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Dog User
Lyra Kleekai



Raira Kurēkai




Female Female






135 lbs.


March 23

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Twins ~GuildLover's Alraune

Guild Mark Location

Left Shoulder


Guild Ace

Base of Operations

Lover's Alraune Building

Personal Status



Kagura Mikazuchi (Distant Relative)


I Am Dog



Lyra Kleekai (ライラクレーカイ Raira Kurēkai) is an S-Class Mage in the Guild Ace of the all-female Guild Lover's Alraune. She is a famous mage who has been known to have fought many powerful mages in the past such as Vincent Celadon of Tartaros. She is also known to be a distant relative of Kagura Mikazuchi of Mermaid Heel.


Lyra has long black hair which are tied into two, long pigtails and a smaller one in front of her face. She also has a lot of bandages around her forehead, on her nose, and right cheek. She also has bandages over all her body and legs and wears her left arm in a sling, despite there being nothing wrong with her physical condition. She wears a black dress with a belt with a small pouch hanging on the side and long boots. She also caries a large sword. She bears a slight resmblance to her relative Kagura Mikazuchi.


Lyra is a strict, obedient young woman with a strong regard for rules and regulations, shown when she scolded the Jardin Twins for brawling in the street, she struck the two and told them it is unlady-like to fight where others can see. She holds a strong grudge against the guild members of Tartaros, Vincent in particular. She, however is not above accepting help from others when offered, even a dark mage.


Kagura Mikazuchi

Lavande and Pavot Jardin

Vincent Celadon

Zornder Mondsichel



Magic and Abilities

Am Dog

Lyra's I Am Dog Magic.

I Am Dog (アイエムドッグAi Emu Doggu): Lyra uses a Transformation type Magic which allows her to transform one of her hands into a small, black dog wearing a yellow scarf type cloth around it's neck. It is considered cute by all those around her and Lyra has named it Puchi-San (プッチさん Putchi-San). It has the ability to bite, eat and smell objects and people. It is a variant of Iron Dog.

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Using her broadsword, Lyra is able to combat several enemies at once, although she is unable to use Sword Magic. She was able to duel Erza Scarlet, an S-Class Mage reknown for her swordsmanship.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Lyra uses unarmed fighting in combination with her I Am Dog Magic to overpower stronger enemies, she can use her transformation to increase the strenmgth and speed of her punches, also by adding a powerful bite. She is in peak physical condition, despite all of the bandages and slings she wears, she says that this throws off enemies perception, thinking she is weak and then attacking with the element of surprise.

Weapons and Items

Sword: Lyra's main weapon of choice is a long, thin broadsword type blade, with a slightly curved brown hilt, rectangular guard and slightly resembles a Nodachi. The sheath is also higly decorative, it is red with a golden, jewel-encrusted end, allowing her to bludgeon enemies with her sword unsheathed, similarly to how kagura fights.


  • Her appearance is based on Ain from the manga series Magico.
  • Her surname is a reference to her usage of I Am Dog Magic as an Alaskan Klee Kai is a breed of dog.
  • She was chosen to be a distant relative of Kagura to avoid potential canonical interference. She was also chosen as they both use a sword, bear a slight physical resemblance to each other and are both the Guild Ace of an all-female guild.
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