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Lumen Channel in use
Lumen Channel

ルーメン チャンネル


Rūmen Chaneru

Parent Item

Any weapon



Lumen Channel (ルーメン チャンネル Rūmen Chaneru) is an uncategorized Spell.


Lumen Channel deactivated

Lumen Channel deactivated

A very powerful uncategorized Spell that enhances the user's weapon. In order to utilize the Spell appropriately, a solemn focus of magical power should be attained mainly around the area where the weapon is held. Upon the release of gathered Magic, enough amount exits the body and envelopes the held item in luminous magical energy to increases its capabilities. Should an amount of it are left, it will simply go back to the Magic container after circulating around the body. This procedure causes the user to undergo hyperactivity. The user's weapon gets its own magical manifestation upon activation of the Spell. Enveloping the sword in Magic increases the range and strength of the bladed weapon. Chesa stated that her magical energy could even take form of other weapons but the its enhancement now varies. When the weapon is used to attack, the enveloping Magic will start to break down into small solid pieces either due to air pressure or a successful hit. After these sharp pieces have made contact, they will continually break and vanish as Eternano in the atmosphere. A flaw of this Spell is how quick the manifested weapon breaks down. Lumen Channel will deactivate for only twelve attacks, but the heavy damages done by the Spell can make up for it.


  • "Lumen" means light in Latin, which may refer to the light produced when Lumen Channel is active.


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