanks to the Spark Drive allowing Tetsuya to change his physical structure into that of a living thunderbolt, being able to move as fast as lightning is but a simple matter for Tetsuya who has invented a technique to maximize its effectiveness. When using the Shiden, Tetsuya will usually crouch down and plant his lightning charged feet into the ground. With a foothold, Tetsuya will use a great deal of his superior leg strength and take off the ground, his body moving so fast that it will leave nothing but a few sparks of lightning as an indicator that he was standing there before. This technique is different from just moving fast in any direction as Tetsuya has to focus his leg movement and use his knowledge of martial arts to position his pivot foot so that he can take off the ground without leaving a trace. This technique is so potent that many mages who have gone against Tetsuya are left absolutely stunned at how he can erase his movements even when he’s moving as fast as lightning itself — giving Tetsuya the opportunity to take advantage of their confusion by pummeling his enemies with a punch or kick. Tetsuya has become so adept at using Shiden that he can flicker, strike an enemy in the face, and flicker back into the same spot in the blink of an eye. Shiden has become Tetsuya's most used technique while in his Spark Drive and all of his attacks are centered around flickering around his enemies and finding a suitable position to launch his next move.
  • Lightning Enhanced Reflexes:

    Tetsuya's reaction speed is so great that he can dodge and strike at an enemy before they even have time to react

    As a byproduct of being composed entirely of lightning and his body moving faster than his brain should be able to when sending commands to his central nervous system — Tetsuya is granted reflexes that transcend even his own superhuman like ones. Attacks that he might have struggled with dodging before become painfully easy for him to dodge now that he has become living lightning itself. That’s not all — since he can move swiftly enough to dodge an attack and still have time leftover for another action, Tetsuya is able to even launch his own surprise attack in the middle of dodging that can leave his enemies powerless to stop against as they are left unable to react. This was clearly evidenced in Tetsuya’s fight against Mizuki Tachibana where he dodged a strike at point blank from her and was able to land a fierce kick against her face in that same moment, further showing just how improved his reflexes have become. Even attacks from a long range distance aren’t able to work on Tetsuya anymore as the moment Tetsuya spots the incoming attack, his body can move on impulse and act faster than his brain can register.
  • Lightning Enhanced Attack Speed:

    Tetsuya throwing a barrage of punches, leaving his pummeled enemy unable to do a thing as they are constantly hammered

    Another distinct advantage of being composed of lightning — Tetsuya is granted the ability of executing and launching both physical and magical attacks at much swifter pace than what he was capable of doing before in his normal state. With the added boost from the lightning imbued body structure, Tetsuya’s punches and kicks become at least three times faster and hurt much more as they are being amplified by the added speed and momentum of Tetsuya’s attacks. Since Tetsuya usually prefers to use hand to hand combat while in the Spark Drive, his enhanced attack speed becomes much more noticeable than say if he were using his katana as it is much easier to notice someone’s speed being increased when they’re throwing nearly a hundred punches at you in a second or less. With his aggressive fighting style becoming even more pronounced, Tetsuya’s onslaught of barrage punches can leave his enemies flattened into a paste as they are unable to even get a moment’s rest and will feel like they’re being attacked by several dozens of people at the same time.
  • Lightning Enhanced Movement Speed:

    Tetsuya's incredible movement speed when utilizing the Spark Drive, allowing him to flash away in a second.

    With the speed of a lightning bolt — Tetsuya can travel at an astonishing rate whenever he moves. Tetsuya's speed has been increased so significantly that whenever he runs, his body will elevate itself into a state where it looks as if there is a lightning bolt running across the ground. In this state, traveling several kilometers is nothing short of a breeze for Tetsuya, who already possesses enough speed and stamina in his normal state to traverse vast distances already, making the task in his lightning mode even easier. Whenever Tetsuya requires a tremendous boost in speed, even greater than the one he receives when activating the Lightning Body, activating the Spark Drive is usually his primary solution as the speed provided by the mode is the highest level of speed that his body can exert. Tetsuya has to be careful however, as since his body is moving at such a frightening level of speed, he can easily lose track of his surroundings and unintentionally bump into obstacles without even noticing.
Black Thunder Dragon Mode

Black Thunder Dragon Mode

Black Thunder Dragon Mode (モード闇 雷竜, Mōdo Kuroenryū): Black Thunder Dragon Mode is Tetsuya's unique and exclusive Dual Element Dragon Mode that he came to possess after learning how to combine his Darkness Magic, when wearing the Demon Mask, and with his Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic. While in this state, Tetsuya's body will be enveloped in a surge of black lightning that will wrap around his body as if it were a coat. Because Tetsuya is a Third Generation Dragon Slayer — having both learned Dragon Slayer magic from a dragon and having dragon lacrima implanted inside of his body, utilizing the Black Thunder Dragon Mode becomes entirely feasible as he can draw out the power of his lacrima and merge his own Darkness magic with it, not needing to consume an external source of elemental magic to enter this state. As mentioned above, Tetsuya can only utilize this mode after manifesting his demon mask and it cannot be accessed otherwise, since Tetsuya’s ability to control Darkness only comes from a byproduct of wearing the mask. Once he has entered the mode however, his body will undergo a notable change as he will be surrounded by an aura of black lightning that will flow around his body as if it has a mind of its own. Tetsuya’s previously blue and white lightning magic will change to a deep black, an indication that his lightning has been corrupted by his demon blood. This mode takes the destructive properties of Tetsuya’s Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic and meshes it together with the versatile and precise nature of his Darkness Magic, giving Tetsuya a formidable new weapon to use as he can mold his black lightning into animal familiars — the same as when he uses Lightning-Make but with the added boost of two elements fused together. The strain that accumulates on Tetsuya’s body when activating this form is nothing to scoff at as the mode requires a substantial amount of Tetsuya’s stamina and magic power to maintain, making it a form that he doesn’t prefer to use unless he is forced too.

  • Black Thunder Dragon's Roar.

    Black Thunder Dragon's Roar (黒雷竜の咆哮 Kuroenryū no Hōkō): An alternate, darkness enhanced version of the Thunder Dragon's Roar that Tetsuya can perform when utilizing his Black Thunder Dragon Mode. By merging both his Darkness Magic and Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic, Tetsuya can perform the traditional Dragon Slayer’s roar but empowered by the two different elements together — resulting in a tremendously more powerful roar that has both the destructive impact of his lightning magic and the sharp and overwhelming nature of his Darkness Magic. To activate the spell, Tetsuya will usually draw his head backwards while he gathers the necessary black lightning in his mouth. Once he’s gathered enough, he will bring his head forward and shout the name of the attack as the roar will erupt from his mouth and head straight towards its intended target. The blast is is capable of travelling great distances and has enough force inside of it to completely obliterate an entire area, leaving nothing but a lightning charred site with remnants of shadows left. Because of the immense drain of using the Black Thunder Dragon Mode, this spell can usually only be used once or twice while Tetsuya is still fresh and so he is very careful on when he decides to activate it.
  • Black Thunder Dragon's Hellstorm.

    Black Thunder Dragon's Hellstorm (黒雷竜の地獄暴風 Kuroenryū no Jigorashi): By shooting his Black Lightning into the clouds, Tetsuya can rain down a storm of black lightning to envelop everything around him and wreak havoc among those unfortunate to be caught up in the attack. This spell is an extremely unstable technique as Tetsuya has no way of knowing where the black thunderbolts will land and has only slight control over this almost uncontrollable spell. The way Tetsuya activates this dangerous spell is by channeling his black lightning into one of his palms — which he raises in into the air shortly afterwards. Like many of Tetsuya’s Thunder Dragon Slayer spells, Tetsuya must first send a bolt of lightning into the sky so that the clouds above can receive the enormous gathering of magic and promptly respond to Tetsuya’s forced call. In the case of there being no clouds for Tetsuya to call upon, he can simply jump into the air and rain down a barrage of black lightning bolts himself — though with the negative drawback being that the spell will be noticeably weaker than if he were to rely upon using mother nature’s assistance. As with all of the spells labelled under the Black Thunder Dragon Mode, it requires a great amount of magic power to cast and as such, it cannot be used frequently.
  • Black Thunder Dragon's Panther Bomb.

    Black Thunder Dragon's Panther Bomb (黒雷竜の豹爆弾 Kuroenryū no Hyō Bakudan): By utilizing his knowledge of the fundamentals of Lightning-Make while combining it with his black lightning, Tetsuya can produce an animal familiar that takes the form of a black lightning panther. For Tetsuya to activate this spell — a specific stance is needed where Tetsuya claps both of his hands together, calling upon the black lightning magic that is swirling inside of of his body and channeling them into his arms. After gathering the necessary amount to form the panther, Tetsuya will shift his stance and throw one of his arms forward with his palm opened up while the other faces the opposite direction. The black lightning in his arms will then follow the distance and then explode externally from his body and take the form of a ferocious black panther that is then aimed directly towards whatever target that Tetsuya has locked his sights on. The speed in which the technique is activated is its most useful advantage as it only takes a second or two for Tetsuya to summon the lightning panther and attack his enemies with it. Because the panther is composed of both darkness and lightning magic, it can both be extremely fast and powerful and can paralyze foes who make contact with it. Tetsuya is even capable of producing more than one panther at a time to double or triple the destructive potential but doing so will cost him a substantial amount of his magic power.

Dragon Slayer's Secret Art Revision (滅竜奥義改 Metsuryū Ōgi Kai):

  • Black Thunder Dragon's Devastation

    Black Thunder Dragon's Devastation (黒雷竜の荒廃 Kuroenryū no Kōhai): An extremely powerful offensive Black Thunder Dragon spell that is counted among Tetsuya’s most destructive and dangerous techniques in his arsenal. The Black Thunder Dragon’s Devastation is a spell that allows Tetsuya to send an enormous amount of his black lightning magic into the clouds above and call upon a tremendously powerful thunderbolt to incinerate whatever target he deems fit. The amount of black lightning magic needed to activate this spell can be said to be equivalent to that of the Heavenly Bolt spell but the strain on Tetsuya’s body after activating this spell is much worse as he cannot completely escape the spell’s after shock when casting it. Since the cost of magic required to activate this spell is so huge, the power behind it is second to none and it can be considered a final trump card move that has the capability of incapacitating nearly anyone who takes the full brunt of the attack without any magic protection. This spell has enough power to completely destroy a small town and leave nothing but destroyed rubble and ruin in its wake — such as the time Tetsuya had used it while in the country of Desierto during his battle with Sa'luk al- Tair. Speaking of that battle, when Tetsuya has used this spell against the sneaky and powerful Darkness Devil Slayer, it had enough power to significantly harm him and leave such an extraordinary mage in a near death state. Whenever Tetsuya uses this technique, it will always leave him completely exhausted and practically defenseless as he requires some time to catch his breath to recover from the loss in stamina and magic.

Demon Mask

Tetsuya donning his Demon Mask and exerting his newly awakened aggressive nature.

Demon Mask (妖怪マスク, Youkai Masuku) is an exclusive variation of Magic Mask, also acting as both a Caster Magic and Holder Magic that allows Tetsuya, a corrupted human to channel his negative magic power and manifest a black and red demonic mask on his face to amplify both his magical and physical capabilities tremendously. Due to the biology of those who carry demon blood within their veins, the inborn ability to create a demon mask composed entirely of ethernano was granted to Tetsuya. To call upon the mask, Tetsuya will usually bring his right hand over his face and concentrate all of his magic power into molding the structure of the mask as a large gathering of darkness magic will envelop his body and shroud his upper body. The awakening of Tetsuya’s first demon mask occurred when he was still a mere boy, working as a mercenary and trying to feed himself. During a mission where he and a few of his associates/partners were tasked with hunting down a rare and powerful magic beast, Tetsuya made a naive mistake that made the situation worse but instead of being forgiven and helped by his supposed comrades, he was betrayed and abandoned by those cowardly mercenaries who instead of save him. The accumulation of such negative emotions from not just being betrayed but also the fact that he had no parents or friend’s caused Tetsuya’s dormant demon blood to stir and a demon mask was formed on his face. Since that day, Tetsuya’s reliance on the demon mask has continued to grow as he has learnt to tap into more of its power the further he continues to age.

There are many advantages that the demon mask provides Tetsuya when he wears it — such as increased speed, strength, reflexes, and stamina. While the physical benefits aren't as potent as the Spark Drive, the results are still noteworthy and it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Tetsuya's physical attributes are all at least doubled when donning the demon mask. Notable examples of Tetsuya's power immediately increasing were seen in his bouts against mages such as Jazz Adams, Heliconia Aster, and Sa'luk al-Tair, who were all unprepared to handle Tetsuya's increased power as he temporarily gained the advantage over them. The demon mask doesn't only just boost Tetsuya's close combat oriented skills, as it also carries with it the power to grant Tetsuya the ability to wield a special type of Darkness Magic that is exclusive to those who carry demon blood within their veins. Whenever Tetsuya dons his demon mask, both his personality and tone of voice will change — adopting a gruffer and deeper voice that sounds as if two people are speaking at the same time while his personality will shift into a more aggressive tone. Tetsuya’s usual fighting style of letting his enemies make the first move and adapting to their movements becomes ignored in favor of a relentless assault by an awakened Tetsuya, who will bombard his enemies with a combination of both his darkness and lightning magic whilst utilizing the mask.

Since the demon mask requires a rather large consumption of magic power to maintain, Tetsuya cannot wear it for long periods of time and has a time limit of around two or so minutes until it disappears. In battle, those two minutes are extremely crucial to Tetsuya, who will usually summon the demon mask as an attempt to end a fight prematurely as he brings out his full arsenal of spells alongside of his other useful tricks. Due to Tetsuya's extremely large source of magic reserves, he can (if only for a short period of time) don both the demon mask and activate his Spark Drive at the same time, giving Tetsuya both the power of darkness and the ability to attack and move at the speed of lightning. In this state, Tetsuya's combat potential is nearly limitless but it does drain his magic power significantly and as of this moment, cannot be used for longer than a half a minute.

A mask covered Tetsuya wielding his katana as he strikes with the power of darkness

Darkness Magic (闇の魔法 Yami no Mahō) is a Elemental Magic and Caster Magic which draws upon the negative emotions of the user and manifests itself in a physical form — the element of Darkness. It should be noted however that this form of Darkness Magic is of a special kind and can only be wielded by corrupted humans who have “awakened” and have manifested a demon mask. As the mask is the incarnation of all of user’s negativity that plagues their hearts, it also grants with it the power to wield darkness magic and command it as the user, in this case Tetsuya, sees fit. Tetsuya wields this form of Darkness Magic with a level of proficiency that, while not be on the same level as his Lightning Magic, is still exceptional and good enough to overpower most ordinary mages. He can manipulate darkness in whatever way that he chooses, such as covering his fists or legs with darkness to boost his offensive power or even shielding himself from lethal attacks by surrounding his body with a layer of darkness magic. Tetsuya has become so adept at using Darkness Magic that he can now channel this power through an inanimate object — usually his katana and amplify its destructive output by combining his master swordsmanship along with this negative power. This form of magic is quite similar in nature to that of Shadow Magic and when donning the demon mask, Tetsuya also has the ability to manipulate shadows to some extent. Tetsuya’s usage of Darkness Magic more often than not involves direct and long range attacks that are identical in nature to that of Slayer Magic but in a more ruthless and aggressive way.

  • The Eclipse Buster; a pure beam of darkness magic that consumes and destroys whatever is in its path.

    Eclipse Buster (胸像エクリプス  Ekuripusu Basutā): A basic but powerful offensive spell that acts as Tetsuya's signature move whilst utilizing the demon mask. By channeling his negative magic power through the demon mask, Tetsuya can unleash a beam composed purely of darkness — similar in both size and strength to that of a Dragon Slayer's roar technique. The Eclipse Buster is more a less a "staple" technique that Tetsuya can use in a variety of different ways, such as either releasing the blast from his mouth, the same way as Slayers, or if he chooses to do so, release it from his hands. With Tetsuya's mastery over darkness magic through the years, even using the Eclipse Buster through the use of his katana is not an outside possibility that can strengthen the impact and destructive capability of this original technique. Because Tetsuya's demon mask feeds off of his negative emotions, the stronger his emotions are in the middle of combat, the stronger the power that can be produced from the attack. The strength of this spell should not be underestimated as there have been plenty of mages who have been done in by this spell alone simply because they didn't take neither Tetsuya nor the skill seriously. This technique is one of few named spells that Tetsuya has whilst donning the demon mask as he usually doesn't perform that many spells in this state so his repertoire of skills when compared to his Thunder Dragon Slayer magic is noticeably weaker.

Enhanced Physical Capabilities: As previously mentioned above, Tetsuya's physical parameters are heightened beyond normal whenever he dons his demon mask. How this works is that the mask itself channels all of the negative emotions and magical power within itself into Tetsuya's own body, converting that raw power into a huge boost in physical strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, and stamina. In this state of boosted power, Tetsuya's already dangerous skill set becomes twice as problematic for his foes as he can exploit the advantages of his newly gained powers and simply overpower his enemies with his increased strength. Tetsuya's strength grows so potent with his demon mask that by simply swiping his hand from one side to the other, he can create a mini shockwave purely on his heightened strength. Speed wise, he won't be faster than what he is while in the Spark Drive but there is still a significant boost when compared to his normal state, enough so that mages who are extremely talented and perceptive will be usually forced to make adjustments to both Tetsuya's newly gained speed and strength and also his aggressive fighting style.

Increased Aggressiveness: It shouldn't need to be said that there needed to be drawbacks for all of the benefits that the mask brought, with increased aggressiveness being one of the more prominent side effects. Whenever Tetsuya dons his demon mask, it will usually be followed up with a maniacal laugh or a sneering look from the now primal Tetsuya whose instincts to kill and destroy are amplified several times over. Because the mask is the incarnation of all of Tetsuya's negative emotions, the mental strain on Tetsuya's mind is immense and if it wasn't for his own powerful willpower, he would have succumbed to the urges of his mask ages ago. Whenever Tetsuya speaks while he is wearing the mask, his voice will sound as if it is overlapping someone else's voice and these two voices speak in union whenever Tetsuya opens mouth. This could be an indicator that there are two Tetsuya's that come into existence whenever he wears the demon mask, the normal one and thone that is speaking through the mask itself and is trying to make Tetsuya succumb to his primal urges. Thankfully, Tetsuya has long since tamed his inner demons and can control his aggressiveness, directing it only towards the ones who have wronged him in some way, shape, or form.

Familiar Spirit Magic

Main Article: Qzelta

Tetsuya's Fused Familiar Spirit, Qzelta — The Tempest Hapy.

Familiar Spirit Magic (使い魔精霊の魔法, Tsukaima no Seirei Mahō) is a form of Spirit Summoning Magic that is nearly identical to Celestial Spirit Magic — allowing the caster to form a contract with a being that comes from a separate dimension than Earth Land, in this case the Familiar Spirit World. For Tetsuya, he formed a contract with a Familiar Spirit during his young adulthood when he and his newly formed guild were just starting out. Hearing rumors of a strange phenomenon occurring in the northern mountains where any mage that was brave enough to climb the ridiculously tall mountain in the area would become “possessed” by some sort of evil spirit and go insane with power, Tetsuya was intrigued and set off in his pursuit of potentially a new magic. Arriving at the base of the mountain, it wasn’t much of a challenge for Tetsuya to climb the mountain but when he finally made it to the top, he was greeted by a young man who had apparently gone insane, just as the rumors had said. Before Tetsuya could even question the man, he attacked him in a blind rage with an impressive showing of Wind Magic that Tetsuya was able to easily neutralize, going on to defeat the “possessed” man whose combat skills were far inferior to that of Tetsuya’s. Once the man had been defeated, Tetsuya witnessed some sort of spirit detach itself from the man’s body and take the appearance of a beautiful harpy like demi-human. Declaring herself as Qzelta, the Tempest Harpy — she proceeded to assume that Tetsuya had come to the mountains in search of her power as well, even attempting to prematurely inhabit Tetsuya’s body as a way of testing if he would keep his sanity after he was exposed to her violent magic.

Surprisingly, Tetsuya thwarted Qzelta’s attempt at entering his body and claimed that while he was definitely looking for more powerful magic to obtain, only he would decide if she was good enough to be be used by him. Seeing such arrogance and confidence in a human was rare for Qzelta who became quite intrigued by Tetsuya’s existence, accepting his challenge as the two battled one another on top of the mountain for hours, causing most of the landscape to be destroyed by the result of their destructive spells. In the end, Tetsuya prevailed over Qzelta who was utterly stupefied that a mere human had been able to defeat her — her interest in the young guild master skyrocketing as she requested him to make a contract with her as she had been searching for a powerful human to contract with. In the end, Tetsuya viewed Qzelta’s power as more than extraordinary and agreed to the contract, fusing with Qzelta’s entire being as a black dragon tattoo became etched onto his back and with it, the power to wield all of Qzelta’s magic related abilities, such as her Wind Magic, became available to Tetsuya as he became a Fused Familiar Spirit Mage. As per all contracts involving a Familiar Spirit Mage that has fused with a Familiar Spirit, Tetsuya has complete control over all of Qzelta’s magical powers and can draw upon her strength as if it were his own at any given time. With enough training and communication, Tetsuya became even capable of transforming certain parts of his body into that of Qzelta's harpy body — such as her bright feather wings or her steel claws. Because Tetsuya and Qzelta are fused into the same body, they are always in constant communication with one another and Qzelta can use her primal instincts as a creature of battle to help Tetsuya’s body react faster to an unforeseen attack.

A fearsome twister conjured up by Qzelta's Wind Magic

Wind Magic (風の魔法 Kaze no Mahō) is an Elemental Magic and Caster Magic that allows the user to manipulate the element of wind. Due the spirit contract that Tetsuya formed with Qzelta to become a Fused Familiar Spirit Mage — he has gained Qzelta’s innate ability to utilize Wind Magic however he chooses. Unlike with the Demon Mask that allows Tetsuya to wield Darkness Magic whilst wearing the mask, because Tetsuya and Qzelta are essentially the same being, he can freely use his Wind Magic whenever he pleases. Tetsuya’s experience with using Wind Magic is nowhere near as proficient or refined as Qzelta, who was born with the innate ability to control the wind but since he has formed a spiritual contract with her, learning how to manipulate wind on an advanced level comes rather easy to him. Tetsuya’s usage of Qzelta’s Wind Magic usually involves using the wind to either increase his agility in mid air combat or to create sharp blades of wind to slice his enemies into ribbons. He’s even gotten creative and learned how to exert a stable gust of wind to keep himself afloat in the air without expending the energy needed to create wings or use Flight Magic. Tetsuya’s mastery over Wind Magic now has reached the stage where he can combine this elemental magic with his katana, the Ikazuchi and summon forth powerful gusts of wind by swinging his katana either vertically or horizontally.

  • Flight: By manipulating a current of wind and directing it towards the soles of his feet, Tetsuya is capable of generating enough wind to lift himself into the air and can essentially levitate for long periods of time. The prospects of using such an ability are various; he can freely soar through the air to scout his surroundings, cross vast distances in a short amount of time, keep a fair distance away from his enemies to survey the situation and plan his next move. Tetsuya's vast amount of magic power allows him to stay afloat in the air for extended periods of time without having to worry about his magic power depleting. There are instances where Tetsuya will use an alternative form of flight where he will send a stable gust of wind outwards from one of his palms while he usually holds his katana, allowing for Tetsuya to both stay afloat in the air and strike at his enemies with his blade.

The Tempest Slayer being activated and several buildings being carved into destruction due to the sharp wind blades

  • Tempest Slayer (テンペストスレイヤ Tenpesuto Sureiyā): One of Tetsuya’s signature spells; by condensing a powerful gust of wind within either his arms or within his blade, Tetsuya is capable of generating several razor sharp air projectiles. Because of Qzelta’s unique ability to “sharpen” her wind magic before casting it, the wind blades are extremely sharp — capable of slicing through solid objects as if they were made of wet tissue paper. The amount of wind blades that can be generated through each use usually amount to several dozen but if Tetsuya uses enough of his magic power, he can produce even twice the amount of wind projectiles. The activation of this spell involves Tetsuya surging the wind magic coursing through his body and directing it to his hands — identical to how he would use his Lightning Magic. Once that’s done, Tetusya can either release the wind from his hands directly or use his katana and direct that flow of wind throughout the blade, amplifying its power thanks to the added momentum of the swing. Thanks to Qzelta’s inherit mastery over wind and the fact that Tetsuya can user her knowledge of wind to aid in his control over spells with the same nature, the Tempest Slayer blades are able to be coordinated by Tetsuya and aimed at a specific target that Tetsuya chooses. An example of this was during Tetsuya’s battle with Sa'luk al-Tair where Tetsuya had used th Tempest Slayer to produce several wind projectiles and aimed them at all a specific building that Sa’luk was standing near. With Tetsuya’s control, he was able to keep the blades from going out of control and damaging any other nearby building and had them focus entirely on his intended target — the shadow assassin.

Sinful Spirit Magic

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Sinful Spirit Magic  (魔法悪スプリ, Tsurei Mahō): Tetsuya is a user Sinful Spirit Magic — a type of Spatial Magic which allows him to summon Sinful Spirits, magical beings residing in the Sinful Spirit World, using either the Sinful Spirit Pendants or Sinful Spirit Rings of their respective sins. When summoning a Spirit, the Pendants and Rings are enveloped with a deep black aura while black circle opens on the ground. Once a contract has been made with a Sinful Spirit, the Spirit will be available for Tetsuya to summon whenever she chooses, unlike Celestial Spirit Magic where there are only specific days that the summoner can bring forth a Celestial Spirit. The Sinful Spirits that Tetsuya has contracted with are divided into two categories — the Sinful Spirit Pendant that can summon one of the original seven Sinful Spirits that embody one of the Seven Deadly Sins or a Sinful Spirit Ring, which is capable of summoning a lesser Sinful Spirit that are suited for a variety of different tasks, not all of them being combat related. For example, Isabella, one of Tetsuya’s lesser Sinful Spirits is a spirit that has exceptional cooking and cleaning skills but also possesses respectable swordsmanship and can wield Darkness Magic.

Sinful Spirits, like Celestial Spirits, are also sentient beings that possess their own personalities and traits — thus, are able to act accordingly during battle, choosing what attacks and spells they will cast without Tetsuya’s direct instruction. This is especially true for Mammon, who is will more often than not go wild whenever he is summoned and blast at anything unfortunate to get caught in his path. With Tetsuya’s immense magic power, forming a contract with one of the original Sinful Spirits was directly possible as there aren’t many mages across Earth Land that fit both the requirements to wield an Original Sinful Spirit, that being having enough magic power and possessing enough of the sin that represents the spirit. At the moment, Tetsuya can summon his Sinful Spirit for extended hours on end as long as he does not perform any other outrageously draining magic spells.

  • A Sinful Spirit Mage placing their hand upon the seal, ready to summon their Sinful Spirit.

    Summon (召喚, Shōkan): Just as Celestial Spirit Mages are capable of summoning Celestial Spirits from another dimension by using their Keys — Sinful Spirit Mages are capable of summoning Sinful Spirits from the Sinful Spirit World by either using the Pendants or the Rings. The process for summoning a Sinful Spirit is rather simple — by simply channeling their magic power through the item (the Pendant or the Ring), the mage can open the gate below their feet that connects straight to the Sinful Spirit World. Once the gate has been opened, the user must place their hand upon the ground where the seal has been opened and call out the name of the Sinful Spirit that they are trying to summon. The Spirit will only answer the call if the user possesses the necessary item for their summon to take place. Once the Spirit has established a connection, they will manifest themselves in their mortal forms and be summoned in front of the user, ready to complete their intended objective.

Culinary Skills and Knowledge 

Tetsuya's dazzling skills in the kitchen manifest as he prepares several dishes at an astonishing rate

While Tetsuya's skill with a sword is nothing short of spectacular, his skill with a knife when it comes to the culinary arts is breathtaking. During his childhood, Tetsuya would often go days without consuming anything as he lacked the funds needed to purchase food and was often thwarted when he tried to steal food. As a result, Tetsuya took on the challenge of teaching himself how to cook using nothing but the resources found in the wilderness. After enlisting as a mercenary, Tetsuya would often study and watch other chefs as they cooked and engraved their techniques and knowledge into his memory to improve his own cooking. Suffice to say, Tetsuya discovered he enjoyed cooking more than he thought he would and began experimenting with different recipes that he'd come across during his tenure as a rogue. Years later after founding his guild, Tetsuya's skill had grown leaps and bounds and he became infamous for his cooking within the Trident Alliance as its most skilled chef that could put even the chefs of royal families to shame. Those who have built close relations to Tetsuya have all attested to his insanely delicious food that they can't get enough of, with numerous woman displaying envy over their inability to match him.

What's even more impressive than Tetsuya's skills in the kitchen is his knowledge regarding ingredients and nutrients. It takes more than being good with a knife to be a good chef; Tetsuya's obsession with learning as much as he can about the finer details of fine dining led to him purchasing an almost endless list of cooking and resource books. The library within Dawn Horizon even has an entire section filled with books ranging from which ingredients can be cooked with flammable substances like oil to what temperatures must be used to bring out only the best flavor of the dish. He's also focused his time on trying to make healthier dishes for his guild mates as a healthy diet is key for sustaining a fit and healthy body. Needless to say, Tetsuya takes his cooking very seriously and he finds it insulting when someone who isn't capable of cooking try to make food, such as when Evangeline S. Heartsong attempted to cook with good intention but almost ended up burning the entire base down. Along with Dyson Salvatore, Tetsuya is the only one in the guild capable of cooking and ends up cooking the guild's meals for both breakfast and dinner, which they are eternally grateful for as they have become obsessed with his food to the point where they can't go on without it.


  • (To Heliconia Aster) "Follow me, I'll take you to your new home"Thunder vs. Light: Showdown of Guild Masters
  • (To Sa'luk al-Tair) "Let me show you why those who truly know of me, fear me"Demons of Desierto
  • (To Mizuki Tachibana) "I'm afraid I don't have any nail biting stories to pass around the campfire. I don't remember much of my childhood before I enlisted as a mercenary. I don't even know who my parents are or even if they're still alive, heck I have no idea what city I was born in. Not that I really care anyway, as far as I'm concerned; I'm an orphan"Clash of Thunder and Lava.
  • (To Jazz Adams) "Come with me, Jazz. Dawn Horizon could use someone like you, a woman who can kick some serious ass but also understand and connect with others."A Spar to Remember.
  • (To Mizuki Tachibana about Sabrina Mercury) "I hope you two enjoy your chat, oh and Mizuki, if Sabrina asks you to be her 'helper' in an experiment, turn her down immediately. You have no idea what your getting into" — Trouble for Tetsuya? His Vanquishers Meet.
  • (To Violet Miyamoto) “Are you even listening to yourself? You keep talking about fulfilling your duty and all that other crap when the truth of the matter is, you're just following the will of someone else. Your nothing but a puppet that is being used by the puppet master and just like how a puppet has no will for itself, you have no will for yourself. How is that any different from being a slave?” — Revelations 
  • (To Mizuki Tachibana) "I want to thank you Mizuki, for being that sarcastic but honest thorn in my side that stood by me through all these years and helped me understand what it means to truly love someone. I accept everything you are and will never condemn you the way others have. Dawn Horizon is your home now and as long as I draw breath, there will always be a place for you here" — When They Listened.
  • (To Tolsa) "I want you to become a member of my family, Tolsa. Because I'll always help out a family member, no matter what kind of trouble they've gotten themselves into" — Titanic Battle In the Forest
  • (To Junko Jimahakai) "You better take that back. I'll have you know that some of my closest companions are a vampire and a demon and they'd no sooner kill an innocent human than you would. They're rough around the edges and a rambunctious lot but I wouldn't want anyone else as my dear friends" — Lost and Found
  • (To Pele) "Whether your a god, a demon, a dragon, or whatever, I don’t give a crap. Burn me, torture me, feel free to do whatever you want. Just know one thing — will the daughter you love so much resent the person who gave her everything she has now or the person who killed her fiance out of her own self immaturity at judging a man far too quickly? Think hard about that one'" — Pain and Darkness: Time of Reckoning
  • (To Renesmee) "I'm sure you've already figured out how persistent of a man I am. You're not ready to join now but I know you will someday and when that day comes, I'll ask you again. Also, if you ever get hungry and need to feed on some blood, come to Fiore and seek me out, it shouldn't be too hard since I'm quite famous there. Like I said before, you can drink my blood anytime. I'm sure you'll see the benefits of drinking the blood of someone like me consistently will do for your growth" — The Sunken Place
  • (To Dyson Salvatore about Renesmee) "I selfishly tried to interject myself into this girl's life and because of my immaturity, I released Mammon on her which almost got her killed. Then, she came looking for me and got tangled up with a vampire, an existence she's been raised to despise and hate and again, almost died due to a battle with my subordinate. Don't you see? Ever since meeting me, she's known nothing but pain, suffering, and hatred. So that's why whatever she wants, I'll give it to her." — A Common Foe, the Alliance Grows


<tabber> Behind the Scenes=

  • Tetsuya's creation was planned several months before I had even joined the wiki but due to the fact that I’m quite the procrastinator and have a ton of other stuff to do, I didn’t actually start on him until recently.
  • His appearance was chosen to be based off of Ookurikara from the video game Touken Ranbu simply because I needed a guy who fit the part of a young good looking guild master that had the appearance of a fierce warrior. There were many other options to choose from but Ookurikara’s character just stood out to me, so I went with him.
  • The reasoning behind Tetsuya’s overly long name is linked towards his past that I’ll be hinting at soon but for now, you just have to get used too it.
  • Originally, Tetsuya was going to have a lover that had died sometime during his past who he deeply loved but I scrapped the idea, thinking it to be too cliche and simply settled for Tetsuya having several one night stands with numerous women who either fall for him or just keep in touch.
  • The name “Tetsuya” is actually inspired off one of my all time favorite anime characters, Kuroko Tetsuya from Kuroko no Basuke.
  • When asked on what theme song best described Tetsuya’s character, Phantom Requiem is what I would choose.
  • In terms of content, Tetsuya is probably the closest thing to a complete character I've ever written on not just this site but on the other fanon websites, even beating out Scott D. Rio, my infamous pirate One Piece character.

|-| Facts=

  • Not surprisingly, Tetsuya shares the same birthday as I do — November 11th.
  • Tetsuya does not have a favorite food, he loves too many different types of food's to choose one as his favorite. However, if he were to pick one that he eats the most frequently, it would have to be fried rice with tomato stew and roasted beef chicken. This is also one of his favorite meals to cook for the members of Dawn Horizon.
  • Tetsuya is an exceptional cook, having learnt it from his time when he was a mercenary and frequently observed chefs on escort missions.
  • He has OCD and cannot stand having his guild hall dirtied, especially if he just comes home from a difficult mission and is exhausted.
  • I will never reveal who Tetsuya lost his virginity too when he was younger, as I'm afraid Sabrina would murder that woman in cold blood.
  • Tetsuya has an apparent shyness around older and mature woman, such as Sabrina Mercury, Jazz Adams and Xiao Mei. This stems from the fact that Tetsuya never knew his mother and is subconsciously projecting these woman as his fill in mother and believes that if he did have a mother, they'd act in the same manner. '
  • When asked on who Tetsuya is "most compatiable with" out of all the girls he knows, the author said Mizuki because she "can see past his perfectness for the truly competitive and petty person he actually is".
  • Tetsuya is the first completed character on the site that the author has created.

|-| Extras=

  • The idea to give Tetsuya lightning dragon slayer powers was based on the picture currently used in his Thunder Dragon Slayer section, and I knew that he had to have lightning powers once I saw that.
  • Despite having been romantically involved with several different woman both in his guild and outside of it, Tetsuya had yet to find a woman he truly loved and wanted to be with in a relationship until he met Mizuki Tachibana. Ironically, she was the first woman who he recruited that wasn't interested in him at all and it took several years for Tetsuya to finally win her affections, by which point Tetsuya was already deeply in love with her.
  • Tetsuya is the first character that the author has made that has won the Featured Article award and he is very proud of that accomplishment.
  • According to Claudia Florenza, a reporter for the Trident Alliance Magazine:
    • Tetsuya's special skill is his charisma.
    • His hobbies are either training or travelling around Ishgar
    • His most known routine is making sure those within his guild are doing okay.
    • Tetsuya's most charming point is his hair.
    • He is Ambidextrous.
    • He does not remember his place of origin.
    • He can be rather petty and hates losing.
    • The person he respects the most in the world at this very moment is Sabrina Mercury.

|-| Parameters=

Magic Power
8/10 Strength
Magical Control
8/10 Speed
Magic Aptitude
7/10 Agility
Magical Strength
8/10 Reflexes
Magical Combat
8/10 Durability
Hand-to-Hand Combat
8/10 Stamina
Close Weapons Combat
9/10 Intelligence
Ranged Combat
7/10 Willpower