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Lupus Brand Magic

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Also Called

Brand of the Lycan


The user gains the Lupus Form Brand Magic from a living Werewolf, granting the user the ability to transform into one under the full moon. Experienced user can turn into one at will.


The Lupus ability is given by anyone who gets bitten or scratched by a werewolf. Normally, this will make the person aggressive and crazy, but if the user has a strong will and strong mentality, the user can change the trajectory of the virus and make it a more safe and clean form for the user to access.

Enhanced Strength- The user gains an increase in strength. This will allow the user to lift object they couldn't lift on their own and match werewolves in combat that involves their strength.

{Enhanced Speed- The user gains an great increase in speed, allowing the user to move much faster than the normal eyes can see. This also helps the user to keep up in speed against werewolves.

Enhanced Stamina- The user gains an increase in stamina.

Enhanced Durability- The user gains a increase in durability.

Enhance Senses- The user gains a tremendous increase in their 5 senses.

Enhanced Agility- The user gained a great increase in agility, allowing the user to dodge almost all attacks.

Lunar Magic - The user possesses the magic version of Lunar Manipulation, allow the user to manipulate the phases of the moon to the Gravity that controls the earth's ocean tides.

Lunar Mind - Inexperienced user can lose their mind and turn feral, making them dangerous to friends and foes, making them dangerous. Experienced user can control their mind under the full moon through great mind control.

Lunar Empowerment - The user can become stronger, faster and more durable the more they are in contact of the moon, giving the user a constant boost until they hit the limit of how much their bodies can take.

Tattoo Generation -

Spell Mixture -

Magic Unification -

Lunakinetic Combat -


▪ The user can only use the Lupus Brand for a short time.

▪ The user must be experienced to hand its abilities or they are at risk of losing their minds.

▪ The user's lunar magic-based abilities is limited without the moon's energy.


Known Users