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Machias Beasts

機械族獣類 (マキアスじゅうるい)


Makiasu Jūrui

Additional Information
Located In Genisys, Earth Land

Machia Beast (機械族獣類 (マキアスじゅうるい), Makiasu Jūrui; Machine Beast) are a species of living metal machines on the island, Genisys.


Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 10.59.27 PM

A Machia Beast Core.

Machia Beast are known to come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from a small rodent to a massive giant. Like their counterparts, the Machia. Most are known to be rather intelligent, and are known to have formed their own societies and classes. Regardless of their type, how small or how large, a Machia Beast is they are all born from a unique Lacrima, often referred to as a core. The origin and creation of theses Lacrima are unknown even to the Machia. What is known is that the core acts the soul, mind and magical origin of the beast. Due to this aspect, the core is known to be the most vulnerable of the beast, if it is destroyed the beast will cease to be. Which causes most to go through great lengths to protect their core.


Machia Titans Leader, Saauron

With the many types and classes of Machia Beast, two stand out more the then rest. These two being are known as the Machia Titans and Machia Dragons. Each of the two, states that they were the first Machia Beast to come about. As a result of this, they often fight to be the "voice" of the Machia Beast and greatly conflict with one another. The first being the Machia Titans, are often known to be rather humanoid in form and at times are often mistaken from Machia. Despite being referred to as titans, very few of them reach such heights. The Machia Titans are governed by, Saauron. In contrast to the Machia Titans, the Machia Dragons as their name states has the appearance of dragons. Like their organic counterparts, they come in all size and appearances. They are ruled by the Machine Dragon Emperor, Ziol.

Magic and Abilities

  • Eternano Manipulation & Absorption:
  • Regeneration: An ability possessed by all, Machia Beast. In the event that their bodies are destroyed as their core is still intact. They are able to repair or construct a new body.
  • Dragon Core: A feature exclusive to the Machia Dragons, in addition their normal core. They possess a second core, which has been recently discovered to be a Dragon lacrima. Through this lacrima, they are given various elemental abilities, similar to that of their organic counterparts. The elemental abilities are often referred to as Machia Dragon Magic.
  • Titan Core: A feature exclusive to Machia Titans, like the additional core possessed by the Machia Dragons. The Machia Titans possess an additional core, often called a Titan Core. Through the use of this unique core, the Machia Titans are known to be physically stronger then several of the others types of beast. This strength can be further increased by flowing Eternano into the core.


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