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Wahl Icht (Machias)

機械族, マチアス

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Located In Earth Land
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Machias (機械族, マチアス, Makiasu) are a species of living metal machines in Earth Land.


Machinas are a species of organic metal humanoids that can take on the appearance of humans as well as possess the capability to use Magic. It has been shown that some Machias are capable of changing their appearance to improve their functionality depending on the situation they are presented with. It is actually unknown where Machina's originated, or even where they are coming from today, as they are unable to reproduce. A few anonymous science whizes have created Machinas but nobody knows exactly who the creators where. The Machinas normal form is that of an ordinary human, and there is no way you could spot the difference between the two. The act and feel the same way as normal humans do, so it they are treated as so; although, there are some few doubters who believe Machina are simply machines.

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