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Additional Information
Primary Ability

Beast Form

Located In Earthland

Lycanthrope (オオカミ憑, Lit. "Beast Possession")

Biological Characteristics

Society and Culture

Abilities and Powers

Poison Immunity: Due to the nature of Lycanthropy, those affected have a natural immunity to poisons and other toxin. When either enters a Lycan's body, the poison is immediately destroyed by antibodies as quickly as the poison has entered into their systems. Heightened Senses: As a general rule of thumb, a Lycan's natural vision and hearing has been significantly enhanced, up to the point where they can see and hear things miles away with great clarity. They were able to see beyond the visible spectrum of light, and were able to cleverly use thermal vision to detect heat signatures during a hunt. A Lycan is able to perceive things in a more detailed manner and can easily detect incoming attacks and react accordingly.


List of Lycans


Behind the Scenes

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