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Machina Gear
"Oil is to machines, as blood is to humans"
Name Machina Gear
Kanji エクス マキナギア
Rōmaji ekusu maki na gia
Symbol Machina
Master Olliana
Type Independent
Location Vendetta, Seven
Machina Gear (エクス マキナギア ekusu maki na gia) is an independent guild located in the city of Vendetta in the country of Seven. It is the local guild, and has a very heavy influence on the government there.


Shortly after the murder of her creator (Dr.Koriaze), Olliana wandered through the forest that surrounded the lab, and eventually spotted a stone walkway after days of walking. Following the pathway, Olliana discovered the bustling city of Vendetta. She was taken into an orphanage, which she despised at every waking minute of her life. Once she reached "16" she was allowed to become a legal resident of Vendetta. Working odd jobs for random people, Olliana had finally saved up enough currency to buy a small apartment. While walking to a realtor's office, she was mugged and her money stolen. She chased the culprit through the cramped alleyways, and eventually cornered them at a dead end. Olliana was boiling with rage, and her energy glowed with rage. She screamed, and a condensed beam of iron and lightning shot towards the culprit and vaporized them. Olliana fell to her knees, as she hadn't used her magic before, and that attack took alot out of her. Olliana noticed a rusted ladder that led up to the rooftops of the towering building above her. After climbing up, Olliana discovered an open hatch to a skylight, which her daredevil self jumped into. Inside, she discovered an abandoned metal smelting factory, which for some weird reason, she deemed home-worthy. Time passed, and Olliana finally got her guild liscence, and establish Machina Gear in the abandoned factory she found while she was a teen.


Members Rank Magic Status
Olliana Guild Master Iron Dragon Slayer Active
Psyrin S-Class Mage Color Magic Active
Halle S-Class Mage Territory Active
Kanakai Mage Requip Active
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